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It was almost three in the morning. They were all exhausted. Keith was tied to the bed still and covered in tongue-missed come residue and spit. There was some on his chin from where it dripped down Jess’s body. Vivica tried to lick it all off both of them but she knew she didn’t get it all. Worse, she knew, Keith would be hyper aware of it. If Jess found out of his aversion she would use it against him. Viv leaned in and licked the dollop of jizz on his chin off. She could tell by his eyes that he too was aware of the danger of Jess finding out. Vivica would not mention it, but she didn’t see the secret surviving another day, much less three weeks. Vivica did not try to kiss him and knew he was grateful.

“So, is it bed time?” Vivica asked.

“It is for me,” Jess said. “Get your husband back in his cage.”

“My cage? The dick thing? Is that necessary?”

“Probably necessary, definitely fun for me.”

Vivica gathered up the pieces and the lock and the key and knelt between Keith’s legs. She avoided eye contact with him as she spit on his cock and rubbed the spit over the head so it would more easily slide into the cage. He came hard, and he came a lot, but he was twenty-two, and he was Keith, and his dick was ever hard. Even now, just a few minutes after he came, his dick was still at half chub. If she paid it too much attention it would harden fully in seconds and make putting the cage on him more painful.

She quickly lifted his balls and slid the base ring under and around his entire package. She felt the blood pulsing into his cock and knew she had to hurry. His dick was already making it hard for her to close the base ring. She quickly placed the cage over his dick head and pushed. He flinched but stayed quiet as she slid the cage down his cock. The curve forced his hardening dick to bend down and she heard him curse under his breath. She paused and looked at Jess who stood by the bed and watched.

“Clearly he is still horny,” Vivica said. “Let’s get him off again.

“It’s probably going to be tough for him to get any sleep while he is still horny.”

“Exactly,” Vivica said and went remove the cage.

“No, finish putting it on. It will be good for him to know what that is like. Going to sleep horny is a character builder.”

Vivica nodded and pushed the cage harder onto her husband’s cock. He winced as his hardening cock was forced to conform to the hard parameters of the steel cage. She managed to get the holes to line up and slid the padlock through them. She clicked it locked and once again his erection was lifting his balls up and stretching the skin at his pubic mound.

“Ready for some sleep?” Jess asked him and he nodded. “We are going to untie you. When you get up go pee then shower. When you are done showering come strip the bed and put on fresh sheets. We are all nose blind to it but this room, and this bed, has to reek of sex, sweat, spit, and jizz. You are a jizz fountain like I have never seen. Clean up your mess.”

“I’ll grab clean sheets,” Vivica said and went toward the closet in the hall.

“He can do it. Let’s go downstairs and have a last glass of wine while he cleans up.”

Vivica poured them each a glass and they sat at the table on the pool deck, still naked in the moonlight, and Jess produced a pack of cigarettes from her purse and shook one out. She lit it and blew a plume of smoke up into the night air with a sigh. She shoved the pack across the table toward Vivica.

“No thanks. I didn’t know you smoked.”

“I am a bartender. People talk about the dangers of second hand smoke, one of the more common but lesser known effects, is addiction. At the bar I get my fix from the smokers around me. When I am not working I have to fend for myself.”

“Remember that day we stole your dad’s cigarettes?”

“I remember the day I asked him for two and he gave them to me. What made you think we stole them?”

“You came back with them. Your dad gave you two cigarettes when you were fourteen just because you asked for them?”


“That is some irresponsible shit parenting.”

“Neither of us wanted to ever smoke again after though, did we?”

“Well I didn’t, you obviously went a different way.”

“Addiction is a disease bitch. Only God can judge me.”

They both laughed and it broke the tension a little, but only a little, and only temporarily. It was an eventful night and many lines were crossed. Vivica looked over at Jess as she stared out toward the beach and the gulf. The sounds of the waves crashing was soothing, calm, and out of place with the moment. Vivica felt like there was a herd of elephants in the room. She did not want to address any of them but that would not be possible. This was Jess and shit would get talked about no matter how uncomfortable. Maybe a cigarette would help.

Vivica reached for the pack and the lighter and lit the second cigarette of her life. The last one was when she was fourteen, and this time did not go much better. She inhaled and Bycasino immediately coughed until her eyes watered. Jess chuckled at her. She more carefully puffed the second time and was able to hold the smoke in. It tasted awful. She had no idea what the attraction was for smokers, or why she tried the third puff.

“So, smoker, how do you think tonight went?”

“Any chance we can just not talk about it? Let’s pretend it didn’t happen and move on.”

“Defeats the purpose. I think it went well Viv. You came on your husband’s cock.”

“So did you.”

“Yeah, we’ll talk that out too. But first, you came on your husband’s cock. That’s big right? I mean, it never happened before.”

“It’s huge. My head is so fucked up over everything that happened. I haven’t organized my thoughts yet and it feels like it will be too much work. I just want to pretend none of it happened.”

“Are you pissed?”

“No, but I feel like I should be. My best friend fucked my husband, in front of me.”

“And with your permission.”

“The second time. When you were tying him up there was unapproved penetration.”

“Yeah, there was. I was caught up in the moment. Did that piss you off?”

“Again, no, and I can’t figure out why.”

“It was hot right?”

“Shockingly so.”

“Not that shocking. It speaks to who you are.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“You are your mother’s daughter, but you are also your dad’s.”

“What’s that mean Dr. Freud?”

“I mean you took your marching orders from your mom, but your personality is all dad. You are so amicable, so malleable, so accepting of others you let your husband use you as a fuck toy for your entire marriage without ever complaining to him, and barely to me. The part of you guided by your mother knew that some other bitch with your man was an affront. Your laid back dad part of you saw it and was into it. I like your dad better than your mom.”

“I was into it. For several reasons. I was kind of curious to see if he would be as bad a lover with you as he was with me.”

“The fact he was as bad at sex as he was is as much your fault as it was his.”

“What? How?”

“How the fuck is he supposed to know he is doing it wrong if you don’t tell him? How the fuck is he supposed to be motivated to change if you are constantly assuring him all is well? Men are as bad at sex as their previous lovers allowed them to be.”

“What was I supposed to do Jess? He’s got a lot going on. He doesn’t need more stress, he needs love, and support, and his needs met.”

“Get the fuck out of here with that shit,” Jess laughed and took another drag of her cigarette. “Your marriage is your priority and it’s his too. He said so and then proved it. I sat on your husband’s face and he did exactly what you described. I gave him maybe thirty seconds of direction and came all over him.”

“Bossing him around is the role you took. That is not the relationship I have with him. He doesn’t boss me around and I don’t boss him around.”

“Bossing him around? I gave him direction, it taught him what I liked, what works on me, what gets me off. That is not bossing him around.”

“Well, you sounded bossy.”

“Bitch, have we met? I am bossy, that’s just me, I tell people what I want and expect to get it. I taught your husband how to make me come, and then he made me come. If you would be just a tad more assertive in your marriage you might have been coming hard and often for the last three years.”

“He was good?”

“At eating pussy? He is good. You can feel his eagerness to please in his movements. The way I like it, the flat of the tongue, the fat middle part, that is hard to maintain. A lot of men weaken and have to take a break by going to the tip of their tongue, or do that flutter thing, but not your husband. He loves the work. I told him what I liked, I told him when he was doing it, and he stayed on point until I had to pull my pussy off him.”

“So it seems like you accomplished your mission on the first night here. What is on the agenda for the rest of your stay?”

“Oh Viv, we are not even close to being done with your husband, or you.”


“Yeah, I am going to train you how to manage him, and your sex life. He is begging for dominance and direction. That is going to be your wifely duty.”


“Yeah, it’s common with powerful men, shot callers, CEO’s, and bosses.”

“He is none of those.”

“I bet he is. I bet that he has to make a lot of decisions at work, big calls that affect a lot of people. That, coupled with his age, I bet he is under a ton of pressure. Then he comes home and you make him make a bunch of other decisions. He never gets a break.”

“What decisions do I make him make?”

“I don’t know. I’m basing my assumption on how I have seen you interact. You probably ask him what he wants for dinner. Where to take the car for repairs. Should you hire a full time maid. Rich people questions. What he needs Bycasino giriş when he gets home is to not have to make anymore decisions. Have dinner picked out already, tell him where to sit, what wine to drink, what television show or movie you are going to watch.”

“What if he doesn’t like what I pick?”

“He’ll tell you or deal with it. It’s not about what you eat, drink, or do, it’s about the time you spend together and giving him a real break from his day.”

“What makes you such an expert?”

“I’m a bartender at a small neighborhood bar. I spend my nights listening to people, mostly men, sit around and try to solve the world’s problems through lively debate. Everything from what Trump will do or say next and who it will offend, all the way down to bitching about their marriages and kids. Bars are bastions of free and uninhibited advice. Not all of it is horrible.”

“So this master plan is crafted around not horrible advice you heard while bar tending?”

“Not the specifics dumb ass, but generally, yes. Based on conversations I have overheard or participated in I understand, better than you, what your husband is dealing with and what he needs from you.”


“Herbert Rowls, he’s a sales manager at a car dealership, and often bitches about not wanting to go home. Now he says it’s because his wife, after three kids, got porky on him, but when he’s deep in his cups he admits how much he loves her. He still doesn’t want to go home because as soon as he walks through the door she starts up on him. She wants to know how his day was, what does he want to do on his day off, should they get braces for the oldest yet or hold off another year? He can’t take it.”

“So Keith is this Herbert guy?”

“To some extent. The problems are different obviously, but the basic need is the same. He once said that if that fat bitch was going to take half of his shit when she divorced him, she needed to earn it. He couldn’t be the breadwinner then be expected to come home and manage the kids and household too.”

“That’s harsh.”

“He didn’t mean it. He was just blowing off steam. Maybe if I fix you two I will offer my services to Herbert.”

“Are you going to sleep with him and his porky wife?”

“I might. I’m not above it.”

“I thought your standards demanded fitness in your lovers.”

“Demanded is a strong term. I have slept with fat guys, and skinny guys, I just prefer gorillas.”

“You also said you were strictly dickly, yet I ate your ass.”

“And it was fantastic. You okay with it?”

“Oddly, yes, I loved making you feel good.”

“And you did, along with your husband’s cock.”

“So the strictly dickly part?”

“I too am allowed to expand my sexual horizons. I never tried it, I kind of did tonight, and I really liked it. Maybe I will explore it further in the future.”

“With me?”

“Do you want to?”

“Oh God, I don’t know. It was great tonight. I was drunk, and horny, and talked into it, but what about tomorrow? I don’t know if I will be able to look you, or Keith, in the eyes tomorrow.”

“We’ll be fine Viv. No matter what. Always and forever. You and me will be able to look each other in the eye. Our friendship is bulletproof.”

“I think so too.”

“I fucked your husband and you stuck your tongue in my ass, what could we possibly do to one another to negatively affect our friendship at this point?”

They both laughed and Vivica felt that warm loving feeling grow for her best friend. What indeed could hurt their bond now? She could think of nothing. Her love for Jess grew and she felt a warmth in her heart. What happened when an already powerful friendship’s love grew. Were they now more than friends? Were they friends with benefits? Or more than that? Was Jess her girlfriend now? Were they bisexual? These were questions she did not dare to ask and wondered if Jess was wondering the same things.

She looked at her. Jess fell silent and was looking out across the water. The waves could be heard crashing gently on the shore in the darkness. They were both still naked and comfortable with it. Jess was sitting relaxed in her chair, her legs spread slightly, her firm breasts riding high on her chest. She was stunningly pale in the moonlight. Her black hair fell behind her over the back of the thick cushion on the chair. She was a beautiful woman. If Vivica was bisexual then she could not think of a better girl to be so with.

She was moving before she fully realized what she was doing. The cigarette made her head a little buzzy, so did the wine, and she watched her hand mash the cigarette out in the ashtray even as she slid out of the chair and onto her knees. Jess’s eyebrows rose on her forehead as she turned and focused on Vivica. Vivica crawled the short distance between them to kneel between the legs of her best friend in the world. Jess didn’t say anything and just watched as Vivica put her hands on both of Jess’s thighs and spread her legs wide.

Jess Bycasino deneme bonusu slid her ass forward in the chair to accommodate spreading her legs as wide as she could. She was very flexible. There it was. The moon illuminated her best friend’s pussy so Vivica could see it plainly. It was beautiful, a perfect pussy. The center of it glistened, as did the thin lips that surrounded it, and the engorged button on top of it. Vivica could almost see it throb as she leaned forward.

She knew exactly how Jess liked to be eaten. She heard her tell her husband not long ago, then watched him demonstrate. Jess muttered something under her breath as Vivica’s mouth settled over her pussy. While she knew exactly what Jess liked, she was going to experience her best friend completely before she focused on getting her off.

She inhaled deeply through her nose and the aroma made her own pussy gush. She slid her tongue deep into the furrow of Jess’s pussy and felt the thick sauce of her arousal coat her tongue. It was viscous and tasted sweet and tangy, that flowery taste was there, like no flower she ever smelled or tasted before; delicious.

“Oh goddamn, goddamn, goddamn,” Jess groaned and her head fell back.

Vivica pressed her tongue harder against Jess’s pussy as it slid up over her hard clit and mashed it lightly against her pubic bone. Her upper lips closed down on the top of her mound to form a seal and she sucked to try to get as much of Jess’s delicious moisture into her mouth. Jess’s hips twitched. Vivica reached down and lifted her best friend’s legs and pressed them back and even further apart. She lowered her head again and this time flattened her tongue against her best friend’s puckered asshole before starting her ascent back up to her clit.

She went as slowly as possible. As her tongue slid off her asshole and over her perineum she folded it into a scoop to dig deep into Jess’s pussy and capture as much of the moisture there as possible. She lapped it into her mouth and relished the flavor then swallowed. Her tongue shot back out and as deeply into Jess as it could reach. She hardened her tongue, curled it up, and pushed upwards with her whole head. Her hard tongue dug deep and pressed firmly up through the furrow of Jess’s pussy then hit her clit. Jess rewarded Vivica with a loud groan. Vivica sucked lightly on her clit then kissed and licked her inner thighs, and the shallow crease between her thighs and pussy. She slurped at her little pussy lips then went in and scooped another tongueful of pussy juice out of her.

She had her palms on Jess’s ass and she slid her right index finger in to just touch at the entrance of her pussy. She slid it in a just past her first knuckle and felt the muscles inside clutch at her. As she recalled Jess instructing Keith earlier, Vivica stuck her tongue out farther and flattened the middle of it against Jess’s engorged clitoris. She moved her tongue in clockwise rotations with the flat middle of her tongue in position so Jess’s clit rolled under it just slightly. Jess moaned loudly and Vivica felt her reach down and clutch at her hair. She turned her right hand palm up and slid her index and middle fingers into her best friend as deep as they would go.

Jess arched her back with a whimper as if trying to get even more of Vivica’s fingers more deeply inside her. Vivica made sure her mouth stayed on her clitoris with the sudden movement, steady, slow, clockwise, flat, rotations. She curled her fingers inside Jess and felt the slightly textured part at the roof of her pussy. The touch sent a jolt through Jess’s body and another whimper escaped her gasping lips that turned to a long moan. Vivica focused on consistency.

She kept her flat tongue moving in slow circles, and she kept her fingers curling rhythmically. Jess’s hips started to undulate. Vivica kept the movements of her mouth and fingers going. She felt Jess’s internal temperature rise, her muscles flex around her fingers, her clit throb under her tongue, and wetness. Hot, thick, moisture coated her fingers. Her pussy clamped down on Vivica’s fingers tightly, vibrated, twitched, then tried to slam closed. Vivica looked up over her best friend’s toned belly, between her heaving breasts, and saw the frozen expression of ecstasy. One of her hands gripped the arms of the chair, the other a shank of Vivica’s hair, with white knuckles. She was coming, she was coming on Vivica’s face.

She was making a tortured sound from deep in her throat. Her eyes were pinched closed, mouth open, and her hips and thighs were shuddering and flexed. A thick fluid poured out. Vivica felt it coat her fingers, Jess’s asshole, and drip down the back of her hand to her wrist then down her forearm. Vivica held on and kept everything going as she felt the waves of ecstasy crash through her best friend’s body. After what seemed like an impossibly long time the powerful orgasm began to ebb. Jess trembled and whimpered as Vivica maintained her rhythm with her tongue and her fingers. After awhile Jess gently pushed Vivica’s face away from her clitoris and Vivica slowly slid her fingers out of her pussy. Unbidden, her right hand rose and her slick index and middle fingers slid into Vivica’s mouth and she tasted an even stronger version of her best friend’s flavor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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