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“You have incredible breasts,” she said as she leaned close so I could hear her over the dance music. My cheeks turned a deep red. “Wanna go sit by the pool?”

I just nodded my head, not wanting to compete with the music. She smiled and grabbed my hand then led me out of the ballroom to the pool.

“I can hear again!” I laughed as I sat on the chaises lounge next to hers.

“I love these dances and meeting all these gorgeous big women but they can be a bit loud. My name’s Lisa,” she replied as she held out her hand.

“Nan,” I said, shaking her hand. She was gorgeous – slim with long black hair, blue eyes. She had moderately large breasts, a tight ass and wide hips. I was smitten.

We talked for several minutes then she said brazenly, “We can talk all night or we can go to my room and let me make love to you.”

I blushed again. “I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“If you want to stop, you just say the word,” she said as she picked up my hand and kissed my palm several times before she sucked a finger into her mouth.

“Oh!” I moaned softly. Her mouth was warm and wet and I reacted just as she intended. I squirmed in my seat as she sucked on it harder.

When I looked Ankara escort up I noticed this guy Jeremy by the door. He’d been hitting on me all night. He adjusted his pants as he watched enviously.

“Kiss me,” I whispered as I leaned close to her. She smiled wide as she pressed her soft lips against mine. It had been years since I’d last kissed a woman and I’d forgotten how amazing it felt. I returned her kiss as ran my fingers through her hair.

She pressed her tongue between my lips and French kissed me. I hadn’t been French kissed since I left my husband. My body was on fire and I was soaked.

“Should we continue this in my room?” she asked when finally pulled away. I just nodded my head, unable to speak. I glanced up to see Jeremy openly staring at us and I smirked. We stood up and Lisa led me to the elevators.

When the doors closed she pressed the button for the fourth floor then pulled me towards her, grinding her body against mine as we kissed. “I can’t wait to undress you and play with your breasts,” she whispered as I blushed again.

The elevator doors opened and Lisa practically dragged me down the hall to her room. She pulled the door card out of her purse and let us in. Her clothes Ankara escort bayan were strewn around the room and the bed was made but looked slept in.

Lisa wasted no time undressing then slowly undressed me. She slipped my shirt off then unhooked my bra. “Mmm … so gorgeous,” she said as she cupped my breasts.

She held them up and I moaned as her lips fastened onto a nipple and she sucked hard on it.

“That feels so good,” I whimpered.

“Good,” Lisa replied as she switched to the other nipple. Her mouth felt amazing as she sucked and massaged my breasts. I hadn’t had my breasts played with in ages and it felt better than I remembered.

“I need to taste you,” she said as she pushed my pants down over my hips. Who was I to argue? “No panties! You naughty girl!”

Lisa led me to the bed and guided me to the middle of it. She laid next to me and kissed me as she ran her hand over my stomach then down my hip to rest on my thigh. Her fingertips brushed over my mound as I spread my legs wide for her.

Her fingers slipped between my lower lips and she dipped her index finger into my pussy then let it trail up to my clit. She suckled a nipple as she gently rubbed my the hard nub. Escort Ankara I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations. I moaned my approval as she rubbed my clit faster.

“Please eat me,” I whimpered.

“You’re not ready yet,” she said as she rubbed my clit faster and harder. My body tensed, nearing orgasm, and she eased up. I whimpered my protest as I tried to hump her hand.

Suddenly she laid on top of me with her mouth by my pussy and her pussy hovering over my mouth. “Make me cum,” she said then sucked my clit between her lips.

I pulled down on her hips and buried my mouth against her pussy. I licked all around her clit then sucked hard on it – over and over again, licking with little short strokes then sucking hard on it then long full-tongue strokes.

“Oh god!” she groaned as she pressed her pussy against my mouth. I redoubled my efforts, massaging her ass cheeks as she humped my face. Her body started to tremble and she cried out when she came.

After her orgasm subsided she went back to eating me out. She lapped up my juices then sucked hard on my clit. I squeezed her thighs as I grinded my pussy against her mouth.

“Oh Lisa … oh yes … oh!” I gasped as I started to cum. She kept licking until I begged her to stop. When I finally stopped cumming she moved to lie next to me, snuggling close against me.

She kissed me softly. “Let’s take a little nap and play again later.”

“Mmm … I can’t wait.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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