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My name is Kanisha Lambert. A big and tall ( six-foot-two by 240 pounds ) young Black woman of Haitian descent living in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. I’m a student at Carleton University, majoring in business administration. I’m also a member of the Carleton University Women’s Rugby Squad. These days, life is confusing as heck. The international Haitian community has been stunned by what happened back home and we’re mobilizing just about everyone to try to help.

Another major disaster is totally not what our people needed right now. We had major storms in 2008. And now we’re starting 2010 with a massive earthquake. Are we cursed by the universe? Sometimes I think so. I’ve checked up on family and friends, and thankfully they’re alright. All we can do is hope our people get the help they need. Luckily, Haiti’s friends in Canada and the U.S.A. seem highly motivated to help. I can see we’re going to get through this. Haiti is the most resilient country in the western hemisphere. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Right now, I would do anything to take my mind off what’s happening. I’m having some fun with my friends Paula Winston and Deanna Smyth. Paula is a five-foot-nine, chubby and big-bottomed, red-haired white chick who’s been my neighbor for ages. She’s also the first chick I ever kissed. We fooled around a couple of times but it was really nothing serious. My family is way too conservative for me to openly date a chick. And Paula isn’t the type who likes to hide who or what she is.

These days, she lives with her partner Deanna Smyth, a five-foot-ten, blonde-haired and green-eyed, skinny white chick who’s as queer as can be. An out and proud suburban dyke. The two of them are close friends of mine. I’m somewhat of a bisexual so gays and lesbians are okay by me. My family members don’t know I’m bisexual, though. Paula and Deanna wanted to relieve my stress. Working together, they found a way to izmir escort take my mind off the terrible things happening in the world out there. Our erotically charged games turned out to be exactly what I needed.

Sometimes, you’ve got to try something radically different, even a bit extreme, to take your mind off whatever is that’s bothering me. Recent events around the world have forced me to realize that life is short. I’m twenty two years old and I’ve only been with two girls and three guys. I live at home with my nosy older sister Valencia and my deeply conservative parents so I don’t have much privacy. Hanging out with my friends Paula and Deanna turned out to be exactly what the doctor ordered, as they say. How did they take my mind off the world’s problems? Simply put, they fucked my brains out. Fucked the hell out of me. And you know what? I liked it!

Paula and Deanna are totally into BDSM. Now, I’m somewhat of a BDSM fan. I’ve played occasionally, but never with two people at the same time. Especially two sexy women like Deanna and Paula. I told them I was sort of submissive and they helped me explore my submissive side. They ordered me to undress and I did. I showed them what I had. I’m a big and tall, dark-skinned young Black woman with big tits, a chubby body, wide hips, thick legs and huge, round ass. Deanna and Paula undressed as well. The two of them looked really good together. Paula was chubby and round like me while Deanna was skinny. I liked Deanna’s slim body and perky breasts. Paula’s big ass and big tits appealed to me immensely. I’m a big woman who likes big women. Once we were through admiring each other, the games began.

Paula and Deanna laid me on the carpeted floor and went to work on me. Paula spread my chunky thighs and started licking and fingering my pussy like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile, Deanna straddled my face and alsancak escort made me lick her pussy. I licked the skinny white chick’s pussy like my life depended on it. A long time ago I discovered that I’m one of those Black chicks who like white pussy. Oh, well. I ate out Deanna’s pussy and soon the skinny broad was squealing in delight. When she came, I licked every drop of her hot girly cum. Meanwhile, Paula was inserting her fingers inside my pussy, sometimes three at a time. I gasped in shock as she inserted her entire fist into my pussy. I instinctively tried to close my legs but Deanna joined Paula’s efforts and kept them wide open. I can’t believe I’m letting these two white bitches to do this to me. It feels so good, though. I just relaxed and enjoyed.

Later, we tried some more kinky shit together. Paula took out her strap-on dildo and ordered me to get on my knees. I knelt before her and began sucking on her dildo. Meanwhile, Deanna played with my big ass. She kept grasping my big butt cheeks and squeezing them. Spreading my plump ass cheeks far apart, she began fingering my asshole. To be honest, I liked having my asshole played with. A lot of people are surprised when they hear that Black women like myself like anal sex. What the fuck? Black women like anal sex too. Don’t be so surprised. After I sucked Paula’s strap-on dildo properly she fucked me with it. Putting me on all fours, she shoved the dildo up my pussy and began fucking me roughly. Meanwhile, Deanna made me lick her pussy. Apparently she really liked what I could do while going down on her. Paula grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked on it while fucking my pussy with the strap-on dildo.

We switched things around. Deanna was now wearing the strap-on dildo while I sucked on Paula’s toes. Deanna was a lot kinkier than I thought she’d be. Not content with plowing my pussy like buca escort Paula had done earlier, she went straight for my ass. Deanna spread my plump ass cheeks wide open and pressed the dildo against my asshole. With a swift thrust she entered me. And just like that, the skinny white chick began fucking this big Black woman in the ass. Gripping my hips tightly, Deanna worked the dildo into my asshole.

It hurt a bit. I haven’t had anything that big up my ass in ages. Deanna smacked my ass while fucking me. The skinny white chick told me she’d dreamed of fucking me with a strap-on dildo for ages. Paula laughed and said something about Deanna being addicted to gorgeous big Black women. Personally, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Not at all. To be honest, although it hurt a bit, I kind of liked the way Deanna’s dildo slid in and out of my asshole. The skinny white chick flipped me on my back, fucking me in a new way.

Deanna looked right into my eyes while slamming the dildo into my asshole. I tried to touch my pussy but she brushed my hands away. Paula joined in on the fun. She rubbed her foot against my pussy and slipped her big toe inside. When she did that, it just about drove me nuts. The combination of Paula’s big toe digging up my pussy and Deanna’s thick dildo filling my ass practically kicked me into orbit. I screamed passionately as I came, my pussy oozing cum all over Paula’s foot. Paula eagerly started licking up my cum. Deanna continued fucking my ass for a bit then she pulled out abruptly. Before I could say anything, she shoved the dildo into my mouth, silencing me. I tasted my ass on the dildo that just fucked the hell out of me. Yummy! Afterwards, the three of us hit the showers.

Yeah, I definitely had fun with my friends and neighbors. I’m keeping busy while trying to help the international Haitian community as best as I can. What else can I do? I can’t in good conscience turn my back on them. My people need my help and as a member of the Haitian Diaspora, it’s my duty to help them. Somehow, we’re going to get through this bloody disaster. I don’t know why so many misfortunes keep befalling us. We’re already an embattled nation. I think we’re going to emerge stronger from this. I sincerely pray for it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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