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The characters in this story are entirely fictional.

Julie trudged through the front doors of the motel on this seventh and final day on the road carrying what seemed to her like a hundred pounds more baggage than she started with. She was glad that this was the last night in a motel and noted with relief that there was only one person ahead of her checking in. She let the heavy laptop case slide off her shoulder and leaned against the desk. She saw that the desk clerk was checking in a tall, rather good-looking man in his (late?) 40’s. She had seen him look at her as she came in, then give his attention back to the desk clerk with no apparent attempt to hide the fact that he had “checked her out”.

The mousy little clerk looked up from coding the key card and handed it to the man in front of him. “Here you are, Mr. Gentry,” he said. “Your room is on the second floor, just left of the elevators.” The tall stranger stepped to the side to put his credit card back in his wallet and began to get his baggage together for the trek across the lobby to the elevators. She glanced at him as he stepped to the side and wondered to herself half-jokingly where this tall, handsome man had been all her life. He looked to be somewhere between 45 and 50 but it was difficult to tell because he had a rather youthful face topped by a well groomed head of graying hair. As she looked at him, he casually glanced back at her and smiled. She quickly looked away, a little embarrassed at being caught looking.

“May I help you Ma’am,” she heard someone say. She snapped her head around, realizing she had been paying more attention to the tall stranger than checking in, and found the desk clerk looking right at her with a stupid grin on his face.

“Oh! I’m sorry, um, reservation for Haley,” she said, a little flustered, as she dug in her purse for her credit card. She glanced back at the stranger, and looked quickly away again as she saw that he was still looking at her. She had caught his eyes working their way up her legs. That should have made her angry, but those eyes; and that smile… She put her attention back to the clerk searching for her name, and he seemed to be having a problem.

“Are you sure you have a reservation?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. I made it myself. It has to be there. Keep looking.” Her voice was tinged with frustration. She was weary from the road and wanted to go work out a little and then relax.

The stranger hesitated now, resting his arm casually on the desk, awaiting the outcome of this situation. But he seemed to have more than a casual interest and she found herself wondering what he was waiting for. “Spell the name, please,” said the clerk. “H-A-L-E-Y,” she spelled slowly and with growing frustration showing in her voice. “Julie Haley,” she repeated.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t see that name, and I’m afraid we’re full tonight,” the little clerk said apologetically.

“You cannot be serious!” she blurted out, with heavy emphasis on the “not” part of that word. “Look, it’s been a long day. I’m tired, and I’m in no mood for this. It has to be there. Look again.” The clerk gave her a look that said ‘it won’t do any good,’ but began searching again in the small, antiquated-looking cardboard box full of index cards.

Just then, the good-looking stranger spoke up and said, “Perhaps I can help – my room has two beds and I’m only going to be using one – you’re welcome to share with me.” Julie looked toward him with a mixture of disbelief and disdain. The nerve of this guy! She was set to let him have it as she turned around – imagine the gall of this man! But she was surprised at herself that when she looked at his face, and her words caught in her throat. She ended up staring at him, her mouth slightly agape at his sheer audacity, her mind searching for the right words. There on the stranger’s face was an odd combination of sincerity and mischief that she found almost irresistible. She realized that he was actually serious, but being very playful with her. No matter how hard she tried, it suddenly seemed impossible to get upset with this disarmingly charming man.

She thought, ‘I should rip this guy’s head off’, but something about that smile made her hesitate. She caught herself thinking, ‘damn, what is it about this guy,’ and then before her tired and surprised brain could formulate a clever response, she blurted out, “Um, thank you, but I’ll pass on that. Maybe some other time.” She said the words with a mixture of embarrassment and feigned indignation. She was struck with an odd combination of feelings that told her to slap this guy, and at the same time, take his offer, go to his room, and fuck him all night long. ‘Get a hold of yourself, Julie’, she said to herself. Then she found herself saying again, “No, really. But, uh, thank you just the same – I think.” She was aware that her words sounded forced and she wanted to kick herself for not being able to come up with a better reply, and for being embarrassed and covering it so poorly. She thought, ‘I’m 45 years old for chrissakes, I’ve heard crap like this before, what’s going on – am I that tired?’

Just then the stranger brazzers porno spoke again, “Ok, but I think it’s a great solution to your problem. If you change your mind, let me know.” He said the words with that almost irresistible smile on his lips. With that, he turned and walked out of the lobby toward the elevators. He never looked back at her. She watched him disappear around the corner and found herself wishing he would look back, even for just a second. Then with an audible sigh, she turned her attention back to the struggling desk clerk. She caught him looking at her again with a stupid-looking grin on his face. She scowled at him and he looked back down at the card box and began digging through it with increased urgency.

An hour later, the tall stranger entered the motel’s small workout room. As he did, he saw that the woman jogging slowly on the treadmill was the same one he had flirted with at the desk earlier. She looked a little smaller than she had at the front desk, when she had her business suit on. He was delighted to see that his quick assessment of her body at the front desk was accurate, however. She looked damn good for a woman of what he guessed was about 40 years of age. He spoke to her as he entered the room. “Well, hello there, Ms….um, Haley, isn’t it?” he said. At the sound of her name, she turned her head and was startled and then a little flustered to see the man who had embarrassed her earlier at the desk. “I take it they found you a room after all?”, he asked.

“Um, yes,” she said. “And it’s Julie. It was just a mix-up with filing my name in that stupid little box they use. Someone had it stuck in there under ‘J’ instead of ‘H’.”

“Well, I’m glad you were able to stick around,” he said. “But I still think I had a great solution to your problem at the time.” He smiled broadly at her without a hint of embarrassment. She just stared at him in continued disbelief at his boldness. He removed the towel from around his shoulders and climbed up onto the stepper machine and began to pump his legs up and down. She couldn’t help but glance at him once in a while as she continued to jog on the treadmill.

For his part, he did much more than glance at her. He watched her workout with interest, and had a great view of her. What he saw, he liked. His first impression of her was confirmed as he watched her jog on the treadmill. She was fairly short, just a couple of inches or so above five feet, with short blonde hair (natural? he wondered), nice legs, and small breasts. Her tanned skin was glistening from the workout. She was in good shape and even though he thought she probably was unhappy with herself as most people tend to be, at letting a few pounds creep in over the years, she had a very pretty face and was still very sexy. She also had a great ass which he watched as she jogged. She wasn’t perfect, but then, neither was he, he thought as he continued to watch her body move.

Her irritation with being watched so overtly grew as she jogged. When she finished, she stepped off and let him have it – good-looking, and desirable notwithstanding. She looked at him with all the resolve she could muster and said, “Look here, Mr. Whatever-Your-Name-Is, I don’t appreciate being ogled. I’ll thank you to mind your own business and not stare at me like a piece of meat.” She looked at him as intently as she knew how, but realized from the look on his face that her somewhat insincere words didn’t take. He either didn’t care, or he knew somehow that she was not entirely sincere, which of course, she wasn’t. She was kicking herself for what was really going on inside her: she was enjoying the hell out of the fact that this bold, handsome stranger couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her. She was eating it up, but trying like hell not to give him the satisfaction.

“It’s Gentry – Alan Gentry,” he said, smiling broadly and with that maddening self-assurance.

“Well, Mr. Gentry, I’ll thank you to keep your eyes in your head,” she said. With that, she turned and left the room, wrapping a towel around her damp shoulders. As she walked away, she knew he was watching her.

When she got back to her room, she stripped off her wet workout clothes and stepped into the shower. As the warm water washed over her, she began to regret treating her ogling stranger so badly, since she only half meant it, and she knew deep down that he saw through her little act anyway. But, he had not been a gentleman, she told herself. On the other hand, he sure looked good! “Damn, it’s been a while,” she said out loud. Plus, there is something very sexy about a self-assured man, she said to herself. She thought about her ex-husband and how he was the exact opposite. She didn’t miss him at all – just regretted the 7 years ‘lost’. The divorce seemed ages ago. Her thoughts turned to Matt, her old boyfriend, whom she had left a few weeks ago. How long has it been, she thought – 6 weeks, 8? She thought about how long it had been since she had had ‘real’ sex. ‘Shit’, she thought, ‘this isn’t getting me anywhere’.

She soaped up her hands and washed her face, thinking about how sexually unsatisfying clip4sale porno Matt had been – it was the reason she broke it off with him. He refused to go down on her as she loved. It had been two long years since a man had done that for her. Plus, Matt was totally unimaginative in bed. She loved oral sex, and no matter how much she begged for it – ached for it – he resisted. She wanted him to take charge, but he was too passive for that, or even preferred it when she took over. She liked that, but also needed to be dominated sometimes; to be treated like a whore sometimes, even though she hated that word. She also needed to be surprised sometimes, and spontaneous. But Matt would never do any of that. Neither would her ex, for that matter.

As she thought about what she really wanted, her soap-covered hands found their way to her breasts, then to her nipples. The softened water of the motel made more suds than usual, and her skin felt almost oily slick. Her hands massaged and kneaded her breasts, her fingers pinching and twirling her nipples. As they got rock hard, she began to realize that her pussy was tingling and she was squeezing her legs together to put pressure on herself down there. She adjusted the shower head so the full force of the water was directed at her pussy. Her thoughts turned to the handsome stranger at the desk as she continued to squeeze and tease her nipples to their fullest hardness. With one hand on her nipple, she let the other roam down her belly, past her pubic hair, and onto her swelling pussy lips. Soap suds made them even slicker and more inviting. She groaned as her fingers pressed into her slippery cunt and rubbed her hardening clit. As the water poured over her, she moved her other hand down to her ass and moved her fingers between her slippery ass cheeks. As the fingers of one hand worked furiously in and out of her pussy, the other hand tickled her anus, and rubbed the softness between there and her dripping slit. Her fingers worked furiously on her now rigid clit, squeezing and manipulating it with the fingers of a practiced hand.

She tensed and her orgasm washed over her, short in duration, but at least satisfying enough to give her a much-needed release. She rubbed her pussy lips and throbbing clit as her climax subsided. She finished her shower, dried off, and stopped briefly to look at herself in the bathroom mirror. She pressed her little belly inwards with the palm of her hand, dissatisfied with that part of her anatomy, but sighed with resignation and walked out of the bathroom knowing there was little she could do about it. Otherwise, she was very satisfied with the shape she was in for her age. She took care of herself, she wasn’t fat, just had that little belly, and the rest of her more than made up for any notion she harbored about being unsatisfied with herself. She pulled a t-shirt over her head, toweled her hair dry, and plopped down on the bed in the small suite, propping the pillows up behind her head.

She turned on the TV and soon found a movie that was fairly explicit, even for cable. As she watched a particularly erotic scene, her thoughts wandered to the handsome stranger again. She found herself rubbing her breasts, belly and pubic mound absent-mindedly as she lay there watching two lovers having slow, romantic sex. The longer she watched, the more aroused she got. Finally she got up, went to one of her bags, and retrieved the small vibrator she always carried with her. It was thin and compact, and it came in handy on her frequent road trips. She laid back down on the bed and began to use it on her breasts and nipples. Soon she could feel her pussy getting moist. She drew her knees up and rubbed the vibrator lightly against her hardening clit and swelling pussy lips. She moaned softly as she felt the slow tingling sensation of the tip of the vibrator as she slid it….

A knock on the door startled her. “What the hell,” she said aloud, as she jumped up. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed, laid the vibrator on the nightstand, pulled her t-shirt down her legs as far as it would go, and went to the door to look out of the peephole. Standing there was ‘her’ stranger! He was holding something, but she couldn’t make out what it was. She thought, ‘Oh shit, now what do I do?’ She backed away from the door a little and felt a warmth wash over her. She stepped back to the door and peered through the peephole again.

“Hello?” she heard him say, and he knocked again. She could see that damned smile through the peephole…

She answered him through the door. “What do you want?” The emphasis was heavily on the “you”. “How did you get my room number?”

“That doesn’t really matter, does it? I wanted to make up for being so un-gentlemanly earlier. May I come in?” he asked. Listening to her voice from the other side of the door, he was thinking about those green eyes and could still picture her ass in his mind as she jogged on the treadmill downstairs, her soft breasts swaying up and down.

Julie stepped back from the door again. She thought, ‘What do I do now? I don’t know this guy. There’s no way I colette porno should open this door.’ But, on the other hand she thought, ‘what can it hurt just to see what he wants? And besides, I really want something to happen – who am I trying to kid here?. So why am I playing games?’ Without thinking about what she had on, she opened the door. “What the hell,” she said to him. “Might as well.”

His eyes immediately went downwards to her legs, and then back up to her nipples, which were prominent and evident through the thin t-shirt material. She saw his eyes quickly take in her body and rather than being repulsed by it, she felt herself flush. She realized at that moment that the t-shirt she had on covered very little and she had no panties on, even though the long t-shirt did not reveal that. She half-ducked behind the partly open door like a little girl and felt instantly stupid for doing so – after all, he’d already seen just about everything she had to offer, and she was in her forties (although I don’t look it, thank you very much, she thought), for god’s sake – certainly not a little girl anymore. And, she HAD opened the door, after all. He looked directly into her eyes and extended his hands toward her. In them were two plastic tumblers and a bottle of champagne. He was wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and no shoes. And that smile. That damned smile! He looked even better than before! His hair was still damp from his post-workout shower. ‘Where the hell did he get champagne?’, she thought.

She saw the peace offering, that sexy self-assured look in his eyes, that gorgeous gray hair, which was darker now that it was a little wet, and decided to let her guard down. “Oh, come in, for pete’s sake. Alan, right?”

“Right. Champagne?” He smiled, held up the bottle, looked directly into those beautiful eyes of hers and walked confidently into her room.

He put the two glasses down on the small coffee table and was already working on the foil at the top of the champagne bottle before she got the door shut. She lingered near the door as he opened the champagne. She looked down at herself, as if to assess just how much he could see of her with just the t-shirt on. Looking back up and shrugging her shoulders, she strolled back closer to him. He poured champagne into the two plastic glasses and handed her one. “To life on the road, and these ‘wonderful’ motels, and especially to sexy women,” he said, and they clinked their glasses together as much as cheap plastic would allow.

“Don’t forget ‘sexy men’ in that toast”, she said, and looked directly into his eyes as if to challenge him.

He looked into her exotic green eyes and said, “So, Miss Haley, what do you do for a living, other than seduce vulnerable men and get them into your room for wild sex, that is?” His smile was a mile wide. She almost spit out her mouthful of champagne.

“What! You presumptuous shit! How dare you!” she yelled. She glared at him and looked into that handsome face, and saw that mischievous smile. She said nothing more, and a look of ‘ah shit, who am I trying to kid?’ crossed her face. At that moment, they both knew that her transparent attempt at expressing indignation was not working at all. He put his glass down and so did she. She looked into his face and could only think one thing: ‘fuck me before I go crazy, will ya?’

His next statement both thrilled and frightened her a little bit. “Miss Haley, I’m going to lick you, suck you and fuck you silly. And we’re going to keep doing it until we’re too exhausted to continue. Now take that ridiculous shirt off.”

She could feel her nipples get even harder and her pussy tingle at his words. Without hesitation, she pulled the t-shirt over her head. He did the same. She reached out and ran her hands over his chest, then down his belly. He stood perfectly still. She unfastened his jeans, unzipped them, and pulled them down his muscular legs, sinking to her knees as she did. He wasn’t wearing underwear, and she wasn’t surprised in the least. The sight turned her on even more. She reached up and wrapped her fingers around his already growing cock and squeezed. He moaned and reached down, entwining her hair in his fingers, pulling her toward his growing erection. She opened her mouth eagerly, pulling the tip of his cock into her warm, wet mouth. She expertly wrapped her tongue around it, playing with the tip, tasting the pre-cum already gathering there. He moaned again, pulling her head harder to him.

“Oh yes. That’s it. Suck it, baby,” he breathed. He moaned as she began to expertly suck his rigid cock.

As she sucked, she looked upwards at him, making sure he was watching her devour his manhood, then turned her full attention to his now rigid cock. She determined that it was about average size, somewhere around 7 inches long, but from the feel of it in her mouth, it was thicker than she was used to. He pushed again, and his cock slid farther into her mouth. She pulled back a little until she could get used to it a little more, but this was something she was proud to be good at, as both her previous partners loved the way she gave them head. She swallowed and sucked his cock loudly, moaning as she did so, sending vibrations up his shaft, making him pull her even harder toward him. She pushed him back and said “Uh-uh. I’m in control now. Stop that and let me do what I know how to do. Trust me – you won’t regret letting me have my way with you right now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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