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The taxi driver smiled broadly. He had recognized Steve Connors’s wife even though she was wearing her darkest glasses and had pushed her gleaming auburn hair back under a cap. Realizing that the lovely young candidate’s wife was in no mood for conversation, he refrained from speaking to her. He was content enough to have such a celebrity in his taxi, although he did wonder why she had not taken a limousine and why she was going to such a middle-class neighborhood. From what he had read about the Connors, they hung out with the high society in Kansas.

He watched the beautiful young woman as she walked away from him down the sidewalk. He tried to memorize everything about her so that he could tell his wife and kids when he got home. He had seen the future senator’s wife.

The front door of Dan’s apartment building was just slightly ajar, and Nancy stood there for what seemed an eternity before she entered. It had been a marvelous weekend the four of them had had together, but now it was Monday again and time for her rendezvous with Dan. She hoped he was going to continue the game they had started last week. She had really enjoyed that one.

She entered the building and knocked at Dan’s door with an anticipation that made her even more anxious to find out what was going to happen. She knocked again louder, as if to calm the suspense.

Dan came to the door, opening it and looking at her with a deceptively mild-mannered smile. Nancy entered as he ushered her inside. She stood uncertain by the door with her arms hanging loosely at her sides. She wasn’t quite sure what Dan had planned and she wanted him to be the first to act. He hadn’t said a word to her as yet and so she continued to stand there by the door, waiting.

“Please sit down, Mrs. Connors,” he said. “Won’t you have something? It’s almost tea time …”

“No … I only came for the tapes,” she said almost with relish that he was continuing the same game. “You promised …”

“Oh, yes … the tapes … But Mrs. Connors, I’m disappointed. I was sure you would want to hear the rest of them.”

Nancy almost smiled at the enjoyment plastered all over Dan’s face. He was really proud of himself for this one, and she was proud of him too. It was understood between them that if anything happened on the weekend between the two of them, that they would forget about it during their

weekly visit–it was better, fuck-wise.

Dan helped her out of her coat.

“Now, if you’ll sit down … I’m sure you’d like a little drink at least!” He was already on his way to the kitchen, where Nancy knew he kept the liquor. She did not protest. She would enjoy a drink now to help her get in the mood for things. She sat down on the sofa and tried to keep calm.

When Dan returned with the liquor bottle, Nancy felt very light-headed as she said, “I am prepared to do anything you want to get the tapes and your word that you will not show them to my husband!”

Dan stopped in the middle of the room and appeared startled. Then his face broke into a smile in which only the traces of his real thoughts could be seen. He was really getting into the part. He moved forward again, his tall form slight but muscular. He offered Nancy the glass of liquor and set the small serving tray down.

“In that case,” he said, “we should adjourn immediately to the bedroom!”

“The bedroom?” Nancy inquired. “You mean in there …?” She pointed toward the bedroom where the tape recorder was and where they had had such fun last Monday.


Nancy hesitantly followed Dan who walked eagerly ahead of her. When he turned to make sure she was following, he smiled approvingly and said, “I’m glad you’re bringing your drink … we may be some time in here!”

A tingle went through Nancy’s cunt. She was thinking all sorts of wild thoughts. If all he wanted to do was fuck her, that would be fine. But that’s what they always did, and she was kind of hoping for something a little different, something she had never done before. Her pussy began to get wet.

Dan pushed her forward into the bedroom and closed the door behind them.

“Don’t be afraid. Nothing I do will hurt you.”

Nancy stumbled backward away from him.

“I’m so glad you decided to listen to the tapes with me,” Dan continued. “A young woman of your intelligence, of your background, will enjoy the sounds of high class passion. Surely my little needs will be very easy for you to meet.”

“What are you talking about!” Nancy screamed, looking frantically around her and trying to make the sex game seem as realistic as possible.

“I’m talking about you and me, Mrs. Connors. We hit it off rather well last week. In memory of that time, I have a little program planned. I’ve been planning it all week long, and I know you won’t want to disappoint me by not participating.”

“The tapes, you’ll give them back to me. You’ll promise?”

Once again Nancy tried to get into the mood of the game and say what she felt Dan wanted her to say. She would ruin it Maltepe Escort for both of them if she didn’t.

“Oh, of course! All yours!” Dan flicked a button on the side of the wall, and suddenly the room was filled by the sounds of the tapes. Nancy’s own voice entreated Dan to fuck her harder and harder. Sounds of her lover’s cock fucking into her own loud sucking pussy were magnified a

thousand times in the small room. She put her hands over her ears and turned away from Dan, but it did not stop the sound.

She was about to turn back toward Dan and tell him just how disgusting she thought the tapes were, when she felt his arms entwining around her waist. She pretended to fight and scream, but he carried her kicking all the way over to the bed, where he threw her down on the mattress.

“Would you like to undress or shall I do it for you?” Dan asked politely. “Don’t worry. I will give you a chance to hear all of the tapes before you leave.”

Nancy looked at the man in front of her. She could see by the look in his eyes that he was really enjoying himself, and she vowed she would try to keep up the fantasy for him.

“No!” she cried, defiantly. “I’ll do it myself!”

She began to disrobe hurriedly, taking off her cap first and letting her gleaming auburn hair cascade to her shoulders. Her dress came off with a sharp down-pull on the back zipper. She pulled her slip up over her head and stood before Dan Michaels in her panties and the pale pink bra that she had decided to wear that day.

“Oh, lovely, lovely!” Dan said, applauding her soundlessly. The lewd tape continued to spew its obscene sounds throughout the room, and Nancy trembled with arousal.

“You don’t mind if I do the rest, do you? I would rather like that, I think.”

Dan moved toward her and she struggled with herself to remain level-headed. She shut her eyes tightly, and she felt his hands gently pushing against her inner thighs, his fleshy palms slowly pulling her knees apart and sliding hotly up the inner softness of her thighs. She jerked involuntarily as they flicked across the sensitive tanned surface of her naked exposed flesh to her pink silk panties. Dan’s breath was coming in heavy puffs as his fingers made light contact with the thin silken crotch band up between her full soft, thighs.

She groaned helplessly as his fingers rummaged on the outside of the flimsy panties, pushing the softness of the thin material into the hot quivering slit of her cunt. She shrank away indignantly, but he continued to play teasingly, his fingers pulling gently at the soft coppery pussy hairs that protruded from the tight elastic leg bands.

His middle finger slipped suddenly under the narrow elastic leg band and flicked at the wet, red opening of her pussy, bringing a groan from Nancy. She could feel his eyes feasting hungrily on her glistening cunt flesh up between her legs.

“I’ll just take them off, now!” Dan declared, and she shut her eyes again, in an agony of arousal, feeling the smooth silk drawing slowly over her curved hips and thighs and exposing the whole of

her soft, copper-haired pussy.

“Just as beautiful as I remembered!” Dan sighed, pulling the flimsy silken panties all the way off and staring longingly at the red, hair-covered vee of Nancy’s trembling cunt.

Dan stood back, and then he knelt on the mattress near to where Nancy lay, still clad in her pale pink bra. Dan reached behind her and easily unfastened the clasp of the bra, releasing her huge, billowing tits to his hungering eyes. His fingers ran lightly over their pulsing brown tips, and he chuckled to himself as she pulled away.

“Please, let me alone … let me alone! I’ll do anything you want but this, please, anything!”

“Oh please, Mrs. Connors,” Dan said in a mocking, polite tone. “Don’t worry, no harm will come to you. Just relax. If I’m not mistaken, you’ll enjoy this.”

Nancy suddenly knew that Dan had outdone himself this time and had found something that would really please her.

“My drink,” the harassed redhead yelled desperately. “Give me another drink!”

“As you like, Mrs. Connors.” Dan turned and left the room, and while he was gone Nancy listened to the sounds of her and Dan fucking. When had he recorded that? She couldn’t remember, but it didn’t matter because soon Dan would come back and they would have some fun, fun, fun!

For a moment, just before Dan returned, it passed through Nancy’s mind to wonder why she needed to play these games with Dan. She’d always liked to act her fantasies out ever since she had been a little girl, and her acting with Dan sent her spiraling toward unreachable heights. She needed the kicks their games gave her, very simply.

When Dan returned with the bottle of liquor, he poured some into the glass she’d left by the stereo and took it to her. Thirstily, she drank it down as he held it to her parched lips.

“MORE!” she said, and he filled it and again held it to her lips while she drank. She felt the İstanbul Escort dizzying effects of the strong liquor spreading throughout her system, making her pussy hot and dripping, ready for the novel experience she knew was coming.

“You can let me go, Dan …” she said in a cajoling voice.

“That will come later, Mrs. Connors,” Dan declared. “First I have a little something you might like to try out. I’ve constructed a little something in your honor,” he said, going over to a drawer in the desk and taking out a large object that Nancy could not identify through her somewhat drunken daze.

“Wh … what is it?” she asked, peering through the haze, but still not managing to clear her eyes or her dully throbbing head.

“It’s a dildo! A huge dildo … which I got just for you!”

Nancy was in a fog of arousal. She had never seen anything so lewd or wicked as the monstrous rubber cock and her pussy caught on fire at the sight of the obscene object. She closed her eyes in an agony of lust and felt him move closer to her and climb up on the bed between her widespread legs, and then something thick touched between the exposed lips of her hot throbbing cunt, pressing inside and parting the red pussy hairs.

“Oh!” Nancy jumped, her eyes jerking open and staring wildly down at Dan. He was pushing the fake prick into the wet parted split of her cunt. She could see the object well now, and to her amazement it looked just like an outlandish living cock. At the base there were two hanging

objects that were meant to signify balls, and the whole thing appeared to be made from some kind of rubber.

As she lay there nakedly splayed, Dan parting her thighs still wider, and moving the thick tip with insane persistence within the hungry opening of her red-lined pussy, she cried: “Oh please, please stop, please stop! I can’t stand it! I … can’t!” She cried louder still. It felt lustier than anything she might have imagined–a teasing artificial cock playing at the tender parts of her cock-greedy cunt, working its way up the full length of her hot palpitating slit to her tiny, throbbing clit and running against it maddeningly until, with a sudden groan, Nancy felt the sensitive little bud involuntarily jerking into hardness. She could hear Dan breathing heavily above the sounds of the mind-bending cums of their own voices on the all-pervasive tape recording.

He worked the rubber object up slowly over the mound of her hair-covered pussy and across the flat golden plane of her trembling belly, pausing for a moment as he held it by the base, pushing the thick cleft head of the fake cock up along the sides of her rib cage, playing tantalizingly with the soft, tender area under her uplifted arms.

“Almost like a little pussy there …” Dan murmured.

Nancy thought she was going to go crazy as she felt the wonderfully soft yet hard consistency of the obscene fake prick moving over her naked heated flesh. She was relieved when it moved from under her arms where it had prodded first one armpit and then the other, running next over her sensuously throbbing tits where it began to rub against the erect nipples, bringing them to a pulsing sensitivity. Her body began a slow, helpless writhing of uncontrolled sensation. Small

rivulets of sweat began to drip from her forehead, wetting the slick shape of the dildo before her. Her huge tits throbbed up into full, firm roundness and the peaks tweaked up hungrily as the obscenely rubbing dildo made small circles of tingling pleasure around the brown areolas. As the maddening instrument began its downward journey again, she found to her fascination that her body was reaching to absorb its caresses. It dwelled long again on the soft, flat area of her belly, massaging there and in the flexing hollows of her inner thighs, again causing a slow, uncontrollable undulation of her hips and causing her torso to do a strange little shuffling dance upon the soft mattress of Dan’s bed. She drew the hot quivering split of her silken pussy wide open to the lustfully leering eyes of her lover-tormentor.

With a chuckle, Dan twisted the dildo in his hands and pushed the end without warning between Nancy’s parted thighs and up against the sensitive, twice-fucked ring of her asshole where it nestled between her soft rounded cheeks. The tight, rubbery orifice jerked in surprise, and Nancy tried to screw herself down against the mattress to escape the cruel probe.

“Aaaaaahhhhh! Please … I can’t stand it. It’s driving me crazy!” she gasped between clenched teeth.

Dan answered with a laugh as she bucked and squirmed against the worming probe at her clasping asshole. She tried with all her strength to close her legs, squeezing her asscheeks tightly together, but there was no relief; it only made the instrument push harder at her back passage.

“Not today!” she cried out. “Oooohhhh, Dan! Please not today!”

“You must be getting pretty anxious to be fucked by now, Mrs. Connors,” Dan declared. “Where do you want Anadolu Yakası Escort it first, in the front or in the back? Or both at once?” Dan asked lustfully, his face a contorted mask of desire. He felt his own cock throbbing painfully against his pants, but he intended to have that pleasure in a minute after he had watched the little performance he had been planning all week long. He was delighted as Nancy Connors writhed out of control on the bed, and his eyes swept over the smooth auburn beauty of her nakedness. Suddenly inspired, he held the fake cock by the center piece, the handle in the form of hanging balls, and fitted the tip of the cock at the mouth of Nancy’s soft, curl-rimmed cunthole.

“AAAAAAAAAAARRRRHHHHHHHH!” Nancy cried out as she felt the harsh entry of the hard rubber cock in the wet narrowness of her wide-stretched pussy. She could feel the thick tip, so lifelike in its construction, pushing upward within her, fucking like a real cock into the depths of her cunt. The wickedness and obscenity almost made her faint, and she lay limply. Her legs and thighs trembled as she felt herself totally stuffed by the obscene device, and she began to scream wildly.

Dan began to make sharp upward thrusts into the cum-slick passage, holding firmly to the base of the dildo.

“NNNNNGHHHH!” he grunted as he thrust harder and harder, sending the speeding hard cock higher and higher up into Nancy’s filled young cunt. Dan was easily able to see the huge fake cock entering and exiting between the naked jiggling flesh of Nancy’s soft full thighs. He grunted with pleasure at each thrust, watching Nancy and seeing her wild signs of arousal.

Nancy had never in her life felt anything remotely resembling this incredible ravishment. She was being fucked by the most enormous prick she’d ever seen, real or fake, and she loved it! She could feel her clit being pulled downward along with the other wet tissues of her slippery pussy with each upward thrust of the thick rubber dildo, into her devouring cunt. Giant waves of pleasure vibrated through every fiber of her skewered body as the fake cock fucked deeper and deeper up into her unwilling flesh.

“Yes … do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!” she called to Dan.

The innocent exterior of Nancy Connors was nothing but a front. Inside she was a seething mass of raw lust and desire!

With long, smooth strokes, Dan lunged the full length of the false prick in a rhythm of debauchery far up into Nancy’s dripping hot snatch, while both of them continued to listen to the sounds of their own fucking of only a few months before.

Her passion had now become a blinding force inside her, and her helplessly aroused body felt like an eternal flame.

She was furiously squirming her ass and her pussy toward the invasion of the huge dildo, in an

indecent invitation for the fucking to continue … for the pace to be quickened. And Dan, his dark hair flying about in sweat-glistening strands, was thrusting upward with all his might, muttering and cajoling and grunting. He was bucking and screwing the hard rubber cock upward into the clasping entrance of the young redhead’s pussy.

At last Nancy felt a compelling force inside her respond to her urgent need. Deep inside her gyrating pussy a spark grew and doubled itself, reproducing and becoming a wild, hot streak of lust within her.

She spread her long tanned legs as wide as possible and let her head lay back, mouth open, eyes rolling back in their sockets. Dan plowed upward into her with the hard instrument.

“OoooooohhhHHHH!” she cried. “Yessss! I’m cumming, you bastard! Do it to me! Stick it in me harder! I’ll show you! I’LL SHOW YOU! I’ll fucking flood that rubber fucker with my cum juice….AAAAAAAHHHHHHH….FUCK ME….I’M SQUIRTING….OH FUCK!!!”

Nancy’s flesh was sweat-slickened and shining in the final convulsive state of her fucking. She could feel her yearning pussy kneading and responding to the fake cock rising inside it–loving it as though it were real–wanting the hardness of the tightly rammed dildo in her cunt, massaging it with powerful contractions. Happily she moved sideways, dancing against the lewd object. Her Golden brown tits bobbed and jiggled, and she was cumming! Her cunt was inundated with waves of pleasure so harsh that Nancy roared like a lioness, feeling the smooth friction of the rubber cock fucking into her and fulfilling her unbidden desire. Her pussy was audibly sucking on the tool violating it.

“More, more, more, more, more, more!” she screamed as the mind-bending cums had their way with her tormented young body, spreading soothing pleasure to every tiny crevice.

Dan pulled out the dildo for a few seconds so he could watch Nancy’s pussy spray its juice with massive force. He quickly turned her over and raised her up on her knees, her pussy squiring all over his arms.

“OH FUCK NO!!! PUT IT BACK IN….I’M STILL CUMING….FUCK ME!!!” Instantly her wish was granted and her vagina was filled and being fucked again. Dan continued to grunt, “Ugh….Ugh…Ugh”

To her surprise, she felt hands grab each side of her hips. But if those were hands, where was the dildo. She turned her head to look behind her and saw Dan. Only now he wasn’t using the dildo. He was ramming into her with his own penis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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