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Max woke to Geoff’s hand grabbing her breast and the head of his cock pressed between her legs. She had fallen asleep early last night, and hadn’t even noticed Geoff come home. She must have been out cold, because he smelled like he’d just come from the shower.

Geoff moaned behind her, catching her earlobe in his teeth while he pushed up into her opening. Still sleeping, Max kept her eyes closed, feeling the heat from the tip of his cock as it pressed against her not quite ready opening.

Geoff pressed harder making it a few inches in before being met with resistance. He pulled back out, creating a friction to get her moisture flowing and pressed back in.

“Uh yeah, Max. Your body is so warm. I want to be inside you all the time,” he moaned, still pressing against her. He made another inch of progress before he pulled out, then pushed back in.

“Oh fuck, there you go. You’re getting wet now.”

Max vaguely felt herself lubricate and the feeling of Geoff inside her roused her. Even though she was still half asleep, she rocked her hips against him in a deep rolling motion. Geoff held still while she rotated her incredible hips,creating a long deep friction.

“Just like that, Max. You’re fucking amazing. Don’t stop.”

Geoff massaged her naked breast, tweaking her nipples as she rolled herself around on his throbbing dick.

She could feel his jaw tense as he tried not to cum.

“It feels too good. I want you to cum first. Slow down.”

Max obeyed, but slower meant deeper and as she rolled, Geoff slid his hand from her breast to her clit and rubbed. He buried his head in her hair, clenching hard. She was close. She increased her intensity and Geoff cursed into her ear, thrusting to match her. He started to cum and his dick slid out and sprayed cum all over her pussy. He rubbed it hard between her lips. Her engorged, wet clit throbbed as he rubbed his cum covered dick against her until she started to cum. He slammed back into her, giving a few deep thrusts to give her G-spot stimulation. Max ground onto him, releasing hard in a combined orgasm that rolled through her body. The orgasm waned, and she fell asleep, with Geoff still lodged inside her.


Max woke to her alarm at 7am and was surprised to hear Geoff down in the kitchen. The smell of coffee and bacon reached her nostrils and made her smile. She rolled out of bed and the stickiness between her legs made her realize that last night’s encounter hadn’t been one of her dreams.

Her bladder about to burst, she hopped out of bed and dashed for the bathroom. As she relieved the pressure, her pelvic floor filled with a painful fiery feeling she remembered from her late teens. Damn it. She knew this much sex would mess with her body, eventually. She lingered a while in the bathroom, cursing, before heading to her room to dress and call her doctor.

“Hi, you’ve reached the Cumberland Medical Clinic, how can I assist you today?”

“Hi, I’d like to book an appointment with Dr. Trudges today, if she has room.”

“She has an emergency spot at 8:30am. Is that ok for you?”

“It’s perfect.”

“Reason for the appointment?”

“I think I might have a UTI.”

“Ok, see you soon.”

Max hung up and placed her phone into the pocket of her work smock.

Back in front of the bathroom vanity, she applied what she called her “quick face”. BB cream, gloss, and mascara. She sprayed dry shampoo into her mop of curls before dividing it down the center and throwing it into a couple dutch braids. Then she brushed her teeth and freshened up with a light bird bath before heading down to the kitchen.

Geoff smiled and kissed her cheek as he whirled around, plating their breakfast.

He placed both plates on the kitchen table and set about pouring their coffees.

“You’re never up this early. What’s the occasion?” Max asked.

“Just thought I’d get up and have breakfast with you before you left for work.” He smiled one of his butterfly inducing smiles “I’ll go back to bed after, don’t worry. I want to have energy for our workout later. What time do you go on Wednesdays?”

Max picked at her breakfast, trying to ignore the pain in her bladder.

“6 o’clock, but I’m not feeling great. I made an appointment to see my doctor before work. Think I might have a UTI.”

Geoff’s smile dropped and he looked concerned.

“You ok to go to work? Is there anything I can do?”

“Nah, I’m fine. She’ll do a test and give me antibiotics. I’ll be good as new in no time.” She took a gulp of her coffee, knowing it could potentially make her feel worse, but coffee was a necessary evil.

“Speaking of time, I need to get out of here.” She grabbed a piece of toast and kissed him before heading for the door.

“Let me drive you. I’ll take you to work after and pick you up after your shift,” Geoff said, forestalling her.

Max had no reason to say no, so within minutes Geoff was dressed and they were heading out to his car. She popped open the back door and threw her work stuff İstanbul Escort onto the seat before climbing into the passenger seat.


Max changed out of her paper gown while she waited for her results. The doctor had taken a urine sample that tested negative to bacteria, so she had done a vaginal and urethral swab to test for other causes. She was one of the few doctors that ran a portion of her tests on site. After ten minutes, Dr. Trudges returned, solemn faced.

“You’re married, Mrs. Fraser?”

Max nodded, confused.

“Any new sexual partners?” she inquired.

Max shook her head.

“No, I haven’t been with anyone new in six years.”

“And your husband? Any new partners for him?”

Max inhaled sharply, thinking of Jess and her suspicions.

“Not to my knowledge,” she answered diplomatically. “What do I have?”

“Well the good news is, it’s treatable. Take these.” She tore a paper from her pad and handed it to her. “You’ll be good as new in a week. No unprotected sexual contact until you’ve finished all of them. That includes oral, vaginal and anal.”

She paused, before continuing, “And I’d recommend your husband see his doctor to start treatment. You have gonorrhea, and if you haven’t been with anyone else, it’s definite that he has. It’s not something you catch from a toilet seat. You should test for other infections, just to be safe. Here is a blood work requisition form.

Max stood holding her papers, eyes brimming with tears. She’d known it. In her gut she’d fucking known.

She thanked her doctor politely, a little dazed and walked out to the waiting room, walking right passed Geoff and out into the hall. She didn’t wait for him, or the mind spinning, she bolted for the stairs. Her fingers gripping the door handle, she heard Geoff call to her.

“Max what the hell!”

He gave chase as Max ran down the stairs. “Max, slow down. What happened in there. Are you ok?”

Max felt like she was going to throw up. She couldn’t breathe.

Geoff caught up to her and grabbed her wrist. “Max, tell me what’s going on?”

His touch made her skin crawl, and she ripped her arm away from him. Her entire body filled with a rage she’d never felt before.

“Am I ok!?” she yelled. Angry, humiliated tears escaped her eyes and streamed down her cheeks. “No, Geoff. I’m not fucking ok. I have fucking gonorrhea!!”

She pushed him hard in the chest to move him away from her. “How do you suppose I got that? Considering I haven’t touched another man in six fucking years! How the hell did I catch a god damned STD Geoff?!?”

All the blood drained from Geoff’s face, leaving him a grey waxy pallor. He was speechless and when he looked up at her, his eyes were filled with shame and regret. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again, lowering his head.

The intense anger was fading, quickly replaced by numbness.

“Don’t. Just say nothing,” Max breathed. “I need to get to work and I don’t have time to wait for an Uber.”

They rode in tense silence the entire way back to Euphoria. Upon arrival, Max hurriedly got out and opened the back door to retrieved her things from the back seat. It was then she noticed a crusty, white-tinged stain on the back seat and a small piece of red lace that was wedged between bench and seat back. She pulled it out to find a semen soaked pair of extra-small Cheekys. Max surprised herself as a huge wave of laughter overtook her. She feared she might actually be going crazy. Geoff turned to see what was so funny and his face paled even further. Max looked him in the eye, still laughing, while holding the offending garments.

“Tell your girlfriend she might want to get tested too.” She dropped the panties onto the seat. “I’ll come home to pick some things up tonight, but I’m not staying. I’ll find somewhere else to go until we figure out some arrangements.”

Geoff jumped out of the car, eyes brimming with tears.

“No, max. No, no. It was a mistake. I made a mistake, Max. I’m so sorry.” He was crying openly, hugging her unresponsive body, and kissing her head. “I fucked up. I’m so sorry. I love you so much.”

Max felt his wet tear-soaked lips on her skin and she cringed. Pushing him away, her eyes dry now, she looked him in his pathetic, philandering eyes.

Her voice stronger and more even than she expected, she said, “It’s over, Geoff.”

With that, she left him crying in the street in front of Euphoria.


Geoff’s lungs deflated and his mind boiled. He heard a strangled sob and realized it had escaped his own lips. His legs gave out, and he crumpled against the car.

“It’s over Geoff.”

His face in his hands, he couldn’t stop hearing those words. She’d been so calm. Her eyes cold, as though she’d been regarding a stranger. He’d never seen her like that and it shook him to the core. As he sat, folded over on the curb with his back to his car, he looked up through the glass door of the large spa. The desk girl, Christy, Bayan Escort was staring at him. She looked concerned. He realized how pathetic he must look and slowly got to his feet, letting himself into the car. He turned the ignition and the song “Goodbye My Lover” by James Blunt filled his ears. How apt. Not only lyrically, but it was one of Max’s favourites. Geoff wiped his face roughly and screamed angrily into the steering wheel, before pulling out of the lot and onto the road.


When he left the health clinic with his prescription, his guilt and remorse were eating him alive. He wanted to be mad. Mad he understood. Mad at Jess for seducing him. Mad at Max for not putting enough effort into their physical relationship for all those years. Mad at Max for telling him it was over. He choked back another wave of tears, those words once again echoing in his mind.

He wasn’t mad, though. He was devastated. Max was his everything. From the moment he saw her in the restaurant at school six years ago, his world had orbited around her.

He had been leading the culinary students through a dinner service and she’d walked in with Katrina and a few other classmates, wearing no makeup, her hair tousled. They’d been practicing facials. She was breathtaking. Just a ball of radiant light. He’d completely forgotten he was even teaching. When her eyes connected with his, they’d lit up and she had shot him a warm smile. He’d practically heard angels sing. Now, she regarded him with the same disdain she’d give a pile of dog shit.

Geoff hopped into his car and drove. He had to find Jess and tell her. The clinic had told him that 80% of women never had symptoms. She probably had no idea.

He called Conifer, using his bluetooth.

The front house manager picked up. “Conifer. How can I help you?”

“Hey, Sandy. It’s Geoff. Can you give me Jess’ home address? She left her purse in my car last night when I drove her home. She was pretty drunk. I’d like to get it back to her.”

“Yeah, hold on a sec.”

He heard some rustling

“1280 Donald St., Apt 605.”

“Thanks, Sandy. See you in a few days.”

He turned off his speaker and plugged the address into his GPS.


Pulling up to a shitty looking apartment building, he swallowed hard and looked at himself in the rearview mirror. His face was pale and blotchy. Curse of Irish skin types, it always gave away his emotions.

He steeled himself and made his way up to the entrance of the building. He got lucky snuck in as someone else left, which was just as well as he didn’t know her last name or her buzzer number.

He made his way to apt. 605 and knocked heavily on the door. Expecting to see Jess or maybe a pretty young roommate, he was startled when a shaggy looking young man with a beer belly opened the door.

The young man glared at him.

“Who are you?” he said, taking a drag from his smoke and blowing it out into the hall.

“I work with Jess. Is she here?” Geoff asked, confused.

“No,” Beer belly said, looking Geoff up and down, “she’s not. She never came home last night.”

Geoff’s stomach dropped, remembering when she’d walked off, drunkenly, to go meet some strange guys. And he’d let her. He was a selfish prick and he’d been mad at her so he’d let her. Let a girl he’d just fucked in his car, walk off into a dangerous situation, because he’d been mad. Fuck, he was a dick.

Dirty guy was still looking at him, a hard glint in his eyes.

“Who d’you say you were again?”

“I’m Geoff, the executive chef at Conifer. Jess got drunk last night, and I gave her a lift but she changed her mind halfway home. Said she wanted to meet up with some people, so I let her out and she called an Uber. “

“Some guys?” Beer belly asked, totally unphased.

Geoff nodded slowly.

Dirty guy extended his hand for a hand shake.

“I’m Sean. Jess’ boyfriend.” He looked over his shoulder into the room. “Want to come in for a beer? She should turn up soon.”

Despite it being only 11am, Geoff accepted the offer, and the two sat on a cheap futon together sipping Coors Lights.

“She does this sometimes,” Sean said matter-of-factly, looking a little sad. “We’ve been together three years, and she’s been fucking other guys for the past year and a half. At least, I think it’s only been that long.”

He shrugged, then turned to look at Geoff and said bluntly,”She fucking you?”

Geoff’s impulse was to lie, but what was the point?

He swallowed some beer and nodded,”Yeah. She is.”

Sean exhaled and stood up, pacing the small, dirty room.

“I figured,” he said, looking at Geoff sheepishly. “I love her man. I knew she didn’t feel the same way about me anymore, but she stays anyway. If she needs to fuck other guys to stay with me, I can handle that. She doesn’t know I know though.”

Geoff sat, not knowing where to look or what to say. He swallowed more beer.

“I’m married,” he said, not having anything else to really say.

“No shit. Eskort You have a ring on so-” Sean chuckled.

“She’s leaving me,” Geoff said, indicating his ring.

He didn’t know why he was telling Sean, but saying it out loud made it hurt more. .

Sean wasn’t sympathetic. “I guess that’s what happens when you get caught fucking pretty 19 year olds, huh?”

Geoff winced.

“My wife tested positive for gonorrhea this morning. That’s why she’s leaving. She has never stepped out on our marriage. I caught it from Jess.”

Sean’s face puckered. “Fuck.”

He kicked a pizza box across the room.

“I’d hoped she was at least being safe.”

Geoff shook his head. “Nah man, she’s being really careless, actually. Anyway, that’s why I’m here. To let her know to get tested.”

Geoff stood up, drained his beer and he headed for the door. Just as he was about to open it, Jess walked in. Still in last night’s outfit, hair all over the place, and racoon eyes. She looked stiff, the way she held herself. When she finally noticed Geoff, standing beside Sean, her eyes shot wide in surprise, then narrowed in trepidation.

Geoff turned and casually saluted Sean. “Thanks for the beer man. Pass on my message?”

He turned to look Jess up and down one more time, eyebrow cocked, before passing her through the door frame.


Max was miraculously peaceful throughout the day. While she acknowledged that she had feelings of hurt and humiliation, she was able to observe them without allowing them to overwhelm her.

She was moving through them all day. While she focused on bringing care and compassion to her clients, she was able to bring in self compassion actively work through her own emotions.

On her lunch, she’d visited the pharmacy beside her work and filled her prescription. She took the first one dry as she left the store, wanting to rid herself of this ordeal as quickly as possible.

When her shift ended, she sat confused in the back room. She needed to go home. At least to grab her things and her car. After that, she’d go to a hotel or call Kat after going to the gym.

She really didn’t want to face Geoff though. Geoff didn’t have great emotional literacy and was likely wallowing in self pity. While Max had made a lot of progress today, she knew she wasn’t ready to talk to him.

Her phone blipped.


Just confirming that I’ll be seeing you for your favourite day of the week.


Max was actually really looking forward to this work out. It was the only thing she could think to do to get out of her head a bit. Plus Jack’s company would be a pleasant distraction from the turmoil of the day. She typed a quick reply.

Like I’d miss LEG DAY!!

It’s my fave

See you soon

She sucked in a deep breath and headed home to get her stuff. When she opened the door, Geoff was in the entrance looking every bit as pitiful as she expected. He reeked of beer.

“Max,” he said, looking hopeful, “Please stay. Please talk to me.”

His eyes were sad and desperate.

Max shook her head decisively.

“No,” she said firmly, but gently. “I’m not ready to talk. You need to give me time.”

Geoff’s head drooped on his shoulders.

“When? How long?” he asked, reaching for her arms.

He looked into her eyes pleading.

She tried to escape his grasp, but he tightened his grip on her upper arms.

“I can’t-” he trailed off, choking back a sob, “I can’t imagine my life without you Max.”

His grip had become painful.

“You need to let me go, Geoff,” she said sternly.

Seeing the fear in her eyes and realizing he was hurting her, Geoff reluctantly released her and allowed her to walk past.She hurried upstairs and rapidly packed enough stuff for a few weeks. When she returned to the main floor, she found him sitting in the living room, sipping a beer. The table was littered with bottles. She grabbed her keys, leaving the house and its palpable stress behind.


Jack sat in the lobby, sipping his water. Nervously, he checked the time again. Max was never late. Sure it was only ten minutes, but it had never happened before. Had he come on too strong? Spooked her? He was mentally preparing himself for a text from her saying she wasn’t coming, when in she walked. Looking—sad, tired—he wasn’t quite sure, but she wasn’t her usual self.

When she saw him, she managed a smile, but there was no joy in it. It worried him. He approached her and greeted her gently by placing his right hand on her cheek. His large palm splayed across her face and neck,his fingers lightly brushing her hair. He looked into her face, concerned

“You ok?” he inquired.

She melted slightly at his touch and brought her left hand up to hold his wrist. Her eyes welled with tears and given how puffy and red they were, he assumed these weren’t the first she’d cried today. She stayed quiet, but shook her head minutely before closing her eyes against her tears, trying to keep them in. He pulled her close, nestling her face in his chest and wrapping his arms around her. Protecting her from the world while she worked through whatever this was. Her arms wrapped timidly around his waist and she held him tightly while he stroked her back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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