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…As always, I recommend reading the previous chapters before starting this one…and thank you for reading…

You tease me only briefly with your tongue in my mouth, before you push your self up from me, sliding your cock out of my pussy. Before I have a chance to say anything, you quickly move down between my legs, and immediately lower your mouth onto my pussy. I hear you moaning as you feverishly lick and suck at my wetness. I can just imagine how much there is for you to enjoy, and I just lay still and let you feast upon me for as long as you would like. “Fuck, you taste good Babe,”‘ you say as you continue to lick me up and down.

“Mmmm, I know,” I reply with a giggle. “Wish I could taste it too.”

You look up at me and smile, your moustache and beard coated with my juices. “You can.” I look in to your eyes as you gently suck my clit for a few seconds before you climb above me, your knee between me and the back of the couch, your other foot on the floor. Without touching you with my hands, I lick the underside of your cock all the way from the base to the head, tasting myself on you. My eyes are locked in a stare with yours as I clean your cock of all my juices, delighting in my sweet taste. Mmmmm, I do taste very good. I suck the head of your cock, my teeth gently nipping at the tip, then let it go and I work my way down to your balls. They are so tight and I suck one of them into my mouth, my tongue poking at it, rolling it around. You grab your cock and move it to one side so you can see me licking and sucking your balls, moving back and forth between the two. “Ohhh, that feels good,” you moan.

I smile up at you, and take a hold of your cock with my hand, sucking the head again. “Mmmm, with all my juices off you, I can taste your precum.” I suck the head harder, and it only makes me want more of you.

You move off me, and stand at the edge of the couch, resting your hands on your hips. Looking at your cock, I smile as it twtiches up and down. Without being told what to do, I sit up and turn over, positioning myself with my knees right on the edge of the couch, my hands resting on the back of it. Looking over my shoulder at you, I see you smiling…apparently, you had the same thought I did. You pause for a second and look at my Scorpion tattoo on my left shoulder blade before stepping right up behind me. I feel you rub the head of your cock from my pussy forward to my clit and back again several times, teasing me, wetting the head of your cock with my juices. I arch my back and you position your cock so all you have to do is move forward ever so slightly for your cock to slide into my pussy. As soon as I feel it inside me, I push back onto your cock. You grab my hips and pull me back as you push deep inside me. Little do you know that having you fuck me from behind is my favorite position. I love the strength and power you can exert upon me, the pounding you can give my pussy, and the intensity of my orgasm that you will give me.

Fucking me with long slow strokes, I feel you reach around me, grabbing my tits as they bounce and sway. You roughly pinch my nipples and gradually begin to increase your rhythm as you fuck me. Oh my god, you feel absolutely incredible sliding in and out of me, teasing me, making me shudder all over. Moving one hand downwards, you rub my clit as you fuck me faster and deeper. “Ohhh yeahhh…you feel fucking good,” I say, my voice a little shakey.

You wrap your arm around me, pulling me close to you and drive your cock up inside me harder. I feel the heat of your breath on my neck as you kiss and nibble on me, sending shivers down my spine. I push back to you as much as I can everytime you thrust your cock deep into my soaking wet pussy, squeezing down onto it. You surprise me by pulling me harder to you and spinning us sideways. You unwrap your arm from me, and push my torso downwards, my face almost buried into the seat cushion of the couch. I extend my arms out in front of me, bracing myself against your powerful pounding of my pussy. With my ass up in the air and my legs spread, your balls slap against me while you fuck me relentlessly. You rub your hands over my ass cheeks, and I can hear your breathing getting faster as you pull me back to you. I reach one hand between my legs and my fingertips rub your balls when they slap against me, the palm of my hand rubbing against my clit. I push back against you, my pussy squeezing onto your cock every time you drive it deep into me. “Ohh yeah, MMmmm, fuck me harder.” You respond by pounding into me harder than I ever expected, pushing me down against the couch. It feels soo fucking good and I know that I will be cuming again in no time at all. You slap my ass hard a few times as you fuck me, your cock getting harder, my pussy getting wetter. I squeeze my pussy onto you as I feel my orgasm quickly building deep inside me. My moaning gets louder with every breath that I exhale and my legs begin to tremble. “Ohhhh Baby…you’re gonna make me cummm!”

“Yeah, cum all over my cock, Babe!”

“Mmmmm, Escort İstanbul yessss,” I moan. I hold my breath and arch my back. You feel my body begin to tense up and dont let up on me. “Ohhh, I’m gonna cummm!” I feel my orgasm quickly move thru me, my legs trembling, my whole body quivering. You hold your cock deep inside me, experiencing my pussy squeezing onto you, pulsating, contracting all around it.

“Ahhh, fuck Babe!” you say as you feel the increased pressure on your cock, seeing my body trembling, my face bright red. You feel your cock swelling and you fuck my pussy hard while I am experiencing the end of my orgasm, your balls tightening up as you feel your own orgasm so close. “Fuck…I’m gonna cum!” You grab my hips and pull me tight against you, your cock swelling and spewing wads of your hot cum deep inside my pussy. I feel your cock throbbing deep inside me, my pussy getting hotter from your cum. Mmmm, it feels soo good. Your hands squeeze my ass while you empty your cum into me. With your head tilted back, you feel my pussy tightening around you again and you moan loudly. You hold your cock deep inside me, giving me every last drop of your cum. You run your hand up and down my back then slowly lean over me, kissing my neck and shoulders. With your cock still hard and still inside me, you pull my legs back and laydown on the couch, pulling me against you. Wrapping your arms around me, you kiss my neck and shoulder again, your large hands cupping my breasts. To my surprise and liking, your cock remains hard even as your cum starts to slowly seep from me. “That felt so good, Babe,” you whisper in between kisses.

“Mmmmm, yes you did…and still do,” I quietly reply. Your fingers gently play with my nipples, making me feel those twinges deep inside me again. I lift my leg and drape it over yours while I move up and down on your cock, still feeling how incredibly hard you are. The more I move up and down on your cock, the more of your cum I feel oozing from me. “If we keep this up, I am gonna be making a mess on your couch,” I say with a giggle looking over my shoulder at you.

“It’s OK…it wouldn’t be the first time,” you reply with a wicked smile.

Trying not to sound surprised at your comment, I respond as casually as I can, “Oh really…” Although my tone of voice is very nonchalant, my body language speaks volumes. My eyes divert away from yours, my body becoming tense.

You kiss my neck and whisper in my ear, “I know what you’re thinking. I didn’t mean this kind of mess from you and me…look around…this is a garage…this couch gets messy.” Hearing your words I immediately relax, and close my eyes as you kiss my neck again. You slowly begin to move your hips back and forth pushing your cock into me again, and feeling how hard you are even after cumming as much as you did, I immediately respond to you moving in rhythm with you. I slide my hand down and gently rub my clit while your cock moves slowly in and out of my pussy, and the way you hold me against you makes me rock back and forth to you faster.

“MMmmmmm, you feel sooo good…you’re still soo hard.”

“Your pussy feels soo tight on my cock.”

“Yeahhhh, oh fuck,” I moan. You slide one hand down and rest it atop mine as I continue to finger my clit, feeling how I pleasure myself…gently stroking it, moving my fingers in a circular motion around the base, occasionally moving further down between my legs and feeling your cock sliding in and out of me, sticky and wet from our cum.

“I love feeling how you play with your clit while I fuck you,” you whisper. “That’s so sexy…so hot!”

I smile at your words, and gently massage my clit a little while longer as you continue to slowly fuck me. Wanting to feel your fingers on my clit, I slip my hand out from underneath yours and caress your arm as you mimick what my hand was doing. I feel you kissing and gently biting my neck and I grind against you. “Oh God, you feel sooo good, Baby,” I moan. You rub my clit faster and harder making my body tremble at the increased pressure. You hear my breathing quicken and feel my body responding to you. You kiss and bite my neck more and I start to move faster up and down on your cock. I squeeze my pussy tightly onto it as my body shudders all over. You pull me tighter against you almost restricting my movement but still move your hips back and forth enough to fuck me hard. You pinch and twist my nipple then I hear you in my ear, “Cum for me Baby…I can tell you’re close.”

Hearing your words makes me hold my breath and hook my arm under my leg, opening myself up to you and allowing you to fuck me harder. “Yeahhhh…ohhh fuck!” As I exhale loudly you sense my orgasm quickly building.

“That’s it…cum all over my cock!” You intensify rubbing my clit and driving your cock deep inside me.

“Ahhhh…yesssss!” I cry out as my orgasm takes over my body. “Ohhhh fuck!” I shake all over, my entire body convulsing uncontrollably. You hold me tight against you, feeling my orgasm, taking in every sensation İstanbul Escort Bayan you are feeling, seeing and hearing. As my orgasm sudsides, I slowly lower my leg and my body relaxes into yours, my breathing slowly returning to normal.

“Damn Babe, that felt good…you came hard,” you whisper to me as you gently kiss my shoulder and neck.

“With the right touch, the right stimulation…” my words trail off as I turn my head and look into your eyes, “…and the right man, yes I do cum very hard.” You smile at me and kiss me, your tongue gently pushing into my mouth. You squeeze me tight again and hold me against you.

“It’s getting late…why dont we go inside?” you say quietly. “It’s too late to do anything with your bike, and I don’t want to spend the night out here.”

“What about this?” I ask as I squeeze my pussy onto your cock a few times.

You chuckle when you feel me squeezing you, “I am not gonna go down between here and there, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Oh, I’m not,” I reply squeezing your cock again. “But just what do you plan on doing with me in there?”

“The same thing as out here…just with lot more room on my bed.”

“Mmmmmm, I like the sound of that,” I say as I kiss you.

You unwrap your arms from me, and I sit up. Before you can get up I spin around and immediately feel your cum tricking down my inner thigh. I bend down taking your cock into my mouth and sucking it. I lick it up and down, cleaning you off and tasting so much of your cum. “Mmmmm,” I moan as I slowly stroke you.

“You keep that up, and we aren’t gonna make it inside,” you say with a smile.

Letting your cock pop out of my mouth, I reach over and grab my clothes, “Well, who am I to keep us from going inside?” I stand up and pull on my jeans and blouse, then pick up my bra, leather jacket and boots almost as quickly as it takes you to slide your jeans on. With every move I make I can feel your cum still seeping from me, and I know I am going to have a very large wet spot in my jeans in no time at all. We both look at each other and smile, and as I turn to head to the door, you grab me and pull me back to you, kissing me very passionately. I press against you as I feel your hand slide down my back and onto my ass. Mmmmm, as much as I enjoy kissing you, I want even more to go inside and experience everything that you are…on your bed…on your couch…on your dining room table…where ever you want to enjoy me.

You take me by the hand and lead me out of the garage and into your house. I take in as much of my new surroundings as I can, but as it is relatively dark in your house, I am just following along behind you. You turn on the stairway light and I get another quick look at the downstairs of your home before you pull me up the stairs behind you. Walking through the doorway into your room, my eyes open wider at how large the room is. You let go of my hand and just allow me to walk in at my own pace and get my bearings. As you watch me looking arouind, you rub your still hard cock through your jeans. You squeeze it tight as you think about how just a couple of hours ago all you could think about was getting home after a long day, and now you are looking at spending your night with a tall voluptuous blonde who you stopped and offered some assistance to in her moment of need. I turn around when I near your bed and see you looking at me, your hand still down on your cock. I drop my boots on the floor and toss my leather jacket and bra onto a chair close by. “Looks like you were right,” I say as my eyes divert downwards to your hand rubbing your cock.

“I told you,” you reply as you walk towards me, unbuttoning your jeans. As you get closer to me, I glance over my shoulder and move back towards your bed. I feel the edge of your bed against the back of my legs and I smile as you stop only a few inches from me. I am virtually mesmerized as I look into your incredible blue eyes again. You take my hand and squeeze it as you kiss me, then place my hand on your cock. I can feel how incredibly hard you still are through your jeans, and I gently squeeze you, dragging my fingers up and down the length of your cock, my fingernails scratching the roughness of the demin. You wrap one arm around me and pull me tight against you, then slowly push me backwards down onto the bed. I already am so incredibly aroused by you, and the comfort of your bed just adds to it. You move me up the bed, my head resting on the mattress just below the pillows. Laying on top of me, you kiss me hard, your tongue pushing into my mouth, your hips moving against me. I hook my ankles around your thighs and pull you harder to me, feeling your cock pressing against my pubic bone. You kiss my neck and gently bite me, your hand moving up my body and squeezing my breast through my blouse. You shift your weight and roll off me slightly, your fingers finding the few buttons on my blouse which I did bother to fasten. My breathing deepens as I feel the heat of your breath on my skin when you pull Anadolu Yakası Escort my blouse open and lower your head, taking my nipple into your mouth. I exhale heavily and twist my body to push more of myself into your mouth, and I run my fingers through your hair and pull you against me.

“Ohhhh Baby…that feels sooo good. I love it when you suck on my nipples.”

Keeping my nipple in your mouth, you slide your hand down my body. I lift my hips upwards expecting you to unbutton and unzip my jeans, but instead you rest your hand on my crotch. I know my jeans are probably wet from your cum that seeped from me, but have no real idea just how wet they are. As you feel the amount of wetness between my legs, you moan while continuing to suck my nipple. Your attention to my nipple just heightens my arousal level which in turn makes more of your cum seep from my pussy. Your hand rubs me harder, pressing the inside seam of my jeans against my pussy and very sensitive clit. The pressure is almost too much to take but at the same time, the stimulation just excites me even more. You roll off me and move my blouse open, exposing my other nipple to you. You suck on it just as hard as the other, but this time you sink your teeth into my sensitive flesh making me shudder and gasp at the intensity.

You roll on top of me again, kissing my neck. “I’m gonna make you cum over and over on my cock, Baby.” I love the feel of your muscular chest against me, and I turn my head to the side so you can have more of my neck, and the only response I can muster is to moan. “You like this, don’t you Baby?”

“Mmmmm, yeah.”

“Are you gonna cum for me again?” you ask in between kisses all over my neck.

“Yessss,” I whisper.

You grind your hips against me, making me feel your cock again. It is still so very hard but all I can think about is how good you feel kissing my neck. You very slowly kiss downwards on my body, taking each nipple into your mouth, sucking it at first, then gently biting them. You continue to kiss your way down my body moving from side to side over my stomach. You unbutton my jeans and lower the zipper down. I lift my hips upwards and you slowly slide my jeans off me, and as you pull them down, you see the large wetspot inside of them. You push my legs apart and kiss my inner thighs from my knees up to my wet pussy. You look up at me as you pass over my pussy and kiss your way down my other inner thigh. Resting your hand on me, you rub your thumb up and down between my pussy lips wetting it before you begin caressing my clit. Although I am expecting your touch, as soon as I feel the pressure on my swollen little bud, I start to tremble. You continue kissing my soft inner thigh, your moustache and beard gently tickling and prickling me at the same time.

I place my hands on my breasts, my fingers immediately squeezing them, lightly pinching my nipples. I close my eyes, experiencing your gentle but firm touch, never knowing how or where you will touch me next or with what amount of pressure and stimuation. Moaning quietly as you continue to tease me, you slide your thumb downwards from my clit and push it gently into my pussy. You watch intently as your thumb opens up my pussy to you, and it disappears inside me. The amount of wetness you see and feel makes you smile as you know that I am more than wet enough to take your cock again. You continue to slip your thumb in and out of me, watching how I respond to you, feeling my hips move up and down, listening to the wetness only inches from your face. You push your thumb as deep into me as you can make it go, then curl it upwards massaging my gspot. I moan loudly at the pressure on it and from your middle finger moving up and down over my clit. I push towards you, and you slide your thumb out of me replacing it with your middle finger, your lips closing around my clit. My hands grab your head and hold you close to me as you suck and tease my clit while your finger slides in and out of me. “Oh fuck, Baby…aaahhhhh! Your mouth…ohhhh…feels sooo good!”

You flick your tongue up and down over my clit, pushing it side to side, sucking it, very gently biting it. I writhe and squirm as you continue your oral assault on my clit, your large finger fucking my dripping pussy. You feel my pussy squeezing down onto your finger and you immediately curl it upwards caressing my gspot again while you suck harder on my clit. Being as sensitive as it is, I feel my orgasm very quickly building. I lift my ass up higher as my body contorts and shakes, your lips not leaving my clit, your finger still buried deep inside me. My fingers curl and pull your hair as my orgasm consumes me. My moans are louder than before and the waves of ecstasy I am experiencing just seem to go on and on. The sensitivity on my of my clit is too much to take and I have to pull you off me, my hips sinking back down onto the bed at the same time. You slowly withdraw your finger from my pussy and move up along side of me, running your middle finger over my lips. I open my eyes and look up at you as I gently lick your fingertip. You smile at me and allow me to suck on the tip of your finger. I moan quietly as I suck more of your finger and I see your smile broaden as you feel the incredible suction and warmth of my mouth, which immediately makes your cock twitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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