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Every year I always try to visit a Formula 1 race, and over the years if have been experiencing the excitement of the races on several tracks all over Europe, and I always came back home a happy man. I never forget the first time I walked up the famous Eau Rouge corner at Spa Francochamps on the actual track, you never know how steep that hill is before you have seen it yourself.

This year though I had saved some more cash and I was going to the mother of all Grand Prix’s the one in Monaco. I could not imagine how it would be like to see F1 cars race to the narrow streets of the Principality with speeds round 200 Km per hour.

As I arrived on Wednesday before the race the place was humming with excitement of the days to come. I checked into my hotel in the afternoon and went searching for a local watering hole, but all the places I visited I got a shock. Prizes where very high and I did not want to spent all my cash the first night in town. So I did what any normal guy would do and went back to my hotel and got a good night of rest.

Thursday, now this was the day where all the track excitement was starting. There would be practice sessions for the Formula 1 and 2 and also the Porsche Cup and in the afternoon the first Formula 2 race. I enjoyed myself all-day long at my place at the grandstands, only leaving them for a little “pit stop”, and after all track action stopped I walked back to my hotel for dinner with some other guys I met that day.

Friday is a strange day for the F1 in Monaco as this would the day for practice sessions on any other circuit but on in Monaco that was yesterday, so on friday there is not much to do. I decided to go and do some site-seeing, and as everything in this small Princedom, you could do anything in walking distance. I would follow the track and look at all the famous places there are. At the start-finish line I passed the royal lodge where Prince Albert and his wife would be sitting on Sunday and further up the hill till I reached Casino Square. As I arrived there the track, which is open to normal road traffic on friday was filled with the most exotic cars I had ever seen, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Austin Martin’s, you name it and it was there. Following the track I reached the famous Harbor with all those big yachts in them. Now this is more a place for me I thought when I walked along the dockside looking at all those lovely ladies in small bikinis. This is a place I want to spend more time. But then it started to rain and would you know it, all the girls were gone, so I ended up going back to my hotel soaking wet from the rain.

Saturday had come and it was still raining, so I grabbed my poncho before I went to the track to watch another day of racing by lower classes and the qualifying sessions for the formula one, as I had a good seat on the grandstand with the view on a big screen I would not miss any action going on at the track. During the last practice session there was some excitement when a driver crashed his Ferrari into the barriers and a Lotus driver did the same, but at the end of the day the two Mercedes drivers where both on the first two starting positions.

It had dried up during qualifying and I still had not seen the action on the harbor that well so I went back there. Just as I thought, now that the sun was back, so where the ladies in those tiny pieces of cloth. I was all getting warm so I took off my shirt and I was happy that I did not have a beer belly but a nice six-pack. As I strolled along the dock-side some lady’s came off a yacht, they were looking at me and started to giggle. Although they were dressed in some nice dresses and not bikini’s I could tell they were very nicely build. As they kept smiling at me I walked up to them and asked what the fuzz was all about. One of them told me she was amazed by how good I looked in those plain clothes and asked why I wasn’t better dressed and on one of the other yachts. I thanked her for her compliment and told her she and her friend where not bad looking themselves, and as she smiled when heard that, I explained that I was not some rich boy that could afford to have designer’s clothes or a yacht, but that I always take good care of my body.

The girls turned their heads to each other and start whispering into each other’s ears and during that they also kept looking me up and down. Then the first asked me how I would like it to watch the race from a yacht.

I smiled and said, “Are you kidding me, you know I would love that.”

Then she said with a smile, “No I’m not kidding we both like to invite you on board for tomorrow and watch the race with us, you seem like an expert to me and we can use that.”

“But what about the owner?” I asked.

She smiled and said, “He is my father and he has to leave for important business in the morning, so no worries about that.”

I smiled and told her I would love to join them on their yacht. Then she told me to meet her on this place at 1 in the afternoon because after that I would not have the kızılay escort chance to get on board as the yachts are pulled back 20 meters from the side for safety. I smiled again and assured her I would be there.

On my way back I thought, boy they were just pulling your leg, you can’t be that lucky, but then again if I don’t go and it is true I can live with myself, and 1 in the afternoon is early enough to get back to my seat before the race starts, so yes I’m going to be sure I’ll be there.

The next day I could not wait for it to become time for me to leave to the dockside, the morning was creeping along and finally it was time to get going. Just to be sure I grabbed the things I would need when they stood me up and I still had to go to my place at the grandstands. I arrived more then on time at the harbor to see an older man leaving the yacht the girls where on and stepping in to a car. Then the daughter came down the gangway and started to look around. As I approached she waved at me and smiled.

She pulled me up the gangway and said, “You are just on time, they’re going to pull us back soon.”

All I could do was smile and think, yes I’m in heaven. As we arrived on board I took a better look at her. She was wearing a bikini top and some piece of matching cloth was wrapped around her waist. Then her friend appeared from inside the yacht, dressed in the same way.

“Let me introduce us,” she said. “This is Carmen, and I’m Beatrice, but you can call me Bea or B for short.”

I told the ladies my name was Frank and that I was delighted to be on board. At that moment the port authorities took away that gangway and pulled the yacht back, away from the dockside.

“Let me give you a quick tour now that we have the place to our own, and before the race starts,” said Bea.

As I followed the ladies inside is was stunned by the looks of their behinds more then the looks of the yacht. It was a nice boat, not as big as the ones at the other side of the harbor but still a good size. As you came in there was a bar left from the door and in front of that a nice comfy sofa. Along both sides there where low cabinets with on either side of another sofa. There where statues on top of the cabinets, a nude male on the right and a nude girl on the left. To the front of the yacht was a table with some chairs and on the right was a spiraling stairs leading to an upper deck.

“This is the Salon on the main deck,” Bea said. “But we will be going one deck up to have a better view.”

I smiled as I said, “Ladies first,” and pointed at the stairs, knowing it would give me a great view from behind both girls.

Carmen was a blond girl mid twenty’s with a round figure, not as skinny as those you see modeling but not fat either. Bea was around the same age, red hair, and her behind was a little bigger and her boobs also, although she had a small waist line. As I watched them go up the stairs I noticed something else. Bea was not her bikini bottom underneath that cloth and a got a great view on a freshly shaved pussy when I followed her to the upper deck.

This upper deck was a little shorter the one below, in front was the separated bridge and behind that was a sitting area with a open roof, with some sofa’s to the side and a table in the middle. Further aft was a small sundeck with a whirlpool in the middle and some sun beds to the side. This was the area where the girls where leading me.

“Take of that shirt,” said Bea when we came to the sundeck. “The weather is much too nice to keep that on.”

I just smiled and pulled my shirt over my head and took the drink Carmen held out to me. Sipping my glass I walked to the edge of the deck. What a great view of the track I got here, I could see a part of the track and also a big screen behind it so you could follow the things that where happing at other places on the track.

I heard some noise coming from left and right and asIi looked I saw other yachts beside us with people on them having a good time. Some man waved at me and I waved back with the glass in my hand. Then I felt two hands on my naked chest, it was Carmen who was standing behind me.

“Say baby, why don’t we get comfy in the pool, it’s far more relaxed then standing here,” she whispered in my ear.

“But I don’t have any swimming clothes with me,” I said.

“That’s no problem baby, because we just love skinny dipping,” she replied to me.

I started to turn around to look her in the face and said, “But what about the other people.” Just to notice when I finished my turning she was already naked.

“We don’t care what other people think, and I hope you are not shy too,” said Bea, she was also naked and was just stepping in the pool.

Before i could answer I felt Carmen’s hands going to my middle and opening my pants, then she pulled them down. I just stood there not realizing what was happing when she grabbed my boxers.

“Now let’s see what kolej escort big surprise you keep in here,” and my boxers went the same way as my pants.

With both tied up round my ankles, I tried to step in the direction of the pool but slipped and my glass went overboard and was hitting the yacht next to us. If we were not noticed by now, I’m sure we would get some attention. But when I looked up all I saw was some men with their thumbs up and both girls giggling.

“Let me help you,” said Carmen as she bended forward to pull my shoes and clothing off.

Finally it was all off and Carmen helped me up, then she turned around and walked to the pool wiggling he perfect naked ass.

With one big step I catches up to her and while I tapped on one of her cheeks with my hand I said, “You two are very naughty girls.”

Carmen just smiled as she felt my hand and with hers she grabbed my cock. Gripping it firmly she pulled me with her into the pool to join Bea. As you could imagine her hand there was getting some reaction as my thing was growing in her hands.

“Hello tiger,” said Bea with a smile when I entered the pool and saw what was growing in Carmen’s hands.

She stood up to kiss me and when her lips touched mine she forced her tongue inside my mouth.

“Hold on lady’s, the whole world can see us here,” as I remembered that i did saw myself earlier on that big screen across the track when I came on to the sundeck.

“Who cares,” Carmen replied as she let go of my now fully grown cock with her hand.

Then both the girls kneeled down on either side of it and started both to kiss my manhood. There I stood on board of a yacht in the middle of the Monaco harbor during the Grand Prix with two beautiful girls playing with my “long john” for the whole world to see, at that moment I forgot all my shyness and gave myself up to the treatment the girls where giving me.

It seemed like Carmen and Bea had done this before, when one was licking up the other was going down. Bea was on the down part and when she got below she sucked my balls right into her mouth before letting them slip out one at a time. Carmen was taking care of the top side, teasing with her tongue round the edge of the head. Then she took it deep into her mouth before she was slowly letting it slip out while she was sucking on it hard. When she stopped she giggled to Bea and started to go down while Bea was going up, and the whole thing was started again only now with the girls at the opposite ends. They kept switching several times and all I could do was stand there in the middle of the pool and enjoy myself.

When the next loop had stopped, Bea stood up and smiled, and then she said to me, “I think you would love to have a taste of me too.”

Before I could even answer Carmen replied, “You know I will, and he can have a taste of me.”

Bea sat down on the edge of the pool her legs open wide so she would give easy access to Carmen to lick her. Carmen pushed me down in front of Bea so I could sit and lick her while she was bending over to lick Bea.

As I tilted my head to get my tongue between Carmen’s legs I heard Bea starting to moan, but I did not pay attention to that as my tongue got its first taste of Carmen. Slowly the tip of my tongue run between her soft lips till it reached her clit. She shivered when I touched it and moaned as I let my tongue twirl around it. Letting my tongue go crazy by alternately flicking it left to right, up and down and circling around it noticed it was getting bigger. I kept licking while I let a finger run between her labia. As I entered the soft cavity that I found between it I heard more moaning cumming from above me. I kept my tongue busy and wiggled my finger deeper into her. She was very wet inside and it could not have been the pool as her pussy was out of the water. It encouraged me to put a second finger in now that she was opening up. Double finger fucking her pussy and licking her clit made her moan even louder. As I kept increasing the pace of my hand she stood up, forgetting about Bea’s pussy and told me to keep going. I curved my fingers to the right spot inside her and moved even faster. With a load scream that must have been heard on the neighboring yachts, Carmen let herself go and squirted a big splash of juice in my face. I pulled my fingers back and stuck my tongue deep in to keep her going and drank all the juices she was giving me.

“Who baby,” said Bea. “I have never seen her do that before, you must be good. In fact you must be so good that I want it too.”

Carmen was still shivering and gasping for air when I turned around and faced that might good looking pussy that Bea was showing me. Again I started slowly on the ladies clit and worked my way up like before with Carmen, and soon Bea was gushing her fluids too, but this time I did not stick my head in to drink her, but start slapping her pussy with my fingers to keep her going. Her juices where maltepe escort flying everywhere and both me and Carmen got showered in them.

“Oh my god, if he can only do that with his tongue and fingers I wonder what he can do with that rod between his legs. Come her baby, let me sit on it.” As it seemed Carmen had caught her breath back and now was anxious to get my cock between her legs.

The race must have started as I heard the cars go bye in the background, but I had forgot all that as i stepped out of the pool, leading both ladies to the much comfier sun bed to continue our sinful escapades. I did not care anymore about the race or people seeing me, these girls had me in there power and i would do anything to keep me there.

Arriving at the sun bed I laid down on it. Carmen rushed in and pushed Bea out of the way while she stepped over me and the chair and set herself down on top of my cock with her legs on either side and her back to me.

“Ladies, Ladies,” I said, “there is enough of me for you both,” as I felt Carmen’s pussy getting a grip on my cock.

I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back onto me as she started moving her hips in a circular motion. I felt my cock slide in and out while I turned her head to kiss her. While our tongues danced inside our mouths I felt something else was going on between my legs. It was Bea she was alternately sucking on my balls and licking Carmen’s clit while she was riding me.

I felt a warm wet wave surrounding my cock when Carmen got to a high point and after that she let my hard rod slip out her pussy to give Bea the chance to ride me. Bea hopped right on and started to ride like crazy, she must have been wanted it so bad, she kept moving faster and faster. With Carmen encouraging her to keep going. Bea bend forward to kiss me while she was riding and I grabbed her nipple to pinch them, then Carmen pulled Bea back to kiss her too. Feeling the wetness and hearing the moans I noticed Bea was getting close and just when she came she let my cock slide out and a warm gush of her wetness squirted in my face witch made Carmen dive in to lick it off, as I joined in with my tongue and our tongues started dancing I felt Bea moving back in to ride me.

But this time it did not felt the same, somehow the texture of her inner walls felt different and it was much tighter, as she moaned loudly both me and Carmen stopped kissing and looked at her, and just as I expected she had switched holes and my cock was deep into her butthole.

“You naughty girl,” Carmen said to her, “you never told me you like it up that hole as well.”

“Oooh yes I do,” Bea moaned loudly, “but I never had something this big in there, but I love every inch of it.”

Sliding up and down with my cock in her ass made me go crazy but i noticed Carmen was getting jealous as she was putting some fingers in her butthole too and winking me she wanted the same feeling.

I could not resist that so i slipped out of Bea’s ass and told both to bend over the railing. Moving behind Carmen she was spreading her cheeks and winking me with that little star. I rested the head at its opening and before I had the chance to slowly enter it, Carmen pushed back so it went straight deep in. She moaned loudly of pleasure and pain, so load that the people on the next boat turned their heads. I saw beer bottles held up high from the guy’s to encourage me to keep going.

I did not need that as I fucked Carmen hard up her ass. Then I stepped away to give Bea the same treat. Both girls where moaning load when fucked and begging to come back when it was the others turn. I kept switching between the girls, their bodies hanging over the railing with their boobs swinging over the water. In the background I heard the people on the next boat cheering us on but I did not pay any attention to that as I switched back and forth between Carmen and Bea’s now gaping buttholes. With some more deep strokes deep inside Carmen I felt her shaking and moaning load as she started cumming wildly over balls and legs with my cock deep in that back door. As I slipped out and went back to Bea, Carmen just smiled at me. I knew Bea was getting close too, and not much later I got another wet sensation covering my body.

The girls both pushed me back to the sun bed and down onto it, and both started licking and sucking my cock and balls in turn. After being used that much it was not taking long before I exploded in ecstasy and my sperm was flying around, landing on both of them before Carmen started sucking to get the last drop out.

The girls got up and guided me back to the pool where it all started.

“Here boy,” Carmen said when she handed me a glass of champagne. “Sit down and relax a bit, you know you deserve it after doing such a great job.”

Sitting in between both girls, I relaxed as I nipped from the champagne. In the background I heard the sound of the German national anthem, the race was over and I did not see anything of it, but who cares.

Not much later the people from the harbor came to push the boat back to the dockside.

“You have to go now,” Carmen said, “my dad will be coming back soon.”

So I grabbed my clothes and put them back on. The girls did the same and then guided me back down and to the boardwalk. Bea and Carmen both gave me a kiss on the cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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