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Authors Note:

Not much to say here, another part, another round of sex for our main man Jason. This part is mostly a filler section. I was going to fit it all in one chapter and move the story along, but it ended up taking up more and more time. So, I ran with it.

It’s pretty much three chapter’s of sex with a little tease at the end.

As always, feedback and comments are welcome, and I look forward to reading what you have to say. Whether it be how much you love the series, or how shit I am. Go nuts.
And for the Abi fans, don’t fret! She is coming soon I promise you that :).


P.s Another big shout out to SameOtterdude for the proof reading. You’re a legend and I wouldn’t be this far along without you.

Chapter 31

I awoke the next morning feeling like I hadn’t slept. I didn’t dream at all, and it felt like I was opening my eyes as soon as I closed them to rest. Then I noticed I was alone in the big bed. Liz must be up already.
I rolled over and checked the clock on the bedside table. The digital display showed it was a little past seven in the morning. Liz must be a naturally early riser, unlike her sister and Tori.

I rolled to my feet and crossed the room to pull the curtains open. I was still naked, but the bedroom window was high enough that I didn’t have to worry about scaring some little old lady with my morning wood. That’s when I realized just how hard I was.

I usually woke up with a boner each morning and any time I shared a bed with one of my girls it was a guarantee. Something they always seemed to take advantage of for some soothing morning sex. But this morning felt a little different
I was harder than I’d ever been, but I didn’t feel the crazy, turned on urge that usually came with having an erection around my girls. I still wanted to fuck one of them of course, but I felt like I could probably fuck each and every one of them before blowing my load.

“Maybe I will,” I grinned.

I could hear the shower running from the joined bathroom and put two and two together. Liz had been the target of my affections last night so I should probably go see one of the others.
But in the matter of efficiency, I should really go pay her a visit first. Plus, she and I hadn’t spent much time together, compared to the other girls.

I crossed the room silently on bare feet and pushed the bathroom door open. This house was well maintained, and the door swung inward without any creaks or groans to alert my red-haired lover inside.
I stepped onto the cool tiles and grinned when I saw the athletic redhead through the glass door of the shower. Unlike my parents apartment, the shower wasn’t frosted glass, but Liz’s form was still partially hidden by a layer of fog caused by the steaming water.

An image flashed of the first time I’d taken Vicky in the shower. It had been something similar, but the blonde twin had been teasing me relentlessly before-hand. I would be forever grateful to the sexy beach babe for pushing me to the limit and giving me the confidence to be the man I was now.
I loved all my girls. and I always thought Tori had a special place in my little harem, but Vicky was the one who made this all possible.

I could show my gratitude to my curvy lover by giving her sister a good time this morning.
Then I’d go see her too.

I slowly crossed the tiles and peeked through the glass door to see Liz had her back to me. I couldn’t make out much else, but the thought of opening this door and being presented with her perfect, tight ass made my cock bounce with anticipation.
He was wide awake and ready to party.

The shower door opened smoothly with little noise and Liz turned to look over her shoulder as I stepped in, closing it behind me.

“Good morning,” her eyes roamed my body and rested on my cock like it was a piece of iron and her eyes were made from powerful earth magnets.
“It is a good morning,” I replied as I stepped up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist.
“Last night was amazing,” Liz said as she leaned back into me. My cock slipped between her thighs and I felt her slick lips press around my shaft.
“You are amazing,” I replied, kissing her shoulder and neck. I raised a hand to move her long, drenched hair aside so I had more room to kiss her beautiful skin.
“You make me feel amazing,” she gasped as my lips travelled across her skin.
“Then let me feel how amazing you are,” I whispered into her ear.

Liz’s body shivered as my lips kissed her ear, down her neck and across her shoulder. My hands alternated between cupping her perky breasts, fondling her nipples and trailing up and down her sides and across her tight stomach. All my girls had fantastic bodies, but Liz’s looked straight out of Greek mythology.

We stood there for a few minutes while I kissed her bare skin and explored her naked body with my hands. I gently thrust my hips so that my cock slid along the slick folds of her vagina as she rocked and aksaray escort gyrated her hips, pressing her tight ass against me.
I could have stayed like this for hours and never tired of the feel of her body against mine. But I knew the other girls would start waking up soon and I wanted to be the to do it myself.

I grabbed her left hip and placed my other hand on her right shoulder as I took a step back. I pulled her hip towards me as I gently pushed on her shoulder.
She must have known what I wanted, because she moved immediately at my urging.
Liz parted her legs and stuck her gloriously tight ass out to me whilst bending over at the waist, grabbing onto the steel handrails that had been conveniently positioned so.
I rested my left hand on her butt cheek and started probing her vagina with my right. I slid two fingers up and down her wet slit, drawing a load moan from my lover’s lips. She was incredibly wet already and I knew she wanted me as badly as I wanted her. I just hoped I could keep my shit together so I could go see the other women this morning.

I still felt confident that my morning wood was up to the task.

With little foreplay, I slid the tip of my dick up and down her moist lips for a few seconds before sliding into her. There was a little resistance since I hadn’t lubricated my cock much before penetrating her, but after a few short thrusts I was able to fully immerse myself inside her.

We let out a moan together when my cock was fully encased in her pussy, and I held myself there for a dozen seconds, relishing in the feeling of how warm and inviting she was.
I don’t think I would ever get used to how amazing my women felt. Or how lucky I was to have them all.

The clock flashed in my mind and I started thrusting into the sexy redhead’s pussy. I had girls to pleasure this morning, Liz being number one on the list. I was a little giddy about the idea of fucking all my women in one day, before breakfast even. It was something I hadn’t done yet and I hoped it was the next step to possibly getting them all together one night.

I pressed the palm of my hand onto Liz’s lower back gently, urging her to arch her back as I pumped my cock in and out of her wet, velvety tunnel. She reacted to my prods and pushes immediately, positioning herself how I wanted her without issue, and soon I had my thrusts angled just right and I could feel my tip scraping across her inner walls.

“Oh fuck!” Liz groaned as I pushed in. “Holy shit! That feels good!”

I’d taken a wild guess and it had worked out for me. Even with my increased sexcapades lately I hadn’t really focused too much on what else I could be doing for my girls. They all seemed plenty happy to just ride me, suck me, and get fucked by me. Finding the G-spot wasn’t really on the top of my list. Also, some guys swore that it didn’t exist. I was glad I could prove them wrong now.

Within a few minutes of constantly ploughing Liz at this angle I could already feel her body vibrate, her legs shake, and her breathing quicken. She was ready to climax, and I felt like it would be a strong one.
I spotted her arms shaking as she held onto the rails, so I slid my right arm around her body and pulled her into me. Liz kept her back arched so only her shoulders touched my chest as I continued to work my hips.
My thrusts weren’t fast and hard, but they were constant, keeping a steady pace and pushing the sexy redhead closer and closer by the second.

Then her body started to pulse, and her pussy clamped down hard around my dick as she let out a sharp scream, followed by a low moan.
I couldn’t see her face, but I would bet my last twenty dollars that her eyes were rolling into the back of her head.

Since I wasn’t chasing my own climax, I thrust deep inside her as she came on my dick and ran my hands over her naked body.

“Oh Jason!” Liz moaned when she finally began to settle down. “How the fuck.”

I kissed her neck once more and gave her pussy a few gentle thrusts before I slipped out of her warm embrace. The water was steamy hot, but felt icy cold compared so her welcome vagina.

“Practice makes perfect,” I whispered into her ear.
“Then we should practice more…much more,” she breathed heavily.

The gorgeous redhead turned to face me on unsteady legs and all but fell into my chest as we shared a long kiss.
Her hands ran over my naked torso, down my stomach and grasped my still erect, slick cock. Liz began pumping my manhood.

“You haven’t cum yet,” she said. “Let me change that.”
“Not yet,” I said, placing my hands on her shoulders just as she moved to kneel in front of me. How strange things were now. I was actually stopping a girl from wanting to give me a blow job and swallow my cum.
I wasn’t the same Jason who left Melbourne.

“Why not?” she asked a little confused.
“I’ve got some other girls to go wake up,” I winked.

Liz grinned at my words, then gave me a quick kiss. The quick kiss turned into a few minutes escort of making out as we enjoyed the feel of one another’s bodies in the shower spray which made my cock throb even more.

I finally separated myself from my red-haired lover and exited the shower. I quickly dried myself while Liz stayed under the shower spray, then left the bathroom and out the master bedroom.
I didn’t bother getting dressed since everyone in the house had seen me naked on multiple occasions, and I wasn’t needing clothes for what I had planned today.
The quiet taps of bare feet sounded from the kitchen, letting me know that at least one of my girls was up and about. I was hoping to catch all my women in bed and asleep, but I didn’t mind changing up my plans.

I crept down the hallway as quietly as I could. My dick was still hard enough to hammer nails and it bobbed up and down with each careful step I took. Once I reached the open doorway to the kitchen, I was able to finally see which of my girls it was.
I stood by the doorway for a moment and waited. The refrigerator door was open, and the stainless-steel appliance was currently blocking my view, making it difficult to see who it was. After half a dozen seconds I was about to just walk out and announce myself as I was getting impatient but as my foot twitched to move, the door closed, and I was greeted with beautiful sight of my lover Hayley.
The curly haired babe looked radiant in the morning sunshine that pierced the kitchen window. Her brown locks bounced as she moved about the kitchen and reflected a slight reddish hue in the sunlight.
The pale beauty was wrapped in a simple black crushed velvet robe that was tied around her slim waist. The garment was long and showed not a hint of her creamy, flawless skin, but it hugged her figure in all the right places.
I stood in the doorway for a few seconds as I stroked myself, admiring the shape of her slender body.
Even though I had planned on giving Hayley her wake-up call I wasn’t too disappointed. I’d just give her some breakfast instead.

Hayley’s back was to me when I decided to make my move. She had a mug out and a coffee press and I could hear the kettle as it slowly boiled water for morning beverage.
My feet made little noise on the smooth tiles and any sound from my footfalls was easily drowned out by the noisy kettle as it screamed and hissed like a mini steam engine. I crossed the kitchen in little time, my cock no longer bobbing up and down, but sticking out straight ahead like a heat seeking torpedo, and Hayley was the hottest source for it to target.

Once within arm’s reach I circled the slender woman’s waist with my arms and pulled her body against my own. Hayley let out a gasp, followed by a very un-Hayley-like squeal. She must have picked up on it being me immediately, because her hands came up to run along my arms and her tight little ass pressed against my flagpole of a dick as I ground it into her behind.

“Good morning my love,” I greeted her.
“It is now,” Hayley replied.
She turned her head to the side and leaned back so we could kiss. Our lips met and I felt her hand run through my hair as she raised her arm above her head. Hayley pulled me in for a hungry kiss and I gently began rocking my hips against her backside, grinding my dick against the soft material of her robe. I needed to be inside her badly, and even though my dick and balls were screaming at me to fill this wonderful creature, I had three others to visit before my morning activities were done.

“We don’t have long,” I whispered into her ear once our lips parted.
“Okay,” she breathed.
Her chest was already rising with heavy pants and I could tell she must have woken up as horny as I had this morning. My suspicions were confirmed when I slipped my right hand under her robe and felt her slick entrance.
She was completely naked under her robe and I wondered where she’d slept and who she had shared a bed with. The girls could have been having fun without me, but it was far more likely that it was just girls being girls. They seemed more comfortable being naked with one another than most guys were.
I slipped two fingers easily into Hayley’s wet tunnel and gave her a few dozen pumps. She really didn’t need any warming up, and I was on the clock if I wanted to surprise all the girls.

I tugged on the belt tied around her slim waist and easily loosened it. Instead of stripping her naked in the kitchen and bending her over the sink she was standing at, I spun her around and pulled her into a heated kiss.
Hayley was moaning heavily into my mouth and her hands were now alternating between gliding over my hips, stroking my rigid cock, and grabbing my ass.
I pushed aside Hayley’s robe and looked down at her pale flesh. The dark material of the robe contrasted amazingly well against the milky white skin and I found myself staring at the exposed flesh like I was getting a peek at a Christmas present through the wrapping.

“You’re so sexy,” I whispered as I ran kağıthane escort a hand up her flat stomach to cup one of her small breasts. Hayley shivered at my touch and I could almost feel her body vibrating as my hand travelled across her flesh.
“I’m glad my body pleases you,” Hayley replied with a husky tone. “Master.”

My cock jumped at her words and my heart started beating incredibly fast. This woman was drop dead gorgeous, and she was all mine to do whatever I wanted to. I knew Hayley had a submissive side, which one would never guess when first meeting her. She was strong willed, independent and was somewhat of a feminist. But she loved being submissive, especially to me.
I’d have to give more time to her fetish rather than just fucking her daily. Same went for each of my girls.

I grabbed the back of Hayley’s neck, kissed her hungrily, then picked the slender girl up by her hips. She was almost weightless to me, and I easily carried her over to the kitchen table where I set her butt down.
She was still wearing her velvet robe which would cushion her against the wood top a little.
I grabbed her legs—one in each hand—and spread them wide as I stepped between her thighs. From here I could easily see the slickness of her bald vagina. It looked so wet, warm and inviting and I knew she’d welcome my cock inside her.

“I want you to cum on my cock,” I ordered. “Do not hold back.”
“Yes Master,” Hayley bit her bottom lip, and I saw a heat flash in her beautiful blue eyes.
She was an incredibly strong-willed woman, but she’d chosen to submit to me and me alone. I felt a sudden surge of love for the curly brunette and I would do anything to make her happy and keep her safe.
I pressed the tip of my cock against her wet entrance and slid into her with one smooth motion. Whilst I wasn’t porn star huge, I didn’t have a small dick and I was actually quite proud of myself. But with all my girls I’d had some resistance on our first times, even if it was a little.
But sliding into Hayley was almost effortless. She was still tight and gripped my cock in ways I never thought possible, but she was also incredibly wet, and we’d also been having a lot of sex lately, so it felt like her pussy was moulded for my cock alone.

“Holy shit!” Hayley gasped as I hilted myself inside her. “You’re so big and hard.”
“And you’re so tight and wet,” I moaned. I really did feel big inside the slender girl. She was close to being petite, and she was also the slimmest of all the girls in my little Harem. Beating Lucy only because her Asian friend had such an impressive bust.
But I didn’t mind, I loved all my women for themselves. Each of them had such a unique beauty that made it impossible to compare with each other. I was just glad they all knew and understood that.

I started pumping hard into Hayley and felt the kitchen table start to slide on the tiles. It was the perfect height for me to stand beside while I slid into my curly haired lover’s pussy. I lowered myself just a little, so I was thrusting at the desired angle.
I’d gotten Liz’s G spot, time to see if all girls were the same.
After half a dozen thrusts of my tip scraping along the walls of her vagina, Hayley gasped, arched her back and let out a low moan. I felt her legs tense and her toes curl in pleasure.

“Holy Shit!” she repeated. “You know where that is.”
I grinned at my lover as I kept ploughing her sopping pussy. She could do little but grip the sides of the table and hold on for dear life as I pounded away. I focused on making her orgasm and pushed my own aside as best I could. I could feel it coming on slowly as each stroke brought me closer and closer to that hard to reach climax, but I knew a two- or three-minute break would have it subsiding, so I kept my pace.

I was starting to get close now and I was worried that Hayley wouldn’t hit her climax in time. She was panting and moaning as I worked her pussy like a butter churn, but she gave no real signs that she had or was close to an orgasm. So, I decided to step it up and notch and see what I could do to expedite the process.
I ran a hand up her stomach, over her small, bouncing tits and danced my fingers over her slender neck. I knew the feel of my fingers on her neck would excite her—it seemed to for most of my women—but it was her full lips that I was aiming for.
Hayley whimpered when my fingers passed over her exposed throat, but she happily wrapped her lips around my digits without any encouragement. Her mouth was warm and wet and I almost forgot what I was doing when I felt the soft embrace around my fingers.
Hayley sucked and twirled her amazing tongue over my middle and index finger for about half a minute before I pulled them free. She gave me a frown and a pout, but smiled after a few seconds, then gasped loudly and threw her head back when the moistened digits connected with her engorged clit.
I knew Hayley’s clit was really sensitive and if I wanted to make her cum quickly, this was the way to do it. She arched her back again and raised her torso so she could sit up, placing her hands flat against the table behind her.
From where she was sitting now she could watch my cock slid in and out of her as my fingers worked masterfully over her sensitive nub.

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