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Big Tits

Saturday I was awoken by my wife with coffee in bed. She had brought me coffee in bed before, but this was different. Wearing a black corset and red lace thong that immediately got my attention. I was up and ready to go. Gina handed me the coffee and then reached under the covers to measure my response. Smiling she leaned in and whispered “Why don’t you finish that cup and get yourself cleaned up and ready for the day?” She smiled and turned leaving the room. I might’ve been disappointed at being rushed out of bed, but the way she nibbled my ear and the way the thong rode up her beautiful ass as she walked away, told me what ever she had in mind would be worth the wait.

I gulped down the java and almost jumped out of bed. I walked into the bathroom and on the counter by the sink was a package with a note saying “Alex, use this”. The package contained an anal douche and a bottle of lube. The douche had a large black bulb to hold the water and a pink nozzle with ridges on it. It was small at the tip and gradually got a bit thicker. The nozzle wasn’t huge, but was imposing nonetheless. I was uneasy about it, with the exception of medical procedures, I had never had anything in my ass, and I was always unconscious when that happened.

Gina was really into anal, she loved getting fucked up the butt almost as much as the pussy. Sometimes it seemed that she would rather I just eat her pussy and fuck her ass.

But what was this all about? Was this really for me? Maybe this was hers and she just forgot to put it away. I checked the note a second time, and it was clearly written to me.

After a few minutes of self discussion, I decided to go along with whatever Gina wanted. She had always indulged my desires (like the time she dressed up as a nurse and let me fuck her in the ass at the movies). I started to get hard remembering that one, and figured I’d better stop thinking and get moving. I re-read the instructions and figured it was time to set aside my reservations. I filled the douche with warm water and poured a generous amount of lube on the tip. Taking a deep breath I put the tip of the nozzle up to my asshole. The cold lube made me jump so hard I almost fell down. I regained my balance and composure, and pressed the nozzle to my ass again. It felt strange and foreign. I pushed it forcing it in. My ass fought against the invasion and I felt a surge of pain. I removed the nozzle from my burning ass, and grabbed the lube. If a little is good, then a lot is better. I rubbed the lube up and down the nozzle, as if jacking off a cock, generously coating the shaft. Once again I lined it up and slowly pressed it into my aching ass. This time the it felt different my anus started to tingle as hundreds of nerve endings woke up to a new sensation. My cock jumped, and I blushed to myself realizing I kind of liked the feeling.

“Am I gay? Or bi?” I thought as I pushed the nozzle deeper inside my ass. When it was all the way to the hilt, I took a deep breath then squeezed the bulb that held the water and filled my ass. It felt weird, but good. I felt full, and a bit uncomfortable. I emptied my bowels and repeated the process as the instructions detailed, and my cock grew firm as I inserted the tip and squeezed the bulb forcing the water inside me. This time it didn’t feel weird, it felt good. The feel of the nozzle inside me and the pressure of the water filling me up.

I went to remove the nozzle and it felt so good, the ridges massaging my insides. I put some more lube on it and pushed it back in, and then out. In and out, in and out. My cock spasmed and my knees buckled. I almost fell to the floor. The near fall snapped me out of the moment and back to reality. I pulled the nozzle from ass and tossed it in the sink. My feelings changed to shame, as I suddenly realized I was fucking myself in the ass with the nozzle. My erection faded and I got into my head. What the fuck was I doing, Seriously, am I gay? NO! I was clearly into women and the thought of sex with a man did nothing for me. But what about how much I had enjoyed the nozzle in my ass? What would Gina think about that or about me?

I decided to jump into the shower. It was a long shower as I did my best to forget it all and just get my head back to normal. I dried off and went to put on my clothes, but…they were gone. The boxers that I had brought into the bathroom were not there. I looked around the bathroom for my clothes, and instead found a skimpy pair of thong panties. I picked them up and inspected them. They were a combination of silk and lace, black. I put them down and went to my dresser to get some boxers. I wasn’t about to wear panties, the whole douche thing had me feeling pretty fragile, and I didn’t think I could handle it. What if I liked wearing panties, and stuff in my ass?

When I opened my underwear drawer I found it empty. This was obviously part of Gina’s plan, and so I walked back to the bathroom and picked up the thong. It felt good in my hand etiler escort soft and smooth. I thought about my options, Go commando and risk spoiling Gina’s plan, or wear a pair of panties. I had a sudden moment of clarity. “I am who I am, and wearing panties isn’t going to change that. I remembered the time a few years ago that Gina and I had done a role reversal costume for Halloween. I had dressed up as a woman panties, stockings, a bra and a dress. It hadn’t made me gay, and I remembered the sex we had that night. It was one of the best fucks we ever shared, Gina was so wet when we got home, we barely made it in the door. Did my dress up make her that hot?

I decided to wear the thong. As I pulled the panties up my legs and tucked my cock into the little pouch, I was turned on by the feel of the silky fabric and string pushing between my ass cheeks. It rubbed up against my virgin hole and sent a jolt of electricity through my body. My cock stiffened in the panties and pre-cum leaked through the material creating a large wet spot in the front. This was my “shame”. I enjoyed this and couldn’t deny or hide it.

I stood there for a moment embarrassed at my reaction, and the obvious stain. I was hoping that I could do this and keep my “shame” to myself. There is no way that Gina wouldn’t notice it. I tried rubbing the stain, and my cock throbbed and my asshole tingled. My head was swimming, sensory overload. The feeling of the douche inside me, the panties rubbing my cock and asshole.

“Honey.” Gina called to me from the Kitchen “are you coming? I have another cup of coffee for you.”

Her voice surprised me and I almost jumped. My cock went limp as I thought about her seeing me and my reaction. “Yeah, I’ll be right there.” My voice was calm and steady unlike my nerves. I put on a T-shirt and shorts and headed downstairs.

Gina had her back to me washing some dishes in the sink as I entered the kitchen. She was wearing the corset, and a tight mini skirt, stockings and heels. I wondered if she was wearing the red thong under that skirt. I felt my cock throb as I watched her butt wiggle.

“Oh hey there!” She exclaimed as she turned and saw me standing there. “Sit down I’ll bring your coffee.” Her voice was sweet and soft like normal. I sat down and waited for her to ask about the douche and panties. She brought my coffee and sat down at the table with me. We talked about the day’s plans. We had some chores to do, and the big game that was on this evening. If she had a plan for me, she made no reference to it. It was just like any other day, I would mow the lawn, and wash the cars. She would run some laundry, and tidy up around the house. We finished our coffee and I got up to start my chores. Gina pulled me to her, pressed her body against mine and gave me a long deep kiss.

She reached her hands around grabbed my ass. and leaned in whispering in my ear. “Maybe if we finish our chores fast, we could have some fun?” My cock jumped digging into her stomach. “Ooh, I think you’re up for a little fun.”

I thought about the panties and felt myself blush.

Gina noticed. “Sweetie, is everything okay?”

“Yeah, of course. You know I’m always up for a bit of fun. Better get to work then.” I downplayed my embarrassment and turned to leave.

Gina smacked my ass hard as I walked away and I thought I heard a giggle. “Hurry stud, don’t keep me waiting to long.”

I couldn’t get it all out of my head as I mowed the lawn. That smack on my ass felt good, the panties rubbed against my cock and asshole as I walked, and that nozzle moving in and out of my ass. I was more than horny, I was lust crazed. I wouldn’t admit it, but I liked wearing panties and I wanted to feel that nozzle in my ass again. My cock was harder than ever before and leaking all over the inside of the panties. I finished the lawn and got the supplies to wash the cars.

I was just finishing up when Gina came out to the driveway. Still dressed in the corset and mini skirt. This was pretty bold for her. She was pretty conservative publicly, and had never worn this outfit outside the house. But there was something different in the way she was acting. It wasn’t dramatically different, but there was a confidence in her actions, a boldness.

As i finished and turned off the hose, Gina grabbed the bucket of dirty water and threw it on me.

“What the fuck!” I screamed as the cold water soaked me and through my clothes.

Gina dropped the bucket and ran into the house with me hot on her tail.

As I entered, Gina put up a hand to stop me. “You’re not going to drip that nasty water all over my house are you?”

Thinking of paying her back, I instinctively removed my shirt and dropped my shorts. She put her hand on my chest and then trailed it slowly down my stomach to the waist band of the panties.

I suddenly remembered the panties and the large cum stain. I froze, etimesgut escort any thought of revenge was lost and my face turned beet red.

“Nice panties stud.” Gina slipped a finger inside the waist band. It brushed my cock and I started to harden. She rubbed her finger and thumb over the fabric. It’s soft silk and lace crusted over with my pre-cum.

“Well honey, I don’t remember there being any cum on these panties when I laid them out for you.” She moved her finger inside the panties rubbing it against my now rigid cock. “Does wearing panties turn my stud on?”

I stood frozen still, and silent. Gina leaned in and moved her other hand around to my ass “Or was it the other thing?” She squeezed my cheek as she spoke. “Talk to me babe.”

“I um, well I.” I stammered as I struggled to balance my ego and my new desires.

“Sweetheart, there’s no need to be embarrassed with me. Think of everything we’ve done together. Everything we’ve shared with each other. If you like it. it’s okay. It won’t change the way I feel about you, or make me love you less. In fact sharing things like this makes me love you more. And look what I’ve done. I’ve sucked your cock after you’ve put it in my ass. Do you love me less because of that?”

“No. Of course not.” My shame subsided and I looked into her eyes. “It’s just a lot for me to wrap my head around.”

“But if I can make you feel good, then it makes me feel good. And it’s good to try new things, keep it fresh and exciting.” She hugged me and then took my cock in her hand and led me to the bedroom. She dropped her skirt and panties to the floor. She stood before me in a corset, stockings and heels. Then put a hand on her pussy. “Sweetie I’m so hot and wet, I need you to eat my cunt.” She put a hand on my head, pushed me back on the bed, and straddled my. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating. She pushed my mouth into her cunt and I began licking her up and down from her clit to her hole slowly. Gina moaned each time i licked her clit. I sped up my pace, and then pressed two fingers into her and focused my tongue on her clit. She began rocking back and forth on my mouth and moaning louder.

After a few minutes she began trembling and came squirting all over my face. “Oh yes! Fuck yes! Eat that cunt bitch!”

Bitch? Did she call me bitch? That was a new thing. Gina rubbed her cunt on my face as if getting the last bit of cum out of he pussy, and then turned around and kissed me. “Fuck baby, that was a good one, and don’t I taste great?” This was new to, I wasn’t sure what to think, but it was clear she was turned on and so was I. She rested her head on my shoulder and hugged me.

After a few minutes, Gina whispered in my ear. “Now don’t think I forgot about you baby.” She started rubbing my cock “I want to do something with you baby, that I know you’ll enjoy.” Her voice was soft and sweet, she stopped stroking my cock and looked me in the eye. “But, you’re going to have to trust me. Can you do that? Can you trust me?”

The peaks and valleys of stimulation had taken a toll on me and my cock was aching for some attention. I was so horny and lust crazed that I would have agreed to almost anything. “Yes, I trust you.” I whispered back.

Gin got up and led me to the end of the bed. She placed a hand on my back and gently pushed bending me over. I laid there my chest on the bed and my ass up. The thin string of the thong felt good against my asshole. As much as I had said I trusted Gina, I couldn’t help but feel vulnerable and nervous. I heard her rustling in her dresser drawer and then the sound of her heels hitting the floor.

Gina massaged my shoulders. She leaned over me her breasts on my back and something big brushed against my naked ass. “Relax baby, just let Gina take care of you.” Her voice and the massage soothed my nerves and I felt a wave of calm come over me. Gina moved her hands down my back, continuing to massage and loosen me up. Slowly she moved to my ass. First massaging the cheeks and my thighs, and then back up to the cheeks. After a few moments she moved her massage to the center of my ass. By the time she turned her attention to my asshole, I wanted it badly. In my a head I begged for it. As she grazed over it, instinctively I moaned softly.

“That’s it baby, It feels so good doesn’t it?” She traced circles around my hole, and I felt myself pucker at her touch. She continued this motion and then I felt something warm and thick running down my crack to where her finger was rubbing my hole. She rubbed the lube all over my hole and then pushed her finger inside me. Just the tip at first, I tensed up a bit at her penetration.

“Relax baby, relax.” Her voice was low and breathy. She probe me gently and I let my guard down. Gina moved the tip in and out fucking me slowly. Little by little she pushed deeper and deeper until her finger was all the way in. She withdrew it slowly and then pushed it back in in one etlik escort motion. I grunted at the pressure, but the feeling was great. She picked up the pace, my moans became louder and I felt something building inside me.

Gina pulled her finger from inside me and slapped my ass hard. The shock ruined the moment. “I’m not going to let you cum just yet.” Her voice wasn’t as sweet as before.

She traced her finger over my hole and I felt her pour more lube on me. This time the pressure was more intense. I felt like I was being stretched, and I groaned at the discomfort. She reached around and stroked my cock. It throbbed in her hands. “That’s it baby, just think about my hand stroking that big cock of yours.” Her voice was soft and sweet again. She pushed slowly into me and I realized she was now using two fingers. I grunted as she pushed in and out fucking me. Slowly I adjusted to it and once again felt the bliss building up in me, I tried to keep my feelings to myself. I moaned into the bed hoping not to betray the coming explosion.

Once again Gina pulled her fingers from me and slapped my ass. “You’re a naughty little slut! Trying to hide your excitement from me.” Her voice was stern. She reached around and squeezed my balls. I whimpered and the feeling in my cock eased. “I told you not yet bitch!”

Slut and bitch. The words echoed in my head and something clicked. I was not offended by them, but instead I identified with them. My balls ached, the welt on my ass stung, my ass wanted attention and my cock longed for release. I was a slut and she was making me her bitch. I waited for her to resume her plan.

“Now my little slut, are you ready to behave?” Her voice was again sweet but somewhat stern.

“Yes.” I spoke softly.

She squeezed my balls again, the pain screaming through my body. “I can’t hear you slut!”

“Yes!” I cried out from the pain.

She released my balls and poured more lube on my hole. “That’s a good little bitch.” She slapped my ass. “That’s right today you’re my bitch. And I promise you’ll be begging like a bitch for me to fuck the cum out of you.” Her words were powerful and her tone was strong. She was right, I was her little bitch, and she was completely in charge.

She took hold of my cock in her hand and started to stroke it slowly, and then poured more lube on my asshole. I felt her finger tracing my hole and massaging the lube into me. Then she put her finger up against my hole and held it there. Gina started stroking my cock hard and fast a I could feel my orgasm building. My breathing sped up and I was moaning loudly again when suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my ass.

It felt as though I was being torn in half. I cried out and tried to pull away, but Gina moved her hand from my cock to my balls and held me in place. It seemed I had two choices. I could sit there and deal with the violent pain in my ass or I could pull away and tear my nuts off. I stopped fighting it and laid completely still hoping the pain in my ass would stop.

Gina moved her hand back to my cock. The pain had killed the mood and my erection. She began stroking m flaccid member focusing on the tip. It felt good, but I was still overwhelmed by the pain in my ass.

Gina leaned over my back and spoke softly and sweetly in my ear. “That’s it slut don’t fight it. Push that little asshole out and open it for my big cock.”

The word cock exploded in my head, and echoed over and over. It suddenly made sense she had shoved a huge dildo in my tiny little asshole and it was torn between fighting the penetration and accepting it.

“Breathe and relax baby, let your little butt hole adjust to my big cock.” She seemed to enjoy talking about her big cock. I don’t know if it was meant to titillate or taunt me. “That’s just the tip, we have a long way to go still.”

I took a deep breath and tried my best to relax. I pictured her standing there in her corset, stockings and heels with a huge cock dangling in front of her. She took it in her hands and stroked it until it was hard. Her nipples hardened as she stroked it and her face was flushed. A tricked of cum dripped from her cunt down her leg.

My cock hardened and the pain in my ass slowly began to change. It went from agony, to discomfort, and then finally it just was. No pain just a feeling of fullness. Gina took notice of my reaction and began rocking gently back and forth. The giant dildo tugging slightly on my hole and pushing just a little deeper and deeper. The feeling went from pain to pleasure, it felt good and something deep inside me wanted more. I wanted more of her big cock in me. I pushed back against her, but she put her hands on my ass stopping my movement.

“Easy slut. We have to do this right so we don’t tear you up. I’m going to pull my big cock back and put some more lube on your asshole.” She pulled her big cock back until only the tip was in me. Then she poured another dollop of lube on my hole. “So I’m going to push in again and I need you to push your asshole out and open for me so it can take in this big cock. On the count of three.”

She placed a hand on my hip. “One.”

She took my cock in her other hand “Two.”

Then she took a deep breath, and I pushed my asshole open. “Three.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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