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Uncomfortable. Again. Drew Collins had been tossing and turning in his overpriced sleeping bag for what felt like the better part of the whole night. He groans. Another uncomfortable night sleeping in a tent on the hard ground. Drew was on one of his yearly family friends camping trips. The sort of trips people take with old family friends.

Drew slips on his red rubber camping shoes on. Unzips the tent and zips it shut smoothly. Walking through the pitch black camp ground the pops of campfires still smoldering can be heard. He had no clue what time it was but it was late. But he had walked this path to and from the bathrooms for many years and he knew where he was going.

Growing up, Drew’s mother had a best friend who was like a sister. Going to events together often and taking family vacations as one big group. That was over 20 years ago and the group was getting older. Drew was coming up on 26. His older sister long married and living her own life. So Drew was the only member aside from his Mother and Father representing their family at the trips. His Mother’s friend, Karen Kennedy, or Ms. K as the gang called her. Had a rather large family of 5 children. Two guys who were Drews age. Travis and Gabe. Then three older sisters. Two were married with kids of their own and the oldest sister Kathleen.

Drew finally got to the bathrooms, sitting at the top of the camp ground. Just a single dim fluorescent light pole illuminating the concrete pad. He reached for the handle to the mens room. Then, thud. altyazılı porno It was dead bolted, locked. Well, fuck, what was he gonna do? Drew looked around and saw the door to the family bathroom right between the mens and women’s rooms. Screw it, he thought. Luckily enough the door was unlocked. He quickly slipped into the room and locked it behind him. He was hustling quickly to pull his stubborn cock out from his shorts. With one last tug Drew pulls his cock head out and aims it to the bowl. He sighs with relief. Leaning back he flicks the light switch on. As the light fills the small dark room he sees something move out of the corner of his eye. What he saw stunned him for a moment. Two slender, maroon painted fingers were stuck through a hole in the adjacent wall. Well, that would likely be the woman’s bathroom wall he thought. The fingers moved up and down. Then they disappeared back through the whole to be replaced by a pair a dark red lips.

“You have something for me big guy?” whispered the dark red lips. Her voice was raspy with lust. She was already quite turned on he could hear. She continued “See how excited I am for it?” With that the two fingers were returned through the whole only now slick and coated…

Drew was still in shock at the sight of stumbling upon a gloryhole. He had heard the term but thought it more of a joke than reality. Yet, here he was, and there she was. Fingers wet. Clearly enjoying her side of the bathroom. The voices on Drew’s shoulders argued but for a moment. Why not, türkçe altyazılı porno He thought. Pushing his shorts the rest of the way down. His heavy thick cock beginning to fill out as he shuffled to the gloryhole. The painted wet fingers cradled his swelling dick as she pulled it through the hole. It was quiet for a moment, Drew began to think she left. But just as he was about to pull back out. He felt the warmth wrap around his throbbing dick head. With an audible pop the woman with the maroon fingers briefly released his cock.

“You really are a big guy aren’t you. Fuck.” She whispers through the concrete hole. She wraps her lips articulately around his fat swollen head. “Like a big juicy lollipop, and you taste good too.” Drew was practically seeing stars as she rushed his cock with suction and spit. She was sucking him for every drop it felt. “Does it feel good big guy?”

“Yeah,” croaks Drew. If she hadn’t stopped he was about to blow.

“You have a heavy load for me? I can feel how much your thick dick is throbbing baby.” She squeezes Drews shaft.

“It’s been a few days…”

Releasing Drew’s head with a throaty moan, “Then let me release all that tension, I haven’t found a beautiful big cock like this to drain in a long time.”

The sensations around his dick were hard to explain but she was really trying to swallow ever inch of his cock that was through the hole. And she was succeeding with every bob of the head. Drew placed his hand on the wall above his head steading himself. hd altyazılı porno His hip seeming to be drawn further into the gloryhole. He had quite a few blowjobs in his day but this was intense. Her tongue slithering along the base of his cock as his flared head was squeezed down her throat. She kept going at a quick rhythmic pace. Drew felt his balls begin to tighten as his cum was about to bubble up with each throaty swallow she made…

His hips kept thrusting forward. “Oh, fuck! I’m cumming! Fuck, suck my big fat dick.” he hissed as he felt his cock spasm and jet out the first load of cum. She didn’t miss a beat, swallowing the thick spurt and milking for the next. Drew groaned as he felt like he came for minute. He must have cum a ton. It just kept coming out. But, she greedily swallowed up every drop she got.

Drew stumbled back from the hole. His cock sucked clean with just a bit of saliva glistening on his skin.

The lips reappeared at the hole. “Thanks big guy, that was a lot of fun. Great cock! I’m here the rest of the weekend. Meet me here tomorrow, same time. And bring a condom, I need to feel you inside of me. Night!” He leaned down to the hole to reply, “Umm.. Yeah, okay tomorrow night!” But, she was gone. All he heard was the thud of the women’s bathroom door closing. Holy shit! He thought, not a bad way to start off the weekend camping. He was already looking forward to the next night. What time was it? and where could he find a condom in the woods?

When Drew got back to his tent the site was still dead quiet. The only light coming from Ms. K’s tent. He shuffled into the tent and grabbed his phone to check the time. 2:45am. Taking a deep breath settling into his less uncomfortable sleeping back. Until tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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