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This story is about a guy who has the ability to stop time. If you don’t like the concept, don’t read it.

I suggest you read prior parts before reading this. For those of you that read and enjoy this, I’m not sure where the story is going. If you have ideas about where the story should go or things that should happen, send me a message (I read comments, but I don’t take them too seriously, I find PMs to be a better form of communication).

Day 3 – Friday

Warren was fucking Ms. Burkhart. It was in her empty classroom, her hands were on the board, he was thrusting into her from behind, both were moaning in pleasure.

Then it all disappeared as Warren’s alarm went off. Warren slammed his fist into the side of his bed, pissed that his dream had been cut off mid-fuck. But only a moment after that, Warren smiled, thinking about how he could make that dream actually happen in a couple hours.

Still smiling, he sat up, turned off his alarm and headed for the shower. He was just walking into the bathroom when his sister leaned out of her room and started to yell at him.

“Don’t jerk–”

Julie cut herself off as Warren turned to look at her. He watched as she flushed a dark red. She was only there for a moment though, as she quickly turned back into her room, yelling behind her, “Just hurry up!”

Warren stood in the doorway of the bathroom for a bit smiling. He wasn’t positive what had just gone through his sister’s mind to cut her off, but he was pretty sure it had something to do with the ‘dream’ he had given her the night before. He had only intended the dream as revenge, but if it had the effect of getting her unable to look at him, he wasn’t going to complain.

Getting into the shower, Warren’s hand out of habit went straight to his hard dick. He stroked it a few times, remembering his dream about Ms. Burkhart. However, as he started remembering his dream, he also remembered he could actually make this a reality. He decided to hold off on jerking off for the day, instead saving up for when he saw Ms. Burkhart.

Though he didn’t rush through the rest of his shower, Warren still finished much earlier than he usually did. In fact, it was the first time in ages he could remember walking out of the bathroom without having his sister outside waiting to come in. He wondered is his shower really was that much quicker, or if his sister just didn’t want to see him, but he didn’t wait around to find out.

After getting dressed, Warren went down to the kitchen. His mom was sitting at the edge of the kitchen table just finishing her breakfast. She gave him her normal smile as she walked in the room. Apparently she had gotten over whatever she thought happened the night before.

“How are you this morning, Warren?”

“Fine,” he responded simply enough. He gave her a brief smile, but kept walking by to grab a bowl of cereal.

“You work everything out with your sister last night?”

Warren couldn’t help but laugh, but he tried to cut it off responding, “Yeah, we figured it out.”

Apparently his mom took the laugh as a good sign. “You see, your sister’s not that bad of a person.”

Warren had turned towards her just as she said this, and he cringed in anger at the thought, and felt a sharp pain in his forehead. Things didn’t get figured out because of Julie, she hadn’t helped out in anyway. In fact, she was the one that had caused the problem in the first place by complaining about Warren’s friends.

Warren looked up to see his mother, finished eating, staring at him, not moving. Angry at her for again defending his sister, he decided to shut her up the same we he had the night before. He quickly stripped off his clothes, hid them behind the counter, and restarted time, then quickly stopped it again. He then put his clothes back on and started time up again.

“I don’t know, she seems to go out of her way to cause trouble for me,” he said, responding to the statement his mom made before he froze time.

He watched as his mom stared at him for a couple moments, her eyes again going wide as she quickly looked up and down his now clothed body. In a voice that was barely there, she replied, “Maybe you’re right.”

She sat in the chair for several seconds just looking at Warren. Then she suddenly jerked her head away. Getting up from her seat, she said, “I’ve got to get to work early today, do you mind doing my dishes for me?”

Warren chuckled to himself as he replied, “Yeah, no problem mom.”

His mother simply said, “Thanks,” and left the room. He heard the door open and close soon after. Warren then enjoyed his breakfast, knowing now he could shut his mother up whenever he wanted simply by making her think she was envisioning her son naked.

Getting on the bus later that morning, a leg darted out into the aisle to trip Warren. Having thought this out waiting for the bus, Warren purposefully tripped over the leg, freezing time as he did so. After freezing time, he backed up a bit, and then kicked the leg in the aisle as hard as he could. The leg actually got pushed back quite a bit, and Warren had to pull it back to where it had been, then he got back in the position to trip over it. Then he started up time again.

“Fucking shit!” The leg shot back into the seat as the guy that had stuck it out pulled it into his body and rubbed it. At the same time, Warren fell forward a couple steps as if he had tripped but caught his footing.

“Hey, watch the language!” The guy in the seat ignored the bus driver, rubbing his leg, his face clearly in pain.

Warren walked back to the guy. “Sorry,” he began sincerely, “I didn’t see your leg there.” He stood there for a second looking at the guy whose leg he had just kicked. It was a rather large eleventh grader. He was probably about six foot two and also big due to a combination of fat and muscle. And yet here he was in pain rubbing his leg because of Warren, who tried to keep his laughter in his head.

The guy just glared back at Warren, who turned around, smiling, and went looking for a seat. Finding none empty, he again sat down next to Margaret.

Margaret turned to him, and in her lispy voice whispered, “Don’t feel bad, that guy tries to trip me every morning too.”

Normally, Warren didn’t respond to Margaret, as he didn’t really care for her, he just liked having somewhere to sit. But being in a good mood, he responded, “Yeah, well, I got him pretty hard today, we’ll see if he sticks his leg out again.”

Through her dental gear, Margaret gave him a smile that was a cross between happiness and surprise. “You mean you did that on purpose?”

A look of confusion went over Warren’s face as he responded, “Yeah.” The confusion was because as Margaret had turned to him, in her excitement, she had pulled the books on her lap into her. But it actually looked like she pulled them unnaturally deep into her stomach.

Seeing, and misinterpreting, the look on Warren’s face, Margaret frowned a bit and turned her body back to face the seat, turning her head to look out the window. While looking away, Margaret replied, “That’s so cool.”

Warren continued looking at Margaret for a bit, then turned to sit normally. His mind kept replaying Margaret pulling her books seemingly into her stomach.

After a couple minutes, he couldn’t take it anymore and simply stopped time.

Warren stood up and looked over towards Margaret. But the view out the window caught his eye. The bus had probably been going at least 55 mph when he had stopped time, and being on a highway, there were several other cars that were probably going even faster. Only now they were all stopped. There was a car just a little behind him out his window that looked like it was parked on the highway, but the driver still looked like he was driving, as he obviously just had been.

Interested, Warren walked to the back of the bus and looked out. As far as he could see on the highway, there were cars, simply stopped on the highway. It didn’t look like a traffic jam, as the cars weren’t as close as they would be in that situation. It simply looked like a bunch of cars had parked on the road.

“Cool,” Warren said aloud, enjoying the view. But after wandering around and looking out some more windows, Warren went back to his seat to return to the original reason he had stopped time.

Looking at Margaret, he picked up her books on her lap and placed them where he had been sitting. He then took a long hard look at Margaret’s body. She was wearing her usual white button-down shirt and plaid skirt. As usual, he could see the outline of her bra through her shirt, with her boobs seemingly overflowing her cups. Below her chest, her shirt pulled in an inch or two and went down to her lap. He had always assumed that her shirt and been pretty much pressed against her stomach, just a little loose, which made her look overweight. But when he had seen her shirt bend in as she had pulled her books into her, the first time he had ever seen her do that, they pulled her shirt in much farther.

Warren reached his hand out and pressed a couple fingers into Margaret’s stomach. Sure enough, his fingers sunk in about three inches past where her shirt hung before actually touching her stomach. As he did this, Warren mumbled to himself, “What the fuck?”

His curiosity getting the better of him, Warren unbuttoned Margaret’s entire shirt and pulled the sides apart. “Holy shit,” he exclaimed, as he pulled her shirt open.

Margaret was not overweight. She had a wide frame, that was definitely true. But her stomach was almost flat. He could even make out the bottom of her ribcage beneath her bra.

What shocked Warren the most about the girl’s stomach though, was that with it being so flat it made her chest look even larger. Her chest extended at least four inches out from the rest of her body, and that was with a bra that was obviously too small as her boobs were indeed overflowing the top of her very generic-looking white bra. Unable to resist, he put his hands over her boobs, quickly discovering that each boob was well more than a handful.

Once again, Warren’s curiosity drove him further. Carefully, he pulled Margaret’s body forward so he could reach behind her. Pulling her shirt out so he could look down inside of it, he tried to find the tag on Margaret’s bra. After some effort, he found it, but couldn’t read it from where he was. So he tried to unhook her bra. This took some time, as it was the first bra he had ever unhooked. Even with Sandy the day before, he had just pulled her bra up, not unhooked it.

After a lot of effort, he finally got it. He pulled the side with the tag up her back. 40DD! 40DD and it still wasn’t big enough for her! Carefully, Warren pushed Margaret’s upper body back against the bus seat and pulled the front of her bra up over her chest.

Then he just stared.

Margaret’s face may have not been much too look at – her big frizzy blond hair unable to hide her big ears, the freckles covering her face unable to hide her crooked nose, and oversized braces or some other kind of dental gear Warren didn’t know about that covered the insides of the girl’s mouth.

But going down her body, it got a lot better. Her freckles went down her neck, faded over her shoulders, and finally disappeared down the top of her enormous boobs. Her boobs were still held up in the air as if in a bra still, the line where the bra cup cut into her boobs where they began to overflow clearly visible. Reaching forward, Warren gently pressed her boobs down, trying to see what they would like like if they were hanging naturally. He found he could get them to hang down nearly to the bottom of her rib cage. He also discovered that her boobs were very full and soft. He was also impressed with the large areola covering her boobs. They were very light in color, just slightly darker than Margaret’s very white skin, but were easily two and a half inches in diameter. In the center of each was just the slightest hint of her nipples, barely sticking out. He wondered what they would like like hard, but also knew he couldn’t make that happen while time was stopped.

After spending some time staring at her chest, Warren let his eyes drop to her nearly hidden flat stomach, and continued tracing his eyes down to her crotch through her skirt. ‘What the hell’ he thought, reaching down to her skirt and pulling it up. Quickly, Warren saw two signs that the girl did not take care of herself downstairs. First, there was hair coming out the sides of Margaret’s generic, slightly loose fitting white panties. Second, even with the slight looseness of her panties, the crotch area was visibly pushed out by a sizable mound of hair.

Normally, this would have been a turn off to Warren, he hated hairy pussies in porn. But the hair sticking out the sides of Margaret’s panties was a dirty blond color, only slightly darker than her hair. Warren had never seen a blond pussy before, except for obviously bleached ones in porn. Reaching down, he hooked a finger in the side of her panties and pulled it as far as he could to the side, revealing a huge blond bush. Due to the light color of the hair, he could also just barely see through it, seeing a long slit, bigger than any he’d seen the day before, and large puffy pussy lips.

Staring at her pussy, Warren reached a finger down towards it. As his finger touched the blond hair, he felt his dick jump.

And then he stopped.

Warren stood for a few moments thinking, but quickly decided he wanted to save up for Ms. Burkhart. He could play with Margaret another day. He moved her panties back into place the best he could and then pushed her skirt down on her legs. He pulled her bra back down over her boobs, then leaned her forward to hook her bra together, which actually took more time than unhooking it. When that was done, he pushed her body back against the seat again and buttoned up her shirt. He then put her books back in her lap, placed her arms as best he could remember where they were, and sat back down where he had been sitting.

Then he started time.

He felt the seat shake as Margaret jumped next to him. She didn’t say anything, but the jump had knocked her books on the floor. She looked around slightly confused for a moment, then reached down to get her books. Warren reached down to help.

After handing Margaret her books, she looked at Warren, said, “Thanks,” then turned to look out the window. He thought she might have been lightly blushing, but it was hard to tell through her freckles. But he didn’t worry about it, and simply smiled, enjoying the rest of the trip to school.

It seemed to take forever to get to school, and then even longer for the first period bell to ring. The second he had sat down in Ms. Burkhart’s class, Warren started paying sharp attention. He planned to wait for her to write something on the board, so that her arms would be against the board like in his dream, then stop time, strip her, and fuck her.

But the class wasn’t going as he had hoped. She had been sitting at her desk until the bell rang with some other students hanging around talking to her, then she stood up and taught the class while either standing or walking back and forth in the front of the room. She never went to the board.

Warren slowly got more annoyed as the class period went by. All he wanted to do was stop time and fuck Ms. Burkhart, but she wouldn’t get in a position to do it. He’d had a boner since the beginning of the class and it was starting to hurt in anticipation.

About ten minutes from the end of the class, she wanted to open up a group discussion, having the students talk to each other and debate the points she had just brought up. As she called on the first student, she backed up to the front of her desk, jumped up and sat on it.

Warren wasted no time, cringing and setting off the sting in his forehead as soon as Ms. Burkhart had sat on her desk.

For a moment, Warren just stared, smiling, at Ms. Burkhart on her desk. She had just hopped up on it, she was leaning forward slightly, her head cocked a bit to the side, her mouth open as she had just been talking, her shoulders were slightly hunched forward, her hands resting on the edge of the desk, her knees spread a little more than shoulder width apart. It wasn’t the position from his dream, but Warren thought it might be even better.

After admiring his handiwork for a bit, Warren got up and headed towards Ms. Burkhart to do what he had wanted to do since he woke up that morning.

The first thing Warren did was untuck and unbutton her shirt. Then, pulling her straight arms off the table and into the air, he pulled the shirt up and off. This was followed by her bra, which he got off slightly faster than he had with Margaret earlier. Warren was surprised to find that she wore a padded bra, which made her boobs seem bigger than they actually were, given he thought Ms. Burkhart usually tried to hide her figure to make herself seem more professional. But after pulling it off, he thought he might understand why, as her nipples, albeit small, were rock hard and sticking out half an inch. He figured if her nipples got hard a lot she might wear padded bras to hide them.

While his initial approach had been to get Ms. Burkhart completely naked before doing anything, he could not help but spend some time kissing, licking, and sucking on her nipples before moving on.

When he was ready to move on, escort haberleri Warren unbuckled and pulled off Ms. Burkhart’s belt. He then unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. Then, after pushing her legs closer together, he carefully lifted her up and pulled her pants down to her ankles. He was surprised to find Ms. Burkhart unnaturally light – lifting her was as simple as lifting a cup, which led him to believe that anything weighed less while time was stopped. He didn’t think about that for long though as he continued pulling her pants down her smooth legs. Before pulling her pants off, he pulled off her shoes, followed by her socks, followed by her pants. He then lifted Ms. Burkhart up again and pulled her panties down and off. Finally, Warren spread her legs apart again, then stood back and admired his naked teacher.

Ms. Burkhart was frozen on her desk, her arms straight above her head, her legs spread, totally naked. Well, not totally. Warren noticed she still had a watch and a necklace on, and proceeded to take those off just for good measure. Looking at her again afterwards, he figured Ms. Burkhart could not weigh more than 110, 115 pounds at most. She was short, at five foot four, had a small frame, and was on the skinny side at that. Her relatively small boobs, barely B-cups, certainly didn’t add any extra weight to her. He would’ve guessed she weighed even less, but he noticed she had well-toned abs and legs, and guessed that muscle must weigh something. And, as he had guessed the day before when he had touched her through her panties, Ms. Burkhart was in fact completely hairless. Not just around her pussy, but her legs must have been shaved just that morning, which he noticed pulling down her pants and panties and had touched her incredibly smooth legs. Ms. Burkhart’s outer pussy lips were tiny, with her inner folds easily sticking out from within, especially with her legs spread as they were, which exposed everything she had. He noticed that Ms. Burkhart’s clit was significantly bigger than Sandy’s was, his only real basis for comparison, but it didn’t look too big. When watching porn, Warren preferred pussies with big outer lips that hid the inner folds, but he was too turned on to care right now.

Before doing anything with her, Warren wanted to see what she looked like from the back. He walked behind the desk, and saw the tops of Ms. Burkhart’s ass cheeks sticking out the tiniest bit from her back. The rest of her ass was flushed flat against the desk. There was a tiny cave created between her ass cheeks against the desk. Entranced, Warren felt the need to push his finger in it. Not far in, her felt her asshole against the top of his finger. He twisted his hand around so his finger could rub around the ring of her asshole. While he greatly enjoyed this, Warren realized he had better things he could be doing.

He walked around to the front of Ms. Burkhart’s desk and stripped off all his clothes. His dick was harder than he ever remembered it being, a combination of lust for Ms. Burkhart, having seen Margaret’s near-naked body, and having not jerked off that morning. He approached the desk, pulled Ms. Burkhart right to the edge, lowered her arms onto his shoulders, then lined his dick up with her cunt.

Warren moaned in extreme pleasure as he thrust his dick into her. After the first thrust, he paused, holding himself inside her and enjoying the feeling of her pussy surrounding his dick. When he was ready for more, he began repeatedly thrusting into his teacher, starting slow but quickly getting into a rapid pace. He soon was thrusting so hard that he was physically pushing Ms. Burkhart backwards onto the desk – he had to hold her hips to keep her on the edge so he could keep fucking her. When that got old, he lifted her up, bouncing her on his dick as he stood still. On one hand, he wished that he could start time and see her small breasts bounce as he fucked her, rather than just stay in the position they were when he froze time. On the other, there was something incredibly sexy about seeing his teacher keep a normal face, as if nothing was going on, while he fucked her brains out.

It wasn’t long before Warren was regretting his decision to not rub one off in his morning shower. After what seemed like just a few short minutes, he was ready to cum in her, and he couldn’t hold himself back. He put Ms. Burkhart back on the desk, holding her hips steady, and began thrusting as fast as he could into her.

A scream escaped Warren’s lips as his first shot went off into Ms. Burkhart. Lesser screams continued as with each following thrust, he shot more and more into her. Finally, he thrust one last time, letting the last of his cum escape into the insides of his teacher as he dropped his head onto her shoulder, suddenly completely spent.

He stayed like this for awhile, resting on his teacher, his dick deflating inside her, trying to regain his strength and energy, having spent all he had on fucking his frozen teacher.

When he felt strong enough to move again, Warren pulled out. Remembering what had happened to Sandy, he squatted down so his face was level with Ms. Burkhart’s cunt. And just like with Sandy, after he pulled out, Ms. Burkhart’s cunt muscles stayed spread in the shape of his dick. He could see into his teacher, much farther than he could with Sandy as she was in a better position. Three to four inches inside of her was easily visible before it faded to black. He could see some of his cum stuck in her at the deepest part he could see. Seeing that, Warren felt his dick jerk up. For a little bit, he contemplated whether to wait to get hard again, or whether to stop for now and save his next load for someone else.

He decided upon the latter, grabbing his clothes and getting dressed again. Then he got to work redressing Ms. Burkhart, which proved far more complicated than undressing her. He started with her watch and necklace, followed by her panties and bra, none of which was too challenging, though it did take Warren some time to get her bra hooked, but he felt he was starting to get the hang of it. He then put her arms back over her head and pulled her shirt down over her, which took some work, then buttoned it up. The most complicated part was her pants. He had to work them up inch by inch, having a lot of trouble getting them around her knees and then finally around her ass. Tucking her shirt into her pants also proved to be a challenge, but eventually he felt he had it as good as he could get it and buttoned and zipped up her pants. Lastly, he pulled her belt through the loops in her pants, which he discovered was unnecessarily challenging. He wondered why he had pulled her belt off her pants in the first place, instead of leaving it through the loops after unbuckling it. He made a mental note never to make that mistake again.

Finished, Warren stepped back and looked at Ms. Burkhart. He realized he hadn’t put her arms back down, so he did that, placing her hands on the edge of the desk. He also brought her legs a little closer together and pushed her back a little way from the edge of the desk, trying to remember exactly how she had been when he stopped time. Having her fully lined up, he stepped back again to check on her.

She looked as close to she had been as he thought he was going to get. He went back to his seat. He took a deep breath, wondering how Ms. Burkhart was going to react. Then he set off the sting inside his forehead.

A guy in the middle of the class started talking. Most of the students were looking at him. Warren didn’t remember the guy talking when he stopped time, but it was possible he wasn’t paying enough attention, or that he stopped time right after Ms. Burkhart called on him.

Ms. Burkhart, impressively, didn’t make a sound. Her mouth had shut quickly, whether that was because she had finished speaking or something else, he wasn’t sure. He saw her head tilt down slightly as her eyes went to her crotch, clearly looking at or for something, though he wasn’t sure what. Then she looked back up at the class, definitely more red, but nothing noticeably wrong besides that. The rest of the class seemingly didn’t notice anything wrong with her.

However, for the remaining ten minutes or so of class, Ms. Burkhart did not get off the desk, though she did wiggle around on it a bit every now and then. At the end of class, she again waved students out of the room that tried to stop and talk to her. Warren purposefully took his time and was the last student to leave. Just outside the door, he heard Ms. Burkhart finally hop off her desk. He looked behind him and saw her looking confusedly at her desk, then clearly adjusted her bra through her shirt, then her panties through her pants. Apparently he had not done too good a job getting them back on. She then brushed the crotch of her pants with both hands, as if straightening her pants or something, and then did the same with the ass of her pants. However, when she did the ass of her pants, she turned her head to look at it as she did. But as she turned her head, Warren thought he saw Ms. Burkhart catch him staring at her, so he quickly turned at left, hoping she thought he was just walking by.

The next couple classes went smoothly. Feeling more confident than the day before, Warren would stop time occasionally and not only flip up a skirt, but pull the panties aside so he could look at the girl’s pussy. He always put the panties back in place and the skirt back down before starting time again though. He must have seen twenty or so pussies over the course of his next two classes, along with the time spent in the hallway in between.

It was during his fourth period class that Warren found something more interesting to do.

The girl sitting next to him was apparently falling asleep. The teacher was known for not caring if students put their heads down, he would go on teaching even if the whole class was asleep. The girl, Diane, had her arms on her desk, her head sideways on her arms facing Warren, her eyes closed, and had started to yawn.

It was the sound of the yawn that got Warren to look over. He hadn’t been thinking of doing anything when he turned his head, but as he saw Diane stretch her mouth open sideways with her tongue pressing against the bottom or her mouth, a perverse thought crossed his mind.

Warren immediately stopped time.

He felt his dick jump in his pants as he looked at Diane, eyes closed, mouth as wide open as it could possibly be. However, while his dick jumped, it was not close to hard. That didn’t stop him though. Standing up, Warren moved to stand directly next to Diane, pulling his mostly limp dick out of his fly. He had to bend his knees slightly to get his dick level with Diane’s mouth, but as soon as he did, he aimed his dick into her mouth, pressing it against her tongue.

Once it was in her mouth, Warren’s dick quickly hardened, and he began thrusting into Diane’s mouth. At first, he just pushed until he felt the back of her mouth. But he soon found that this wasn’t very satisfying. Her mouth was actually open too much, so her lips weren’t rubbing against his dick. All he was doing was rubbing his dick along her tongue.

So Warren pushed farther.

He moaned as he felt Diane’s throat muscles stretch as much as they could to allow his dick to go down her throat. Warren continued pushing until his pants were flushed against Diane’s face, not letting him go any farther. He waited for some time after he got his dick as far as he could, both in pleasure and in shock. He was in shock for two reasons. First, he easily had the last two inches of his dick down her throat, and couldn’t believe that fit into this girl. Second, those two inches that were in her throat were incredibly tight. Apparently, he thought, throat muscles don’t stretch as much as cunt muscles do.

Warren brought his hands down to the back of Diane’s head as he began small thrusts into her mouth. He didn’t pull all the way out of her mouth, or even close. He only pulled back the two inches or so until his dick popped out of her throat, and then pushed back as far as he could. Even though the strokes were small though, they were far more intense than anything Warren had experienced before, as it was the tightest thing he had ever fucked. His thrusts quickly gained in speed and he felt his balls begin to tighten.

As he felt his orgasm come, Warren pushed his dick into Diane’s mouth as hard as he could, pushing down just slightly farther than he had been before. And he stayed there, screaming profanities and moaning, his dick compressed in the tightest hole it had ever been in, shooting cum straight down the frozen girl’s yawning throat, his hands holding her head as deep on his dick as it would go.

Warren opened his eyes and looked down as his orgasm subsided. He couldn’t see any shred of his dick, just his pants pressed against, and what looked likely slightly into Diane’s open mouth. He was still shocked it had all gone in there, and he wished he had thought of looking down earlier, watching his dick disappear into his classmate’s mouth and throat.

While looking down, he felt his dick slowly deflating. Though he never moved, his dick popped out of Diane’s throat and into her mouth as it continued to get limp. After his dick popped out of her throat, Warren pulled it out the rest of the way, tucking it back in his pants. He squatted down and looked into Diane’s still yawning mouth. He could see the back of her mouth, opening into her throat. But unlike when he looked into Sandy’s and Ms. Burkhart’s pussies after he fucked them, he saw no trace of his cum. He suddenly wondered how far down her throat it went, and then what was going to happen when he started up time.

‘Might as well find out,’ he thought to himself with a smile.

Settling back into his seat, Warren wasted no time setting off the sting inside his forehead.

A series of loud coughs and gags came from next to him. Diane quickly sat up and covered her mouth with her hand as she continued coughing and gagging.

“Do you need to get some water?”

Diane simply nodded to the teacher as she got up. While she did, Warren briefly saw the inside of the hand she had been coughing into. While there was some phlegm in it, he clearly saw his own cum mixed with it. As Diane continued to cough while walking out of the room, Warren wondered if she would recognize that it was cum she was coughing up, and if she did, how she would justify it.

Nearly five minutes later, Diane finally came back. She looked perfectly normal. After sitting down, the girl on the other side of her asked if she was okay and what happened.

“I must have just swallowed my spit while yawning,” was Diane’s response.

Warren just smiled as the class continued.

Nothing else exciting happened until just before lunch.

Warren was putting his book bag away as usual when Sarah, Val, and Tammy walked by. Warren laughed out loud at the fact that they were all wearing pants after the fiasco the day before. He even felt so confident as to wolf-whistle at them again. The three girls glared at him as a few other whistles shot off down the hall. Nothing compared to the day before, but still something. The girls just continued to walk by.

Soon after they walked by, Warren felt a hand slap his back as he heard Jake say, “Man, where are their skirts today?”

Warren laughed as the two started up a conversation on the way to lunch. During the conversation, Jake said Warren could bring any of his friends and he would get them all laid, laughing. Warren laughed too, not knowing whether Jake was serious or not. Just before they went their separate ways, Warren got directions to Jake’s house.

Bob immediately asked if Warren had asked Jake if they were invited to the party too. Warren relayed what he had just been told, leaving out the part about Jake getting them all laid, not wanting to get their hopes up. While Bob was excited, him and Warren had to talk both Frank and Pat into coming too. They finally said they would, while they clearly weren’t too excited about it.

Shortly after their conversation had turned back to video games, someone tripped over the back of Bob’s chair which had been stuck out a bit. Bob’s chair was kicked hard enough to spin him halfway around. All the guys at the table turned as they saw Alasia, a black girl from their grade, turning around after catching her feet.

“Sor–,” Bob started, but was interrupted before he got any farther.

“Pull your chair in you fat nerd!”

Before he knew what he was doing, Warren cringed in anger, feeling the sting inside his forehead. He didn’t realize what he had done until he looked up and saw no one moving and heard the suddenly deafening silence compared to the usual cafeteria racket.

While he had obviously stopped time accidentally, Warren was beginning to wonder whether it was just his angry cringe that set it off, or if his subconscious reaction when someone makes him mad is to immediately stop time. He brushed that thought off though as he tried to figure out what to do to Alasia for picking on Bob.

As thoughts ran through his mind, he realized there wasn’t much he could do. Maybe move her feet a little so she fell over on her own and he could then blame her for not watching where she was going. But as she was still standing facing Bob’s chair that was turned slightly towards her, that wouldn’t really escort hikayeleri work.

Thinking of ways to shut the girl up, Warren remembered how he shut his mom up. Alasia wasn’t looking at him, so he couldn’t make himself naked and make her think she thought it, but she was staring right at Bob…

Warren sat for awhile, trying to decide whether he was willing to strip his friend to shut up the girl that had just yelled at him. He didn’t really want to strip his friend, but he did want to see Alasia’s response, so he decided to do it.

Getting up, Warren walked over to Bob. He pulled his shirt up, revealing Bob’s gut. He wasn’t a very fat guy, but he definitely was overweight, and there was no denying the flab on his gut. Seeing it, Warren decided maybe he didn’t need to pull Bob’s shirt off. He stood up and took a deep breath before deciding to follow through with the next part. Finally, he bent down and unhooked Bob’s belt, and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans.

That made it time for the hard part – both mentally and physically.

Warren wasn’t looking forward to lifting his friend up to get his pants down, and he also wasn’t looking forward to seeing his friend’s junk. Deciding to do it though, he leaned forward to pull his friend up. However, he was surprised to find Bob much lighter than he had expected, just like with Ms. Burkhart that morning. People really did weigh less with no time, though he wasn’t sure why. Having done that, Warren turned his head away and pulled Bob’s pants and boxers to his ankles and sat him back down.

As he stood up, Warren’s eyes couldn’t help but catch Bob’s dick. And then, continuing to look, he laughed. Bob was huge! His limp dick was at least five inches long, and nearly as thick as Warren’s dick was hard. Deciding to change his tactic a little, Warren pulled Bob’s shirt back down to just above his dick. Then he moved to Alasia and twisted her head down until it was staring right at Bob’s dick.

Then he went back to his seat and started time only for a moment before stopping it again. Warren quickly pulled his friend’s pants back up, buckling, buttoning, and zipping them, then went back to his seat and started time again.

“I’m so sorry,” Bob said, apparently not noticing what had happened to him, or if he did, just not showing anything.

Alasia said nothing. She stood there, clearly trying to look at his face, but Warren could see her eyes continuously darting back to Bob’s now-covered dick.

“Good,” she finally said in a bitchy tone, before turning and heading back to her table.

As Bob turned back to the table, Frank and Pat were laughing. Frank jokingly said, “Smooth!”

Bob simply muttered out, “Damn she’s hot.”

This took Warren by surprise a bit. He didn’t think she was that hot, but apparently Bob did. Then again, Bob obviously has different tastes. Yes, Alasia had a big chest. Not as big as Margaret, but big. But she also had a big butt which Warren didn’t find very attractive. It stuck out easily two inches from her legs and back. She probably had a little more weight than most, but was by no means fat, so that wasn’t an issue. But she also had a rather large nose and dreadlocks, neither of which particularly turned Warren on.

After the few seconds it took for these thoughts to run through Warren’s head, he finally responded to Bob’s comment, saying, “It looked to me like she couldn’t keep her eyes off your crotch. Maybe she wonders what you’re packing down there!”

Frank started cracking up. “Yeah,” he began, “She totally wants your fat nerd dick!”

Everyone stated laughing at that comment, which essentially ended that conversation. However, throughout the remainder of lunch, Warren noticed that not only did Bob keep looking over his shoulder at Alasia, but she seemed to be taking occasional glances over at him.

When the bell rang for the end of lunch, Alasia’s table had gotten up quickly and were walking towards the exit, which took them right past Warren’s table. Warren, Frank, Pat, and Bob took their time getting up. As Bob got up to push his chair in, he turned around as Alasia was just a few feet from him. Warren quickly stopped time, pulled Bob’s pants down just below his crotch, and again twisted Alasia’s head to look down at it. He then quickly got back to where he had been, started time, stopped time, pulled Bob’s pants back up, went back to his spot, and started time again.

Bob continued pushing his chair in like nothing happened, but Alasia stopped short, causing the girl behind her to walk right into her and ask, “What the fuck Alasia?”

Alasia shook her head and started walking again, and without turning her head told the girl behind her, “Sorry, thought I saw something.”

They continued talking after that, but were too far away to hear.

The rest of the day went normally, with Warren stopping time only occasionally to flip up a skirt and pull aside panties to peak at a pussy.

At the end of the day, Warren felt horny again. He decided to try and pull the same stunt he had the day before. After the last bell, he went to his locker, then to an empty stall in the guys’ bathroom and froze time.

He walked over to the girls’ bathroom in hopes of finding someone he could fuck. Again, there were several girls by the mirrors, one of which he noticed was Alasia, and a friend of hers whose name he didn’t know standing next to her. He didn’t find any of the girls by the mirrors very interesting so he went to check the stalls.

The first stall was empty. In the second stall was Nina again, her hand behind her and down below her ass, her head turned back and looking towards where her hand was, though there was no way she could see it. Warren could only guess that Nina was wiping her ass, and that she took a shit after school every day in the second stall. The third stall was empty, which led Warren to wonder if Nina’s shits smelt really bad since no one got the stalls next to her, though he wouldn’t be able to tell as all smells disappeared while time was stopped. The fourth stall had a girl with her pants and panties around her ankles, leaned forward as much as she could, apparently peeing with fury. The fifth stall had another girl peeing, this one with her legs slightly spread so he could see her frozen piss stream. The sixth stall was empty. The seventh stall had a girl Warren recognized as another black friend of Alasia’s that had a hand between her legs and apparently was wiping herself.

Warren was about to leave disappointed, but as he was opening the door, the image of the girl in the last stall hit him again. Something about it didn’t seem right. He walked back and peaked over again. The girl’s head was twisted up a bit and had a look of relief on her face. That in itself wasn’t unusual, he had seen similar looks on the other girls that were peeing, and he could relate. When you gotta pee bad, it feels great to let it go. But she had that look on her face while she was wiping herself. That seemed unusual, since she was already done peeing.

Curious, Warren went to the stall next door and climbed over. He got in front of the girl and looked at her. This definitely didn’t seem right to him. So Warren slowly pushed the girl’s legs apart.

Warren laughed in shock. The girl wasn’t wiping! Her fingers were in her pussy – she was masturbating!

Warren felt his dick jump, having caught a girl masturbating in a school bathroom while other people were going to the bathroom.

After Warren recovered from his laughing, he decided to explore further, as this was actually the first black pussy he had seen. Carefully, he pulled the girl’s fingers out of her vagina, and then pulled her arm up and out of the way. Then he just took in the image for awhile. The girl was totally shaved, and he found it interesting how the girl’s skin got darker, from a brown almost to a solid black, as it got closer to her slit. And then, sticking out between the slit, the girl’s inner lips were almost as dark as the girl’s outer lips. But between the inner lips, where the girl’s fingers had just been, Warren saw the brightest pink color he had ever seen in a pussy, at least it seemed that way compared to the darker skin around it.

Suddenly, Warren knew he wanted to fuck this girl. He stood up and pulled his pants and boxers down and off, along with his shoes, though not his socks. He brought a hand down to rub his dick as he looked at the girl, trying to figure out how to fuck her. He couldn’t fuck her straight on between the legs like he did with Ms. Burkhart as the toilet was too low. He’d have to be on his knees, and not only did he not want to do it like that, he wasn’t sure it would even work. He couldn’t bend her over like he did with Sandy the day before, as this girl wasn’t in a position like that. She was just sitting straight up on a toilet.

Then he knew how to do it. Slipping behind the girl, Warren carefully lifted her up off the toilet seat, then he sat down on the toilet seat and pulled her down on his lap. He couldn’t fuck straight up into her, but he found that leaning back a bit, he could slide the girl diagonally onto his dick. From there it was effortless. He switched between humping up into her and pulling her up and down on his dick. Both felt equally good, the humping seeming more natural but pulling her taking less effort and a bit more erotic.

Warren didn’t even realize he was close until he was shooting deep up into the girl. He thrust his hips up and pulled her down as far as he could onto him. Once he finished, Warren didn’t waste time. He pulled out of her, got out from beneath her, got his shoes, boxers and pants back on, and finally put the girl’s arm back down, putting her fingers back in her cunt.

Smiling, Warren climbed over into the adjacent stall and headed back to the stall he had been in in the guys’ room.

As soon as he started time, there was a loud thud against the wall. He wasn’t sure if he hadn’t sat the girl up right and she fell against the wall between the two bathrooms or if she had just thrown an arm out and hit it. He went out to wait and see.

A few minutes later, the girl came out along with Alasia and her other friend. They were all talking and laughing, so he guessed nothing bad had happened, but still wondered what had caused the thud in the bathroom. He also wondered if Alasia and her other friend knew that the girl he had just fucked had just masturbated. There was no way for him to ever know. So he just headed out to catch his bus.

Upon arriving home, Warren went to his living room and turned on the TV. After browsing through the channels and finding nothing, Warren just left it on VH1 and let music videos play as he laid down on the couch.

Warren woke up to the sound of the front door closing. He saw his mom walk by, and seconds later heard the fridge open. The sound suddenly reminded him how hungry he was. Getting up, he headed into the kitchen.

“How was work, mom?”

She turned to him, looking a little surprised, “Not bad, it was a pretty easy day.” She continued looking at him for a little bit before adding, “I’d ask how your day was, but it obviously must’ve been pretty good judging by your mood.”

Warren laughed. “Yeah, it’s been pretty good recently.”

He could see his mom’s curiosity as she asked, “Any particular reason?”

“No,” Warren said quickly, “just seems like there’s less shit to deal with.”

He could see the answer didn’t satisfy his mother, but she didn’t persist. Instead, she said, “Remember that I’m going out tonight. Try to get along with your sister.”

Warren stopped time. He wasn’t sure why. It’s not like his mom had really defended Julie or spoke down to him, but the comment just annoyed him. So he stripped off his clothes, jerked off until he had a hard on, started time, stopped time, put his clothes back on, and stopped time again.

Responding to his mom’s statement, Warren replied, “Don’t worry mom, we’ll be fine.” He said this laughing inside, knowing he would have a fun night. While he was talking, his mom blinked a couple times, glancing down towards Warren’s crotch, then shook her head. It was a less dramatic reaction than prior instances, but it still had the same effect

“Alright then. Thanks. I’m going to go get ready.” She then turned and left, heading up to her bedroom.

Warren laughed to himself, still glad he could end a conversation with her whenever he wanted to. He then poured himself a glass of milk, grabbed a handful of cookies, and went back to the living room.

About half an hour later, Julie arrived home. She came in, went up to her room, then came back down to the living room and sat down in the recliner and joined in watching TV.

Warren immediately knew something was up, but didn’t know what. Julie and him were never in the same room without arguing, even watching TV, she would normally argue until she got to watch what she wanted to watch, which was probably not music videos. But she sat there and watched music videos, not saying a word.

Some time later their mom came down stairs. She went to the kitchen then stood in the doorway to the living room in a dress with her jacket and purse ready to go.

“Alright, I left money on the counter so you two can order pizza. If you need me, you both have my cell number. I’ll be back tomorrow morning.”

Both Julie and Warren said goodbye.

Just before walking out the doorway, their mom added, “Please don’t tear the place apart.”

“We won’t,” Warren and his sister said almost simultaneously. Their eyes briefly met as they looked at each other, but both quickly looked away.

Less than a minute later, the front door closed as their mom left.

Upon hearing the door close, Julie sat up and leaned forward.

“So I have a guy coming over tonight. Please, please don’t be a dick to him.” She put extra emphasis on the second please.

Warren couldn’t help but laugh in response. “I knew something was up the way you were acting.”

“Come on, I really like this guy,” Julie pleaded.

“So let me understand this,” Warren responded smiling, “You don’t want me having my friends over, but you want me to be nice to some guy you’re bringing over?”

Julie didn’t respond, she simply slammed her hand into the coffee table and got up to leave.

“Whoa, whoa, chill,” Warren began, “I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it. Just remember that this time you owe me.”

Julie simply smiled. “Thanks,” she said, in what came out as an obnoxious voice. And then she left.

Warren sat and thought about what had just happened. He hadn’t expected anyone to be over tonight, he thought it would just be him and his sister and he would be able to find ways to piss her off by stopping time. He was guessing that was going to be a lot harder with someone else here. ‘Oh well,’ he thought, shrugging his shoulders. He’d still no doubt be able to do something.

Getting over that, he was kind of pissed off at how Julie had approached this thing. She could have a guy over, but she didn’t want Warren to have any friends over? Plus, she pretended to be nice, but she got her way in the end. And it was clear she expected to the way she said, “Thanks.” This all worked out the way she wanted. So far.

Warren’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the shower going on upstairs. He smiled, seeing his first opportunity to mess with his sister. He set off the sting inside his forehead and went upstairs.

Warren walked into the bathroom and pulled aside the shower curtain.

“What in the fuck?”

Warren just stared in confusion after his comment.

The shower was going, although the water was currently frozen in place in the air. Julie was standing on the far end of the shower, still totally dry save her feet. She had her knees bent out slightly, and one hand was holding her pussy lips apart as a stream of bright yellow pee came out.

This didn’t so much bother Warren. He had pissed in the shower many times, just as he had whacked off in there too. No, what had Warren totally confused was that her other hand had two fingers sticking out and into her stream of pee.

Warren could see no reason for this. He had no idea what she was doing, or even what she possibly could be doing. His curiosity was overwhelming.

Staying on the far end of the shower, Warren pulled the shower curtain closed, but held his face just inside looking at his sister’s naked back. Then he started time again.

The water from the shower started hitting the bathtub and the stream of pee continued to come out of Julie’s cunt. But as he watched, she took the fingers she peed on and held them up to her face.

Warren thought he knew what she was doing, but he had to be sure. He stopped time again. He pulled open the shower curtain. And sure enough, his sister was sucking the fingers she had just pissed on. Beyond that, she was sucking her fingers while her other hand still held her pussy open and she still peed.

What caught Warren the most about this was Julie’s face. It was blank. Emotionless. She didn’t seem to enjoy the taste of her pee. She didn’t seem disgusted by it. She just looked normal. Like peeing on one’s fingers and then sucking them was completely normal.

Still curious, Warren resumed his position at the end of the tub, pulling the shower curtain closed with his face just escort ilanları peeking through, and he started time again.

Julie finished sucking her fingers, she probably had done it for no more than five seconds. But she brought her hand back down into her stream of pee. Only this time she bent forward a little and cupped her hand. Catching a few handfuls, she splashed the pee up and onto her dry body a few times. As she finished peeing, Julie took a step forward into the shower and started to turn around.

Not wanting to get caught, Warren quickly stopped time again. He stood back, allowing the shower curtain to fully close.

Warren had fully planned on messing with her somehow, maybe putting conditioner in her hand when she meant to use shampoo or making the soap constantly pop out of her hand so she had to keep picking it up. Anything he came up with really. Yet having seen his sister just taste her own pee and then splash some onto herself, he couldn’t think of anything. So slowly he turned around and walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him. When he got downstairs, he sat down and started time again.

For the next half hour or so, Warren kept trying to figure out what his sister had been doing. Sure he’d played with his pee before – when he was like eight! Not now that he is in ninth grade, and certainly not when he’s a senior in high school! Was that what his sister was really like? Was she really a weirdo who pretended to be a normal – albeit bitchy – girl? Warren just sat staring at the TV, not really watching it, trying to figure out his sister.

About forty minutes later, Julie came back downstairs. She sat back down in the living room with Warren, smiling, but not saying anything. Warren didn’t say anything to her. About five minutes later, the doorbell rang.

Julie got up to get it and soon came back into the living room with a senior Warren recognized from the football team. He was a big guy, maybe six foot two, and buff too, if not a little on the round side.

“Joe, this is my brother Warren. Warren, this is Joe.”

Warren stood up and shook the guy’s hand. “Nice to meet you, Joe.”

“You too, Warren.” He cocked his head at Warren for a second. “Haven’t I seen you talking with Jake recently?”

Warren’s eyes opened a little wider. He was surprised that a senior football player recognized him, and wasn’t sure whether that was a good or bad thing. “Yeah, just the past couple days.”

Joe smiled. “Thought so. How’d you end up hanging with Jake?”

Warren laughed, deciding to give him a brief retelling of the story. “We both happened to be around when a few girls’ skirts flipped up in the hallway and we got a show. We started talking about that, and then just kept talking.”

Joe slapped Warren on the shoulder. Sounding excited, he said, “Yeah man, I heard about that. You saw that?”

Suddenly Julie slapped Joe’s arm. He looked over to see her giving him a smirk. Warren had practically forgotten she was there. Joe laughed and quickly apologized, “Oh, sorry about that. They got nothing on you.”

Julie gave him another playful slap and then turned to Warren. “Warren, why don’t you order pizza while we pick out a movie?”

Warren could tell by the way she was looking at him and talking that she was trying to be bitchy, but he just couldn’t take it seriously, not after Joe talked to him like a friend, and not after he’d seen her weird shower. “Sure, sis,” he replied laughing, “I’ll get right on that.”

Joe gave Warren another slap on the shoulder as Warren walked out towards the kitchen. He ordered the pizza and a cold bottle of soda, yelling into the living room to figure out what they wanted. Even after finishing ordering, Warren waited for a few minutes. Normally, in a situation like this, Warren would avoid his sister entirely and go play games while she hung out with her friends or her boyfriend (not that he was sure Joe was her boyfriend or just a date, he had no idea what was going on in his sister’s life). But he didn’t really feel like doing that. So he went back to the living room.

Joe’s arm was around Julie, her head on his shoulder. Warren announced, “Pizza will be here in twenty.”

Joe turned towards him. “Hey, good to hear. And you’re just in time – movie’s just starting.”

Over the course of the next two hours, Warren watched some ridiculous street racing movie with Julie and Joe. Julie obviously didn’t care for the film, and Warren didn’t really either, not knowing anything about cars. Joe, however, seemed to love the movie and kept pointing out which cars were “fucking ridiculous” and which ones were “bullshit.” Julie just ignored the comments, but Warren would nod his head or verbally agree, even though he had no idea what he was talking about.

When the movie ended, Julie almost immediately grabbed Joe and dragged him out and upstairs. Before leaving the room though, Joe put his hand up towards Warren and said, “See ya around man.”

Warren just said, “Yup.” And as he heard them going up the stairs, he started laughing. He probably pissed his sister off more by becoming friendly with Joe than by anything he could do by stopping time. Not that that was going to stop him from messing with her.

As he heard the two reach the top of the stairs, Warren stopped time.

He walked up the stairs. At the top, he saw Joe walking behind his sister, grabbing her ass cheeks through her pants. Warren laughed, not caring about his sister but glad Joe was enjoying himself. He laughed even harder as he walked by them and saw the look on his sister’s face, which Joe couldn’t see from behind her. It was a clear look of annoyance. Apparently, she didn’t like what he was doing with her ass!

Warren continued to walk past them and into his sister’s room, where he hid in her closet like he had the night before, leaving the closet door open just enough for him to see through. Then he started up time again.

Julie practically ripped off Joe’s clothes after she shut the door upon entering the room. Joe wasn’t far behind on getting her clothes off. Then the two got on the bed naked. Julie started by sucking Joe’s dick, then he rolled her over and started pounding into her.

Warren tried not to watch most of it, uncomfortable with not only watching his sister, but also not really wanting to see Joe naked. Instead, he just listened, taking occasional glances, hoping for a point where he could stop time and mess with them, or preferably just his sister, as he kind of liked Joe.

As he waited, Joe and Julie seemed to go on for ages. Both sounded like they were enjoying it, but neither sounded like they were getting exceptionally pleased by the other. Finally, Warren heard Julie gasp out, “Let’s do doggy.”

Warren turned his head as Joe lifted up and his sister got on all fours. He saw Joe reach down and presumably line up his cock with her cunt, though he couldn’t see Joe’s dick from his angle.

And then Warren got an idea.

He set off the sting in his forehead, and watched as Joe and his sister froze where they were. Opening the closet door, Warren walked over to them, hoping he wasn’t too late. As Warren walked to the side, he bent over laughing.

On the plus side he wasn’t too late. He wanted to catch Joe before he entered his sister, and his dick head was just barely lined up with her cunt, ready to thrust in.

But that wasn’t why he was laughing. Warren was laughing because Joe had a very small dick. He was this giant guy, tall, muscular, a bit overweight, and he had a very skinny dick that maybe – just maybe – was 5 1/2 inches long. It looked even shorter than that, just barely sticking out of the massive bush around his dick. The good thing about that though, was it was probably good for what Warren wanted to do.

Warren walked closer and looked at his sister. On all four the way she was, her cunt was clearly exposed, but so was her little asshole, just as Warren had expected. Now he just had to go through with the disgusting part.

Warren stared at Joe’s small dick for a little bit working up the courage to make his next move. Then he was ready. Quickly reaching forward and grabbing Joe’s dick, he pulled it out and up a little until it was aimed at his sister’s asshole. He pushed it forward a little to make sure it would go in, and then let go, shaking his hand afterwards like that would cancel out the fact that he had just grabbed a guy’s dick. Warren walked back to the closet still shaking his hand. With his other hand, he closed the closet door enough so he could just barely see out of it.

Then he started up time.

Immediately Joe thrust forward.


The scream from Warren’s sister echoed throughout the room. Her upper body fell forward, her head landing in her hands as she screamed. The scream stopped Joe in his tracks, stopping with his dick fully inside Julie’s ass.

“You asshole, I can’t believe you did that!”

“Wha–,” Joe started as he looked down. He saw the problem as soon as he glanced down and pulled out. Apologetically, he started saying, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I don’t know how that happened. I swear I thought I was putting it in your pussy!”

Joe continued apologizing while Julie stayed in the position she was in head in her hands. Her body had started shaking at one point, possibly from sobs, but that soon passed. Tilting her head up, but not looking behind her, she screamed out, “How could you do that?”

Joe replied in monotone, “I don’t know, it was an accident.”

“An accident?” Julie was screaming at him again. “You can’t tell my ass from my pussy?”

“No,” Joe began, continuing, “I don’t know.” As he said that, Warren saw Joe’s arm begin to move. He immediately recognized the motion – Joe was slowly jerking off.

Julie didn’t respond after her last comment. She just dropped her head to her hands again. Why she didn’t move from the position she was in, Warren didn’t know.

After a short time, Joe started talking again. “Look, let’s forget that happened, finish here, and go to sleep.”

Warren saw Joe push forward, but didn’t know which hole he was pushing into. Julie answered that quickly though. She must’ve felt Joe pushing against her as she rapidly leaned forward and whipped her head back towards him and yelled, “You are not putting that in my pussy! It was just in my ass! That’s disgusting!”

Joe still sounding calm said, “I gotta get off, I ain’t having blue balls all night.”

Julie finally started to roll out of her position and snapped back at him, “Then jerk yourself off!”

Joe caught Julie and didn’t let her roll away. “I’m not going to jerk off when I’ve got you right here.”

Julie looked back at him. When she turned her head, she looked angry, but it faded to what looked like indifference as she looked at Joe’s face, which Warren couldn’t see. “Fine, then I’ll jerk you off.”

“No man,” Joe said, a touch of impatience showing in his voice, “That’s just like me jerking myself off.”

“Well,” Julie said, still looking at him, but not appearing angry, “You aren’t putting that in my pussy after it was in my ass, that’s disgusting.”

Joe was silent for a bit. “Then give me a blowjob.”

A look of disgust crossed Julie’s face at the mere suggestion. Sounding somewhat angry she nearly screamed back at him, “Fuck no, that’s even more disgusting!”

Joe, starting to sound like he was losing his patience, replied, “Well, I need to get off, so it’s your mouth or your pussy. Pick one.”

Julie shook her head and looked away. She was quiet for awhile, then dropped her head into her hands. Through her hands, she mumbled, “Just put it back in my ass. But be quick about it.”

Warren couldn’t believe his ears. His sister was going to let Joe get off in her ass!

Joe apparently couldn’t believe his ears either. His tone changing to that of a child on Christmas morning, he exclaimed, “What? Really? You sure?”

Through her hands again, Julie mumbled, “Yeah, now do it quick before I change my mind.”

Within seconds, Joe was thrusting repeatedly into her ass, saying things like, “Fuck yeah, baby,” “Your ass is so tight,” and “I can’t believe you’re letting me do this!”

The show didn’t last for long though, as Joe started showing signs of his oncoming orgasm. It wasn’t long before he threw his head back and screamed – practically roared – as he shot his load in Julie’s ass.

Joe stayed as he was for nearly a minute after he shot his load. Then he pulled back and collapsed on the bed next to Julie, whispering to her how incredible she was for a few seconds before very clearly falling asleep.

Warren waited for his sister to move, but for several minutes after Joe passed out she stayed with her head in her hands and her ass in the air. Finally, she started to stretch her legs out beneath her. She only moved them a few inches before jerking them back to where they had been. Then she tried a new approach, and slowly leaned over on her side, inched her way away from Joe so as not to roll on him, and then rolled onto her back, her knees in the air. Warren heard her say, “Fuck.” She didn’t scream it, she didn’t sound angry. She just said it.

Unable to hear her emotion, Warren stopped time. He walked up to his sister to look at her face. She was staring emotionlessly at the ceiling. She didn’t look like she had been crying. She didn’t look like she was in pain. She just looked… bored.

The look actually kind of pissed Warren off. He had started to feel bad, started to think he might have gone too far, that he had done something to seriously mess with her. But here she was looking fine, meaning she made him worry about her for nothing.

Warren left and headed to his room, stopping to wash his hands on the way. Sitting on his bed, he started up time, laid back and went to sleep.

At two in the morning, Warren woke up to his cell phone alarm. He grabbed his cell phone and shut it off, then confused looked at the settings for the alarm. He slammed the phone into the bed as he realized he had set his phone the night before to go off daily, instead of just once. He laid there for a few minutes, pissed off at being awake.

Unable to get to sleep within the next few minutes, Warren announced to his room, “Fuck it.”

Sitting up, he pulled off his boxers and then stopped time. He got up and walked to his sister’s room. Julie was still in the position he had seen her when she left, on her back with her knees up. But being asleep now, her knees had fallen apart somewhat, exposing her shaved pussy. Joe, meanwhile, was asleep on his side facing Julie, but a little less than a couple feet away, his top arm stretched out and holding Julie’s breast that was closest to him. Both were sleeping above the covers.

Warren had to chuckle looking at Joe. Asleep and on his side, his dick had gone limp and was hanging down, maybe two and a half inches long, three tops. It looked like a little boy’s penis on a man’s body, and it was nearly hidden in his vast pubic hair.

Carefully, Warren lifted Joe’s arm off his sister and placed it next to him. Then Warren smacked Julie’s foot. He briefly started and stopped time again for her to wake up. Finally, he started jerking off, getting ready to cum on her again. Trying to speed things up, he ran his spare hand over his sister’s body, for the first time appreciating her ample breasts, her dark nipples, long and hard from the cold night air in her room, her toned stomach, her shaved hot pussy – the outer lips big enough to hide all her inner folds, but when spread exposing her pink hole…

Warren pulled his hand back from his sister’s pussy and stopped jerking off, suddenly realizing he nearly came to soon. Climbing onto the bed, Warren got on his knees, one leg on either side of his sister, careful not to hit her or Joe in any way. Above, he aimed his dick at her face and started jerking off. As he felt himself about to cum, he started up time.

He heard Julie gasp beneath him and he watched her face turn red as his first shot hit her in the nostril. Julie didn’t even react as his next shot left a trail from her cheek, over her eye onto her forehead. Warren aimed lower and the next shot hit beneath her chin, and the following one left a trail from her chin across her open mouth to just above her upper lip. Julie continued to simply stare at her brother’s dick as the next couple shots hit her cheek, and then the remainder dribbled onto her neck.

Since Julie didn’t react this time, Warren kept jerking off til he felt empty, not stopping time again until he felt every last drop of cum was out of him. Then he went to the bathroom and got tissues to clean off his cum on his sister. He wiped it all off, though he did rub a little into her tongue, threw the tissues out in his room, and then went into her closet again as he started time.

Julie simply stared at the ceiling for about a minute or so and muttered, “Not again.”

She then brought her hands up to her face and rubbed her face then looked at her hands, finding nothing. She then made noises with her mouth like she had the night before. When she stopped, she just shook her head up at the ceiling, whispering, “What the fuck is wrong with me?”

Then Julie started to push her legs down flat. She had barely moved them when she made a sudden whining noise and jerked them back up. She turned her head towards Joe, looked at him for a few seconds, then shook her head. She rolled in the opposite direction of Joe, keeping her knees bent but now facing the side, and pulled a pillow over her head.

Warren stopped time and headed back to his room. He laid down and was back asleep in seconds.

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