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When his husband and Ignil left Vars immediately tugged on his clothing before he stormed his way outside. It was by luck one of the garden staff happened to be nearby. He whistled and called the female beta over to him. He looked down at her from his sundeck as she approached with her head bowed.

“Prince Consort” she addressed with a bow.

“I need you to tell the Head Gardener that the Prince Consort wants his bouquets delivered, he’ll know which ones I speak of” He stated with a lazy drawl. Acting as if this command wasn’t a priority or needed to be done as quickly as possible.

“Please go right away, you’re dismissed” he voiced waving her off. She bobbed her head once before turning and moving off at a brisk pace. He turned and went back into his room, he went to his desk and added a note in the invisible ink to each of his letters to his wolves and sealed them back up. He crossed over and knocked on the door, Tyian opened up and glanced toward him.

“Am I prohibited from sending messages?” He questioned the middle-aged Alpha.

“Not yet, shall I send these to the tower then?” Tian questioned.

“Right away, also send a letter to Ser Gail, a fox has been spotted in the gardens and I wish for him to guard my roses, it’ll be something for the Knight to do aside from collecting dust,” he remarked in a disinterested fashion. None of his guards knew about the secret relationship between him and Gail.

“Of course Prince Consort, but tell me will our games of BraakenHold be stopped now?” Tyian asked. Internally Vars rolled his eyes, of course, the Alpha wanted to know if his cock was still going to be sucked through all of this. Vars smiled and slipped his hand forward, placing it delicately on the guard’s shoulder.

“Of course, why wouldn’t it? Although our games will be shorter I’m afraid, that shouldn’t be a problem?” he asked looking up from under his lashes. Tyian’s eyes glazed over as Vars licked his lips slowly.

“Never, Prince Consort” the man replied. Vars bid the man leave for his commands. He turned and glanced at his other guard, a beta named Eri. Shorter than most but built like a bull with a thick neck and chest. He had a short wide cock that was even wider than some Alpha’s cocks, and Eri loved to stroke it while watching Vars wash his feet. To Vars, Eri was the easier Guard to seduce.

“Don’t worry Eri, you can still bring me my evening tea, we’ll just have to be quick about it,” he said with wink. Eri smiled back and Vars shut the door with a satisfied smile. He had been taken by surprise but that didn’t mean he was going to be routed. He had always had plans and safeguards set in place, why else would he garner so much loyalty from so many Alpha and Beta guards? He was a lone Omega, but that didn’t mean he was weak or defenseless.

Vars sat at his desk and poured himself more wine, he than waited to see what storm this Ignil and his husband would bring.

Turns out the storm was an infuriating one. Three days of consuming only water and bread does little for anyone’s hunger or mood. This ‘purge’ made him feel lethargic and irritable. He spent the majority of his time lying in bed. But on the third day, he realized that’s exactly what Ignil wanted. He wanted him soft and weak. But Vars was too stubborn to let him win. So instead he forced himself to exercise. He ran circles around his room and worked his entire body for as long as it would let him.

He drilled himself again and again with his hidden branch, imagining the target he was fighting was Ignil. Today there was a group going through the gardens, searching for specific plants under Ignil’s commands. Making sure the precious Prince Consort wasn’t being tainted by the roses or gardenias. Vars put his fake sword away as the gardeners got closer, all of them looked exhausted as they meticulously sifted through every leaf.

He shook his head, they wouldn’t find anything. The gardener was an older Omega, one who had been locked in a cage for nearly thirty years. He had no Alpha as he was marked barren. So the head of castle staff was to hold his keys. Because even Omega’s who were entirely in charge of their person still had to have their bodies controlled by others for some entirely stupid reason. Vars had helped the man, finding the key to his cage and making a spare of it so the Omega could see to his needs without relying on the Head of Staff.

The Gardener used his age as a means to trick the Head of Staff as to why the Omega wasn’t coming to him to be unlocked. He told a lie stating he just didn’t have the need at the ripe age of fifty when in reality he was sure the man was pleasuring himself whenever he damn well pleased as was his fucking right.

The Gardener, Thomas, repaid him back by keeping a special crop of his rare plants. The ones he used to keep his heat at bay and to stop seed from sowing in his womb.

So for now those plants would be safe, the only issue was there was no possibility for Vars istanbul travesti to get his hands on his beloved medication. With each day that passed by he was closer to a day when seed would be sown and had a chance of catching a pregnancy. Each day would go by would be another day for his heat cycle to finally kick in after being held back for so long.

Tonight Harvel would come to his room and stay the entire night. He wouldn’t leave nor would he be unlocked. Vars prepared ahead of time and unlocked himself their morning, bringing himself to two orgasms with his hand around his cock and his fingers toying with his slit, thinking of Gail’s mouth the entire time. He took a bath to clean himself after.

Prince Harvel entered with a smile and bearing a small gift. A bowl of fresh fruit that admittedly Vars was ravenous for. Apparently, he had been approved to have some minor fruit incorporated into his diet. His husband wasted no time getting to the matter at hand. Getting him filled with a babe. So the moment he finished his fruit his husband took them to bed, setting him on his hands and knees, stretching him open before thrusting in jarring and hard as the Prince worked himself quickly to finish and to knot.

Even if Vars was allowed he wouldn’t have been able to cum from this. There was no pleasure in being used like an animal, to be debased and fucked into. No respect, no compassion. No Love, it didn’t matter how big or thick Harvel’s cock was, didn’t matter the man was his ‘Alpha’ or ‘Husband’ to Vars nights like this were spent getting lost in thought, concentrating on making the right sounds and pretending to enjoy when in reality he’d rather be doing paperwork.

Finally, the dreaded sounds of his Harvel’s climax filled the room. The man growled and shouted as he quickened his pace until finally, the man’s hips snapped firmly against him, the intense pain of his knot expanding within him as his husband filled him with his seed. Vars prayed into the sheets that it did not sow. He did not want a babe, he did not want a child. He did not want to be forced to be a mother to a child he did not choose to have. He was not a bitch to be bred, he was a beast to be feared.

Harvel was locked in him for several minutes during that time the man talked at him, kissing the back of his head and smoothing hands over his sides.

He talked about his morning ride, about something or another about animal tracks he spotted. He talked about when they finally had a child and how he would teach them to track and hunt, to ride a horse, and all the other things a Prince or Princess deserves.

“Even if they were an Omega?” Vars asked, taking them both by surprise. This was the first time he spoke in a long while he waited counting the seconds for when the painful stretching sensation in his lower regions would stop.

“What?” Harvel asked.

“Would you teach our child to hunt, track and ride if they were an Omega like me?” he asked turning to look at his husband. Harvel frowned before shrugging.

“Well, perhaps not if they were an Omega. It would be too strenuous for them, riding a horse takes a lot of skill and strength” the Prince stated.

“I can ride a horse, I rode here for when our fathers discuss the marriage agreement” Vars pointed out. Harvel gave a laugh, finally, his knot relaxed and Vars could sigh in relief as he no longer was in pain.

“I have nearly forgotten, that caused a stir you know, the Omega of House Karyn, riding as an equal next to his father instead of being in a carriage, if it hadn’t been for your father’s assurances I would have taken you for a Beta” Harvel admitted.

“So I can ride, why can’t our Omega child do so as well?” he questioned. Harvel frowned, a small amount of frustration filling his eyes.

“It’s not proper, perhaps for you who live along the southern coastline where moral traditions are being eroded away it was okay, but here in the heart of Kisara it isn’t right” Harvel growled turning away to lay on his back. Vars slid away from his husband, he made to leave the bed but Harvel stopped him.

“Wait! You can’t leave! You’re supposed to stay still and with me for the remainder of the night so that our hormones may meld and you can relax and be seeded” the Prince commented tugging him back into bed. Vars laid back down with a growl of his own. Crossing his arms he glared up at the canopy as Harvel awkwardly tried to wrap his arm around his chest and pull him in close.

“Ignil told me you’d be irritable during the cleanse, I’m going to assume that you acting like this is from that. Know that any babe we have will be cared for, honored, and loved in line with the traditions of our people” Harvel explained. Vars could hear the writing between the words, it meant that any Omega child would be resentfully accepted and used as a breeding chip to sell to the highest bidder. Any Alpha would immediately be loved and the uncontested heir, if he had a Beta they would just be…there, istanbul travestileri neither bad as an Omega but not as good as an Alpha child.

Eventually, Harvel fell asleep, slowly Vars crept out of bed and went to rid himself of the man’s seed. Stradling the privy and digging out the man’s cum with his fingers. He felt revulsed and dirty doing so, but he had to do what he could. Even if he knew this wouldn’t get rid of all the man’s seed nor would it truly save him from pregnancy. When he was done, his slit sore and body feeling hallowed out he returned to bed, finding that his husband was a rather heavy sleeper. Perhaps, he could use this to his advantage, he smiled to himself and began to think about his next moves.

The next morning Harvel left early. Vars took the time to unlock himself and stroke himself languidly in the tub, his legs outstretched as he enjoyed the feeling of the warm heat of the water and the glide of his fingers over his shaft. He imagined Gail while he fucked himself on his fingers and when he came he even briefly saw the Knights face. He collapsed into the tub, wrung out by his orgasm as he enjoyed the fuzzy heat filling his mind.

Eventually, he got out and changed, he decided to slip the cage back on just in case before he began his daily exercise routine. He had to take a few minutes out to treat Tyian to a game of ‘BrakkenHold’ which involved him on his knees taking the Alpha guard’s cock as deep as he could. When the man came he recoiled back, not wanting the bitter disgusting taste of cum on his tongue or lips. The man instead came all over the floor as usual and Vars had to sink himself to the lowly level of cleaning it up with a rag.

Tyian thanked him by giving him letters from the Gardener and Ser Gail, as well as a small pouch of cured jerky for him to eat. As degrading as it was to suck off a guard’s cock, Vars was seeing how his years of work were beginning to finally pay off.

The Head Gardener, an aged Omega by the name of Fahir wrote to tell him his hidden stache was moved and hidden away. But he’d be unable to harvest or send him the herbs until some time has passed. There was too much scrutiny on him and his staff. Vars frowned, disliking not knowing when his next delivery of herbs to stop pregnancy and heat were to come. But he’d have to make due, at least they were not found.

Fahir was perhaps one of the few Omega’s in the Kingdom to make it to such a position of height. The King’s Head Gardener was no easy title to earn. He was also one of the few Omegas who were not collared or claimed, mostly due to the fact that he was proven to be barren at a young age. This allowed him the ability to be free of an Alpha as no Alpha wanted a barren Omega.

Sadly however proven to be barren and having no Alpha still did not free Fahir from the traditional beliefs. He too had a cock cage that was forced upon him. The Master of Staff held the Omega’s key along with all the other Omega servants who had no Alphas. But, thanks to Vars. Fahir didn’t have to go skulking to the Master of Staff when he needed to find relief, Vars had long ago assisted the man in not just teaching him how to unlock the cage, but to get the necessary materials to smelt his own copy of the key.

He was sure the gardener didn’t even wear his cage anymore. It’s not like anyone was checking him. Not even the Master of Staff had much thought for the aged Omega who lived in a small stone cottage in the gardens.

His next letter from Gail did at least make his heart feel better.


As your humble servant, I will guard the roses each night to make sure that the fox stays away.

Your Knight

Vars smiled and nodded his head. Good. Everything was correcting itself, all he had to do was figure who this Ignil person was and get rid of him.

Ignil was a difficult person to find any info on. He sent word to his wolf in the North to perhaps find records on the man or ask around, but other than that Vars was pretty much barred from meeting or questioning this healer. Outside of course his check-ups which began after the first week on Ignil’s new ‘regiment’.

He stood, naked–aside from his cage– in front of Ignil in the healing ward in the palace. The man walked around him, scribbling notes into a little book he possessed and would tuck inside his robes when he was done.

Ignil had a frown on his face as he studied Vars’s frame. The man tapping on his arms and his abdomen. The ‘diet’ had made him lose fat rather than gain it. His muscles were now more pronounced and etched into his frame, he looked stronger. Which for an Omega was the exact opposite of what Alpha’s wanted.

“Curious, although not unheard of, some bodies will burn fat reserves first before muscle, I can only assume as we progress we’ll lose some of these unsightly muscles in time” Ignil commented with a frown.

“Has the Crown Prince been visiting your chambers?” Ignil asked. Vars nodded once.

“He knots you travesti istanbul and sows his seed?” the man continued. Vars nodded yet again, internally his body shuddered in disgust at the memories of his Husband knotting and seeding him.

“How do you feel when he does that?” Ignail asked, the question taking Vars by surprise. Why would Ignil care about how he feels? Ignil must have seen his reaction the man hummed to himself before motioning for him to sit on the cot nearby while Ignil tugged up a short wooden stool.

“Believe it or not but an Omega’s mental state does effect fertility, if an Omega is in duress for long enough their body will refuse to be planted, and any fetuses could be aborted without meaning, I am here to make sure that doesn’t happen” Ignil stated with a sad expression on his face. Vars leaned back, using his chance to grab the blanket to wrap over his legs and waist so he wasn’t entirely naked anymore.

“What I say will be told to the Prince?” he questioned. Ignil shook his head.

“Not unless it affects the crown’s safety, I am here to genuinely assist and help you both, not just the Crown Prince, your highness,” Ignil said bowing his head once and using his title. So few did outside of official functions. Vars knew this most likely was a trap, so he wouldn’t give away too much of anything, but he still wanted to feel genuine enough to perhaps crack this Ignil open and see what was inside.

“I find knotting painful, it just stretches me too far and I hurt so much,” he said studying Ignil’s reaction. The older man nodded before standing and going over to a nearby cabinet. Ignil rummaged through it for some time. Vars glanced around the man’s personal office, there wasn’t much in it at this time. He had just moved so most of the shelves behind the desk across from him were bare. A few books and equipment were there but nothing personal.

“Do the Menders of the North take mates, Master Ignil?” He asked turning to the man. Ignil came back holding a vial in one of his hands.

“Hm, we can if we wish though it is frowned upon, mates distract from work, but love is a complicated thing, and even the MendMasters are not immune” Ignil replied holding the vial out to him. Vars took it and studied it.

“A single drop will relax your body and numb you from some pain, take it just before sex is initiated” Ignil explained with a pointed look.

“Thank you, Master Ignil;” he said setting the vial aside “I’m surprised though, that a man like you believes in the idea of ‘Love’ I thought you’d be one of those who see it as just a combination of pheromones” he stated glancing the older healer up and down. Ignil gave a huff of laughter.

“In some parts it is…but no, I believe in love because I witnessed it first hand…both of my parents were Omegas, my father a male and my mother a female, we lived in a poor village near the Crossway Forest, our population was small and very few Alpha’s are there. So they joined with one another. It was a hard life for them, I knew many nights of hunger, but we got by. But no matter how poorly we were my parents had smiles, I and my two siblings saw what love could do” Ignil explained.

Vars felt a little warm and even pitied Ignil. Until the man added to his statement.

“Love ruins people, it allows them to ignore the suffering of hungry children, the stares and whispers of your neighbors as well as the fact it gave them an excuse to shrug off tradition so blatantly. My father was an Omega who sowed children with his cock rather than his womb, he walked proudly and defiantly, and thought himself as good as the few Alphas in our village. His pride was what caused his fall, and when he was killed my mother selfishly took her own life to join him rather than tend to the children they claimed to ‘love’.” Ignil spat with venom as the man looked away, a buried rage contorting the man’s face

Vars said nothing. Pity grew for Ignil, but at the same time, he was seeing that the man was using his parents as a scapegoat for all Omegas. The hunger he experienced wasn’t because of his parents ‘love’ for one another. It was because the world refused to hire Omegas or allow them the ability to work for themselves. If Omegas were equal and treated as such they could afford to buy food and tend to their families.

“I’m sorry for your loss, how do your siblings fare?” he questioned. Ignil leaned back on the stool, pursing his lips the man rubbed his chin in small circles before answering.

“My sister married several years ago has two children and is happy as a seamstress. My brother, an Omega…” Ignil shook his head.

“Was arrested last year and now sits in prison, awaiting a trial…he was caught helping Omega’s escape the North, to go south to sail to Aria” Ignil growled with a shake of his head. Vars took this information and filed it in the back of his head. He would need to contact his current wolf in the North, they needed to free this Omega and join his pack.

“Omegas are becoming too few, and the ones we have either run or find themselves incapable of breeding, we need Omegas to birth Alphas, soon even they will start to dwindle” Ignil stated with a frown. It was then Ignil reached across and took his hand.

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