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In the early spring of 1962 I was sixteen. I had been raised most of my life in the country on a lake where swimming was an everyday thing. When we moved to the city I found the thing I missed the most was swimming in the lake. I had tried the city pools but found them too crowded and rowdy for my taste.

When you’re used to having a whole lake to swim in, a small pool with several hundred other kids is too much. Then I found the downtown municipal pool, Olympic sized, four different sized diving boards, and a limit on the age of the kids allowed. To put it mildly, I was in hog heaven or is that fish heaven?

Finally I had a place where I could actually swim without having people run over me. The diving boards also intrigued me. The lake I was raised on was shallow; for the most part under six feet deep, which made diving risky at best. Here they had twenty-five feet of water and after watching some of the other guys dive, I had to try it.

I signed up for a beginners diving class, which was held early every Saturday morning at seven. I felt rather out of place when I showed up for the first class as most of the kids were under twelve and only came up to my chest in height. At eighteen, I was six feet tall and weight around one hundred and sixty. Tall and lean, which I found out was good for a diver.

By the end of that summer, I had been jumped to the intermediate class and before long I was starting the advanced classes. The couch said I had potential and invited me to join the city diving team. That way I could continue my training throughout the winter.

By the spring of 1964, I was one of the top four divers in the city and the couch got me a job as a life guard at another pool for the summer, as I had to work to support my beat up old fifty four Ford. Eighteen, with a car and a job as a lifeguard, could life be any better?

As a lifeguard at the Fair Grounds pool, I could come in an hour early and have the pool to myself, unless one of the other lifeguards happened to do the same thing. School had only been out a week and the weather was still cool, so the pool wasn’t very crowded except on Saturday afternoons.

I came in early as usual, did my warm up laps, and was working on some tricky dives from the low board when I noticed two groups of girls from this areas high school. Of the first group, I knew one of them from a couple of classes, as I went to that school. When I waved she turned and looked the other way. I had to grin, when she did, as that was what I expected.

There are two very distinct groups at our school, the rich kids from around the lake area and the poor ones from the backside of the fair Grounds. I fall into the latter class, so her snobbery was normal since she was with two of her friends. I was beneath notice although she and I had gone out a couple of times.

Gina was short with long black hair and built like you wouldn’t believe. On our last date, I had been allowed to cop a couple of quick feels of her ample breasts. Slender and Italian, what else do I need to say?

Of her two friends, I knew little because they were very tight with their rich clique group. The tall blonde was Carol and I think the shorter blonde was Tina but I didn’t know for sure.

The three of them were dressed in their preppy uniform of white skirt, white blouse, and white tennis shoes with a pastel colored sweaters tied loosely around their necks. Sunglasses and charm bracelets were their only accessories.

A pretty bland bunch from my point of view, of course everything was of the highest quality and the best name brands. I knew the swimwear they had in their overnight cases were of the latest style and showed as much skin as the law allowed.

A few of their kind showed up over at the municipal pool from time to time just to be seen in the right place. They never got wet or stayed long, just long enough to make sure everyone was aware they were there.

The other group of girls was from my neighborhood and I had dated three out of the four, nothing special, just socializing. The fourth one, Maggie, I would have loved to date but she was already taken by one of the local hoods. He was a real bad ass and I couldn’t for the life of me see what she saw in him. I figured he would be in jail or dead by the time he was twenty-one, if he made it that long.

Maggie was five feet seven and drop dead gorgeous. Flaming red hair and the most beautiful deep green eyes I had ever seen. The few times I’d had the nerve to talk to her, I kept getting lost in their depths. She had noticed and thought it was cute.

The death sentence for our area was to be thought cute. I don’t want to say it was a tough neighborhood, but it wasn’t a matter of getting in a fight everyday, but who you were going to fight on any given day. Moving into that area made me a must try target for everyone and being from the country just made it worse, as I got tagged with the country bumpkin label right off the bat.

The only thing that helped was growing up with six Demetevler Escort older cousins who picked on me unmercifully, which made me tough and taught me how to handle myself. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t like to fight. I try not to ever start anything and if trouble does start I try to joke my way out of it.

If that doesn’t work then I do the next best thing, which it to totally unload on the other guy as unexpectedly as possible. My motto is: “The firstest with the mostest wins.” I’ve won far more than I’ve lost over the last few years and most people have learned to let me be.

Compared to the preppies, the other four girls were dressed shabbily or a better word might be sloppily. At any rate they were different and their dress showed it.

Marcie was tall and skinny and always wore pedal pushers, which made her look even taller and skinner. She wears a bikini at the lake but a full suit around the city pools. She has no butt, no hips, and no boobs but has the attitude that she’s the sexiest thing on two legs. In some ways she is.

Of the three I dated, she is by far the best kisser and dancer of the bunch. For a girl with a flat chest she has the biggest nipples I’ve ever seen. They are as big around as my finger and over an inch long. She wears a heavily padded bra to hide them because she says they stay hard all the time. The last time we dated, I got as far as sucking on them. They are so sensitive that she would only let me suck one for a few seconds before moving my head over to the other. I was enjoying myself immensely as was she. I think she must have had at least four orgasms before she made me stop.

To pay me back she gave me my first blowjob. That blew my mind among other things. Thinking back, I can honestly say she had a natural talent in that area and worked hard on doing it right. Seeing that it was my first may color my thinking but I don’t think I’ve ever had one that was better or more skillfully done.

Pat wore her usual black full skirt and white short-sleeved blouse, which hid a great body. She was the only one of the three I had dated that I had gone all the way with, as we used to say. Even in the back seat of my old car she was something else. It wasn’t exactly my first time but very close to it and she showed me things I had never imagined in my wildest adolescent dreams.

I must have done some things right because she and I were still spending time in the back of the Ford. We had talked about our relationship on a couple of occasions, which left me a little confused. I was trying to put love in it somewhere but Pat had a dream of being in the movies and didn’t want to get tied down to anyone or anything.

My feelings for her run deeper than I had let on but I kept them to myself. If I made a big deal out of it, she would drop me in a heartbeat. As it was we spent most of our time with each other but could still go and do what we pleased. It had a lot of people confused but that’s their problem.

Oh, as a footnote, yes she did make it to Hollywood and into the movies and yes you do know her name. She isn’t the megastar she dreamed of being but she made it just the same.

Connie on the other hand is a short plump blonde who wears her clothes way to tight and loves to show off her body. It’s kind of a joke around the neighborhood but she’s so sweet and innocent that no one has the heart to tease her about it. She and I dated several times and she wanted to get me into the back seat but I felt bad about it and used Pat as an excuse not to take her there.

I sometimes think I missed out on a good thing, you should see her now. She grew out of her baby fat and owns her own fashion design house. You never know.

That brings me back to Maggie. She was wearing a pair of old faded cut off jeans with frayed legs and a shirt tied in a knot at the bottom of her rib cage. I found the outfit to be very sensuous and sexy. Usually she dressed very conservatively so this was a treat for me. I had never seen her at the pool or lake so I could hardly wait to see her in a bathing suit at the very least and a bikini would make my day.

I did a couple of more dives, choosing the fancier ones so I could show off. They looked hard but were relatively easy if you knew how to break them down and had had any practice at all. The first got all seven girls attention and the second got me a little applause as I climbed from the pool.

I grinned and bowed before grabbing my towel and heading into the men’s locker room for a quick shower. I traded my tight latex bathing suit I wear when diving for a boxer style one to work in and slipped on a tight muscle shirt. Wearing flip-flops and sunglasses I went to open the gate.

I was surprised to see that the seven girls were still the only ones waiting to get in. I headed for the lifeguard stand as they headed for the ladies locker room. The sun was warm on my bare arms and thighs as I relaxed thinking what a pretty day it was.

Pat Otele gelen escort was the first one out so I figured she already had her suit on under her dress. Her two piece fit loosely and didn’t flatter her figure the way most women would have wanted it to but that’s the way she liked it. I leaned over the side of my high chair and asked her how she was? Between her working, school, and my diving we hadn’t been out in over a month.

She grinned up at me and said, “Horny. How about you?”

I laughed and nodded, “Me too.”

About then the three preppy foxes came out and yes their bikinis were skimpy. I figured that they must buy them at least a size too small to get them to fit that way. Watching them walk around the pool and getting settled onto three lounge chairs had the front of my loose fitting bathing suit tented up.

They would be sunning themselves across from me and slightly to my left. They were just far enough from the diving board so they wouldn’t get splashed but as close to the center of things as possible.

When I looked back down at Pat, she was grinning up at me. “How come their suits keep getting smaller, they never get them wet so I know they’re not shrinking?” She asked.

I told her my thoughts on how they buy them and she chuckled and agreed with me. “When are you going to get you a suit like that? You’d put them to shame, don’t you know that?” I said to her.

She laughed and shook her head. “I’m saving mine for when I get to Hollywood. You’re the only one who knows for sure what’s under these baggy clothes besides maybe my grandma and that’s the way it’s going to stay until I’m ready for the unveiling.”

She paused and grinned. “Speaking of sexy little bathing suits, I love that one you were wearing earlier. Next time we go out, bring it along; I want to check out how it fits up close and personal. My imagination was having a field day earlier wondering how that big thing of yours could look normal in that tight of a suit. Of course if it were hard, I doubt that it would stay in that suit. There just wouldn’t be enough material there to cover it.”

About that time Connie and Marcie walked up and Connie asked, “Enough material to cover what?”

Pat grinned up at me and said, “Enough material in Marcie’s bikini to cover half your boobs, Connie. The one you have on just barely does the job.”

Connie grinned and shook her shoulders, causing the round globes of her large breasts to roll around in the small bikini top she wore. From my vantage point I couldn’t figure out what kept them from falling out. From first hand experience I knew they were very firm and solid, so maybe that’s what it was.

“My Mom would kill me if she saw me wearing this. She thinks I’m wearing that two piece she bought me.”

Marcie asked her, “Where did you get that then?”

Proudly Connie answered, “I made it. I was going to buy me one, and I had the money but the department store didn’t have one that came close to fitting. That old cow of a sales lady had the nerve to imply that I was too large to wear one anyway. I went over to fabrics and bought the material, then went home and made me one to fit. It’s made a little different than the store bought ones but I think it fits better and doesn’t creep up your ass or let your boobs fall out. Sorry Marcie, nothing personal.”

Marcie stuck out her chest and said, “I’m happy with what I’ve got and I won’t have to worry about them sagging to my knees by the time I’m fifty. Nothing personal, Connie.”

Connie looked at Marcie sharply then both of them broke up laughing. They had been friends since they were in diapers and were always taking shots at each other. It was all in fun. Just don’t let anyone else do it or they’d end up dealing with both of them and that wouldn’t be a joke.

Pat looked up at me to say something but my eyes were glued to the locker room doorway. Maggie stood there adjusting the strap on her bikini top. There could have been seven people yelling for help and two shark attacks going on in the pool and I wouldn’t have seen or heard a thing. I was totally transfixed by the dream walking toward me in a very tiny yellow bikini.

Pat’s slapping me on the foot brought me back to life. I glanced down at her to see her grinning and shaking her head. When she saw she had my attention, she said, “Oh, have you got it bad.”

I must have had a questioning look on my face because she added, “Puppy love my dear, or should that be lust. I could see a lot of both in your eyes.” She paused a moment and then her face got serious. “If I ever saw that look in your eyes, when you looked at me, I’d chuck the dream in a heart beat. That was one serious love look.”

I looked at her for a long moment then said something I never expect to say to her. “Pat, I do love you and always will.”

She looked at me for a long moment and then a sad smile crossed her face. “Yes I know you do and I love you.”

She Balgat Escort paused to take a deep breath then said what I knew she would say. “I’ve got my dream and nothing can get in its way, not even love. I just hope you understand, at least a little bit.” When I nodded, she forced a quick smile and asked, “Are we still on to go out later?”

Around a forced smile of my own, I answered, “Sure, I’ll be out of here around three thirty. How long are you going to stick around? I could give you a ride home and we could go from there.”

Before she could answer, I heard Marcie say to Connie. “Damn, there’s another great romance shot to shit. The second one this week.”

Turning to Pat she said, “I figured you two would end up married by the time we finished school, if you waited that long. I’ve never understood your relationship but I always pictured you together in the long run.”

Pat shrugged and then looked up at me. “Yeah, I know.” With a grin and a wink at me she said, “I’ll see you later for that ride home. Right now, I need to get wet and to burn up some energy, not to mention some calories.” With that said she turned and walked away toward the diving board.

I followed her with my eyes as Connie asked, “Who else broke up this week?”

“Maggie and Mark, silly,” Marcie answered. “The cops caught him robbing a gas station with a gun and have him in jail. It was the last straw for Maggie and she told him it was over. I heard that he was none to happy about it either. Not that it matters much; with his record they’ll throw the book at him. He’ll be in jail for quite some time.”

I was going to ask Marcie when this all took place but when I leaned over they were walking away. Sitting back up, I looked around for Maggie and found her sitting on the edge of the pool at the far end talking to Pat. Pat was holding onto the edge, slowly scissoring her legs as they talked.

I sat watching her and wondered for the hundredth time what was so important about the Hollywood dream. Maybe one day I would understand but right now I didn’t and I had a hurting heart. Before I had said anything to her, there had at least been hope that things would change but now there was none.

After a while I decided to go along with the program and her as long as she wanted me to. I would cross the bridge of us not being together when it came; anyway it wouldn’t happen until after graduation next year at the earliest.

Pat and Maggie moved to a pair of lounge chairs near the preppies and continued to talk. Marcie and Connie got into a wrestling match in the pool that I should have broken up but seeing as there were so few people here, I let them wear themselves out. It was an interesting match and had everyone’s attention.

On land Connie would have won hands down but in the water Marcie more than held her own. It ended with squealing and a scramble when Connie’s tits popped out of her top. I wasn’t the only one laughing as the two girls quickly exited the pool and rushed to the locker room. The clasp that held the top on had broken. They left shortly after that.

It wasn’t too long after that, that I noticed dark clouds moving in from the west. It wasn’t quite noon by the time they moved in overhead. The preppies noticed them and after a short discussion headed for the locker room.

As they were leaving, after they had changed, it started to rain. It wasn’t real heavy at first but within a few minutes it was pouring. When it first started, I climbed down and stood under my chair. Normally we don’t close the pool unless it starts to lightning.

Maggie and Pat were in the pool when it started and didn’t pay it much mind until it became a downpour. I moved over to the locker room door and watched as they climbed out of the pool, grabbed their wet towels, and made a dash to shelter next to me.

The first crash of lightning made all three of us jump and brought the locker room attendant to the door of her office. “Good,” she said, “Now I can go home and still get paid for the rest of the day.”

Looking at me she asked, “Can you lock up? I’ll close the gate on my way out and I owe you one.” Saying that she closed the office door and ran for her car.

Looking at Pat, I chuckled and said, “Looks like I get off early today.”

Grinning she moved over to put her arms around my neck. “Sounds like a great idea to me,” she said as she kissed me.

My arms went around her and I pulled her wet body against mine as our tongues danced with each other. As the kiss went on I felt my manhood standing hard and ridged between us. Pat rubbed her lower belly against it and moaned deep in her throat.

A movement caught my attention a moment before another body moved up behind Pat and pressed itself tightly against her trapping my arms between the two. Another pair of hands were added to the two already on my back and I saw Maggie’s face staring at me over Pat’s shoulder.

She grinned at me a moment and then started kissing the neck and shoulder in front of her. Pat had stiffened at the sudden touch from behind but as Maggie’s lips worked their way up to her ear and she whispered, “It’s only me.”

Pat relaxed and the moan from earlier returned and got louder. Pat was withering and moaning loudly between the two of us when Maggie again whispered. “Maybe we should move inside before someone drives by and sees us.”

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