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The next day I spent all morning working on the incredible photos from the shoot with Vicky and “Dude”. I had to admit, these were absolutely amazing shots, showing the couple in various erotic poses until finally Dude shot his load of cum all over Vicky and her fantastic tits.

I had been working on the shots with a semi-hard cock all day, and still as I progressed through the series my dick would harden at each new picture. I was determined to finish the edit before I sought relief, but it was becoming more difficult with each shot. I wanted to stroke my rigid shaft as I viewed the photos and remembered the scene from the night before, but I forced myself to be disciplined. So I went on to the deck where I knew I would not be able to do anything in view of the public beach, yet I had the privacy to edit the erotic images on my laptop.

I got up to get a beer from the fridge, and was conscious of the tent in my shorts as I walked into the house, but I figured that no one would be able to see that from the beach, so I was okay. However, when I returned to the deck there was Diane sitting at the table in a hot pink bikini. She was looking at the laptop, and I tried to remember what picture was on the screen. I was embarrassed so say the least as I stood there with my dick rapidly going flaccid and my face turning red.

“Wow,” she said. “This is an incredible picture Joe.” I walked over to the table to see what image she was looking at. It was a close-up of Vicki’s tits with the dude’s cock just touching the tip to one nipple. I remembered that I had been working on the skin tones, smoothing out the tits and the veins on the cock as it glistened with a drop of pre-cum on the tip.

“Um, I was just, you know,” damn I sounded like a fucking teenager caught looking at a porn magazine. “I’m editing.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that you had such great pictures?” she asked. As she said this she leaned forward and I saw more of her fantastic tits in that tight bikini. The sight of those tits next to the screen with the erotic picture of Vicki sucking a cock was enough to cause my dick to twinge in unconscious excitement. “You know Joe, you really must teach me more of your secrets!”

Just then the doorbell rang, spoiling a moment that I really did not want spoiled. “I’ll be right back,” I said, stepping back into the house. As I opened the door I had a feeling as to who might be there, and I was correct — it was Vicky!

“I was just in the neighborhood, and thought I’d drop in!” she said in a sexy voice. She was wearing tight shorts and a skimpy white top with thin straps that looked to be ready to break under the weight of her tits. Her nipples were clearly visible through the shirt, and evidently she was already aroused, or she was very cold for the warm summer afternoon.

“Hey Vicky,” I said, somewhat uncomfortable. I was keenly aware that Diane was still on the patio looking at photos of Vicky and her boyfriend, and frankly I was not sure how Vicky would feel about it. I was afraid she would be mad, so I was about to tell her it was not a good time for me, but she sensed my hesitation and slid right past me into the house, brushing those great tits against my chest as she passed by.

“Come on in,” I said ironically as she walked into the living room. “Want something to drink?” I was trying to stall for time as she walked toward the patio where Diane was still sitting at the laptop. Fortunately, the screen was facing away so Vicky could not see what was on it. But clearly she did see Diane sitting at the patio table in her pink bikini.

“It’s my friend from yesterday,” she exclaimed, hurrying out to the patio. “HI! Remember me?”

Diane was already standing, no doubt seeing Vicky through the glass door. As she stood she casually closed the lid on the computer, much to my relief. “Of course I remember you,” said Diane warmly. The girl with the lost top!”

“That’s me!” exclaimed Vicky coming around the table to give Diane a hug.

“Diane, this is Vicky,” I said.

“And yes, I think I’d love a drink,” said Vicky as she pulled up a seat at the table.

“Me too, thanks for asking,” added Diane with a cold tone. I could tell that I was going to be in trouble!

I went into the kitchen to make drinks, and watched carefully through the glass as the women talked. I had no idea what they were student sex parties porno discussing, but I felt nervous all the same.

Bringing the drinks out, I joined the girls at the patio table in the shade. By this time they were laughing at yesterday’s escapades on the beach like they were long lost friends. “So did you and your friends finally make it home last night?” asked Diane.

Vicky shot me a quick glance before she said, “Oh, yes. In a roundabout way. But not until late in the evening.”

“Well I’m glad you made it safely. You were pretty wasted!”

“Yeah, and you know how things are when you are drunk,” added Vicky. “I tend to really let myself go wild, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh really?” asked Diane innocently. “What wild things did you do last night?”

“I’m not saying!” giggled Vicky with another glance at me. “But it sure was fun!”

I was enjoying the show of the two beautiful women at the table, and I knew that they each had some idea of what the other one knew, but they continued to dance around the truth as if they were truly hiding it.

“You know Joe here has been so nice to me, he helped me and my friend out last night,” Vicky said as she sipped on her drink. She went on to make up an elaborate story of her friend and her falling asleep on the sand, then waking with no phones and knocking on my cabin door late at night to ask for a ride home. While she spun the tale, Diane glanced at me knowingly.

I was pretty sure that Diane had not seen any photo’s of Vicky’s face in the computer as of yet. But she certainly was no dummy, and the tits right there in front of her were clearly the same ones in the picture. But it was not until she glanced at me while Vicky was speaking that she confirmed her suspicion. I had never been a good liar, and the look on my face must have given it away as her eyes grew wide with the awareness.

“How about another round?” asked Diane, holding up an empty glass.

I went back inside and mixed a pitcher of Tequila Sunrises, and brought out glasses for all of us. We sat around talking about the beach, the local shops, and the girls talked about guys. As we talked and drank, the tension in my mind really drained and I realized that I was just enjoying the company of these two hot babes on a nice afternoon. They certainly seemed to enjoy each other as well. Sexual innuendos were flying as the conversation about boys turned to more graphic details.

“You know what I hate?” asked Vicky with a slight slur at this point.

“What’s that?” replied Diane.

“When the guy finishes so fast and then he is just – done. I mean its fun and all, but when he is done then you are just left there with no relief,” Vicky said, with a friendly job towards me.

“Hey, I’m not the bad guy here!” I exclaimed. “We haven’t done anything,” I said to Diane in defense.

“Yeah Vicky! I know what you mean,” said Diane with a stern look at me that indicated she was not buying my protestation of innocence. “They just shoot their wad, and then leave you frustrated.”

“Shoot it off then go to sleep, leaving me wet and horny.” added Vicky with a push against my arm. “But let me tell you something,” she said in a conspiratorial voice leaning forward drunkenly. “I can take care of myself!”

“You go sister!” exclaimed Diane. “Taking care of business!”

At this the two of them fell into each others arms laughing at my discomfort and at their triumph of taking care of business.

“Hey, I almost forgot,” said Vicky in a loud voice. “My pictures!”

Suddenly I was keenly aware of the situation.

“Joe took some pictures of me last night, and I want to see them,” slurred Vicky with her arm around Diane.

“Well, I think you might better wait until tomorrow…” I began.

“Oh Joe, don’t be so rude. Vicky wants to see her photos!” Diane objected.

Okay, I may be a dumbass, but I suddenly grasped the possibilities present. I pulled Diane over and sat her down next to Vicky to let her control the computer. “Vicky, Diane will be our critic as she shows you the photo set. Anything she doesn’t like will not make it to the final cut unless you can convince her otherwise. All the photos Diane vetoes will be deleted. Fair enough?” I asked.

Vicky looked at Diane and seemed to take a second submissive cuckolds porno to consider the proposition. “Okay, I guess, but you have to let me convince you if we disagree.”

“That works for me,” Diane said, pulling her chair right up next to Vicky.

I was proud of the photos, and it looked as if Diane was impressed, but Vicky was simply ecstatic. She kept pointing and giggling at the various shots of her sucking and fucking. It was amazing.

“You really made me look good,” she said.

“Damn girl, you look fantastic,” complemented Diane. “Your tits look amazing! I wish mine looked that good.”

“Are you kidding me?” exclaimed Vicky. “From what I saw earlier you have great tits,” she said with a conspicuous look at Diane’s bikini. “You know what, I bet they look better than mine,” she said with a quick cup of her right tit.

“Well, we can see how they look together,” added Diane with a tipsy giggle.

I was holding my breath, waiting to see what was happening. I did not say a word out of fear that I might blow this incredible opportunity to see the two of them nude.

“Well,” said Vicky with a grin, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!”

Diane slid back her chair and reached back to untie her bikini top. But she held it close to her chest and simply said to Vicky, “Your turn!”

Vicky pulled off her tank top to reveal a black lacy bra which pushed her tits up nicely. She reached back and unclasped the bra, loosening it, but still left it on. “On three?”

They counted together, “One, two, three!” giggling they both revealed their breasts. Vicky slid the bra off her shoulders, and Diane let her top fall forward then reached back to untie it and allow it to hit the floor.

I just stood there with a raging hard on as I saw the two sets of tits facing each other.

“Oh, yours are much nicer than mine,” exclaimed Vicky as she stared at Diane’s tits.

“But yours are bigger,” Diane said with a view of Vicky’s breasts. “I guess we can call it a tie!”

“You know what, I don’t think this is fair,” pouted Vicky. “Joe is just getting a free ride here not having to show us anything.”

“Yeah, Joe,” interjected Diane with a grin up at me. “We have showed us ours, now we get to see yours!”

I was happy to oblige, taking off my shirt and then standing up so that my shorts were at the table level. I glanced around but the dunes hid us from most of the beach except directly in front of the patio, and that was empty.

“Come on, no chickening out,” teased Diane.

Vicky leaned back and began to run her fingers in a circle on her nipples, “Oh Joe, you got to see so much of me, it’s only fair that I get to see you,” she said with a tease.

At that sight my dick got another rush of blood, engorging it even more so that it was super hard. I pulled down on the elastic of my swim trunks. The fabric clung to my dick as I pulled the shorts downward. My cock was hung in the waist band for most of the way, but then it suddenly sprang free as I lowered the shorts to the floor. I slowly stood back up, completely naked with a raging hard on for the two topless women in front of me.

“Ohh, that’s nice!” clapped Vicky giggling in delight. I wasn’t sure if she was just teasing me or if she really liked it, but then she solved my dilemma by leaning over and grabbing my cock and pulling it toward her waiting mouth. Diane slid out of her chair and knelt down in front of me as well.

“I’ve never had a three-way before,” squealed Vicky, her tits bouncing as she began to stroke my cock. Diane did not say a word, she just leaned forward and took one of Vicky’s tits into her mouth and began to suck on it. Her head was next to my dick which Vicky was still stroking.

It was such an erotic sight that I was afraid I might erupt early, so I pulled back for a second from Vicky’s silky hands to lean down and take her left tit in my mouth, next to Diane who was sucking on the right tit. Me and Diane looked at each other as we sucked on Vicky’s tits and I slid my hands across Diane’s ass as we licked. She leaned over to me and gave me a deep, wet kiss as Vicky knelt down to join us.

The three of us were on our knees on the patio kissing. We were fully exposed to anyone who happened to walk by on the beach, but only for a narrow taboo heat porno path leading directly to the beach. I suppose anyone on the dunes could have seen us as well, but for the most part we were pretty secluded. Still, having a three way in the open like that was incredibly arousing! Not to mention that I had never had a three way before, so this was a double level of excitement for me in almost every sense!

Vicky reached down to my dick and began to stroke it as Diane began to work her way down my chest. She licked my nipples while I fondled her with one hand, and I reached into Vicky’s shorts with my other hand. I slipped my finger into her wet pussy as she moaned and stroked my dick.

Diane moved down to the tip of my penis which was gently moving with Vicky’s strokes. She grabbed Vicky’s hand to steady it, and slowly took my penis into her mouth. Her tongue ran over my tip sending sensations throughout my body. Responding I fingered Vicky even faster.

Diane continued to lightly suck on my tip as Vicky pulled away from us. She slid over behind Diane and pulled down her bikini as Diane worked on my cock. Spreading Diane’s legs apart Vicky crawled under her to lap up Diane’s juices from her cunt. Diane moaned in pleasure and responded by sliding my cock deep into her mouth.

Vicky was lying on her back underneath Diane licking on her pussy. I reached over and began to pull her shorts off, which she helped me to do. Now we were all three totally naked on my porch!

As if on cue, we all shifted positions so that I found myself on my back with Vicky giving me a blowjob. Diane straddled my face as she lowered her shaved pussy onto my lips. I thrust my tongue deep inside her as she rubbed her tits. Vicky was moving faster up and down on my shaft.

Then Vicky climbed on top of me and lowered her vagina on my dick, sliding it deep inside her. The girls began to kiss and rub each others breasts as they took me from top and bottom.

I was frantic with pleasure as we rode out our passions on the deck. Vicky was moaning with excitement and I could tell she was ready to cum. Diane reached down to finger Vicky’s clit and I increased my thrusting in her warm pussy. Vicky was riding me with her head tossed back and her hands rubbing those magnificent breasts when she climaxed. She began to loudly moan and thrash on my cock as waves of orgasm swept over her body. She finally collapsed on my chest with her head resting in Diane’s lap as I continued to fill her pussy with my penis. Slowly she rolled off me and Diane rose up to nestle her face in Vicky’s pulsing vagina. Diane’s ass rose in the air in invitation, and I immediately took position behind her to slowly sink my dick into her pussy, wet with my saliva.

I knew that I was getting close as I pounded Diane doggy style. Her tongue was still working on Vicky who was thrashing in multiple orgasms as the pace quickened. I reached around to finger Diane’s clit as I thrust into her.

Suddenly I felt Diane’s pussy grip my penis as she went into orgasm. She moaned in pleasure as she came with my cock deep in her vagina. I was only seconds from cumming as well.

She pushed back onto me hard, preventing my dick from motion as she rode another wave of orgasm. I was right on the edge, knowing that any movement would make me cum. Her pussy clamped down on me as she slowly began to relax. She pulled off me and laid down next to Vicky, both of them moaning in delight as I knelt over them with a raging hard on, pulsing with pre-cum.

“Shoot it on our tits,” Diane whispered as she eyed my cock. I did not need any further encouragement as I stroked my dick between them. Both girls leaned up to move closer to my penis as I continued to slide my hand up and down the well lubricated shaft.

With an amazing orgasm, my cock erupted in cum. I shot a huge load onto Diane’s tits as she moaned in delight. Vicky cupped her breasts as I shot my next load into the valley between her breasts. Stream after stream of hot cum coursed out of my cock as the girls reached up to take loads on their tongues. I’ve never cum so much in my life!

Finally I collapsed between the beauties, rolling onto my back. They both rolled over onto me, slippery with warm cum. The girls tongued each other as they rubbed the cum all over each other’s tits. They worked up to my mouth as we all three kissed, the taste of juices and cum all mixing together in a musky, arousing sensation.

That was an incredible encounter to be sure. But as I lay there exhausted I could not help but wonder what else was could possibly happen that summer. I can tell you, I was in for even more excitement to come!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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