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Gina reads the label of the small cobalt blue bottle.

‘Use no more than needed. Effects felt within 5 minutes. Results may vary.’

She opens the bottle and sniffs. “What the….” she screams as she thrusts it away from her nose. Looking again at the label for what effects she should expect, she finds no indication.

Peaking though the dark blue glass with the bottle gently held up to the light she turns it carefully before her eyes, once, twice, then a final turn. Her fingers tease the small cork stopper from the neck slowly for fear of releasing more foul vapors. It still smells as bad as before and quickly the stopper squeaks back into place.

“Rosa!” the short Asian woman calls as she wanders barefoot though the apartment they share only as roommates. “Rosa!”

“I’m not deaf … what?” Rosa sits on the bed leaning against the headboard reading a magazine resting on her thighs, feet pulled close to her hips with ankles crossed lightly. She finally looks up.

“What’s this for?” she asks holding the small bottle up.

“Megan found it at an old shop on the other side of the tracks when she was buying incense. She thought you might like it. I don’t know why.”

“But what will it do if I use it? It sure isn’t perfume!”

“It beats me.” Rosa shrugs her shoulders and goes back to reading the magazine.

“If I don’t know what it does…?” She leans against the wall and watches Rosa as if giving her more time might illicit more information.

“Hey, I don’t have a clue. Maybe you should call her if you’re afraid to use it. You Asian chicks….”

“Good idea.” Gina ignores the unfinished racial comment, refusing to hurl one about Mexican women back at her.

“It’s Friday and Max is coming over tonight. Just wanted to warn you.”

“God, what do you see in that loser. Could you two hold it down in bed? All that moaning and screaming keeps me awake.”

“You just need a good fuck!”

“Not from some jerk like that.”

Gina pulls her cell phone from the pocket of her tight jean cutoffs and flips it open as she walks into the living room.

“Hey, thanks for the bottle of whatever. What’s it for, it mentions ‘effects’?” She shrugs her shoulders as if Megan can see her.

“Which bottle did you get?”

“It’s blue.”

“Oh-h, oh,” she drawls for a while. “Have you used any?”

“Hell no-o. Not goin’ put something on I don’t know what it does.”

“Good thing. Maybe we could meet in the food court at the mall. I’ll give you the one you were supposed to get.” She chuckles. “Don’t forget to bring that one. I need it.”

“Rosa and Max are going to be screwin’ again. After we eat, maybe you and I could find a bar.”

“I’d like that. See ya in about half an hour.”

Gina takes a quick shower to freshen up and puts on a short tan dress that reveals a nice amount of cleavage and a lot of leg, and a pair of black pumps with thick two-inch heals. She takes a last look in the tall mirror leaning against the wall, adjusts the dress, combs her fingers though her long straight black hair, then walks towards the front door.

“Be back late, get it out of your system before then!” she yells to Rosa. All she hears is a string of profanity and the bedroom door slam.

Megan, like Gina, is from Thailand though they met long after leaving the country. She is only a few inches taller and just as beautiful, wearing black designer jeans that mold to her hips, a white tee shirt, and sandals. They carry trays of hamburgers and fries back to a table and sit next to each other on one side of a four-person table.

“Max, what a jerk. Knowing Rosa, she’s going to have her feet in the air for a while,” Megan teases. “Bet he doesn’t eat her pussy,” she whispers as she leans closer.

“Megan, why I never….” Gina lets the thought go unfinished and takes a bite of burger then of a few fries as she glances at her best friend though the corner of her eyes.

“Sorry. She just has such poor tastes in guys. How’s your love life?”

“As empty as my bank account.” Gina groans. “I thought Jim was going to last.”

“What happened?”

“Seems he’s into big hooters … something I seem to be lacking in. Damn Asian female genes.” She giggles.

“Was he good in bed?”

“Yeah, I think. Not like I have a bunch of guys to compare.”

“I had an interesting date recently. A woman chatted me up and we ended up at her place for the night. Very nice, I must say.”

“Really? Who got tops?”

“She wasn’t a dyke. Geez, Gina.”

“Don’t know anything about that ‘lesbian’ stuff. How’d you climax?”

“Haven’t you ever had a guy go down on you?”


“Oh, honey. We need to get you some help.”

Megan notices Gina staring at something, almost lost in space. She traces the stare and finds a woman missing a leg crutching past the food court.

“Ever wonder what that’d be like?” Gina whispers to no one in particular.

“She works at the thrift shop over on Elm Street. Don’t know her name. A most unhappy woman … actually, a pursaklar escort real bitch. I tried to talk to her and she snapped my head off.”

“What happened to her?”

“Another woman there mentioned something about a car wreck.”

“Looks good, doesn’t she?” Gina continues to watch as the woman looks in the window of a store at dresses on mannequins. “So nice….”

“I didn’t know you liked stuff like that.”

“Huh?” Gina seems to realize she has been staring for a long time and looks back at Megan. “What?”

“I believe you were lusting over a woman missing a leg.” Megan softly chuckles.

“Yeah, I guess I was.”

“I wouldn’t mind being that way,” Megan whispers as she lays her hand on Gina’s hand. “If it happened, that is.”

“Is that why you tried to speak with her?”

“Uh-huh.” Megan nods and nibbles at a fry covered with a dab of ketchup at the end.

“One summer when I was a little girl, I knew a girl missing a leg. I’ll never forget her. Wow-w.”

“It’s ashamed that we didn’t know about our shared interest.”

“It seems … I don’t know, wicked.” Gina stammers. “Like something that will send me straight to hell.” She laughs.

“You’d mentioned going to a bar, but maybe we could go to my place and have a drink. I’d love to explore some ideas with you. Did you bring the blue bottle?”

Gina digs though her purse putting scraps of papers and other things on the table in the process. “Here.” She twists it in her hand a few times before handing it to Megan. “Yeah, you know after seeing someone like her, I feel kind of flustered for a while. Maybe going to your place would be nice.”

“This is so much better than mine,” Gina says as the front door closes.

“Why, ’cause Rosa isn’t here?” Megan laughs then walks into the small kitchen to get two beers from the refrigerator.

“Yeah, Rosa and her guys.” Gina takes a long swig from the bottle then holds it up in front of her face. “Always tastes better from a bottle than a glass.”

Megan turns on the stereo and flips though a pile of CD’s. A small green bottle exactly like the blue one sits on the end table next to the overstuffed chair Gina sits in. She opens and sniffs it. It has a pleasant aroma. She dabs a little on the front of her throat. “This is nice,” Gina says as she gently inserts the small cork stopper and sits it back on the table.


“This stuff in the green bottle.”

“Uh-huh. I like that, a lot.” She snickers knowing it takes effect quickly.

“Wow, I’ve never felt like this,” Gina says, almost in a moan, her hand rubbing lightly over a breast a few times. “What’s this called?” Her hand moves along her body and between her thighs. “Gee wiz.” She pulls her dress up and fingers over her white panties. “Ah-h, ah,” she gasps, almost orgasmiclly.

“Yeah, nice.” Megan watches as she leans seductively against the bookcase where the stereo is. She sucks her lower lip between her teeth, knowing exactly how the potion is affecting Gina.

Gina kicks her shoes off as she walks slowly towards Megan. Without a word, she kisses her softly as she lets a hand roam over her chest. “It all feels so … intense,” The kisses get deeper. Her body presses closer.

Megan does not rush, knowing it will take a few more minutes for full effect. For now, she just enjoys the kisses and touches.

Gina tugs at Megan’s blouse until it is free of the skirt. Her hand darts under it feeling soft warm flesh. She grabs a handful of bare breast and gropes the nipple. “Lovely,” she moans, unbuttoning until the blouse falls away then leans down and suckles what she has just played with. “I didn’t know … why I haven’t … nice,” she mumbles in halting words kissing down into the cleavage and up the other breast. Without encouragement, Gina’s hand roams over the front of the skirt and then under. “No panties,” she coos as she feels the wet folds of skin.

“I do it sometimes. Makes me feel wanton, sexy.”

Her fingers continue to feel, rub, and enjoy for a while before wandering inside. Once coated, she sucks them clean. “You taste so-o good.” Gina sucks her fingers again as if she might have missed some.

“Maybe we should get comfortable.”

Gina walks towards the bedroom as Megan dabs the potion on her neck before following. By the time, she is undressed and sitting next to Gina on the bed, it is taking effect.

They kiss deeply for a moment before Megan lets her lips roam down Gina’s front, not stopping until they are between her thighs. “Hmmm,” she whispers into the pink opening as her tongue darts around. Her nose teases the swelling clitoris as she nibbles. A fingertip plays before several vanish inside.

“Oh god-d,” Gina wails, thrusting against the hand vigorously slapping fingers deep. “Baby-y,” she says loudly. The fingers probe and feel as lips nibble the swollen bud. Hips wiggle and thrust. “Oh-h, oh,” she repeats quickly in a low deep tone until the climax releases its grip.

“Never had one that good,” she groans as she sits rize escort partially up, leaning on one elbow.

“You just need a woman’s touch,” Megan teases.

“Maybe … or a few gallons of that green stuff.” Gina looks around the bedroom. “What are the crutches for?”

“Yeah, those.” Megan chuckles. “Remember how we were talking about missing legs, well, ah, I sometimes pretend to be missing a leg.”

“Really?” How?”

“No. It’s probably not something you’re interesting in.”

Megan sits up and crosses her legs facing Gina. She is silent for a moment, just looking at her friend.

Gina interrupts the silence. “With my friend, sometimes I’d fold my leg and stuff it inside my jeans then walk around on her crutches. I had almost forgotten how nice that felt.” She reaches over and holds Megan’s hand. “I don’t know what happened a moment ago, but it felt wonderful. Those feelings still linger, you know.” She leans closer and pecks a few small kisses on her lips. “I’m not sure I want them to go away.”

“Me either.”

“So, how do you pretend?”

Megan retrieves a pair of crutch, leaving two more pair in the corner, and walks back using them with a foot slightly off the floor. She sits near the nightstand and removes a blue bottle and small syringe from a drawer.

“Is that the same stuff in the other blue bottle?” Gina says without asking what she is doing, or about to do.

“Yeah.” She draws a very small amount into the syringe and injects it into her left thigh near the top. “I’ve done this dozens of times.” They both watch as the leg disappears and becomes a short stump.

“How long does it last?”

“Depends on how much I inject. This much, several hours.” She stands, balanced on a single foot, and slips the crutches under her arms, then paces back and forth across the room.

“Is it really like having one leg?”

“Well, the leg isn’t there if that’s the question.” She laughs. “Do you want to try?”

“And if it doesn’t come back?”

Megan sits so the stump is beside her and racks Gina’s hand over the soft rounded mound that was moments ago a leg. “Hmmm, that feels so good.” She continues rubbing Gina’s hand over the stump.

“I can’t believe it feels so ‘real’.”

“What kind of stump would you like, maybe like mine, or maybe an arm?”

“I thought I was a wreck after seeing that woman at the mall.”

“How about if you try something.”

“I’m scared.”

“Phooey. Go ahead, admit that you’ve dreamed of missing a leg.”

“Yes, yes I have … more than a few times. Watching you now excites me in ways I had not expected. A few hours, huh?”

“Yup. It’s always come back for me, as much as I wish it wouldn’t.” Megan laughs. “I was told how much to use to make it not.”

“Not, as in ‘never’? Oh, my goodness.” Gina slaps her hand flat over her chest and gasps. “You’re kidding, right!”

“Of course, I’ve never tested the possibility. Some day I will.”

“Have you done more than just one leg?”

“Gina, you sometimes surprise me.”

“Ah, both legs or both and an arm?”

“Girl, you ‘are’ turning me on. Did you know that?”

“Me too. Whatever that stuff in the green bottle is, I’m still feeling the effects. Yeah, I’d like to try just one leg for now.”

In silence, Megan digs a new syringe from the drawer and fills it with the same amount of fluid. “How much of the leg?” She smiles as she rubs Gina’s left thigh.

“About here.” She points at a place a hand width from the top of the thigh. “I wish I’d worn some other shoes.” She chuckles. “Oh well, it’s just for a few hours. I’ll be okay.”

By the time she finishes speaking, the leg is a stump ending where she had pointed.

“What do you think?” Megan asks as she retrieves a pair of crutches. “We might have to adjust them. There’re some forearm crutches too, but it takes a little practice to feel stable with them.”

“Hmmm, they are perfect.” Gina takes her first steps needing crutches and quickly gains confidence. “Not so bad. What’s the longest you’ve gone?”

“Last weekend, both days.”

“What if you see people you know?” Gina continues walking around the bedroom.

“I took a little trip and found a motel. No one had a clue.”

“You ever go out around here.”

“Nah, too risky. You make a nice looking amputee.”

“Maybe we should try more of the green stuff.”

“Ah, you looking like that, I’m not sure I need any.” Megan laughs.

Gina strolls into the living room and back to the bedroom, and then retraces the path a few more times.

“Oh my, I could get use to being like this … all the time. I just wish we could go somewhere, you know, really walk around.”

“Spend the night, then we can take a drive tomorrow and find a place where we’re not known.”

“Yeah, sounds delightful. I just got a little taste of you.” Gina laughs. “A girl needs more of that.” She snickers.

“I have a feeling I should get more of both bottles next week. One bottle lasts a while though.”

On the next lap to the living ankara rus escort room and back, Gina stops and dabs a little of the liquid from the green bottle in the same place as before.

Megan pushes her onto the bed and laughs. “I saw that. Aren’t those feelings great.”

“Give me gallons of it. Take a bath in the stuff.” Gina laughs as she pulls Megan against her.

The early morning light filters around the curtains as Gina begins to wake and realize her leg has returned. “Damn,” she mutters under her breath as she slips from bed and walks to the bathroom.

Gina flushes the toilet and Megan stands in the doorway saying, “The let down can be huge when it comes back.”

“The leg?” Yeah, that’s the way I felt when I realized it was there. Must have been dreadful at the end of last weekend.”

“There are no words to describe it.” Megan finishes then flushes the toilet and walks back to bed. “You know, for someone that’s not been with a woman, you do a remarkable job down there.” She giggles.

Gina settles between Megan’s legs, face braced by thighs, and takes a long slow lap with her tongue. “Guess I need to practice.”

“Yeah, and you’ll never date another man.”

“Hell, I didn’t know what I was missing.”

“Swing that pussy around here and let me help you remember.”

Without the need for the potion from the green bottle, Gina willing enjoys giving and receiving a limitless number of orgasms for half the morning. Exhausted, but wanting more, she lays on her back, arms stretch to the side, smelling the natural juices covering her mouth.

“What’s the most you’ve had off with the blue stuff?”

“Just the one leg.”

“You could do all of each limb,” Gina musses.

“I couldn’t take care of myself.”

“I could help.” Gina stands and twirls several times towards the bathroom. “Goddamn, I feel so good-d. She stops and thrusts a palm flat against her waist. “Babe, you’ve given me something I should have been looking for all my life.”

Megan saunters slowly towards her with exaggerated movements of her hips each step. She juts her breasts forward as she stops close. “And just what might that be?”

Gina shrugs her shoulders and grabs each nipple between fingers then twists gently. “Ah, don’t know how to explain how I feel. I just know I feel very good.”

“‘Cause of a two hour orgasm?”

Gina laughs. “Yeah, guess that’s sums it up. Before, the longest was about ten seconds.” She groans. “If those few drops of blue lasted, what three hours, then if you triple the amount, will it last nine?”

“Uh-huh. I was told to keep it under twenty-four, otherwise it becomes permanent.”

“After that one time, I’m not sure it would be a bad thing.” Gina snickers. “Would you get an artificial leg?”

“Nah, that doesn’t interest me in the least. I like a short stump, nearly nothing remaining.”

“I had fun swinging my stump around. Maybe I’d keep enough to move, but not much more. I can’t wait until we go someplace we can play out in public.”

“The new bottle’s in my purse, I checked. I tossed in a couple syringes. We’ll swing by your place so you can get fresh clothes, some better walking shoes … well ‘a’ better walking shoe.” Gina laughs. “Once we’re back in the car, we can inject ourselves.”

“Hmmm, the new heroin. You know, ‘Hey man, give me a hit, I want my leg off at the hip’.” They both laugh as Megan turns the shower on.

Gina changes into her favorite jean cutoffs and black tee shirt and trades the pumps for sandals. She tosses a pair of jeans, a short dress, a few tee shirts, and her pumps into a canvas overnight bag. She scratches her head in thought, and then adds some black boy-cut panties, hairbrush, and a toothbrush. She glances around the bathroom and adds toothpaste.

“Where’s your sorry ass going?” Rosa asks harshly.

“Did Max wear your pussy out last night? Sorry I missed the gentle sounds.”

“You’re just jealous.” She pauses a moment before adding, “Bitch.”

“I’ll be away for the rest of the weekend.”

“You better not forget to pay your share of the rent. I need it Monday, ya know.”

“Yeah, yeah. It’ll be in your grubby hand by then.”

The door closes a little harder than expected, but maybe it was exactly right. Gina laughs aloud as she crosses the parking lot to Megan’s car. As she opens the car door, she catches Rosa watching from the window and waves.

“Let’s go. There’s a quiet place up the street.” Gina points off to the left as they stop before entering the street. Megan follows directions until they park on the far edge of a deserted office park.

“Are you as ready as I am?” Megan quizzes then pulls the blue bottle out as Gina tosses one sandal behind the seat. “How long? Can we do at least nine hours?”

“Sure.” Megan grins as she loads the syringe and injects her thigh close to the top. She loads another. “Darling, show me where.”

“That has a nice ring, ‘darling’. Make mine like yours.”

Megan injects and recaps the syringes before putting them and the bottle into a locked compartment under the seat. “Just in case the cops stop us.” She groans.

They hold hands and wait in silence until the legs become short stumps.

“Wow!” Gina shouts and stretches the remaining leg out to wiggle her foot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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