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Jenna’s alarm clock goes off as I look over through my cage in complete submission to my mistress waiting to be used and tortured. “Morning slut! I’m feeling quite horny this morning – let me see if Buzz wants to play! Oh buzz?! Where did I leave you? Jenna makes her way over the bedroom floor and finds buzz under a lacy black thong. “There you are – time to play rough!” Jenna’s pantyhose glistens against the morning sun as she places herself opposite my cage with her scented feet against the door. “I want you to kiss and smell my feet as Buzz gets me off? – UNDERSTAND?!” *I nod*

I push my face against the cage wall as Jenna starts torturing buzz against her clit – “aw fuck fuck aw yes!! Pleasure me little toy! Keep fucking worshipping my feet! Aw fuck yes yes yes yes! *DING DONG* – the door bell goes sending Jenna into an excited frenzy! “she throws buzz off to the side and slips her silk black gown on. “Stay quiet – oh wait YOUR A TOY! haha” Jenna races downstairs and then returns with a box. She takes the box and Anadolu Yakası Escort puts it on her table and proceeds to open it. I look up from my cage to see her rip the box open and pull out a huge strap on “It finally came! THE BIG ONE!” I am terrified…. “Extremely dangerous” Jenna sadistically laughs as I stay quiet in my cage. She looks round and says “Now where did I put my little sissy fuck toy? – Oh there you are haha. It’s time for lift off! Jenna reaches and opens the cage and then straps a collar around my neck.

She then stuffs the big one into my mouth and orders me to hold it like before. I look up in awe as Jenna towers above me, her sexy sweaty pantyhose rubbing against my sissy face. “TIGHTEN THE STRAPS NOW – YOUR ABOUT TO GET FUCKED! – Just as well I put that butt plug in your little fuck hole last night!” Jenna pulls me down using the collar “Kiss and smell my feet – you will not look up at me unless I tell you – NOW BEND OVER AND STAY DOWN!!” Jenna’s shiny pungent feet are inches in front of my face..

I Avrupa Yakası Escort hear some rattling and suddenly my head is pulled back, her grasp firmly on my wig and the collar pulling on my throat – Jenna takes a high heel and straps it to my face “Guess who’s smelly heels these are? My mum, Anna’s! She has been wearing them ALL week and now it’s time for you to appreciate her scent! Jenna reaches for some duct tape and then straps the heel to my face – the smell is ridiculously strong! “Now sissy toy – put that little head of yours down and smell the inside of Anna’s heels – It’s play time!!” I put my head down as Jenna reaches into my fuck hole and pulls out the butt blug leaving a huge gaping hole ready to be filled by the big one. Jenna spits on her cock and starts to force it into my sissy fuck hole. “I don’t want to hear anything or you will be punished!”. My cock is squeezing against the cage so hard the pain is horrendous.

In and out she goes pulling on the collar choking me around my neck, as İstanbul Escort I struggle for breath I breath in her mum powerful nylon clad aroma. Jenna fucks me harder and harder with pre cum dripping from my chastity cage – I feel I’m going to cum again. Jenna takes the cock out, walks round and pulls my head up – she tears the high heel off my face and then stuffs my mouth with her huge cock – “suck this dry you little SLUT!” More pre cum is dripping from my cage and I’m close to cumming again! “All you are is a little sissy fuck toy!” I keep sucking and then Jenna pulls my face off the cock gets some lipstick and covers my lips in gloss again. She then reaches for Buzz and commands me to lie down. I lie down and then Jenna takes buzz “Ok little toy COUNTDOWN TO LAUNCH!”

Jenna takes Buzz and straps him to my chastity cage whilst strapping Anna’s high heel back on my face. “Sniff those feet and cum on my command! Jenna looks down and then turns Buzz on. “10, 9,8, 7,6,5,4, 3, 2……1…. LIFT OFF – YOU BETTER FUCKING CUM!!! My load explodes everywhere out from the pink chastity cage over Jenna’s huge cock. “hahaha” Jenna laughs sadistically at my ruined orgasm and complete humiliation. She scoops my load into a condom – “Going to save this until later.. Now slave get back into that pathetic cage of yours and think about what you did!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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