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Copyright: This story is a work of fiction. Please don’t reproduce this text in whole or in parts without the explicit permission of the author.

This story is a continuation of Windows: Part 1…

The whole of the day went away as if in a daze. My parents noticed it too, at the lunch table, when instead of pouring water from the jug onto a glass; I poured it into a bowl that was meant for soup.

“If you are so worried about your studies, why did you come home during this break?” My mother was being sarcastic. I knew, since the time I had left home to go to another city, she was worried as hell, and probably called me up at least 2-3 times a week. Even my friends, at the dorm knew about it.

I was actually preoccupied. I was trying to re-live my first experience of making love. Fleeting images of Madhu crossed my mind, making me oblivious of my surrounding. In a haze, I finished my lunch, answering in grunts to my parents’ questions.

Finally, my mother tapped me on the head, and said, “Here, take this sweetmeat. This is from the temple. This is the offering, from today’s special prayers that Mrs. Gupta did for Madhu.”

I was instantly on the alert. Normally, in our communities, special prayers were done for something special. I mean, like if someone was suffering from an incurable disease, or if someone was about to open a new business, or someone was desirous of some personal fortunes, etc. So what did Madhu want, I thought.

“So, what’s up with Madhu?” I asked.

“Oh nothing much, you know how world is,” my mother replied nonchalantly.

“So, how is the world?” I asked.

Anyway, the conversation didn’t go anywhere, except that I was piqued. What did Madhu want, or rather, what did Mrs. Gupta want for her daughter. But very soon, that question vanished from my mind, as a fleeting image of a taunt nipple shimmered in front of my eyes. The nipples shouldn’t have shimmered, for I was reading … O.K staring … at a Computer Architecture book. So where did that nipple come from. I looked again, and the nipple had vanished.

But soon, another image of a belly-button appeared, and below that, I could distinctly see the shadowy curve, and pair of puffed up pussy-lips; the pussy-lips were trying to engulf a large pink head of an angry cock. I shook myself; the image disappeared. What the heck was I doing, sitting in the living room, with a book and an enormous erection! My parents could come in any minute. And I knew, I could never explain how a Computer Architecture textbook could give anyone an erection! That vision was so funny, I laughed out loud, and thankfully my erection subsided.

It had become too stuffy and hot in the house, so I changed into jeans and a t-shirt, and went out.

“Krishna!” I heard a girl’s voice call me, and I saw Lali walking towards me.

Lali, as I had mentioned was one of the neighborhood girls. She was the one that used to pester me with her math and science questions. Well, not that I minded it much. Lali was a couple of years younger to me; she had just finished her high-school, and entered a local college. She was, I grudgingly agreed, a rather pretty thing. Lithesome, and thin, she was quiet tall, about 5’7″ to my 5’11. She was at least 2 inches taller than Madhu (why was I comparing her with Madhu!) She had straight hair that she had cut short, up to her shoulders.

Since joining college, she had discovered fashion. She either wore tight jeans, and halter-tees, or flowing skirts with tight bodices. I knew she was quiet popular, because my other friends (guys) in the colony were always talking about her.

“Are you free today evening?” she asked me. I looked at her, and thought about what Madhu had told me.

“I don’t have time today,” I was rather abrupt. She stopped in her tracks. In the past, although I had never been obviously delighted to see her, I had also never been rude to her. I had always found time for her. But today, I was angry.

She could sense my anger, but she couldn’t understand why.

“Come on, I have a few questions”

“Look Lali, I said, I didn’t have time for you today.”

“OK, I’ll ask Deepak,” she retorted.

“Fine with me,” and with that, I walked away.

Deepak was my friend. In our neighborhood, other than me, he too had gotten admission to an engineering college, although a local one, and not as hallowed, as the one I was in.

Anyway, Deepak was the fall-back guy for all those girls, who were attracted to the brainy nerd kinds. In India, in those days, the middle class was still steeped in traditions. The ideal boy in most families was either a doctor or an engineers or a civil servants. Any other profession did not count. That was why, whenever I was in town, either we (i.e. my parents and I) were invited to someone’s house, or one of those families invited themselves to lunches or dinners at our place. I mean those families with 18 and 19 years old daughters! Deepak too got invited, but not as much as I. And the other guys, well they were not even allowed Cebeci Escort near their houses by the ever-watchful parents of those 18 and 19 years old.

My musings were interrupted by that same (grating to my ears then) voice.

“Why are you angry with me? If you are sad because of Madhu, don’t take it out on me,” said Lali.

I stopped and turned to look back at Lali, who had caught up with me again.

“Why should Madhu be sad? I met her today morning, and she was rather happy,” I commented, also slightly red in the face, as I imagined the reasons for her being happy.

Lali probably did not notice it, as she continued, “Why? Didn’t you know she has come home for good?”


“Ya, my mother, and you know Priya, her mother; they were talking about it today at my place. I overheard them say that Madhu’s in-laws were very bad, and they had left Madhu back with her parents, and …”

“Hold on, hold on,” I stopped her, “Why should Madhu’s in-laws do that?”

Suddenly, Lali became shy, “I don’t know. She has been married three years, you know.”

Off course, I knew that. What a stupid girl. Impatient now, I continued, “So, what’s that got to do with it, or are you saying that the government has made a new marriage law that all marriages shall last for 3 years only!”

“Oh! Why don’t you understand!” she exclaimed. “My mother was saying that Madhu should have had a kid by now.”

Yes, that thought had crossed my mind too. Our society was a joint-family society (not so much any more, especially in metros, but in towns and villages, it is even today like that. Sons and their wives lived with the son’s parents.) I knew that in most families, it was generally expected by the guy’s parents, that their daughter-in-law would bear them a grandchild (son preferably, but daughter would do too) pretty soon after marriage. And if not, the girl was the one who was usually blamed for not conceiving, especially the stay-at home girls who did not work. I knew, although Madhu had a college degree, she did not work. And she stayed with her husband’s family too.

I looked at Lali; she was rather red in the face and kind of twisting and chewing her lower lip. She looked quiet pretty, but I was angry nonetheless. Why should Madhu be the only one to be blamed? It could be her husband’s fault too. Off course, all these modern day marriage councilors and fertility clinics were unheard of during those days.

“I am a bit busy today, but perhaps tomorrow I can look at your math or physics problems,” I said. I tried not to take out my anger on Lali.

Lali’s face lit up. “OK, Thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She skipped away, her short hair bouncing up and down.

The mystery of Madhu had begun to unravel slowly in my mind. Was that the reason she had sex with me. Didn’t she have sex with me, because she loved me? Could she have chosen anyone, and I just happened to be around? I could not believe that Madhu would have slept around with anyone. I had grown up with her, and she was not that kind of a girl. I believed that she did love me. But then, what Lali told me also made sense.

I began to get a bit depressed about it. The thought that Madhu did not love me was not a flattering one.

However, I couldn’t think much about it. I was put to work by my mother, as soon as I reached home. She wanted some help in organizing a storage rack, and off course I had to help. It was soon dark, and time for dinner. I had mine earlier than usual, as I wanted to go up to my room.

As I climbed up the stairs, I saw Madhu. She was sitting on the veranda, ostensibly, reading a paper. She threw that down when she saw me.

We looked at each other, I with a very mixed feeling, and she, I think with…. eagerness? blush? Love?

“Hi, how are you,” she whispered.

“I am fine. I am going up.” I was eager for her to follow me. But she didn’t.

“We were about to have dinner. Did you have yours? Why don’t you come in, mother has made Kheer with cashew nuts. Have some.”

I saw her mother come out to the veranda. She probably heard the last part of the conversation.

“Yes, Krishna. Come in. Have Kheer (a traditional rice pudding), and also make Madhu eat some. She has been hardly eating anything since she came home.

“You know, when Madhu was getting married, I told your uncle that it was too soon, she was still young, but he wouldn’t listen.” In the privacy of her house, and in front of an inconsequential non-gossiper (that’s me), her mother could not keep herself bottled up any more.

“Oh mama! Don’t start that again, please!” Madhu’s cry was full of anguish and pain.

“Yes, I have to shut up, I know. Neither your papa, nor you have ever listen to me,” and with that she turned her back and went inside.

In the semi-darkness of the veranda, I saw a silent tear roll down Madhu’s cheeks. Before, I could say something, she quickly turned, and at the same time, brushed her cheeks with her hands, Kolej Escort and turned to me again.

“Please come with me, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to sit at the table. At least with you there, I can enjoy my meal.”

So, I went inside. We sat at the table. I had my dinner, but still ate some. I could feel the tension at the table, but Madhu was right. My presence helped. Soon, uncle retired, saying that he was sleepy. Aunty, Madhu and I talked some, and then I too got up to go. Madhu offered to clean-up, and aunty gratefully took that help. She bid a us goodnight, and went to their bedroom, and shut the door.

We were there alone. Madhu was busy cleaning the table, but I saw her wipe her cheeks a few times. So I went up to her. She was in the kitchen, facing the sink. I walked up behind her, and touched her shoulders. She turned, and I saw her face, luminous with tears. I pulled her close to me, and then she hid her face on my shoulders. I held her close. I felt her shudder, and then she was limp against me.

I held her for a long time; I knew then, I loved her, and I would do anything to see her happy. It really did not matter why she had made love to me. All it mattered was she had made love to ME. And my feelings for her were real. I was not depressed any more.

After a while, I felt her straightening up. I relaxed my hold, and she looked up at me.

“What is going on, Madhu? Why was aunty angry about your marriage?” I asked.

“Krish, you know, after my marriage, I wanted to write to you, or even call you. But I never did. I am not happy with my life right now.”

“Why,” I persisted.

“Let’s go up to your room. I am done here.” She took my hand. Instead of going out from the living room to the veranda, she pulled me to her room. She then locked the room behind her. Then, she proceeded to open the other door that led to the veranda.

I understood why. She wanted her parents to think that she was in her room asleep, in case they woke up. Also, it meant that perhaps she planned to spend the night (or at least most of it) with me, in my room upstairs.

My excitement grew, as I worked her logic out. I followed her, as she closed the door behind, and silently started to climb up the stairs. In the dark, her hips loomed large in front of my eyes. She was wearing a long skirt that twirled around her as she walked. We reached up to the top floor landing. Turning, I shut the door behind me. We walked to my room. I did not switch on the lights.

My room had a table, and on the corner, was a mattress bed. There was a bookshelf to one side, and another small table with my music system. The music system lights were glowing eerily in the dark. She went to my bed and sat down. I decided to follow her, but then, I didn’t and dragged the chair, and sat down on it.

“You know, Randeep, my husband,” she began. “It was OK in the beginning. But his parents, they are so dominating; especially his mother. Within 4 months of our marriage, she began to drop hints”

“What hints?” I asked.

“You know, why we didn’t start a family, since I was doing nothing, but sitting at home and all.

“And then after 3 years it became unbearable. Not that I didn’t want kids. And somehow, all this made me hate myself, and everything else too. I couldn’t bear the constant taunt anymore. So I came back home.” She was openly weeping now.

“I am glad you came back. You don’t need to suffer, Madhu,” and I got up and went to sit by her side on the bed.

I pulled her towards me, and she came and wrapped her arms around my chest, under my armpits, and hid her face on my chest. I held her. We sat there in the dark.

“If only I could have a baby,” she whispered, “It would be all right.” I pretended not to hear her, but I knew then. Madhu was desperate.

It was not an age of divorce; in those days, widows, or divorcees did not get married again. They usually found it hard to live. Most people, especially the males thought them easy and more so if they were young; and the wives were always suspicious of their motives regarding their husbands. So, they seldom had other women as their friends.

I understood that Madhu wanted to keep her marriage alive. Perhaps her husband was not strong enough to stand up to his parents. And I was her friend, hell, in fact more than a friend. And if she came to me for help, why should I suspect her motive.

I knew I was going to help her; because, I loved her; because she had asked me to, in her own way, by making love to me. I didn’t care anymore.

I kissed her head. She looked up, and I kissed her forehead.

“I wish you were a bit older, Krish. I would have married you, you know,” and she tried to giggled, but it sounded more like a sob to me. I was still planting small kisses on her forehead, and I didn’t have to say anything.

After some time, I heard her say, “I haven’t felt this alive in a long time.” And then, she kissed me back. Not the light pecks that Yenimahalle Escort I was planting. She craned her neck up, and smacked me right on my lips. Then she sat up, with a naughty look in her eyes.

“So, did you like it yesterday?” It was dark, and I could see her eyes, large and seemingly serious.

“What,” I feigned ignorance. She had stood up, and was pacing the floors.

“You know, in the morning.”

“Oh! You mean when we fucked!” I was brazen. I saw her, jerk up startled. Then, the adventure caught up with her.

“Yes, did you enjoy fucking me?”

I was hard in a flash. Madhu, my Madhu was talking dirty. I had never ever imagined her talking dirty (even though it was just a word – fuck – but boy, what a word it was, especially coming out of her mouth!)

“Deliriously,” I said. “Madhu, I never imagined it with you, but now, I cannot think of anyone but you.”

She was pleased. She came and stood in front of me. I spread my knees, and let her come in.

“Come here baby,” and saying that, she pulled my head on to her belly. I could feel her breasts rest on the top of my head, and I could feel her belly-button through the thin frock she was wearing.

“So, you cannot think of anyone but me. I know you, you probably would think about Lali tomorrow,” she whispered.

“Oh! That Lali again. What’s up with you?” I countered. “You know, I love you and I know I am going to be in love with you forever.”

“Forever is a long time, Krish,” she said, “I want to be happy tonight.”

My arms were around her hips. Her scent pervaded my senses, and her softness lulled me. I knew I was going to be in heaven soon. The frock she was wearing was thin. I could feel the thin outline of her panties.

She too had started to explore my shoulders, and my back.

“You know, you have a sexy figure,” that was a first for me, that is, calling a girl sexy. It was a small beginning, but I knew I was going to go places.

“Oh! Sexy, hmmmm……” she looked at me. “So, you did like what you saw.”

I was lost, and she saw my confusion.

“You know, through the window in my room.”

I was stunned, and started to deny everything.

“What window? When?,” I stammered.

“Krish, come on, don’t take me for a fool,” she was openly laughing now at my squirm.

But then, I realized that there was no point denying. And I did not want to deny it, not any more.

“Did you know,” I asked.

“Yes, you were like clockwork, right on time. Our whole life, you have come up to wish me a good night, as you went up to your room. I did hear you come up, and then I saw the doors of the window open wide, when just a few minutes ago I had closed them.” she laughed.

Well, if she was being devious, I could be blatant too.

“That was quiet a show you put on for me,” I said. “The way you pulled your bra off was so god-awful erotic. And the full-frontal nude act was worth an Oscar!”

“I did give you a good show, didn’t I. Well, it’s your turn now.” And she pulled the t-shirt I was wearing over my head.

“Come on, come on; get up and lose those shorts now.” She was excited. So, I stood up, and she sat down, and pulled me between her knees. With both her hands, she grabbed my loose lounge shorts, and pulled them down. It fell in a bunch at my foot, and I stepped over them. Madhu looked at me. She pushed me at an arms length, and began to gaze at my body. I was already hard, and felt a bit embarrassed. I mean, a girl was ogling at me, and I was naked and hard!

“I couldn’t see you today morning,” she said. “I wanted to see you.”

The room was dark, but there was enough light from the streets below, and the moon above, seeping in through the partly open windows.

She stared at me, paying special attention to my rampaging hard-on. I watched her, as she stared at my cock. I moved a bit, and my cock jerked with my movement. She seemed fascinated. I squeezed my buttocks, and my cock jerked up, the head pulsating, and enlarging a little with my effort.

Then her hands began to roam over my body. She put her right palm flat on my belly, and slowly dragged them over my pubic hair. She lightly caressed them, and with her left hand, grabbed me by my ass-cheeks, and pulled me forward. Soon, I was standing between the ‘vee’ formed by her knees.

I was hard, and my cock-head had come out from its prepuce. It looked purple with anger! The skin was bunched at the groove below my cock-head.

She stopped playing with my pubic hair, and she held my cock at the base. Then, she grasped the shaft properly, and pulled the skin further down. My cock-head emerged completely, and the skin became taut. I knew, I was leaking. I could see a drop form at the tip of my penis. She too, stared at the drop, fascinated.

“You are big,” she whispered, “When did you grow so big?” I didn’t say anything, didn’t have to, but I liked what I heard.

And then she kissed me! A minute ago, she was just staring at my penis, and then, she brought her face forward, and kissed me right at the tip. I saw the drop of my juice stick to her lips, and as she drew her face back, it formed a thin thread between my cock-tip, and her lips, keeping the connection alive. She licked her lips, once, and again brought her face forward. This time, she kissed, but held my cock there, touching it with her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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