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Vince stands at the mantlepiece looking at Anthony’s picture, he is sobbing now, he hasn’t cried like this for five years since Anthony passed away. He can’t understand it, how could Lance have gotten to him like that? Why didn’t he see what was happening? And why the fuck did he have to say love?

Vince is at a crisis point, he’s been holding on to the love he had for Anthony all this time never wanting it to slip away, never wanting anything to replace that special relationship they had. Then Lance comes along and threatens that, at the moment Lance said he loves him Vince realised he’d forgotten about Anthony all weekend, something he’s never done before, it shocked him.

He heads upstair and takes a shower, it isn’t helping, he can’t get the images of what he and Lance did in there over the weekend. He gets dressed and sits in the garden with a hot drink, it’s the same there, images of Lance mowing the lawn naked with an erection keep haunting him. He heads back inside and looks at the cellar door, he knows going down there is going to be the same. He’s getting more upset, it always used to be fond memories of him and Anthony before but now Lance is dominating his thoughts.

He decides to do some house work, to try and get his mind off the boy when he comes across the video camera they used on the first night. He switches it on and presses play, it starts at the point where Vince first fucked Lance, Rob had captured the moment when Lance blew his load as Vince first penetrates him, Vince’s cock stirs as he watches. Rob did a close up of Lance’s face as Vince pounds his ass, Lance looks straight at the camera and Vince’s heart skips at beat. Vince snaps the camera shut and grabs his car keys. Before he leaves he looks at the picture of Anthony once more then removes it from the mantlepiece and places it in a drawer.

The moment Vince saw Lance look at the camera he knew he is in love with the boy and that it’s time to move on. Five years is too long to grieve for someone, he had a chance to find happiness with someone and he’s now terrified he may have blown it. He jumps in his car and guns it.

* * *

Lance is feeling drained as he reaches his house, he just needs to sleep, hopefully he’ll feel better when he wakes up. However when he walks in the hallway he sees several suitcases. He shouts out for his mother and a voice comes from upstairs.

“Where have you been? I’ve been trying to reach you all weekend!” Shouts his mother as she comes bounding down the stairs. She’s a large woman at 180 pounds, she waddles more than walks, despite her weight she is still very attractive and has no problem in finding boyfriends.

“I’ve been with friends, what’s with the suitcases?” He asks.

“What friends?” She asks suspiciously.

“Just friends. Mom why are there suitcases in the hall?” He asks again not wanting to tell her he got fucked for the first time by a big man.

“I’ve been trying to get you all weekend,” she repeats as she heads into the kitchen, Lance follows, “Oh yes, and did you take the rent money?”

Lance had forgotten about that, he dishes the money out of his pocket, “Yeah, sorry, I just needed to borrow it,” he says as he hands it to her.

She looks at him a little stunned, “Well it’s no matter anyway, We’re leaving.”

“What? No! Not again, you can’t keep doing this to me. I’ve made new friends here and I’m damned if I’m going to keep following you round the country!” he shouts in frustration.

“Lance, you have to come,” she says, theres an urgency in her voice he hasn’t heard before.

“Why? You did this last time, you’ve fallen out with Andy haven’t you? Did he hit you?” He asks trying to get to the truth.

“No, it’s not Andy, although the little weasel can go and rot in hell for all I care,” she replies.

Although Lance didn’t like Andy and Andy didn’t like Lance his mother was besotted with him so to hear his mother talk about him like that was a bit of a surprise.

“Well if it ain’t Andy what the fuck is it? Mom I’m fed up with this moving around, I ain’t going anywhere till you tell me what the fuck is going on!” Lance is getting really frustrated now.

His mother shakes her head, “Sit down, I think it’s time I told you the truth,” she says sitting at the kitchen table.

“Truth? What are you talking about?” Lance asks confused.

“It’s your father,” She starts.

“My father? He’s dead, what’s he got to do with it?”

“He’s not dead.”

“What! But you said..”

“I know what I told you, I only did that so you wouldn’t be upset.”

“Upset? UPSET? How the fuck do you think I feel now?! You’ve lied to me for the past ten years!” Lance rants. “What lame fucking reason do you have for telling me he’s dead?!”

“Because he’s a murderer,” She says.

Lance suddenly feels like he’s been hit by a truck, “A m-m-m-murderer?” he sits down opposite his mother dazed.

“Ten years ago your father caught me with another man, he went berserk but the man managed to escape. Your father tracked him down though and güvenilir bahis the man was found dead the next day, your father got life for his murder. He was on his way back to get me and you when the police caught up with him.” she explains.

Lance looks at her in disbelief, “Are you taking the piss?”

“Lance please, we don’t have much time,” she pleads.

“That doesn’t explain why we had to move,” Lance says.

“He got an early release from prison two weeks ago, he’s trying to find us,” she replies.

They hear the front door close, “Did you lock the door when you came in?” she asks suddenly very fearful. Lance looks at her realising that someone has just walked into the house, he shakes his head.

“Lance, look at you all grown up,” A voice says behind him. Lance spins round and sees a tall scrawny man standing in the doorway, His clothes look shabby and dirty, his hair is a mess and he’s got a weeks worth of growth on his chin.

“Dad?” Lance asks.

* * *

Vince drives aimlessly, he has no idea where Lance lives, who would know? Robert, he introduced them he might just know. Vince dials his number on his mobile and Robert answers.

“Robert, where does Lance live?” He asks getting straight to the point.

“Vince, nice to hear from you too, yes I’m well, thanks for asking,” Robert replies sarcastically.

“Very funny, look I really need to know where he lives,” Vince presses.

“You sound stressed, what happened?” Robert asks.

“Please Robert, just tell me where he lives,” Vince asks again getting irate.

“I’m not telling you anything until you calm down, are you driving?” He asks.


“Come and get me, I’ll show you, and we can talk about it in the car,” Robert suggest.

“Ok I’ll be there in ten minutes.” Vince hangs up the phone and swings the car in a U turn hard causing the tyres to screech.

* * *

“Roger, please leave us alone,” Lance’s mother begs looking at his father standing in the kitchen doorway.

“Leave you alone? What the fuck do you think I’ve been doing for the last ten years! I’ve been stuck in that hell hole and not once did you come to visit! I’ve missed my boy, I just want to get to know him,” Roger says as he walks up to Lance and strokes his hair.

Roger’s touch acts like a trigger, suddenly memories come flooding back, the nice loving gentle father he remembers is gone, instead replaced by memories of regular beatings and abuse. He remembers this mans temper and drunken rages and how Lance would often be on the receiving end of them. Lance quickly stands up and backs away fear in his eyes.

Roger looks back with hurt in his eyes that suddenly turn to rage, “What have you done to him? He’s my son he shouldn’t be afraid of me! You fucking bitch! You whore! You’re the cause of all this.”

Roger flies at Lance’s mother grabbing her by the throat and despite his scrawny appearance lifts her out of her chair. Lance panics and jumps on his fathers back to pull him off, Roger lands a lucky blow with his elbow into Lance’s stomach knocking the wind out of him. His mother is trying to scream but Rogers grip is suffocating her. Lance quickly jumps on his father again but this time Roger spins round and head butts Lance hard on the nose breaking it and causing it to burst open with blood pouring out.

Roger lets go of Lance’s mother and grabs hold of Lance flinging him across the kitchen, his rage giving him incredible strength, Lance hits the counter hard and he feels something snap in his right arm. The pain doesn’t have time to register with him yet as he falls to the floor, Roger literally puts the boot in, using his steel capped boots he kicks Lance hard, in the head and his chest. Lance screams out, only vaguely aware of his mother trying to stop Roger, he holds out his left arm to try and stop his kicks only to have it smashed against the kitchen cupboard. Roger doesn’t stop his rage in full fury he places a blow to Lance’s head and he blacks out.

* * *

Vince pulls up at Roberts and is about to get out when Robert and Nathan come out of the house.

“So come on spill the beans,” Nathan says as he climbs in the back seat.

“Where are we going?” Vince asks.

“Woodside,” Robert replies as he climbs in the front, he only just has time to close the door when Vince slams his foot on the accelerator.

“Whoa! I think someone has the hots real bad for Lance,” Nathan says, “Come on Vince tell us what happened?”

“It turns out Lance is gay and and a natural sub, we had a lot of fun yesterday and we kind of got to know each other quite well, he really took to being a slave,” Vince starts, “This morning he said something that got me scared.”

“He said he loves you,” Nathan pipes in, Vince is always impressed with his intuition.


“So what’s the problem?” Robert asks.

“I kicked him out,” Vince replies.

“You kicked him out? Why?” Robert presses.

“Because I got scared, I still haven’t got over losing Anthony and I thought that Lance was threatening güvenilir bahis siteleri the love I still have for him.”

“But Anthony’s dead, you have to move on, Christ knows we been saying this for the last five years,” Nathan says.

“I know, I know, but the thing is after Lance left I couldn’t get him out of my head and I suddenly realised you guys are right I do need to move on.”

“Oh my God you’re in love with him!” Nathan announces, Vince really is impressed with his intuition.

“Yes I am,” Vince replies.

“Oh Vince that’s wonderful, I’m so happy for you,” Robert says.

“I just hope I haven’t blown it with him,” Vince adds.

“We’ll soon find out,” Robert says, “It’s next left then number 23.”

* * *

Lance comes to and sees his mother lying on the kitchen floor, he can hear someone knocking on the front door, he looks up and sees Roger crouched down behind the kitchen units. Lance tries to move but he can’t then the pain hits him, he screams out, Roger rushes over and hits him hard across the head, Lance blacks out again.

Vince had knocked on the door and was about to leave when he heard the scream, he tried the door and found it to be unlocked, he cautiously opens it and sees the luggage in the hallway. Vince’s army training kicks in and he slowly makes his way down the hall keeping an eye on all possible exits. When he reaches the kitchen door he peeks round slowly, he first sees as large woman lying motionless on the floor, as he moves further in he sees Lance, the sight shocks him, he’s covered in blood and his eye’s mouth and nose are swollen. He want’s to rush over and help him but he knows the attacker could still be around, he cautiously moves in, suddenly a figure rushes him, Vince’s army instinct kicks in and spinning round catches the attacker off guard sending him flying past, Vince lands a blow to his back and the attacker smashes against the wall.

Vince regroups and looks at his attacker as the assailant gets up, this time he notices he has a knife. Roger lunges for him but Vince deftly steps aside, as Roger’s hand passes in front of him Vince grabs and twists it causing the knife to fall out and sending Roger flying through the air and landing on his back. Vince quickly steps over him and with one hard blow knocks him unconscious.

Knowing that Roger could come to at any moment he looks round the kitchen and finds as ball of string, good enough for his needs, he ties Roger up with it making sure he won’t be able to escape. He checks Lance, he needs a hospital, he checks his mother, she’s not breathing. Vince pulls out his phone and calls the police.

Robert and Nathan wait patiently in the car when they suddenly see Vince carrying Lance out of the house, they’re shocked when they see the condition that Lance is in.

“Nathan get out the car,” Vince orders, Nathan does so and Vince lays Lance on the back seat.

“Get him to the hospital, I’ll be along later,” Vince says handing his keys to Nathan.

“What happened?” Robert asks.

“I’ll explain later but I need to stay here until the police arrive,” Vince replies, “Now go!”

With that Robert and Nathan speed of with their victim on the back seat, Vince heads back inside and within five minutes the police arrive.

* * *

Lance wakes slowly, everything is blurry but he knows this isn’t a room he recognises.

“He’s wakening up,” he hears a familiar voice say.

“I’ll go and get him ” another familiar voice says.

He can make out the shape of a person leave the room, he closes his eyes and when he opens them things seem a little clearer.

“Hey trouble, how you feeling?” the first voice says.

He looks at the person speaking but he still can’t make his features, “Like thuckin’ thit ” He replies groggily, his words sound strange, he licks his lips and realises they are swollen. Lance blinks his eyes a few times and is finally able to see he’s speaking to Robert, “What are you doing here? And where is here?”

“You’re in hospital, you was badly beaten up ” Robert informs him.

It all comes flooding back, he looks down and sees both his arms are in plaster and his chest is bandaged up, “God he really did a numder on me,” he says, then he suddenly remembers seeing his mother on the kitchen floor, “Thuck! My Mom! Where’s my mom?”

Just then a two police women enter the room.

“If you can give us a moment Mr Frink,” the one police woman says to Robert.

Normally Lance would laugh at such a daft surname but he’s too stressed out over his mother to think about it. Robert leaves the room and one of the Police women sits next to his bed.

“Lance Southall, is that your name?” She asks.

“Yes that’s me, where’s my mom?”

The officers look at each other, Lance can tell there’s something wrong.

“I’m officer Bryant and this is officer Cole, we’d like to ask you a few questions if we may?” Bryant asks.

“Not until you tell me where my Mom is!” he shouts. Suddenly pain shoots through his body and he cries out flinging iddaa siteleri his head back on the pillow.

“Get a nurse,” Bryant says to Cole. Cole leaves the room.

Lance is gritting his teeth hard, the pain is unbearable, just then a male nurse enters.

“Hello Lance, glad to see you’re awake, I’m just going to give you something for the pain,” he says.

‘Hurry the fuck up!’ Lance thinks. The nurse pulls back the bedclothes to administer an injection in his leg, that’s when Lance realises he’s naked apart from his casts and dressings, the officers and the nurse can see clearly that he’s shaved. He feels the needle enter his leg and the pain slowly subsides. He’s now utterly embarrassed at his nudity in front of everyone.

“Well someone likes to keep trim,” the nurse says patting him on the leg before covering him back up. Lance colours up a bright red.

“Mr Southall, can you tell us in you own words what happened yesterday,”

“Yesterday? How long hab I been out?” Lance asks shocked

“You were bought in yesterday by Mr Frink. Please Mr Southall we need to hear from you exactly what happened,” Bryant presses.

“I told you I’m not saying anything till I know my mother is ok,” He insists.

The officers look at each other again and Cole nods to her partner. Lance is fearing the worst.

“I’m afraid Mr Southall you’re mother is dead.”

Those words hit Lance like a ton of bricks, “No! You’re lying! She can’t be,” he remembers seeing her lying motionless on the floor, tears well up in his eyes, “No please say it isn’t true,”

“I’m afraid it is,” Bryant says.

Lance throws his head back into the pillow and howls, it seems like his whole world has fallen apart. He starts sobbing almost hyperventilating, Bryant tells Cole to see if he’s allowed anything to drink.

“You’ve just had a bad shock so try and take a deep breath, and breathe slowly.”

Lance follows her instructions and he starts to calm down. Soon he is breathing better, still sobbing but now he is able to speak. Cole returns with a carton on orange juice and a straw, she holds it to his lips and he takes a few mouthfuls.

“Do you think you’re ok to talk about what happened?” Bryant asks.

Lance nods then proceeds to tell the officers everything that happened.

“That’s all I can remember,” he says after getting to the point where he blacks out for the second time.

“You’ll be pleased to know you’re father has been caught and is in custody. You’re very lucky Mr Tranter came along when he did,” Bryant says. Lance looks at them confused, Vince never told him his surname so Lance has no idea who Mr Tranter is. “We’ll send him in shortly, he wants to speak to you.”

The officers stand up, “Is there anyone we can call for you? Grandparents? Uncles? Aunts?” Bryant asks when he finishes.

“No, Mom was an only child and her parents died a long time ago.” Lance explains.

“Is there no one at all you can think of? You’re going to need some one to help care for you for the next few weeks,” Byrant adds. Lance immediately thinks of Vince but dismisses the thought almost as quick, he then thinks of Rob, maybe he would help. “Have a think about it, I’m sure someone will come to mind.”

The officers leave and Lance closes his eye’s, he’s tired and in grief, he wishes dearly that Vince could be here, he would know what to do. A tear trickles down his cheek.

* * *

Vince is waiting outside Lance’s room when the officers come out, “How is he?” Vince asks concerned.

“He’s just had a bad shock hearing the new of his mother, he’s very upset,” Bryant informs him, “He’s going to need someone to help care for him over the next few weeks, do you know of anyone?” She asks.

“Yes, he’s going to come and stay with me,” Vince informs her.

“Thanks for your help Mr Tranter, we may need to ask you some more questions later, do we have a way to contact you?” Cole asks.

“Yes I gave my details the the officer at the scene,” Vince says.

“Good, you can go in now,” Cole says and walks away.

Vince quickly enters the room, he sees Lance lying there, both eye’s and his lips swollen and black from his beating. He sits on the stool next to Lance’s bed and places his hand on Lance’s leg, Lance opens his eyes and takes a short breath when he sees Vince’s handsome face staring back at him. Tears fill his eyes and he begins to cry, he’s overjoyed to see Vince again but his emotions overwhelm him and he breaks down.

Vince leans over and kisses him on the forehead, “You’re going to be ok, I’m going to make sure of that,” He says in a soft soothing voice.

Vince stays like that, his lips against Lance’s forehead while he cries, stroking his leg, he wants to hold him tight but he’s far too fragile to touch at the moment.

“Why are you here?” Lance asks eventually.

Vince considered giving him a full explanation but instead he just said, “Because I love you.”

A huge smile forms across Lance’s face, “When did you realise?” he asks.

“After you left, I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I’m so sorry Lance, I was horrible to you yesterday and if I hadn’t kicked you out this would never have happened to you, it’s all my fault.” Vince replies really believing it, his eyes filling with tears.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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