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David woke slowly from his nap; he guessed it was the bird’s chirping that brought him from his state of slumber. He wasn’t used to hearing sounds from nature, but today with the warm weather David and his wife Victoria had opened all the windows and fallen asleep holding each others hand. He turned to Victoria and smiled as his eyes enjoyed the shapely form of the woman he loved. She had turned while sleeping and now lay on her back. Her deep breathing caused her breasts to rise and fall.

After months of cleaning snow off his windshield and layering sweaters, coats, hats and gloves; the spring-like weather was better than internal heating. He often felt stifled by the freezing weather, those months when the weather had such control over his moods. He missed all that the cold weather hid under its layers of snow and cold.

Victoria lay there wearing the outfit she had resisted wearing that morning. He loved the outfit, and in the cold of winter it had appeared in his fantasies. This morning with the day’s warm weather he slid into his shorts and remembered the outfit. The blue shorts were the shortest pair she owned, and they hugged her hips. The cropped top showed her soft skin, and as it tied in the front, the full shape of her breasts was displayed for him.

He knew she had bought the outfit only for his pleasure at home, and she resisted wearing it outdoors in front of others, being very self-conscious about her looks. Looking at her now he felt sorry for every guy before him who had passed her up. This morning when she had argued against wearing the adorable outfit he promised they would drive a distance away and guarantee that no one she knew would see her.

He watched her now, remembering how she had moved, how she had kept her jacket on feeling self-conscious until it was too warm. He recalled putting his arm around her waist as they walked around the park. He had watched her walk to get them ice cream as he lazily remained sitting on the park bench.

Her body wasn’t like the blow-brushed bodies he saw in advertisements. No, after experiencing Kolej Escort a real woman, those advertisements rang shallow. Her stomach wasn’t flat, her extra weight added to her curves, and he loved her. He’d rather have Victoria than any woman who fretted about dieting.

Thinking of her curves he started reaching for her, and stopped himself as she looked so peaceful. He had licked, kissed, and caressed, every part of her body he was sure. He let out a low groan remembering the last time she had welcomed him inside her. He was surprised at the feelings she stirred in him as he only looked at her.

He looked at the clock, they had only slept 20 minutes and Victoria was a long napper and probably wouldn’t be up soon. But he was longing for her already. He started to get up, but as he moved on the bed Victoria rolled over on her side facing him. He didn’t have the self-control to leave her looking like this. Her breasts, somewhat loose in the short top, formed curves she rarely accentuated in the clothes she wore. Yes, this was the perfect view. He grinned and adjusted his own shorts.

His mind raced to thoughts of the two of them tumbling in bed together. All she did was lay there sleeping and breathing, yet it was enough to drive him crazy. If only he could see her breasts uncovered. He wondered if he could untie her top without her waking up. He gently moved closer to her, and slowly started untying the knot.

In their first weeks, as they got used to sleeping together, Victoria would awaken every time he moved. Especially every time he reached for her. Recently though she had grown used to his movements and was returning to her previous pattern of heavy sleeping. He heard her breathing pattern change and she moved a little. He thought she was waking up, but just as quickly her bbbreathing pattern slowed.

He wanted so badly to awaken her and start in reality what his mind had started long ago. Instead he kept untying her knot, careful to touch her skin as little as possible.

Now he took the Rus Escort challenge to see if he could accomplish his task without awakening her. Yes, her breathing was steady and he untied the second tie. How could he not have noticed before how amazing her breasts looked pushed together against the mattress? The one side of the shirt fell to the mattress, the other he let fall over her arm so he could enjoy the full view.

Longing filled him. Hungering to be sucking those nipples, desiring to hear her groan, lusting to bury his face in her bosom and smell her scent, aching to be inside her.

He started sliding off the bed to get rid of his own shorts. This caused her to shift and her arm came down almost wholly covering his previous spectacular view. He slipped his shorts off, returning to the bed naked. He tickled a spot on her thigh, softly enough to not awaken her but causing her to turn on her back again.

Now he lost all self-control seeing his beautiful wife at rest with his favorite view forming rising hills pointing upwards. She would have to sleep later for he was aching for her.

With one hand teasing his growing cock, he took the finger of his other hand and touched her nipple. He groaned at the softness of it. He couldn’t believe she was his. He made circles on her nipples. Victoria’s breathing sped up a moment but then returned to normal. The only thought he could focus on was the desire to suck her nipples. He got on his knees and quickly found the beautiful nipple in his mouth. He watched her face and from the first lick her breath caught, her body started moving away until she opened her eyes and saw him there like a dog starving for her. The smile spread across her face as she realized that she was in a very different position than the one that she fell asleep in.

He heard her giggle at him. It was a giggle that turned into a moan of pleasure. The same moan that always shot deep inside him causing his heat to expand. She stretched out a little but didn’t pull away.

“Yes, yes, yes! You Yenimahalle Escort can wake me up like this any day or night, David.” The words made the edges of his mouth twitch into a grin.

He slid his mouth off and she frowned. He readjusted his body to be close to hers, and to reach her other nipple. As he moved, she must have realized his nakedness for she squirmed out of the shorts.

Naked for each other. After a day of watching each other, after a winter of hiding their skin under coats and long-johns they were now together bare and shameless without worrying about snuggling under blankets to keep the chill off.

Her need for him must have grown quickly because she started squirming underneath him. He slid off the nipple and was going to work his way lower when she redirected his mouth to find hers. Their kiss was deep and furious. She sucked his tongue into her mouth showing him she wanted his hardness inside her.

He could hardly think after that intense movement of lips under his. He had lost his self-control earlier but when she grabbed his cock in the middle of her kiss he knew no other world, but the one where Victoria and David were in bed together in each others arms. She stroked his length. He grew more relaxed and more tense under her grasp and he tossed his head back before returning to Victoria’s lips. He moved to her neck where she predictably reacted with giggles of pleasure.

She squirmed under him and slid her legs apart. He kissed her shoulder and reached for her pussy. The wetness surrounded his fingers as he tested the waters, not wanting to go too fast but anxious to rush in. His finger slid inside her, her wetness and groans confirmed that she wanted him and that his fingers were insufficient for her need.

Her fingers let go of his now lengthened cock. He felt the loss of her fingers but knew she was signaling she was ready for his cock to find another place that would take even more care of him.

He climbed over her wide open legs, his hardness now poised to enter her. He reached down and kissed her as the tip of his cock broke through the folds of her wetness. His body was alive with the feel, taste, smell, and sight of his beautiful wife. He wanted the moment to last but his lack of self-control, his desire for her kept him sliding in, in, in to where he belonged.

He had untied her top and became completely untied himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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