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On our way out, I glanced down to see my dick pointing ahead right at Bob’s ass, like an arrow whizzing towards the bullseye. I felt this sudden warmth mixed with excitement, joy and lust flooding my body and called, “Hey, Bob!”

He stopped and, before he had a chance to turn around, I reached him with a long stride. I wrapped my arms around him. My cock, horizontal until a second ago, was now pointing up, caught between his lower back and my stomach. I squeezed my friend and sucked his right ear while he rested his head on my left shoulder sighing lightly.

“I was begging you would do this,” he whispered. I slid my left hand down to the base of his cock and began rubbing firmly his pubic hair with my palm, my fingers feeling the length of his member. With my right hand I gently pulled his jaw and brought his lips closer to mine. An arousing smell hit my nostrils, a primitive smell of raw meat; it was my fingers that were still smeared with Bob’s rectal fluids. I pushed my middle finger in Bob’s half-opened mouth and I savored my index. We locked lips pushing our bodies hard against each other. My Italian roots took hold and passion conquered reason.

As we stood near the door to the main hall, we were brought down to earth by a group of guests that had just entered the club, three men and two women all in their 40s and dressed to the nines. We walked into the main hall, Bob’s arm around my waist, mine around his shoulders. The group’s eyes fell on our two hard-ons; they looked interested and smiled before they moved on to the room with the boxes.

The two large couches in the middle of the large hall were bright blue with plush cushions in complete harmony with the light blue thick rug and the room’s décor. A ceramic copy of Venus de Milo was the only piece of art in the room; it matched the terracotta tiles perfectly.

Bob and I sat on one of the comfy couches, sliding slowly and spreading our legs. He leaned on my chest and lowered his head over my cock. He kissed the head a few times, then the shaft all the way down to the base. Then he started licking my very pleased tool. He performed the butterfly flutter, the vacuum suck and the good ole plain stroke while balancing my balls and probing my entire genital area with his other hand. He reached my anus and pressed my lustful orifice with his finger. I reacted by pressing his head down sending the tip of my cock deeper in his esophagus. I held him there and when he couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled back and gasped. His thick saliva was all over my rod.

We got interrupted by a middle-aged man sporting a black leather choker and surgical gloves who was pushing a cart.

“Excuse me, gentlemen, may I?” he asked.

Bob lifted his head and went in a nonchalant way, “Sure, Doc, go ahead”. The man unwrapped a little stick and pushed it about an inch inside Bob’s cock. After he removed it, he dropped it in a test tube with a number on it. He took another little stick and shoved it up Bob’s ass and again, he put it in another test tube with the same number. He thanked Bob and continued with my dick and ass. Needless to say, the tip of his stick got soaked the moment he touched the opening of my peehole thanks to my friend’s sloppy blowjob. When Doc pushed it in, my cock felt completely full, but it didn’t last long. My asshole was dry, so the specimen he took was good. He thanked me and left.

“What is this?” I asked my friend.

“It’s Doc” he replied, “I forgot to tell you, every time we come here, we get a free checkup for STDs. They want to prevent anything from spreading among us.”

“This is great! And who pays for all that?” I asked having in mind how expensive medical tests are.

“All the guys who come here are really loaded. The whole thing is sponsored by guests who make donations whenever they want. I have heard they make really good donations. Last year, this guy with piles of money made the funniest donation ever. He brought a pearl necklace, real, huge pearls three quarters of an inch large worth maybe a hundred thousand. And you know what he did? He pushed all the pearls in every girl’s ass that was in the club and fucked their pussies with his friends. He loved rubbing his cock against a rectum full of knobby shit. When a girl reached orgasm, he pulled the necklace out and made their assholes quiver with desire. Imagine that, having 100 grand in your ass.”

“A hard thick cock is worth more,” I said and smiled. “I ‘d wrap the pearls around my cock and fuck the girls like this. I ‘m sure they would appreciate the thickness a lot.”

He smiled too and said, “The necklace was auctioned off for almost 180 grand.”

“Really? Who would pay so much?” I wondered aloud.

“Another Venus guest” he retorted. “I told you, these people are loaded.”

We went to get a drink. The bar was under the large staircase leading to the upper floor. Next to the bar was the staircase leading down to the basement. I had a glass of wine, Bob had beer. He drank half of it within seconds, but I prefer to enjoy my drink, so I took my time.

“Don’t you like beer?” my friend asked me.

“I do, but given the choice, I prefer wine. I see you were thirsty” I replied.

“Yes, sir, I still am” he said and winked while he downed the remaining beer.

After he left his beer glass on the counter, he cupped my balls and pulling them gently he said, “Let’s go downstairs, I want to show you this”. He kept pulling me by the balls and I followed him less than a foot behind. I had never been ball-guided before. He only let my jewels free when we started going down the stairs.

He pushed open a large wooden door and whispered, “We call this the Dungeon”. I could see why. The ambiance was totally different yet as enticing as the one on the ground floor. The air was cool but heavy and carried a quiet feel of isolation and helplessness. The brick walls and the flickering candles, the only illumination available, were adding to this effect. Thick chains were hanging from the ceiling at the far end and more chains were on the floor hanging from two links fixed in the wall. Moans and sighs and grunts could be heard coming from everywhere together with shouts and hissing noises. My friend took the narrow corridor in front of us and waved to me with his hand, “Follow me”. We were about to see what was happening in each of the doorless rooms to the right and left of our path.

In the first room, a blond woman was kneeling on the floor. A ring around her neck and two more rings, each around her ankles, were connected with short chains to a short iron bar behind her back. Her range of movements was restricted as her body made an arch with both ends, her neck and her ankles, fastened to the short rod. Her hands were holding a long dick and her tongue was paying tribute to its bulbous top.

The cock belonged to a naked tall man wearing only a leather mask. Occasionally, he would hold her head and push himself in her mouth until her stomach gave in with convulsions. He whipped her tits with a little whip made of a few leather straps bound together. The helpless slave shook and kept sucking him. The red marks on the woman’s breasts were noticeably turning from rosy too red.

The man turned around, bent gaziantep escort sitesi and offered his ass to his slave. Her docile tongue caressed his brown eye and teased the area between his hole and his balls. She pulled his balls upwards and towards his slippery hole until he twitched with pain. He grunted and shouted, “Lick them, bitch!” and she obeyed.

Three more women participated in the game, none of them bound by a contraption like the slave’s. They were taking turns licking, fingering and playing with the man’s genitals. I could see one of them had a butt plug and an attitude for rough play. She grabbed the man’s balls a few times and pulled them so hard, he almost lost his balance. Little grunts on his part comfirmed he loved his nuts treated like men. One of the girls laid on the floor and offered tongue service to the blond slave’s clit. I understood that slaves need to be taken care of too. We let them enjoy their passion and visited the next room while our cocks were drooling with their lubricating fluids.

The second room was very well illuminated thanks to a triple row of candles on a shelf on the right wall. A naked man was laying on a wooden table, his wrists and ankles spread far apart and tied to the table with short chains. He was extremely handsome, with a body only models have and a dick my friend and I marveled at. Two men were giving him a tongue bath, exploring every single crack of his body in the greatest detail with their tongues and fingers. For narration’s sake, I will call them Master A and Master B.

They were massaging, cupping, fondling and squeezing him any way they liked. He was their slave. Master A stroke the slave’s cock, Master B licked his balls and thighs, then Master A squatted on the model’s face rubbing his hole on his mouth. Master B took a candle and let the melted wax drip on the guy’s chest, his nipples, then down on his balls and cock. The slave moaned and shook and pulled his chains with no success. He couldn’t scream as Master A’s ass was flush against his mouth. He gasped for air only after his master stood up.

The handsome slave shook his chains again and begged them to end this torture. Instead, Master A tied a string around the slave’s balls and fastened its other end on a ring between the model’s legs at the end of the table pulling the ballsac enough to make the poor sufferer jerk and gasp. The sadistic master made sure the string was tight enough. Then, he sat on the slave’s cock facing him and started bobbing rhythmically taking all of his magnificent length.

Master B dropped the table’s fly that was supporting the slave’s head and let a sardonic laugh. The poor slave’s head, dangling at the end of the table, aligned his neck and mouth to accept his master’s cock. Without allowing the slave any time to breathe, ruthless Master B held with both his hands the man’s neck and shoved his dick in as far as possible. I could see the cock’s outline pumping inside the slave’s throat; his Adam’s apple was bobbing incessantly. The convulsions of the slave’s stomach were strong and every time his throat-fucker pulled out, streams of saliva ran down his nose and eyes.

My friend and I approached carefully, willing to take part. Bob knelt and took Master B’s cock in his mouth. I wiped the slave’s face with my cock and drenched my tool with the spit that was covering his face. I vanished in his mouth, then his throat and after I passed his tonsils, it felt like I was fucking his lungs. I knew I was fucking his soul.

After riding the beautiful cock for some time, Master A climbed down the table and took a police club that was lying on the floor. He whacked the guy’s stretched balls hard enough to make him shake and whimper. Then, he spat on the club’s rimmed end and lifted the slave’s balls to expose his hole. We left to check the next room while the chains’ jingles and the slave’s screams echoed all over the Dungeon.

The third room was as well illuminated as the one before, but it was empty. A tall closet was on the left side and a shelf on the wall next to it was crammed with little things. A strange contraption was hanging from the ceiling, a harness of some sort, with chains and buckles hanging down. Two rows of hooks were in the wall and on both sides of the harness. Bob turned to me and hugged my lower body kneading my butt cheeks with his palms.

“Let’s play, man,” he said pressing our hard-ons against each other. I liked the idea, it was time for us to get serious. He strapped the harness on me fastening the buckles tight. He locked the padded handcuffs around my wrists and pulled the chain they were hanging from. My arms went up and my friend secured the chain using one of the hooks in the wall. He then fastened a padded strap around each of my ankles and lifted my legs up so my knees were almost at the height of my head; then he pulled the little chains hanging from the ankle straps and hooked them to the wall hooks, securing and spreading my legs as far wide as possible. He looked at me and grinned, then passed a long leather belt under my right knee, then behind my back and buckled its ends around my left knee. This last one completely immobilized me since, if I wanted to push back and straighten my body, the belt would pull my knees up keeping my body in the same contorted position. He tightened every single strap, belt, buckle and chain over and over again until I had difficulty breathing, let alone moving.

My body was hanging from the ceiling, my back bent at a very sharp angle with my legs apart and bent at the knees. My handcuffed wrists were stretched to their limit. Bob adjusted my body’s angle vertically, so I faced him directly with my back against the wall. In order of increasing distance from the floor, the lowest parts of my body were my asshole, my balls, my cock. The rest of my body was bound in a way to restrict my blood circulation.

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked in a funny way. “I must look like a spider with crouched legs hanging down from my web”. But the friend I knew was not there.

“Shut up, sissy” he commanded, “or I’ll cut you to pieces and shit on them.”

Was I taken aback? You bet. I figured this was part of the game.

“Will you fuck me, great master?” I returned jokingly. Bob didn’t say anything, he opened the closet and took a little leather whip. He took a good look and whipped my ass a couple of times. It felt good to have this stinging feeling! Then he waited without a word.

I was impatient. “Whip me again, please!” I muttered.

Instead, he slapped my ass with his hands several times and then whipped me a couple more. My cock was raging, ready to blow up. But he leaned against the wall and waited some more.

I realized I was starting to lose feeling of my limbs because of the tight straps and belts. My master whipped me again but it only felt like a light tickle on my butt. I was numb all over, except for a little stretch of skin that included my three lowest hanging body parts. This is where a lot of my blood had concentrated due to my unorthodox position.

He whipped me a few more times just to make sure I had lost feeling of my body. He took a long feather from the closet and tickled gaziantep escort forum my balls, my anal area and the underside of my dick. The feeling was so intense that unleashed a frenzy of uncontrollable spasms; I shook and grunted and pushed open my sphincter with all my might.

Bob looked at me in the eye, very intently and asked, “You liked it, little cunt? Your manhole shuddered open”.

I liked it? I loved it and that is an understatement. He used his feather again and again until I begged him with the little strength I was left with, “Fuck me, please fuck me!”

“Not yet, you ‘re not ready, you pathetic piece of shit” he replied and whipped me quite a bit this time; then, he just stood there and waited calling me names.

Two of the guests that we saw earlier in the hall appeared peeking in and staring at us. Bob made a gesture with his hand meaning “Help yourselves”. The woman, a rather plump brunette with large breasts, came closer to me and played with my balls. She cupped, massaged and pulled them with a steady hand. She squeezed them tight enough for me to shout a cry and shake from pain. Then she licked them and moved on to a wonderful blowjob; she was experienced.

The man came from behind her and, as she was bent over my cock, he entered her wet pussy. He fucked her furiously and made her moan right on my cock; her guttural humming was a great turn on. After he shot his cum on her back, the woman turned around and sucked him clean. Before leaving, they both turned to me, said something in a foreign language and patted my balls and dick as if they wanted to say, “Thanks, man, that was great! Enjoy your stay here”. One of them tried to invade my ass, I am not sure whose hand it was probing my crack.

I was craving cock so bad, I don’t think I ever anticipated a good assfuck so much. I was also feeling dizzy and had some sort of tunnel vision because of all these straps hindering my blood circulation. The room got a little darker and the noises from the other rooms were not audible anymore. I moaned and started a silent cry with little tears welling up. I was feeling miserable, a helpless toy in the hands of a brutal master; my misery was taking hold of me.

I could see Bob approaching, but not much else. I felt his checking my asshole and felt him inserting a little syringe with lubricant. He emptied it inside me, but most leaked out. He tied a tiny leather choker at the base of his cock and balls. This made his cock harder and brought his balls closer to the cock’s head. He spat on his cock and, grabbing me from my harness, he rubbed his cock on my crack.

By now, he was extremely hard with thick veins running up and down his deep purple shaft. He guided himself in my ultra sensitive cherry hole. He pushed gently and found little resistance, then pushed some more until his cock passed my sphincter giving me this burning feeling. My ring cracked, I hurt and gasped with a little cry. He stopped and stayed there, looked at me in the eye and pushing his lips close to mine, he whispered, “I want to please you, my boy, please you any way you like, I am your slave now” and kissed me. The old Bob, the one I knew, was back and ready to give it all.

While keeping direct eye contact with me, he stuffed my rectal canal with his engorged cock in small steps, taking his time and enjoying every second, every inch, just like I was enjoying my increasingly stretchy feeling. When he was in all the way, he stopped and we kissed. I was so full of him, it was a matter of minutes for me to give in. He started plowing inside me slowly, never losing sight of my eyes; I was following his rhythm with my muscle ring.

“I love your tight ass” he mumbled, “I can feel your bowels stretching, I stretch them, I rub your colon to please you, my boy”.

Occasionally, he would spit on my cock and stroke it. When he accelerated drilling me with his seven inches, I was not able to reciprocate anymore. My anus was constantly stretched and I kept pushing with excitement. His eyes were pulling mine like magnets, like he was trying to see into my brain through them.

He must have hit my bladder a few times, because how else can I explain the piss coming off my dick? A stream in the beginning, a few drops later, then it stopped only for some more drops to drip a while later after he hit my bladder again.

“So, you like it, little mancunt, right? You like it hard, don’t you? You like it hard, I’ll give it to you hard.”

I could hear, with his every thrust, his balls slamming on me and making this slappy wet noise. All I needed was the grinding movement of his hips that followed. I let go. I moaned as loud as my restricted lungs allowed and my body pushed back achieving only a perfect alignment of my rectal tube with my anal pleaser’s wand. He was able to feel my contractions at full power. My cum shot freely in the air, a few thick drops followed a few thick stringy jets that landed on my chest and started flowing down mixed with sweat and piss. I moaned and moaned again and again. I felt like travelling at the speed of light or even faster. What a rush! This was a trip to Venus! My sensuous fucker, always gazing at me right in the eye, slowed down. We kissed passionately.

Starting with my mouth, his mouth, down to his dick inside my ass and up my mouth again, we functioned as a closed circuit; he was pinning me like a staple, nailing both ends of my gastrointestinal tract with both ends of his active pleasure givers, his tongue and his dick. He accelerated his pace again and after some violent thrusts, he frowned while looking at my eyes and thrusting in me; then came the strong thrust that took him really deep squishing me against the wall behind. I felt his man drill pulsing and spitting its juice inside. My sensuous lover let a long and subdued moan and stayed there kissing me and pushing with his hips for quite some time, as if his fleshy key was locking my slippery keyhole.

I cried again tears of joy and pleasure. I wanted to take him inside me all the way, all of his body, cock, balls, arms, legs, feet and chest, all. He pulled out gently and placed his palm under my temple of desire to collect the fluids that were trickling down. Our juices, our sweat, my piss and tears formed a little pool in his palm that we lapped up with unique zest. I felt like we had become one.

He let my legs free first, then my hands and, while he waited a while for my circulation to improve, he hugged me bringing our soaked cocks together. When I gained back sensation on my limbs, he unfastened the harness and we kissed. Sore but content, I held his hand and followed him to the next room.

It was the only room with a door and electricity. Bob opened and we entered in a modern but simple space with walls covered with shelves. It seemed like dozens of dildos were placed there, all kinds and all shapes and sizes. The weirdest things could be found. Bracelets, chain anklets, ropes, chains, strange tools and maybe a dozen masks were all placed in a way for the guests to find easily. At one corner and next to a bunch of prods, a big basket was full of condoms.

“What a waste!” Bob said showing me the condoms. “We are all healthy escort gaziantep and chicks are on the pill. Who thought of this?”

I was too busy to reply, exploring a strange device was more interesting to me. It looked like a dial the size of a steering wheel, but, instead of numbers, there were 12 rubber dicks all of different size, color and texture. The whole thing was sitting on a thin leg ending on a large base on the floor. With a push, the dial would turn and a new cock would land in front of me.

“We used this last time we didn’t have enough guys,” my friend said. “The girls knelt with their butts facing the wheel and took any cock that was in front of them. The guys knelt in front of the girls and fucked their mouths. Oh, wait, there were two guys too kneeling and taking the cocks up their asses. We only had 6 girls and 4 guys that night, two of them would only take cock. And you know, the funniest thing? Doc would give the signal and the girls had to take out the cocks and Doc would remove one cock and turn the wheel. With another signal, the girls had to take one of the remaining cocks. The one who was not able to find one, was removed from the game and forced to do something she didn’t like. This is the only exception to the Venus rules. Ha, musical cocks, right? What fun!”

“Yea right,” I said, “or the Wheel of Cock!”

We spent some more time in the Accessory room with the innumerable toys trying to understand which one is best for what. We came to the conclusion that nothing has more diversity than sex and food and, closing the door behind us, we walked to our next endeavour.

This was the smallest room in the Dungeon, but the sighs and moans coming out from there were the loudest. In the dim light, I saw two delivery beds on the left and another two on the right. On the front two beds, two guys were lying strapped with their legs up and apart. The third bed was occupied by a girl in her late twenties, legs up and apart as well.

In the middle of the room, a woman that looked familiar to me smiled and nodded. It was the plump brunette, the lady who squeezed my balls and gave me head earlier. Both her arms were plunged above the wrist in the guys’ asses. One of them was quite young, the other was her husband. She worked in their holes pretty well, given the guys’ grunts. She seemed like she was engaged in a tough boxing match, her face totally serious and her mind concentrated on pleasing the men. She took turns finsting their asses, I believe every right-handed person needs to do this to gain better control of the activity. Then she switched back to the other man’s hole.

Behind her, a stout man with a leather mask was exploring the lying girl’s orifices. Ass and pussy didn’t matter much, as long as both his arms were inside her. The girl was convulsing with pleasure squirting her juices on the man’s arms. He gave her his fingers to lick and then plowed her holes again to replenish the honey that she licked. His cock was hard but not very long, his balls hang low and dangled with each and every of his moves. A ring was around them and a weight hung from there making the whole thing look like a pendulum of desire. With a few slaps on her cunt, the girl shrieked and let go a huge load of cum. The man rubbed her cum on his short dick and, soon after, he came too.

The plump brunette shook her arms fast and, looking at her husband, she moaned with all the exertion that fisting demanded. The other guy let a huge sigh and came buckets, the flow of his cum following the rhythm of the brunette’s “handshake.” The lady’s husband didn’t utter a word, he was shivering with an intense anal orgasm only she knew to give.

With her other hand freed and still slippery from the young guy’s ass, she started stroking her husband’s cock. His anal orgasm was great, endless. The brunette had milked his prostate so well all this time that when he finally exploded, only pure sperm came flying. Just a few drops of it, just pure sperm. She devoured it with gusto.

“A wonderful couple,” I thought, “sharing all and everything.”

We moved on to the next room, a cell with walls only on two sides and bars on the other two. Candle holders on the walls were shedding light on the three guests who seemed to have an unusual experience. A table with a bulky box looking like an amplifier with knobs and lights was at the far right corner. Four cords were plugged in the box with their other ends giving pleasure to the couple of slaves facing each other and strapped on two opposing X-like wooden crosses right in the middle of the room.

They were both quite young, I believe in their early twenties. Wrists and ankles strapped, they each had neck collars that were fastened to the crosses. A young girl was next to the electric contraption and in charge of the controls, her long dark hair falling on her breasts. She was wearing a neck collar too, but hers had straps that went around her back and then to the front around her breasts only to end to the collar again.

One of the cords was inside the slave girl’s anus, another one was attached to her nipples with two little clamps. The slave guy had a collar around the ridge of his cock that was connected to the amplifier and then another cord was jutting out of his ass. A pair of clamps on his nipples were connected to the strange amplifier with another long cord. Both slaves were sweating, panting and grunting with their muscles showing the torture they were going through.

The girl in charge adjusted the knobs triggering a little scream from the couple. The man’s dick was standing out pointing at his friend’s cunt, but unable to enter it. The guy was arching his lean body all the time, not knowing which electric pulse gave him more pleasure, the one tickling his dick or the one titillating his invaded asshole and nipples. He pulled his body up with his arms so hard, only the tips of his toes touched the floor.

The two slaves were exhausted judging by their facial expressions and sweat-covered bodies. They were both losing fluids as they both had little pools right where they were stepping.

The young girl had adopted a different posture, that of bending forward a little to let her ass enjoy all the electric power she could get. Her nipples were large and reddish and the round breasts moved right and left like jell-o. She had bent as far as the neck collar allowed, so that she could see her boyfriend’s cock teased without being touched.

She was vocal, more than her man, her groans following the rhythmic pulse of her plugged ass. Her thighs were shaking continuously, streams of cum and sweat running down on her pale skin. She kept pushing forward and with her heels in the air, she gave a loud groan from the depths of her lungs. Thanks to her restraints, her body did not collapse.

While the girl’s pussy was dripping slowly, the guy screamed and his cock gave a sudden jolt and shot his cum to the girl facing him. The first few globs hit her navel, the rest was scattered around with every jolt of his tool. His gluteus muscles squeezed hard, the beautiful dimple on his asscheeks showed deeper than ever. When the electric contraption was switched off, the man gave a loud moan and his liberated sphincter let the electric ass plug fall off. His girlfriend lift her head and mumbled, “I can’t take it any more, I am done.”

Bob and I were hard once again and headed to the ground floor. We checked the bar and had some more beer and wine. We had to refuel before our endeavor to the other rooms of the Venus Club.

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