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Tonight my wife wants the package. Even though I have done it before just the thought of it makes my chest pound and my head spin. For years I resisted the urge. I didn’t understand it. I would even get horny just thinking about it. I would pass by women’s clothing and out of the blue I would get the urge to wear it. It wasn’t all of the time, only, maybe every six months or so but when I got the urge it was overwhelming.

One day the urge came and I couldn’t put it off. I went to a thrift store and purchased some outfits. I bought a tight short dress, I bought a gown, and some shoes. My heart was racing. I went to the store and bought pantyhose and panties and still yet another store I bought a wig. The anticipation was torture.

As it happened, my wife was out of town until the next day. I put on each dress, they fit well. The shoes were a good fit too considering they were high heels. I remember the electricity radiating through my body in anticipation of totally dressing up.

I laid out all of my new clothes and took a shower. It was a long luxurious shower. I took time carefully shaving my face but I couldn’t stop there. I continued lathering my body and shaving. I’m not a really hairy guy anyway but I shaved every inch of my body that I could reach until I was as smooth from head to toe as my beautiful wife. Not having pubic hair was an erotic feeling. It seemed more sensitive and sensual.

I sat in front of the mirror xslot just as my wife did and pulled her cosmetics try from the vanity. I applied foundation, powder, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and lip liner. I closed my eyes and slid the wig over my head. I didn’t want to see myself until I was completely dressed. I turned my head away from the mirror and left the bathroom. I picked up the pantyhose and put them on and then slid the tight dress over my body. I couldn’t ever remember feeling so erotic. I slid my feet into the shoes… stood and adjusted myself… and then looked into the mirror. I was transformed.

The brunette wig only required a slight adjustment. I looked like a woman, and like that, all of the tension, nervousness and apprehension left me. I just felt sensual…. and horny. I walked in front of the mirror and touched myself. I posed. It was funny, the idea of walking through my house dressed like this, somehow leaving the confines of my room was liberating. I managed the heels and made my way to the kitchen to make a drink. I felt so sexy. Did women feel this way all of the time? I wondered.

When I heard the sound it was too late. My wife opened the door and there we were, face to face. I was holding my breath. All bets were off, she was going to flip out. (It was only fair since it seemed that I had too.)

“Hey sexy.” Were the first words out of her mouth.

I actually wanted to cry. I wanted to run xslot Giriş to the safety of my room, shut the door and cry. I didn’t however. I just stood there frozen. Unable to move, unable to speak.

My wife Janine closed the door behind her and dropped her purse to the floor.

“Wow, you really look good Mark. You did well.” Janine didn’t look angry.

“Hi.” Was all I could say.

“My flight was cancelled, I’m sorry if I’ve startled you.”

Janine stepped forward and kissed me. Her red lips connected with my red lips briefly before her tongue slid into my mouth. And that is how it began.

That night our kissing in the entryway turned into passionate sex. Janine and I made our way into the bedroom and continued. She knew that I was still pretty freaked out. She kept telling me ‘You are so hot.’ ‘I am so turned on.’. I can’t even remember everything she said. It was exactly what I needed though.

“Can I suck you?” Janine asked looking into my eyes.

I nodded.

Janine rubbed my swollen cock through the pantyhose and then pulled down the front of them to release my cock. She sucked it like never before. Her hands felt different touching my shaved legs through the pantyhose. Everything was different.

Janine pulled away and squirted warming jelly onto my shaft. “What’s your name?” She asked sweetly.

“Lynn.” I said.

“I’m Janine, Lynn, I’m glad to have met you.”

Janine leaned xslot Güncel Giriş in for another kiss.

With that she pulled down the back of her pantyhose and bent over the bed.

“Do it to me dirty Lynn.” Janine said handing me the bottle of warming jelly.

I squirted the jelly onto her ass and let it run down her crack and onto her pussy. Janine’s finger captured the jelly and began rubbing her clit.

I rubbed the jelly across my throbbing shaft until it shined in the light. Her puckered rosebud glistened with the jelly as well. I slid my finger into her anus and she relaxed immediately. With my cock in hand, I guided it into her tight hole. My shaved shaft felt every sensation. Janine let out a deep moan and rubbed her clit with renewed vigor. I took her hips and increased the speed of my rhythm until I was sliding my shaft from tip to balls over and over into her ass at a rapid pace. I was holding off for as long as I could. The sensuality of the whole thing made me more sensitive. When I felt her ass tighten I knew that she was having an orgasm. The tightened grip she had around my shaft with her ass finally set me off. I continued pumping in and out as my cock squirted into her body.

When our orgasms tapered off, we separated and slid to the floor. We were both made up. Makeup, dresses and high heels sprawled out on the floor. It turned out better than I thought. I would have never shared this side of me with her.

So like I said at the beginning of this story. Tonight my wife wants ‘the package’. That night after we had sex and showered she said “You make quite a package Mark.”

Tonight, Lynn will deliver the package to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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