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Hope you like the story, comments are always appreciated. / LP

After a long day at the office Adam couldn’t wait to get home and relax in front of the television. It was Valentine’s Day, but as he didn’t have a girlfriend he was free. Adam hurriedly raced up the stairs to his flat, taking two steps at the time. Finally inside he kicked off his shoes, threw the jacked on a chair and went into the kitchen.

“Now where did I put that bottle of wine?” Rummaging around the kitchen he found an unopened bottle and poured some wine for himself.

“Hey, if I have nobody to share it with, then I’ll just have to finish it off by myself,” he thought to himself.

The day had been long and gruelling. Papers needing to be signed and there had been far too many meetings. Adam had never been fond of meetings. He found them a waste of time, but his boss loved having them.

Suddenly Adam remembered he had another meeting the next day. After a quick look into his closet Adam realised he had no clean shirts. Grabbing all of his dirty shirts he shoved them into the washing machine.

“There, now I’m ready to chill out.” He pushed the ‘on’ button. Nothing happened. He pushed it again. Nothing. “What the hell?”

After a few more times of jabbing the machine’s button Adam had to give up. The timing couldn’t have been worse, instead of sipping wine while watching a movie he now had to spend Valentine’s Day in a launderette.

Grumpily Adam shoved the shirts into a bag and went down to the launderette around the corner. At least he was lucky enough it wasn’t far away. He would have hated to go much further.

The launderette was empty apart from a woman reading a magazine. As Adam passed her she glanced up. She was stunning. Her blonde hair reached her shoulders, her nose had this cute upwards slant that made her look a bit cheeky, and her dress revealed a pair of long slim legs.

“Wow, she is absolutely gorgeous!” Adam thought to himself. Quickly he stuffed his clothes into a free washing machine, silently praying the woman wouldn’t notice his greying underwear. Fumbling with the coins he finally put them through the slot and the machine could start.

As confidently as he could, Adam walked back to where the woman was sitting. He sat down and grabbed a magazine on the table next to him.

Flicking through the magazine he would occasionally glance up at the woman. It wasn’t until now he noticed her freckles. They were all over her nose and some even towards her cheeks. Adam found the freckles made her even more attractive.

The woman wore a light pink dress that came to just above her knees. Adam guessed it was a regular cotton dress. It looked very casual, like something you would only wear at home.

At one instance when Adam glanced up the woman caught his eye.

“Let me guess,” Adam jumped the chance to talk. “Bet you had a disaster, too.”

“Yes, you might say so,” she smiled. “What about you?”

“Oh, the regular ‘darn, I have a meeting tomorrow and no clean clothes’ situation,” Adam laughed. She laughed along. He instantly loved her bubbly laughter and melodic voice.

They began to swap stories and Adam felt more and more comfortable in her presence. Her name was Sophie and she was a student at the local university. Apparently the washing machines in her dorm had broken down and everyone had to do their washing off campus.

“So, Anadolu Yakası Escort I guess you don’t come here often, then?” Adam grinned, knowing fully well how stupid he sounded.

“I guess not,” Sophie smiled while twirling a yellow lock of hair. She looked down for a brief second and then up at him again. Adam knew she was attracted to him and he didn’t want her to leave.

“I have a bottle of wine at my place,” he tried. Anything to stall her. “If you want to I can get it…”

“Do you live far from here?” she asked.

“No, just around the corner.”

“Oh,” she seemed to hesitate, but only for a split second. “It’s not often I get chatted up in a launderette…” She laughed.

“Well,” Adam flashed her a big smile, “it’s Valentine’s Day. Anything can happen. Even such a thing as being chatted up in a launderette!”


Adam raced home as fast as he could. The bottle of wine was still on the kitchen counter. He quickly grabbed it along with two glasses and went back to the launderette.

“God, let her still be there!” he thought to himself. And she was.

“Wow, that went fast!”

“Yeah, told you I live close by.” Adam opened the bottle and poured the wine. The launderette was empty apart from Sophie and him.

“Cheers!” Adam smiled and raised his glass.

“Cheers!” As Sophie drank the wine Adam couldn’t help glancing at her. Her red lips were lightly parted as the edge of the glass rested against the lower lip.

“You’ve got lovely lips,” he suddenly said.

Sophie looked up at him and gave him a flirty smile. “Thanks, yours aren’t so bad either.”

“Oh yeah?” Adam cocked an eyebrow and made a pouty kissing mouth. “You don’t think they’re too thin then?”

“Not at all,” Sophie laughed.

The content of the bottle became less and less as the conversation went on. With every glass the flirting increased.

“This is really nice wine, by the way.” Sophie swirled the wine in her glass.

“Says the girl a bottle later…”

“At least I still got some, you just finished your last glass.”

“Guess I’m worse than you then,” Adam said teasingly.

“Guess you are.” Sophie drank the last drops of wine. Adam watched her swallow, her lips parting once again in that sexy fashion that he loved.

Sophie looked at him “You’re looking at my lips again.”

“So what if I am?”

“Do you like them so much?”

“Yes. I think they’re absolutely gorgeous. So red, full and I just adore the way they look when they’re lightly parted.”

Sophie leaned closer to Adam and began tracing his lips with a finger. “And I like your lips. The arch of your upper lip…the fullness of the lower lip. Very kissable.” By now her face was only an inch from his.

“Kissable, huh?” he murmured.

“Mmm, very…” he could feel her soft lips press against his. “…kissable…lips…”

They kissed and he noticed a faint smell of lavender. He kissed her more passionately, gently prying her lips and seeking out her tongue. Sophie giggled and pulled away.

“Do you remember that Levis ad?” she giggled. “With the man who strips to his boxers in a launderette.” Now she was grinning. “You look a lot like him…”

Adam looked at her, slightly confused where she was heading.

“Go on, I dare you!”

“Dare me what?” Maybe it was the wine that had clouded his mind or it was the kisses that Pendik Escort had intoxicated him.

“Strip! There’s no one here.”

Now, Adam wasn’t a prude and normally up for most things, but stripping in a launderette off a busy street wasn’t one of them.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope. I dare you.”

“You’re sure this isn’t some sort of set-up? Nobody’s going to jump out with a camera and tell me I’m in some crazy off-the-wall show about people who’ll do anything for sex?”

Sophie laughed heartedly. “No camera, I promise you.” She rested her hand on Adam’s leg, ran her fingers up his thigh, leaned in and huskily whispered; “I dare you.”

It only took Adam one minute to decide. Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the thrill of doing something crazy like this, but what ever it was, he was up for it. Besides, he didn’t want to disappoint Sophie.

Standing up Adam strolled towards one of the open washing machines. He could feel Sophie watching his every move. Taking a deep breath he turned around, flashed her a grin, pulled off his T-shirt and threw it in the machine. He could feel her eyes flickering over his chest, taking in every inch of bare flesh. Thank goodness for the gym!

Facing her he undid his belt slowly and slid it off. He then unbuttoned his fly, one button at a time, extra slowly. All while Sophie was watching. He looked at her and couldn’t help grinning. She wore a broad smile on her face that showed off her deep dimples. Her eyes were glued on his hands unbuttoning the fly. As Adam unbuttoned the last button and flashed his Calvin’s, he could hear Sophie let out a gasp.

Sophie’s face was now slightly flushed and her mouth open, as if she couldn’t believe he was really doing it. Suddenly Adam realised how turned on he was by the situation. His jeans felt tighter by his hardening member, and Adam had to admit he loved having Sophie watch him.

“Shall I continue?” he asked with a wicked grin. “Or do you want me to stop?”

“For heaven’s sake, don’t stop!” Sophie said while subconsciously licking her lips. He could tell she was starting to get into this too. Her eyes had a mischievous spark to them and she they seemed glued to him.

After taking a deep breath Adam let his trousers fall to the ground.

“Oh yes, baby!” Sophie laughed and whistled. “When do I get to put money down your Calvin’s?”

“I don’t know,” Adam smiled. “Would that be because I’m a great stripper, or is it just an excuse to put your hands down my pants?

Sophia reached out and grabbed the elastic of his pants.

“Mmm, because you’re a good stripper,” she said while reeling him in.

“You’re such a liar.”

“Oh yeah? Well, then I guess it’s all just an excuse to get my hands into your pants…”

As she said that Adam could feel Sophie’s right hand pull at the elastic before slipping under the soft cotton fabric.

“Mmm…,” he sighed as he felt her hand travelling down his front and tickling his pubic hair. By now he was standing next to her, towering over her and looking down into her dark green eyes. When he kissed her she melted completely, letting him enfold her.

“Adam,” Sophie whispered. “We’re in a launderette…”


“Someone might see us.”

“It’s past midnight on Valentine’s Day,” Adam murmured. “Most people will be at home making passionate love to their significant Kurtköy Escort other. And if you don’t mind, I’d personally like to ravish you here and now.”

“We have to be careful…”

Adam kissed her face, her freckled nose and drew in her light soap fragrance.

Sophie felt his hands tighten over her naked shoulders and she realized he was pushing her dress down and away from her breasts. She gasped as the cold air hit them and her nipples instinctively hardened. Eagerly Adam went down and slipped a nipple between his warm lips. At the same time his hand slid under her dress and onto her hot sex.

Adam loved feeling her nipple in his mouth. There was something special and intriguing about breasts; their roundness, weight and how they reacted at his administrations. At the same time he had slid a hand under her dress and headed straight for her pussy. When he reached his goal he could feel her silk panties and the damp patch.

“The washing machine…” Sophie panted. “Let’s move to the…oooh!”

He had already taken a firm grip on her waist and lifted her onto the machine. Her dress rode up, as he made sure she sat on the edge of the machine, but not too far out so that she’d fall off from the vibrations.

“Spread your legs,” he said in a hoarse voice. She obliged.

Within seconds he was holding her panties to one side, while fervently licking her drenched pussy. The musky aroma teased his nose drills and egged him on. As he moved his tongue over her womanhood he could feel her squirming on top of the washing machine.

She was gasping and enjoying his every movement. The way he teased her clit and pushed his tongue into her had her wriggling all over the machine. Her hands fingers dug into his hair as she steered him.

“Adam…” she panted. “Adam!”

He looked up at her, his face glistening with her juices.

“I want you…inside me…now,” she said between gasps.

Adam rapidly lifted her down from the machine, turned her around and pulled down her panties. The red folds of her dripping sex were deliciously inviting, and he quickly lined himself up behind her.

As Sophie felt Adam’s cock push into her she let out a muffled scream. He drove hard into her, over and over again, and she arched her back, lifting herself, pressing herself against him.

He had forgotten where he was; the only thing on his mind was the sensations her tight sex was having on him. He drove harder and faster into her, sensing her body responding to him and nearing it’s climax. As she came a deep growl rose from her throat and he drove even harder into her while kissing the salt and heat from her neck and shoulder. And then he felt his body tensing before his own release.

For a while the only sounds in the launderette was Adam and Sophie’s heavy breathing as they tried to recover.

“Phew, now I’m happy I didn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day!” Sophie suddenly said and let out a small giggle.

They began to dress and make themselves represent able.

“Actually,” Adam said while zipping up his jeans, “I’ve been meaning to ask you that. How come a gorgeous girl like you aren’t out with some equally hot man on a date tonight?”

Sophie emptied the washing machine and threw her sports bag over one shoulder.

“Probably the same reason a hot guy like you aren’t out on a date with a gorgeous girl like me…”

Adam watched her leave the launderette and for a while he wanted to run after her. Ask for her phone number and maybe a proper date, but he stopped himself.

“It’s for the better,” he said to himself. “At least now I have the memory of my best Valentine’s Day date ever.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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