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‘The Golden Opportunity’ stands on the town’s picturesque riverfront, a glowing jewel of warmth and hospitality. The Inn was originally opened by Dustin Featherbane and had gained a good reputation under his charge.

Now however, the establishment had passed into the hands of his Daughter – Holly. She had learned all the tricks of the trade from her father, but was also the recipient of a very important family heirloom. The Luck Charm had been gifted to Dustin by a drunken Wizard in leu of payment of his bar tab. But little did the Barkeep realise how much good fortune a luck charm could bring. The golden-lettered scroll has hung proudly behind the bar ever since, its power extending to every patron a protection from their pains and sorrows of the outside world.

No one had received such a boon from this scroll as Holly herself, who had grown into a beautiful young woman under its watchful gaze. Her face was round with large green eyes surrounded by fluttering lashes, plump rosy lips, spread often into a beguiling smile. Long dark curls cascade from her head, down past her plentiful bosom, whose pale forms were lifted high by tight corsetry. Under her long skirts stood strong legs topped with firm and rounded buttocks, and between those legs her sumptuous pussy. She never shrouded it with underwear and near every man (or woman) she met came to dream of sliding their tongue between those peachy lips to taste her sweet nectar.

And it was that very act that Rowan – her fellow barkeep – was now fondly recalling. He had begun working here under her father as a young lad and Holly had been happy to keep him around to help run the place. He lifted the heavy ale barrels, served drinks and ejected any customers who got a bit too rowdy. And when he was very lucky, after they closed for the night, Holly would drape her lithe form across the bar and he would bury his face into her warm honeypot until she came, covering his tongue in her sweet juices. Not that Holly didn’t return the favour, and on quiet nights she might slip below the bar and tenderly suck his cock while he served drinks.

But that wasn’t the only way the barmaid preferred to spend her evening, and tonight she surveyed the barroom for where she might find some entertainment. The sun had long since set and the scattered lamps and candles lit the room with a warm glow, flickering across the faces of the patrons. Her eyes settled on a table of sailors, the tallest which of held the others enraptured with some tall tale she couldn’t make out over the general hubbub. They were all passingly handsome, rugged and tanned from their work on the barges and she could hardly choose between them.
She smiled, ‘Well, I’ll see who’s bold enough to make the first move.’

She filled a jug of ale from the tap and sauntered over to the table.
‘Evening boys.’
Immediately all eyes turned to the ale-bearing goddess before them.
‘Evening Miss’ the taller man replied, his eyes sliding over her form. ‘Let me make your acquaintance. I am Captain Barrows, and these fine gentlemen are my dear crew.’
‘A pleasure to meet you…’ She smiled as she let the name roll over her tongue ‘.. Captain Barrows.’
She began to refill their glasses, bending low over the table to allow them a good view down her shirt as she did so. She came to the Captain’s glass last and crossed over to his side of the table to stand behind him, delicately pressing her soft breasts into his shoulder as she reached over him to pour. He turned his head to whisper in her ear.
‘I see a man can get a very affectionate welcome here.’
She leaned in close,
‘The right sort of man can, indeed.’
‘Am I the right sort of man?’
‘You might be, you’ll have to prove it.’
Their faces were just inches apart now. He reached his hand up to gently caress the side of her face. She held his gaze for a long moment before leaning in to give him a soft kiss on the cheek.

Before he could quite recover, she stood up and addressed the table.
‘Perhaps you gentlemen would be more comfortable in
a more private setting?’
She cocked an eyebrow as the group stumbled over themselves to agree. She led the five men away from the table and towards a doorway to the back of the inn, covered by a thick velvet curtain. Ushering them inside and letting eve gelen escort the curtain fall behind them, she hurried back to the bar to refill her ale jug. Rowan gave her a knowing look as she passed and she smiled back, her cheeks already flushing with anticipation.

Holly stepped through the curtain into the small side room. It was similarly lit with candles but here the walls were decorated with tapestries and the chairs and stools scattered with silk cushions. In the centre of the room stood a round table which the five sailors had arranged themselves around.
‘Now isn’t that better?’ she cooed. ‘Now we can really get to know each other.’
She approached the table, placing down the jug and leaning in.
‘Now I’m sure you have business to discuss, don’t let me interrupt you.’
The crewmates looked at each other, before one blonde and bearded sailor piped up.
‘Your presence wouldn’t be an interruption, in- in fact we’d be glad of your company.’
The others nodded in agreement.
‘Well then..’ Holly purred ‘How about a dice game?’
‘Did you have one in mind Miss?’ the Blonde sailor asked.
‘Oh.’ She laughed. ‘I don’t play, I’m the prize.’
She began to delicately untie her corset lacing, loosening it just enough to let her breasts spill out a little more and reveal the deep line of her cleavage. The men’s eyes lit up and a stout, dark haired sailor hurriedly produced a box of dice.

She sauntered her way around the table as they played the first round, taking in her quarry. There was the tall and dashing captain, the blonde sailor and the stout sailor. Of the other two, one was slender, with long braided hair and the other was young and shyly turned his bronzed face away from her gaze. With a final scuttle of the dice the blonde sailor triumphed in the first round. Holly skipped over to him and squeezed his shoulders.
‘My Champion! Now the rest of you play on, the winner can take his turn out to keep me company.’
So the game continued in hushed tones as all the played kept one eye on the game and the other on Holly. She however, turned her full attention to the blonde sailor. Stepping deftly between him and the table she sat down in his lap. Facing him she, stared deeply into his cool blue eyes and twirled a finger in his hair.
‘Hello handsome.’
‘What a pretty darling you are, hm?’
She blushed, ‘I’m sure you’ve seen prettier.’
He chuckled, ‘Not up so close.’
‘Well you better not waste the opportunity then.’
She cupped his hand and brought it up to her breast, letting his fingers trace her firm nipple through the thin fabric of her shirt. Needing no further encouragement he slid his hand beneath the cloth and began caressing her soft flesh.
Soon his other hand reached up to cup her other breast, lifting them both free from her corset and into the warm air. Lowering his head he drew her right nipple into his mouth and gently flicked it with his tongue. Holly giggled as the licks turned to gentle nibbles. Around the table the other sailors doubled their concentration, all desperate to triumph in the game. Soon enough the shout went up, the slender man having won the round. Drawing the blonde sailor’s hands away she pulled him into a deep kiss. Their tongues danced across each other for a moment before she gently nipped at his lip.
‘Good luck.’ She winked.

Leaving her breasts exposed, she dutifully approached the slender man. He pulled her onto his lap, facing the table this time and began to draw her skirts up over her knees. Between the folds of the fabric he began to run his fingers across her inner thigh and she opened her legs expectantly. As he reached her warm pussy he could feel it was already wet with anticipation.
‘Eager aren’t you?’ he whispered as he gently cupped her pubis.
‘I know how to enjoy myself.’ she replied. But before to long she was squirming in his lap, desperate feel those deft fingers on her clit. Feeling her juices steadily flowing, he relented and began to gently circle her clit with the very tip of his index finger. She sighed softly and laid her head back onto his shoulder as he began to quicken his finger’s pace and brought his other hand up to caress her breasts. Seeing the hungry looks of his crewmates he paused gaziosmanpaşa escort for a moment to lift her skirts back over her lap, revealing the sight of her glistening cunt to them all. Then he returned to his ministrations, this time sliding one long finger inside her. He began drawing this finger in and out and was rewarded by the sound of Holly’s soft moans. That first finger was replaced by two and he pressed his thumb to her clit, still stroking her now heaving breasts. But all too soon the next round was won and he reluctantly withdrew. He brought his fingers up to her mouth and she grabbed his wrist as she licked her juices from his fingers, tasting her own sweet arousal.

Finally, she looked up, seeking her next playmate. The young man sheepishly raised a hand, blushing a deep crimson as he did so. Holly grinned wolfishly and leapt up from the slender sailor’s lap. Approaching the apprentice she stepped behind his chair and pulled him further away from the table. Instead of taking a seat on his lap, she instead knelt between his legs.
‘Don’t be so nervous lad. Don’t you worry, I know just how to look after you.’
He looked down at her wide eyed as she began to undo his trousers, his firm erection springing free as she parted the cloth. He visibly trembled as she ran a finger up the shaft.
‘Have you never been with a woman Jack?’ the blonde sailor chuckled.
‘Don’t tease!’ Holly replied. ‘I’ll just be sure to make the experience memorable.’
Leaning forward, she began to gently run her hand up and down his cock, letting her thumb glide over the throbbing tip. He stifled a moan, looking warily at his crewmates. But he couldn’t stop the contented sound that left his lips as she drew the head into her mouth, tongue dexterously swirling around it. Slowly she began to slide her head up and down, each time taking more and more of his cock into her mouth. When it touched the back of her throat she employed her hand to massage the base of his shaft and she built up to taking him in deeper. Each time she rose up she would flick her tongue across his sensitive cockhead, and each time she sank down more of his length disappeared into her eager throat. AS her nose was finally pressed against his body, Jack let out a low groan. Drawing back up she felt the splashes of his hot cum dance across her tongue and she savoured the sweet, tangy flavour as she swallowed his seed. She sat still for a moment wiping her lips before she heard the decisive clatter of dice, and the Captain growl ‘Finally!’.
Now the fun could really begin.

Standing up from his seat, the Captain strode over to where Holly knelt. Offering her a hand, he pulled her to her feet. Drawing her close he leaned in for a deep kiss, his arms sliding around her back to support her as she melted into his embrace.
‘I think we’ve played enough games, don’t you Miss?’
She stole a quick look back at the others, they were all standing now and she could see their rigid cocks straining against their trousers.
‘We’ll have to find another way to enjoy each other’s company then Captain.’ she purred seductively.
‘Just what I had in mind.’

With that he grabbed her by the shoulders, turning her towards the table and laying her face down upon it. Her hips pressing against the edge of the table, she arched her back expectantly as he lifted her skirts to once again expose her soaking pussy. Pushing her legs apart with one hand he unlaced his trousers to reveal his throbbing erection. His cock both thicker and longer than that of his apprentice which she had already seen. Stepping forward he took hold of her hips, pulling her backwards onto him as he thrust forward. She moaned as she felt his thick cock forcefully enter her hungry pussy for the first time. Feeling her tight walls quiver and her juices flow fervently, he quickened his pace. Leaning over her as he began to pump into her strong and fast. Meanwhile, frustrated at being last to receive her attention, the stout sailor stepped up in front of her face, cock in hand. She eagerly took it into her mouth, rocking back and forth with the rhythm of the Captain’s thrusts. The slender and blonde sailors took up positions on either side of the table and she reached out to stroke their cocks gölbaşı escort too.

So she continued to pleasure the four men with a practiced ease, until she felt the Captain’s rhythm change, swapped to slow, hard thrusts and then he withdrew completely. Instead he wrapped his hands around her ribs, lifting her up from the table and stepping back towards the nearest chair. In one smooth movement he sat down, lowering her into his lap and onto his cock. She couldn’t hold back her moans of pleasure as she felt his full length push up into her.
‘Lad,’ he called to Jack ‘kneel here and use your mouth. Repay the favour to the good lady.’
Stumbling over, Jack took the position between their legs and began applying his novice tongue to her clit. Slowly, the Captain began to lift her up of his cock, before letting her slide down the full length again. With this dual attention, Holly was in a world of pleasure.
‘Oh Captain’ she moaned ‘I just knew you were the right kind of man.’
He just smiled and they continued ardent lovemaking until Holly could almost bear it no more. She pulled Jacks head close into her cunt as she felt her orgasm wash over her. The two men held still a moment as she quaked between them. But a single orgasm had never been enough to sate Holly’s lust. Pushing Jack away, she leaned forward, planting her feet and beginning to bounce up and down on the Captain’s cock. Cupping her firm buttocks, the Captain helped guide her as she quickened her pace. Feeling his own orgasm drawing near the Captain also rose to his feet, grabbing her hips and pulling her onto his rough thrusts. Wrapping his arms around her, he came with a low moan, shooting his cum deep into her cunt. As he pulled away, Holly smiled, blissfully aware that the Luck Scroll protected her from any unwanted pregnancy or social disease.

The Captain slumped down into the chair, spent, but Holly still had his crew to see to. Grabbing a few cushions she ignored the stares and gropes of the three men as she arranged them on the table. Satisfied, she hopped up onto the tabletop and lay down on her back, letting her legs hang open invitingly. The stout sailor was the first to take up the position between her legs, sliding his cock into her dripping pussy and taking up a furious rhythm. Moaning, Holly was brought close to cumming as he roughly slammed into her over and over. Alas, before she could, his cum joined the Captain’s deep inside her. As he withdrew she caught the eye of the blonde sailor, who had the slender sailor whispering eagerly into his ear. The pair then approached together, the blonde sailor offering a hand to help her to her feet. Raising an eyebrow, she obliged and watched as the slender sailor took her place on the table. Not one to complain, she duly mounted him and let his thin cock slide up into her. She began to ride him, but was surprised to feel the blonde sailor’s hands around her waist as she rose up. She began to sink back down, but felt the firm head of the blonde sailor’s cock at her pussy entrance. Surely they didn’t expect her to take two at once?!

Never fearful of a challenge, she continued to slowly lower herself and was rewarded by the second sliding in alongside the first. Groaning, she had never felt such a fullness and her pussy walls quivered around the dual invaders. As the men shifted their hips and began to slide their cocks in and out she felt an orgasm rapidly approaching. Her confidence growing, she began to match their rhythm, riding their thick shafts. Finally her orgasm hit, her pussy stretched wider than it had ever been before. But the two men had no intention of slowing down, and upon hearing her moans of pleasure quickened their pace. This just brought Holly to new heights of pleasure as she came over and over. As soon as one orgasm finished, she would be hit with the warm wave of another. The blonde sailor was quick to follow, shooting his hot load deep into her pussy. As he withdrew, the slender sailor pulled her body close and gave his final swift pumps.

Exhausted, Holly let his now spent cock slide out before rising off the table, standing a little unsteadily after such a thorough fucking. Reaching for the ale jug that had somehow managed to stay upright, she took a long swig. The sailors were already readjusting their clothing and she did the same, securing her flushed breasts back into their tight corset and fixing her skirts.
‘I’m sure your Captain wouldn’t want you to stay up too late now boys.’
‘Quite right, the Captain added, smirking ‘We sail down river in the morning, but we’ll be sure to stop by for some.. hospitality.. when we’re next in town.’
Holly winked, ‘I’d like that.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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