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From the day they met, their relationship was like a dream to her. Everything he said, everything he did, pulled her closer to him, filled her heart, touched her soul. He is her ideal Master, her complete match. With every surrender, she feels empowered, not diminished.

But now her Lord is away and the Lady misses him. She is so very lonely for him. The first day was not too bad, but by the end of the second she aches. The real world is grayer knowing he will not be there to talk with her, tempt her, take her. He has promised she will not be without him while he gone, but she is unsure what that will mean and so far, she has not heard from him.

Coming home after another long and exhausting work day, she comes home to her quiet apartment and changes out of her business clothes and confining undergarments. She prefers to be braless, and most women don’t enjoy the confines of pantyhose. Now wearing a comfortable shirt and pants, she gets something to drink from the kitchen then sits down on her couch to close her eyes for a moment. Almost unconsciously she begins to touch herself. Starting at her neck her hand wanders lazily down to her chest. Fingertips caress her breasts and her nipples harden. On a sigh she falls into a gentle sleep.

And she is in the woods outside a castle. It is cold and dark, but she is not scared. Somehow, this is familiar and where she wants to be. She wanders for a while and then begins to look for their willow tree, a place where he has brought her many times in the past. A place where they have talked, laughed and made love. A smile comes to her face as she sees it in the distance.

She sits at the base of the tree, leans back and sighs. She feels the breeze in her hair and it moves the fabric of her thin, long dress. After a moment she thinks she hears chiming. She opens her eyes, but there is no one there. As the wind blows, she hears the chiming again and then something out of the corner of her eye catches the light.

She looks and sees something gold dangling from a low branch. She stands and reaches for it, finding a beautiful key chain, and on it a large golden key inlaid with precious gems. She smiles as her heart warms. She knows that her Lord has left her this to find. He knew she would need to come and he is prepared to care for her, even from a distance.

As she holds the key in her hands she hears the sound of horse hooves. When she looks up a beautiful black mare is in front of her, a match for the stallion her Lord rides, only smaller and gentler. She walks toward the horse that has stopped by a rock. “Hello, Dusk,” she says reading the name on the harness, and the horse seems to bow her head in acknowledgement. She uses the rock to lift herself up on the mare’s back. Stroking her mane, she says, “To my Lord’s castle, please.” The horse takes off.

The ride is exhilarating but not very long, and soon she arrives at the castle. The door is open, made ready by servants she never sees. She slides off the horse and strokes her nose. She finds carrots in a velvet bag around Dusk’s neck and she gives her the treats for her service. “Until I need you again.” And the horse gallops off.

She walks through the main hall noting the quiet. There is no one around and few candles are lit. She goes directly up the stairs that lead to the different chambers. She glances down the corridor, not sure where she should go. She has only been in a few of her Lord’s rooms. She decides to go to the right when she notices a sconce on the wall with a lit candle inside. Arriving at the door, she notices that there is a ruby embedded in the wood. She looks at her key and sees that it has a matching ruby at the top. Inserting it smoothly into the lock, she hears an immediate click as she begins to turn the key. She pushes open the door and steps inside.

The chamber is as ruby as the stones. A fire burns low in the fireplace. Red pillar İstanbul Escort candles are lit throughout the room. The bed is covered in a thick red silk comforter with pillows that match. Walking over to the bed, she sees a red negligee has been placed at the foot of the bed along with a delicate necklace with a ruby heart dangling from the chain. She immediately changes into the clothes and jewelry her Lord has left for her. By the fire, she sees that a small goblet of burgundy port has been poured into a glass. She takes a sip and brings the goblet to the bed, placing it on the bedside table. She gets into the center of the bed, closes her eyes and waits.

Before long she can feel him with her. He has not touched her but her body is so tuned into his presence that she knows instantly when he is near. And her body reacts instantly, her nipples hardening under the thin gown. She feels the mattress shift beneath his weight and she opens her eyes.

Seeing him there makes her breath catch. Looking down at her. Looking deep into her. She does not blink. She is caught in his gaze.

“My Lord,” she whispers.

“I am here,” he replies.

It is all she needs. She begins to roll toward him and he captures her in his arms. His first kiss is tender and she means to match his touch, but it has been too long and before she can stop herself, her passion for him is in her lips and she is returning the kiss more fiercely. She feels him begin to smile against her mouth.

“My Lady is hungry tonight,” he says.

“Yes, my Lord. I cannot help myself. It feels as if it has been so long since we were together. If I don’t show you all I am feeling I will burst.”

“I understand. And it pleases me.” His kisses have moved from her lips to her neck. She begins to squirm in his arms. His lips are hot. He licks her lightly in between kisses and she can feel herself melting under his touch. Her hands move through his hair and then down his back. She feels his breath get a bit faster and knows as always that she affects him as much as he affects her. The knowledge brings a heady rush.

“Bare yourself for me, angel,” he says as he pulls away to look down at her. His eyes hold hers and she barely blinks as she slides the straps of the red gown down. She pulls her arms out and then tugs at the light fabric so that her breasts are revealed to him. She is, as always, self-conscious, too aware of the size of her chest, but her eyes never leave his although he glances down at her progress. “Completely,” is all he says when his eyes meet hers again. She continues to remove the material that has barely covered her. She lifts her hips to move it over her pelvis and hears his sharp intake of breath when her pussy, shaved and exposed, is revealed to him. He reaches down and pulls the last of the cloth away. All she wears now is the ruby necklace.

She is naked. He is still fully dressed. The difference excites her.

“So beautiful,” he murmurs and his fingers begin to gently stroke her pussy as his lips begin to play with hers again. “So wet.” Her arousal is always complete with him. She can never deny it. Nor does she want to. “And mine.”

She sighs deeply as his finger hints at penetration.

“Say it,” his voice is slightly raised.

“Yours. I’m yours, my Lord.”

“That’s right, angel. This is my pussy. These are my breasts,” as he speaks his fingers and his lips emphasis his claim.

“Yes, yes. They are yours.”

“Good girl,” and his finger suddenly plunges deeply into her pussy. She is wet, but still gasps, startled by the swift intrusion.

He gently fingers her for a little longer, stroking her fully inside, then stops touching her. His fingers leave her. His kisses stop and he moves away. She feels cold, missing his warmth. She looks at him. He has stepped from the bed and has begun to remove his clothes.

“Watch me. Watch your Lord and see all that he has Escort Bayan for you.” She could not turn away if she tried. Boots are removed swiftly followed by pants and although he is quickly bare from the waist down, his shirt is too long for her to see what hangs between his legs. Her eyes go to his and a slow smile comes to his face. He begins to unbutton the shirt that covers him. Leisurely he begins to reveal himself to her. Inch by inch she begins to see him. It feels like forever before the last button is undone. Slowly he pulls the shirt from his shoulders and his full strength is revealed. The muscles of his arms, the broadness of his chest and the hair that covers him. Her eyes travel of their own accord down his stomach to his legs. And the cock that waits hard and powerful. Ready for her.

“I can see it in your eyes, my Lady. Tell me. Tell me what you want.”

“Come to me,” she says in a deep voice. “Be with me and take me.”

“Of course.” He gets back into the bed beside her and wraps her around him. The feel of him bare and hot brings a fresh flood of wetness between her legs. And when she moans, his fingers are there before the sound is complete.

“You are so sensitive, so ready for me. I love that have shaved your pussy for me. It makes touching you, tasting you, so much easier. So much more exposed to all I want to do to you.” He has been kissing his way down her body as he speaks and when he is silent again it is because he has brought his mouth to her pussy. He sucks deeply, drawing out the wetness that he has created.

“My Lord!” Her cry is a shout, a whimper, a plea. After that, only moaning is possible.

His touch changes after this first taste. He licks her up and down with the flat of his tongue. Slow and deliberate strokes that make her grasp at the sheets by her side. After he lets this sensation build for a while, his tongue become pointed and he begins to probe inside her cunt, occasionally flicking gently at the edges of her lips. She feels a river of sensation pouring out of her. Her clit is hard. She knows he can see that it is trying to escape its protective hood, but he does not touch her there. She feels his beard with every move he makes, adding to the sensations on her bare pussy.

He adds his fingers to the touch of his tongue and she gasps at the feel of him teasing her with first one and then two fingers. He knows what she wants, but he holds back.

“Tell me,” he whispers against her skin. His breath is so hot.

“I want you to touch me more.”



“Be specific, my angel, or I will stop.”

She takes a deep breath, knowing he tells her the truth. “Touch my pussy, my Lord. Slide your fingers into my cunt, and lick my clitoris with your tongue.” The words make her feel even more vulnerable than her open position.

“Very good,” and he begins to do exactly as she asked. First one and then two fingers are inserted into her dripping cunt. The feeling of being filled is exquisite when added to the attention of his tongue. She cannot imagine how he does it, but soon she feels a third finger begin to expose and tease her clitoris.

Nothing prepares her for the incredible sensation that shoots through her body at the first touch of his tongue on her clit. A scream slides out of her along with another rush of wetness. If she weren’t so caught up in her own feelings she would be able to feel his smile as he continues to stimulate her.

He has found a rhythm that he continues mercilessly. He brings her closer and closer to an orgasm and yet is able to control her final peak.

“Please, please,” she begs, sure she will shred the sheets if she doesn’t cum soon.

“Please what?” he whispers.

“Please release me, my Lord. Please let me cum. Please, please,” she can’t stop muttering the words repeatedly. “Oh God!” She suddenly shouts as his touch become insistent on her clitoris Eskort and his fingers pump steadily in and out of her pussy. She cannot hold back and he is there to encourage every sensation. He continues to lick her as her orgasm ebbs. He sees her every shudder, every aftershock.

She sees him lick his lips and when he comes to kiss her he is wet from them both. The taste of them mingling is heady and exotic.

“Look at me,” he demands. She does.

And without any other words of warning he slides his swollen cock deep inside her still shuddering cunt. He feels huge, hard, and perfect.

He begins to move above her quickly, his strokes measured. He pulls out almost to the tip and then pushes back in fast, his balls slapping against the entrance to her pussy. She can feel every inch of him and her need grows again.

“I love your breasts,” he says as he begins to lick and bite them, making the nipples hard. “My breasts. Mine.”

“Yes, my Lord, yours. They are yours. Take them as you wish.” His mouth gets rougher on them, increasing the blood flow to her nipples, increasing the sensations.

“I want you above me,” he says and he begins to slow his movements.

“As you desire, my Lord.” He grabs her and rolls them both over so that she is on top of him.

She is about to slide him back inside of her, when she surprises them both by moving down his body to take his hard cock into her mouth, to savor herself on him. The taste is intoxicating. More intoxicating to her is the sound he makes as she takes him more completely into her mouth. Her hands caress the base of his shaft and his balls as continues to engulf him with her lips and her tongue. “God what you do to me,” he groans, his hands gripping her hair tightly. He lets her continue for a while, then she feels his fingers pull her head away. “This is not how I wish to cum tonight.” She looks up at him waiting. “Ride me. Ride your man, and look at me. Look into the eyes of your Lord as you fuck him.”

She moves her body up again, straddles his legs, and impales herself on his hard shaft. She begins to grind against him and puts her arms behind her on his legs. Her back arches but her eyes, as he has commanded, never leave his. She rides him slowly feeling the deepness of his cock with each movement. It feels as if she has never stopped cumming.

Suddenly she feels a light but firm smack on her buttocks. “Faster,” he commands and he smacks her again. The sharp pain followed by the gentle burn excites her, and she begins to move more quickly above him. She takes him to the base of his cock with each down stroke. Keeping her eyes open becomes a struggle. She just wants to throw her head back, but she never breaks eye contact, exposing all her growing feelings to him.

When his hands grab her hips, she knows that his climax is close. She lets him choose the rhythm now and follows willingly, easily. He speeds up their pace bringing them both greater and greater pleasure.

“Oh yes, my angel,” he calls out, and then he moans, deeply and loudly has he comes inside of her. His climax triggers another in her and she is instantly aware of how connected she feels to him.

She remains on top of him as he pulls her down against his chest, the last of his climax shuddering out of him. She uses the muscles in her pussy to increase their pleasure. The warmth of his chest seems to penetrate her body; the hair tickles her oversensitive skin.

“I have missed you so, My Lord,” she says on a sigh, tears pooling in her eyes.

“I know, Precious. I have missed you as well. But I told you I would not completely leave you while I was away. You must trust me to take care of your needs.”

“Yes, my Lord.” He rolls her over so that they are lying side by side. She curls into the spot on his chest that she always thinks of as hers. She tilts her head so she can kiss the spot in his neck where she sees his pulse beat. She hears him laugh gently.

“You need sleep, little one. Sleep in my arms.” She says nothing, only burrows deeper into his arms. His embrace tightens and she soon falls asleep surrounded by his warmth.

When she awakes it is morning. He is gone. She is home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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