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This story is to portray some societies and Countries that pass rational bills against the LGBT persons and their society. So there will likely not be lot of expectations of much romantic build.

This is my very, first ever serious write-up, of any kind. Feedbacks and responses of any kind will be greatly appreciated for a better development. Thanks.

Chapter 1

Just the day expected, the morning was glowing and bright, though a little dull. Every morning has been a normal routine, sports, one thing that keeps the body and bone strong, flexible and healthy. Presumptuously, it has been to this extent that, jogging to the stadium before training was the best.

Being normal is one thing everyone has been doing since day one of their lives. Pretending to be this person then the other within. That was a lie told in this part of our civilized era.

Dammie woke pretty happy, liking it better than every other day she goes for training. She liked it because she was living home. It is yet good but it is going to be a long distance trip consisting of two days by bus to the north. Dammie thought to herself. Awaken by her alarm from her phone by 4:37 am.

“wow, that was pretty timeless, …gosh, I need to hurry……” she said

Sliding into the bathroom, she showered quickly, minding not to forget any of her in the bathroom. She does not intend, in the beginning to start buying new stuffs when she gets to the north.

“last time I was there I think I left my toothbrush, or didn’t I” she cocked her head thinking before leaving the bathroom.

” you slept late, you were supposed to have finished packing your stuff since last night… don’t forget anything and start calling for a ware bill” her mom sounded.

“I did pack mum, don’t worry” she responded

“the driver is waiting, take your luggage to him so he would stuck it at the back of his trunk.” her mom told her.

The luggage was a mighty one.

Dammie was just given an admission in to Bayero University and she needs to get back to school to get herself ready. Lectures start in two days.

Her journey to the bus station was a short one, she paid the driver off and moved to the passengers’ waiting room where she literally, half carried and half dragged the luggage to. Her luggage was filled with few food stuffs, her clothes, and not forgetting her boot.

Dammie has been sporty since her childhood, despite family consent because she is an only girl. She has two siblings, an elder and a younger. Growing without a father, and what her mother passed through, she took as her choice of being without a man. She got to know she liked women since she was in primary two.

Life has not been easy, having hidden flings, relationships and still trying, as hard as it is, to hide in the closet. Being with one woman was not her thing she never found the one that she adores, all she does was just a one week stand and then ‘hey move on, we’re done’ kind of thing.

Dammie is known for a no nonsense kind of lady. When she doesn’t agree to it she just walks away. Being a solitude kind of person with strict looks.

About 6:10 am the journey began, smoothly and off it went to the north.

Chapter 2

”Did you finish your registration in school? Did you put all your belongings in place?” said Aysha’s mum ”hope you’re prepared for Monday to move to the hostel, I won’t want you roaming the streets with all the rough drivers please”

“yes mum…I think I have” Aysha shouted a response from the dinning

“do not think, when you’re done come put them together” Haja replied

Haja Fatima, is a caring, religious and a devoted housewife. She practically loves the fact that her daughter will be studying after a year at home. Being gladdened she brought a whole lot of clothing to Aysha so she will not complain of not having enough to put on that she has to roam the streets.

Aysha loves being at home with mom, being the only child she is always pampered and she likes to stay with her friends too. She is a friends’ fan. Taking pictures, gossiping and reading, in pretense, when she sees her Dad.

Monday is fast approaching and all she needs is to move out of the house, be in school and not have to face the house chaos ever again till the semester was over.

Here in the north, what also makes you a better individual, which is being seen as religious and righteous, is to avoid being seen with opposite sex. A man shouldn’t be seen with a woman he is not married to, walking hand in hand, same applies to the women too. So it became rampant to see same gender together, in pairs or in groups. Opposite genders walking together could mostly be those people from the south or the Christians.

‘Those waywardly dressed women of the south’ she usually told herself. She’s seen it in movies, how they walk around naked, wearing tight and sometimes open clothes, exposing every shape and part of their body.’ It is always better in the north.’ She’ll conclude. görükle escort Though she likes it in away. She gets seduced.

Chapter 3

Monday, the Dee-day has come. After Dammie had cleaned the room, she had rented during the period of her visiting the north for the first time and awaiting admission, the same day she arrived, she made herself sleep out the stress of the journey.

She woke early Monday morning, arranged her clothes and headed to school. The distance was hectic.

“Though as an athlete..” she tried to encourage herself, ”its just strolling, right?”

She got in to the job of the day, asking and clarifying things she did not know, taking time table and missing classes, because she did not get the time table straight.

”Today was a mess, tomorrow will be better ‘ she thought to herself. Being a freshman, she had to have buddies.

”it may come in handy someday” she said.

The day went by for her and home she went, tired and famished as she was.


Aysha woke to the struggle of her room mates, all two, preparing for class. She hates being woken that way. Though no one has a choice being in the midst of different caliber.

She still had her dreamy eyes and when she turned to check the time it was 6:02am. She jumped speedily from her hostel spring bed.

‘She ought to be ready’ she screamed to herself in her head, rushed towards the bathroom, which had ladies waiting on the queue. Noticing her rush, her roommates starts to giggle.

”yeah, right, ‘orange is the new black’….here I am in BUK’s prison like Alex and Piper” she muttered

It got to her turn and she quickly ran in and out of the bathroom in few seconds, one will say she did not bathe.

She hurriedly dressed up, putting on her native attire and her veil and hurried to school. It wasn’t until she got to class that she remembered she had left her lens back at the hostel. She was furious, knowing she couldn’t get back to the hostel now.

”I’ll have to manage, Allah help me.. ” she muttered.

She rendered curses to the weather and the heat scourging her like she was the only one it had seen.

Her class was a mess, she missed two periods and was sad. After the days job, coupled with the hunger and stress and all, she quietly walked to her hostel. Took some snacks and went to bed.

Chapter 4

Due to freshmen beginning, orientation was going be held for three days, first a general orientation, the departmental orientation and a compulsory Entrepreneurship session, because attendance will be taken and a penalty awarded.

It was going to be fun. At least no class will be held. The stress of heading for lectures in a rush was not going to be there.

The two days orientation which started by 9am came through. It was scheduled to enlighten the new students on the ‘dos and don’t ‘ of the university and the departments respectively. There was no stress, one could wake to take an early breakfast too.

Wednesdays were Dammie’s most important training days. Though she had always been an early raiser. She made a quick breakfast, though she was getting bored about going, she wished she could stay back and sleep a little.

“mtchew…” she hissed remembering she had told Charles, one of her new buddy she made friends with in class, ‘she’ll be meeting up with him today for the text he downloaded, since her silly phone rang out of power the day before.

She decided to sluggishly prepare since she still had time. So she thought.

She strolled as usual, casually to school.


Aysha had woken, knowing today was just going to be a normal orientation like other days but had forgotten the consequences of not attending.

She slowly makes herself comfortable by downloading a plate of indomie she struggled to cook, then gently prepared.

Before she knew it was 8:38am. Though the female hostel was not a distance. She walked and ran at the same time so she would get to the hall before the orientation commenced.

She arrived few minutes pass the starting hour. Was lucky to find a spare and only seat.

”wow” she quietly exclaimed, she collapsed into it ”this seat was meant for me” she muttered.

Not minding at first until she turned to ask the person by her side

” please, did I miss anythi…” that she got to notice the person seated by her side.

”wo….oww…the south” she flipped it out already from her mouth before she could hold back.


Charles had already settled in at the front seat when Dammie arrived. The hall was occupied already. She then took her phone out and texted Charles

‘Please I’ll get the text from you after this session, I’m right behind’

She pressed the send button, put her phone on silent and it into her bag pack when some girl dashed into the seat close to her.

‘jeez, this Hausa girls’ she said to herself.

She has never really liked them. She hears they pretend a lot and bursa escort bayan because of their religion, many do not bathe and they……

‘oh..! waow! What a nice perfume…… I like that scent….” She stopped roaming in her head and was quietly enjoying the scent from the girl by her side.

She turned to look at the girl when she heard the girl say something she couldn’t pick. Then she heard the girl clearly muttered something like

”….the south….”

Dammie turned to take a good look at the girl who was already looking at her and immediately was turning her face away.

‘woow… she’s beautiful, with a shaped face, pointed nose, fair…she only covered her hair with a veil….’ She kept talking to herself and staring at the girl like ‘a well-deserved moron’. ‘her lip looks priceless’ she moistened her lip and pinned it in, to hold back the urge of kissing the lady’s lip. She immediately turned away.

Her libido was now in control of her senses. It came last night. She was so horny that she had to put-it-off, thinking of all the best things in the world but the last sex she had with a lady she met from a bar in the south. She couldn’t help staring, ‘ her hair was nicely packed into a pony tail, the girl was well dressed on a, well-shaped, jean trouser folded up to her ankle, a polo, with the hand folded, and a ring nice placed on her nose and on her left thumb, and a bangle looking tattoo on her right leg.’ ‘The girl’s image elicited an urge she wish to hold on to,’ she thought. A stupid crush she had on the girl. ‘when your cunt comes knocking, one can’t be sure of anything’. Though, she likes being careful not to be tagged in any way, of which, yes, she has been, because of her manly attributes. ‘yes she is a strong woman, beautifully built’. Who wouldn’t know and who wouldn’t die to be with her.’ She blushed.

Having in mind how the southerners are being addressed and regarded since the few days she’s been here. And seeing this beautiful lady wearing a magnificent perfume, she made up her mind to start a conversation with her.


Soon the entrepreneur session started and the projector was beginning to display.

”gosh, how stupid I have become in BUK….” Aysha said and continued raining curses on herself quietly.

Dammie, paying half attention to the lecture, turned to her.

She wanted to speak but she couldn’t. She forced herself to speak but her voice failed her. She relaxed and took a deep breathe, so she could have the courage to speak.

She cleared her throat trying not to call the attention of others

”….is there something wrong…” she finally asked

Aysha who heard it, pretended not to hear… ‘The south girl is speaking to me, I don’t think….’ . She told herself in disbelieve

Dammie, feeling she hadn’t heard, due to the noise from the speakers, repeated herself again now without speech mannerism.

”okay…sorry please, did you talk to me..” Aysha finally turned and asked politely in pretense.

Dammie, now having a good view of Aysha’s face, she moistened her lips, swallowed hard, tried to comport herself.

” heard you speaking to yourself like you were on a marathon….what’s running after you or are you going after a dark rabbit…” she teased.

She had the rumble in her head after she had finish. ‘Fuck Dam, you went too far, a simple question you spoke in tongues, what if she feels offen…..’

Before she could even finish her rumble she saw a smile on Aysha’s face, who was still staring at her.

Aysha now staring comfortably at Dammie’s face, could not believe she was sitting near a damsel. A coffee complexion, dark hair, weaved and packed neatly, broad face, shaped lips pretty with tiny eyes inside a frame.

‘She is…sooo….stop staring, stop staring and answer her you fool.. .’ she said to herself

”ha ha ha….” She made a little uncomfortable chuckle to cover up for the staring

”this is the second time I’m forgetting my lens back at the hostel. I don’t think I can read anything from here.” She tried to be free

Trying to get Aysha’s attention to impress her.

”do you want to take down some notes, you can try mine, let’s see if it fits….”Dammie said

“is that lens..” Aysha asked. Being surprised, ”….because it looks like a sun shade, though with a white lens…” she continued

Dammie took her eyeglass out and gave it to Aysha who is in doubt. She tried the glass on and behold it was a lens.

”amazing…it’s my kind of lens too…” she said with amazement. ”what about you, aren’t you going to make use of it” she asked feeling totally concerned and not

”…you know, you can use it, I can listen…..after all, I’m feeling bored already” all she lied.

Feeling glad that she is now talking to the most beautiful girl she’s seen since she’s been to the North.

During the session, neither of them concentrated the both signed the attendance.

After bursa escort the session Aysha and Dammie were the first freshmen to be outside, since they were seated at the extreme of the hall.

They both started talking about the lecture, what the penalty will be for students who didn’t attend the orientation.

The both laughed about the session. Aysha, being that she was the one with the lens, ridiculed Dammie, at least she was paying attention and reading through the projector

”…and the visual impaired was just paying attention…what a pity.” Aysha teased Dammie

”…I didn’t want my fellow impaired colleague to feel left out…she was almost out of space…” Dammie teased back

‘we are becoming friends’ Dammie thought to herself.

They kept discussing on and on till it dawn on Dammie that they were by the hostel gate.

Not knowing how to hide her happiness and shame that she walked a woman to her hostel unconsciously, she immediately bide Aysha goodnight.

“…okay my friend….I’ve brought you home so your mama won’t cane you for being with a stranger….” She said teasing Aysha

She noticed a big jeer from Aysha, in defense to what Dammie said.

”….my mama will roar like a lioness and eat you up for bringing her lovely daughter home late.” She jokingly said

She saw the dimple on one side of Dammie’s face ‘….it’s alluring…’ she thought to herself

”okay then, we’ll see again..” Aysha managed to say, after she was done staring

”…..bye then….till we see again…” Dammie said

As Dammie turned to leave she called back. Not knowing what name to call ”.. hey…my friend…” she called out

Aysha quickly turned. Dammie asked her for her phone number.

They quickly exchanged number.

”…By the way, I’m’ Damilola King’, but you can call me ‘Dammie’ since that is easy for Northerners..” she concluded

”…okay, I’ll save Dammie..” Aysha said

”…so I’ll just save yours as damsel then…” Dammie said absent mindedly. Immediately she got to realize it, Aysha was smiling sheepishly.

‘..oh she likes the name then….she smiles like a damsel too…waow…” Dammie thought to herself

‘…she said ‘damsel’… gosh……that’s what I called her the moment I got hold of her beauty……seems she’s checking me out too…. She said to herself. ‘You moron, get hold of yourself.’

After along word pause, her tongue finally loosed ”….I’m Aysha Japheth….”she said and politely excused herself.


Aysha being unable to stand there due to her rational sense of staring and acting foolish. Went straight into her room and collapsed right on her bed. With the spring bed jerking her up and down. Wild thoughts filled her mind. she wondered what will happen to this kind of bed if she was going to have fucking on it ‘with Dammie’…..she thought…

”oh no no no no….this can’t be, she even may not fancy me that way or that much. All this South girls.

Though I’ve never had one. I don’t know what there are like. She woke from her fantasy by her roomies making entrance and making lots of noise with three other girls. ‘There aren’t my class of girls’ she thought to herself. She lifted herself from her bed and decided to make dinner for her wailing stomach.


Dammie couldn’t wait to get home. It was like the distance to her house was taking forever. She couldn’t wait to be in her bed and comfort zone, to jerk herself to orgasm at the thought of Aysha that is built between her legs, causing her clit to playing games with her. The thought of Aysha generated goose bumps on her skin that she turned to check if anyone close noticed it. She couldn’t wait to take her clothes off.

There in her bed, all she fantasized was Aysha. She smoothly rounded her palm on her boobs, using two fingers to gently caress her nipples. Her other hand finding its way down her pussy. She slightly played with her clit, applying more of her wetness on her clit and rubbing it gently….her head was now bent facing up with her eyes closed, when she injected a finger inside her pussy hole and then another finger, which made a low gasp escape from her lip. And gently she stroked her cunt, pulling herself to the rhythm of her desire.

A big wave hit her and she came. Panting and sweating trying to get back from space when she gently dozed off.

Chapter 5

What a dream? Aysha woke to the world again, an empty one where all she had, ‘the sex, the kisses Dammie rendered on her, her blast of cum, …hmmm… was the best dream she’d ever had since her life was given to her. ‘…She couldn’t hope for less those fantasies from Dammie. To perceive the smell of her skin…..if wishes were horses….” she turned gently on her bed to observe if her room mates were there. ‘ shiiitttt………did I make noise while in my dreams…..I’m done for….fuck….’ she thought to herself. But she was alone. ‘I guess the may have gone to the bathroom. She turned to check the time on her phone. ” oh no no no no no… God in heaven……8:52am….for a class of 9:00 am. ” Dammie has killed me…..” she shouted.

She jumped up from her spring bed like the building was on fire. Indecisively, ran to the bathroom to shower.

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