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Big Tits

“I’m telling you, Gladys, Frank is slowly turning into a slug. He never starts things up. If I want some, then I gotta go down on him to get his motor running… and even then, it’s just a two-minute race. He never offers to return the favor, ever! If I want to get off, I gotta let my fingers do the walking. I hope you don’t mind, but that beautiful son of yours is my favorite fantasy! I watched him mow the lawn the other day, and he took his shirt off. Oh my god… Gladys, you have done an excellent job with that boy. I can’t believe that he’s just turned nineteen, he looks so mature! The girls will be tripping over each other to get to him. He has a perfect six pack, and huge arms. He is so gorgeous. I love his eyes.

“By rights, Frank should have been out there with the damned lawnmower, but he slipped Bobby a few bucks to do the job while he watched some dumb-assed car race and got smashed drinking bourbon AGAIN. But the sight of your beautiful son without his tee-shirt on, well, it just made my day. You should be so proud! You know that bitch Loretta walked by SIX TIMES! And I swear each time she had another button undone on her shirt and NO BRA on either. I think she was planning on shoving his handsome face into her deep cleavage, that bitch!” Betty was red faced with anger. Betty is my wife’s best friend.

“But Betty… wasn’t that your plan? I think you want to have your way with my son, you dirty girl! At least in your naughty fantasies anyway. I know that your handsome hunk of son Tom figured very prominently in my la la to-do list.” My wife Gladys spoke at length.

“La la to-do list?” Betty asked.

“Dreaming in the shower, getting the water stream just right down there. Imagining Tom ravishing me, while I sing la, la, la ti da, and the water makes me come! You should try it. The other day Tom took me in the ass, and I loved it! Your son is so beautiful and well hung, at least in my dirty little slut mind. He makes my imagination run wild!” Gladys explained. “Your son is definitely my favorite fantasy! Even if I would never do anything to harm my marriage. I think George has a fantasy about your ass. Last barbecue I saw him staring at those lovely cheeks of yours in your new slutty bathing suit. I saw you bend over in front of my son, you dirty tease! Maybe I’ll let Tom have his way with me, you naughty bitch!” She smiled when she said that.

“He would never do that. He’s such a good boy.” Betty said, defending her son’s honor.

“Hey! Stop stepping on MY fantasy. Course these days, I just wish I had a day off. George has been just like a bitch in heat. He’s on vacation this week. He can’t keep his hands off me! Or his damned tongue! He gets me going, then I’m the bitch in heat! I actually called in sick on Tuesday because the dirty bastard fucked me all damn day until two-thirty in the afternoon. His damned dick just wouldn’t go down! I was so wiped out I slept till five pm, and I didn’t get a damned thing done, not even dinner. I had Chinese delivered. He must have a stash of viagra around here somewhere. And he won’t stop eating me! I can’t come ten times a day like I was twenty. I’m gonna have to go online and get reinforcements for my big dicked beast.” My wife boasted about me. Gladys did love me for sure! The way she talked about me, you’d think I was superman or something.

“Don’t you dare go online! Pick up the damned phone. I’m right down the street! I’ll ask Frank to eat me out, or to let George do it. He’s been bugging me to go fly fishing, and I am betting he’ll be happy with your husband taking care of my Miss Kitty while he drives to a lake to scare the fish, or whatever he does besides drinking a case of beer. He told me it was important to stay hydrated. He seems to have that well covered.” Betty said with disgust. She shook her head.

She was very pissed off at her husband Frank for sure. Frank did seem to be drinking quite a bit more lately. I wondered if he was developing a drinking problem?

I was under the kitchen sink working on the plumbing. The damned sink trap got clogged up again! I had to open it up and clean it out, get rid of all the muck, and put it all back together again. I got a kick out of listening to my wife Gladys and her BFF Betty just going on and on. If they asked, I never heard a thing. It was just much easier this way. This is called husband deafness. It’s been around since Adam and Eve. You can bet taking a bite out of the apple was on his honeymoon list!

“What if he says no?” Gladys asked.

“Then I will go fishing with him, and I will tell him that he will have to eat at the Y while we wait for the fish to jump into the boat. I’ll bet he goes for option one instead, cause he is so damned lazy lately. His sex drive seems way down. Hell, that slut Loretta walked by with her big damned tits practically in his face, and he didn’t even take notice! A few years ago, and he would have been drooling over those big melons of hers.” Betty recalled.

“Are kaçak iddaa you jealous of Loretta’s big whoppers? Why, for goodness sake? You gotta be what… D cup? They’re beautiful too. Did you have work done on them?” Gladys asked. I think my wife secretly admires Betty’s big boobs. They are very nice tits, and her little eraser size nipples stand out very hard.

“Double D, thank you. No work, they’re all me, and all-natural, thank you very much! But I don’t have those huge dark nipples that you have. No wonder George is always chasing you around. If I were a man, I’d want to suck on those nips of yours all day long!” Betty was a bit jealous of her friend’s large dark brown nipples. I think Betty might want to suck on my wife’s nipples right now! Dirty girl!

“Well, you can suck on my big nips while George takes care of your fire down below. Why don’t you go see what kind of a deal you can make with Frank? Tell him the whole card club wants to go fishing with him, all eight women. That will shake him up!” she giggled. Women are so devious.

“He’ll have a cow! Okay, see you later. Hey George. I want you to suck me and fuck me tomorrow, okay?” I was under the kitchen sink fixing the damned leaking trap again. I heard their conversation, but continued my case of husband deafness. I didn’t want to be part of their sex conversation. No, no, no!

“Wha? Did you say something to me? What? I’m sorry I can’t hear you Betty! Ouch!” I hit my head on the sink rail as I got out of the sink cabinet. I think I was 99% done. I said a prayer to the gods of plumbing, and turned on the taps. I didn’t see any leaks. Joy! “Yes! No leaks! What did you say, Betty? I can’t hear too good under the sink.” Men have been conveniently deaf for many generations.

“Never mind, George. GOOD JOB George, on the disposer, see you tomorrow” she almost yelled at me. She hugged my wife and kissed my cheek. I felt her fast little hand on my pants feeling up my dick as she gave me a quick grope. Then in a flash, she was gone.

“Hey, your girlfriend just tweaked my cock.” I mentioned it to Gladys.

“So? Are you actually complaining? Gees, what a baby girl I married! Ok, my little princess, what do you want to eat? Or maybe we could go out for a change?” She scolded me.

“The diner has a pot roast special today. It’s all you can eat, so you can fatten up your ass for me. You are looking way, way too skinny to me.” Gladys always likes it when I said she was too skinny, but I always meant it. I want her ass bigger! I want to grab it and fuck it.

“I’m on a new diet where my husband fucks the shit outa me morning, noon and night, so I can’t get my decent meals in. I’m living on the sperm you shoot into my mouth. I think I have lost ten pounds this week alone.” She smiled as she spoke.

“Now, who’s complaining?” I said.

“I am sore down there. You pulverized my purty lil’ pussy! Will you just beat your meat into my mouth for a change? I need a day off to recover. You are so, so oversexed. You are such a stud horse.” She was complaining about too much sex with a huge smile on her face! I swear she only lives to COMPLAIN about SOMETHING!

“Only for you my Darling.” I smiled at my wife.

“Hey, would you mind fucking the shit out of Betty for me? She needs a good fucking, and I could use a days rest. What do you say, Stud?”

“Wait, you want me to bang your friend Betty? She’s married to a guy named Frank, remember him? We’ve only known them for several, um decades.”

“He’s not taking care of business for her. He’s more concerned about fishing and hunting and whatever other hobbies I don’t know about, than to spend time together with her. And he never eats her out, ever! She’s dying to get dicked good and hard, and for some decent oral sex. That, plus I could use a day off from you fuckin’ the daylights out of my poor abused cunt. I would like to watch you put it to her though. Her brain would explode if you ate her out like you do me. That would be fun to watch.”

“You gotta be kidding me. You WANT to watch your best friend’s brain explode when I tongue-fuck her to a climax? Seems pretty damned passive-aggressive to me. Do you even LIKE Betty?”

“All right, it’s like you with big tits. I guess you could say it’s my kink. I want to watch my sexy husband in action. I can’t wait to see you fuck the shit out of her. Maybe I can eat her out after you fill her up with your man juice. I think I’m a bit bi-sexual. I have never admitted that to anyone.” Gladys offered to me. It wasn’t much of a secret. I saw her going at it with her roommate in college. I never made a big deal about it to her.

“Why not? I think it’s very sexy. You are afraid that I will look down on you? Have I ever done anything remotely like that to you? I think you have a problem admitting stuff like that to yourself! Perhaps you were always afraid of what your mother would say. Or maybe you worry about your father’s opinion of you. Screw them! You can kaçak bahis be who you want to be with me, and you know it. To thine own self be true.”

“Shakespeare?” she asked.

“Maybe, but I heard that on Gilligan’s Island. If you want to watch me, or maybe participate with Betty, you have to get Frank’s permission. Probably have to buy him a fishing reel too.” I knew the way Frank’s crazy mind worked. He was slightly nuts about fishing.


“So we had a little bit of a conversation, Frank and I. I told him that I was thinking about bringing the entire card club with us fishing. I thought Frank was having a stroke! He wanted to find something else to do, in fact, anything else but that! I told him he could lick my pussy and fuck me ’till I passed out, and I would forget the whole idea. I mentioned that he could pay George to lick my cunt. I told him about you bragging about how much your hubby George loved to lick pussy. I said for a C-note, your honey would be happy to lick my cooter all day long. I said for two hundred; he would be happy to fuck and suck me all weekend long, that is unless George had already made plans. So whaddya think? Do you want to pimp out that studhorse of yours? I think as his pimp, you should take at least half of the money! Sounds like new shoes for mama!” Betty had two C notes in her hand. It looks like I’m going to become a true manwhore!

“I’ll have to ask George, but he’s been such a horny bastard lately. He’ll probably jump at the prospect of some fresh pussy! I think he has a little secret crush on you anyway. So I’m pretty sure that he will go for it. He will want to make sure it’s ok with Frank, so he will probably call him, or go over to your house.”

“Too late, the idea of a four day long weekend fishing and drinking beer was too alluring to Frank. He left out early this morning. He won’t be back until Tuesday morning or Wednesday, just before work. He did leave the cash and a note for George thanking him to death for the help and giving his permission. The way I read it, more like he was begging George to ‘take care of my oral sex needs this weekend’ and then thanking him profusely. How can a man like fishing more than sex?” Betty asked my wife.

“George only likes deep-sea fishing. One of his heavy-duty reels cost five hundred dollars! Of course, he sells his catch after he takes a picture of the fish, so technically, we haven’t spent a whole lot of cash on that hobby. And he drags me out on the boat whether I want to be there or not. I did catch a huge fish myself one day, and I was quite proud. He told everyone about it, and I got a round of applause at the bar that night. I was so happy that I fucked him five times that night.” Gladys had beginner’s luck that day.

“Your husband is so good to you. I want to fuck him even worse now. I hope he fucks me tonight. Do you think he will?” Betty asked my wife anxiously.

“I hope so. He’s so overwhelming at times. He licked me for two hours straight one day. I passed out from so many hard orgasms. When I woke up, he wanted to fuck me, but my pussy was so sore. I had to blow him three times, and I let him fuck my fat ass until he shot a huge load up there. You banging my monster dicked husband would be a bit of a godsend to my hard ravaged pussy. I know he wants to see me eat you out. You aren’t grossed out by a little pussy lickin’, are you?” Gladys asked.

“No, I um… never tried it, though. Well, in college, I did some things, but I like dick way, way more than pussy! But if that’s what you want to have happen, I suppose that’s not too much to ask. Hell, I’ll be happy to eat your pussy if I get to ride your stallion. Quid pro quo and all that.” Betty smiled a dirty smile.

“He will go nuts watching us two together, you’ll see. I can hardly wait! I… I am very turned on, watching him fuck and suck you,” Gladys admitted.

“You dirty girl you! Well, I can hardly wait!” Betty exclaimed. “Um, can I, uhh, well I mean, would it be ok if…I ate you out a bit too?” Betty was almost whispering when she asked my wife. I heard the whole dirty conversation from the living room, and I decided to get a beer.

“Betty, what’s shakin’? I thought you were going fishing with Frank?” I asked as I grabbed my beer. She shook her head.

“George, I um, ahh, well… George, I want you to fuck me! Gladys has been bragging about you for years now, and I want you to ravish me like you do her. I got a note from Frank, and he even sent money to sweeten the deal. Would you like to fuck me? Please? Pretty PLEASE!” Betty was close to begging me.

“I can’t do that. I need to clear anything like that with my boss.” I looked at Gladys. It was now or never. Decision time for my darling wife.

“As long as I’m there, and you don’t fall in love with each other, I’m more than ok with it. I’m warning you Betty, he is an animal. He will fuck you to death if you let him. Honey, show her what you are packing, she might change her illegal bahis mind.” she nodded to my crotch.

I unzipped and pulled out Mr Happy. I was flaccid, but I guess Betty liked what she saw. She was down on her knees right there in the kitchen, and my dick was in her mouth in a flash! She was a great little cocksucker, and she had me getting hard pretty quickly as my darling wife, Gladys, watched very closely. She had a hand in her pants playing with her own pussy as she watched her BFF suck my dick!

Betty was going to concuss herself the way her head was bobbing up and down on my meat. She was unbuttoning her silk blouse as quick as a wink, and she was moaning on my dick as my dick got harder and thicker and longer. Gladys popped Betty’s bra clip to help out her friend. Betty was struggling to get out of her shorts, and still keep me in her mouth. Again my wife helped her friend by helping Betty out of her remaining clothes. Betty laid back on the kitchen table and gave me the look. All men know that look. It says “Take me, now!” without using any words. She spread wider than a cheerleader on a Friday night. I sat down to eat her fragrant pussy, my face just inches from her dripping gash, Betty had other ideas. She wanted dick right away!

“No, George, we’ll do that later! I need that big meat pole of yours inside of me! Please! C’mon Stallion, fuck me! Stick it in and bang the shit out of me! I need you so bad! Oh, how I have dreamed about this very moment. George!” So I pushed my cock into the boiling hot woman. “Oooooh fuck yeah! Deeper! Harder! Agh, agh, yes, Yes, YES! Ohmygod! I just… Yeeesss!” Betty was clenching me as she climaxed hard on my dick. I was glad we had a solid oak table as we were banging away with much enthusiasm. I saw my wife orgasm from her own busy fingers as she watched us closely. I grabbed Betty’s ass cheeks with both hands. I was still balls deep in the insatiable woman.

“Put your hands behind my neck Betty. Then hold on!” I lifted the sexy woman up and walked and fucked her to the master bedroom. She especially liked going up the stairs, as it drove my cock deeper into her tight cunt, with each stair tread going up. She had a second orgasm at the top of the stairs. My wife was right behind us. I placed the roiling woman on the bed, and lifted her legs over my shoulders as I pounded the shit out of my wife’s sexy friend. She came and came and climaxed some more as I gave her the pile driver. She moaned like a wild animal. I think she might like it!

“I’m gonna come!” I managed to say. I felt the torrent of semen rushing to my dick. I spurted a massive load of man juice inside of Betty, filling up her pussy. She was smiling like the cat that ate the Canary. I went to pull out.

“No, don’t! I love the feeling of you deep within me. I like that big beef of yours. I feel all the sperm you just shot into me! It feels so nice to be connected to you! Hey Gladys, you really want to suck his jism out of my vagina? I mean, I like it right where it is, but you were so damn insistent. Are you going to eat me out?” Betty asked my wife. She was transparent as glass. She absolutely WANTED my wife to suck out her cunt, repeatedly! The dirty, dirty girl! I loved it.

“As soon as he pulls out. You gonna clean his dick off in your mouth? If you don’t, I will. Then I’ll eat at the Y!” Gladys had a plan.

“No, no, I want to suck that cannon of his again, and lick off all our sex juices. He is way, way bigger than Frank. I really enjoy suckin’ that monster cock of his.” She smiled a mile wide dirty smile!

As soon as my cock pulled out of Betty’s tight little cunt with a “POP”, Betty spun around and started suckin’ and lickin’ my dick like her life depended on it. My darling wife had her head wedged into Betty’s sopping wet gash, and she was forcefully removing my jism from her BFF by lickin’ and vacuuming out her friend’s pussy with her mouth, as Betty approached yet another orgasm. Betty clamped down on my dick in her mouth as Gladys gave her a big wet climax. Betty was loving every second of this. I was not!

“Watch the teeth Betty! Watch the teeth!” I almost screamed. Jesus H Christ her teeth were sharp! The woman was part shark.

“Sorry George, your wife just made me come really hard, and I clenched up automatically. I didn’t mean to bite this beautiful lovely cock here. I’m so sorry!” she was sorry, and it was a physical reaction that she had no control over.

“No, no! It’s ok Betty. I saw exactly what happened. I never knew Gladys was so talented with her tongue on the fair sex. I should have pulled out of your mouth when I felt your orgasm on the way. Are you girls hungry? I feel like Chinese.” my stomach growled.

“It’s pretty early yet dear,” Gladys spoke.

“Honey, we’ve been at it for quite a while. It’s almost eleven. Aren’t you famished? Hey, the donkey needs fuel,” I said with a smile.

“You’re not a donkey honey. You are a stallion. You want Chinese delivered? I could make the call.” Gladys replied.

“No, I’ll go get it. I need to get out of the house, and it’s a nice day. What do you girls want? Moo goo gai pan? Sweet and sour pork? Pepper steak?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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