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I suppose a little background information would help. In college school I was considered to be a good looking, fun, nice guy. I had girlfriends, dates were not an issue and usually with the better looking girls in school. I was not raised in a strict religious environment although I was taught right and wrong, what people do with their lives etc. So the plan going into my first year of college was very simple and traditional, I would continue working part time to earn money for college, graduate, get married, settle down and have a family. All planned out, cut and dried!

I was what was referred to back then as a band geek. A member of the marching band . It was an easy credit and band camp provided at least two weeks every year to be away from classes having a blast and being around the flag and pom pom corps of beautiful women. Call me a geek it was well worth it.

So band camp my first year was typical, a lot of hot, hard work and a lot of fun. Scoring more than once with some of the ladies one of which, Stacy and I becoming somewhat of a couple and making new friends. Somehow I lost my wallet early in the week and had no money at all for the duration of camp. One of the guys I had befriended offered to loan me money for the week which I gladly accepted. The week finished and it was back to normal life.

Back in classes and Monday began with my car not starting, spent most of the next few days replacing parts to get it running. And of course missed work due to transportation. With all of this going on I had completely forgotten about the money I borrowed from David.

I ran in to him on Wednesday and he asked about the loan, I explained my situation and that it would take a few weeks for me to be able to raise the money due to the expenses for my car and not being able to work. He explained that he really needed the loan to be repaid as quickly as possible. After some discussion we decided that I could help him with some of his classes and we could meet daily in one of the private tutoring rooms on campus. I eagerly accepted the offer based on my current situation.

Our first meeting was on Friday and all went very well and we scheduled our next session on the following Monday. Monday at 8:30 am was our scheduled time, I was running a little late but proceeded directly to the session room and burst through the door to find David with his cock out and slowly stroking himself. It was a very awkward situation to say the least, he apologized several times and explained that he wasn’t one of the popular guys at school and didn’t date anyone but found himself always aroused. I dismissed the situation and told him not to worry we all do it whether we are scoring with the girls or not. We kind of laughed it off and went on with our tutoring session.

Several times throughout that day I found myself thinking about what I had witnessed. Here was this very nice guy about 6′ tall, rather good looking and too shy to date. But what really had me thinking was the size of his mecidiyeköy eskort cock, it appeared to be extremely big both length and girth. I shook it off but found the sight creeping back into mind throughout the day.

On Wednesday, the day of our next session I went to the room and intentionally waited a little while to go in, secretly hoping I might catch him again. When I walked in David was patiently waiting for me to begin our session. I couldn’t help but notice the large bulge in his pants as we conducted the session. Upon the end of the session I asked him if he was having any luck dating to which he replied, no I don’t think I ever will. I assured him that it would change and he shouldn’t be concerned. The rest of my day was spent being fairly bored but contemplating my own thoughts. The sight of his big cock, my desire to see it again, the bulge in his pants. To say I was very concerned would be an understatement.

That evening in the shower I had just finished a conversation with Stacy (my current quest) and was feeling very horny. As I was showering and stroking myself my thoughts around Stacy and the possibility of us hooking up. My thoughts wandered back to David and his cock, I was stroking my cock thinking of another man stroking his much bigger cock. That was when the unthinkable happened, I had the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.

Sleep that night escaped me, I had jerked off and orgasmed thinking of another mans cock. I cancelled our tutoring sessions for the rest of the week, explaining to David that he should study and I would try and catch up with him next week, I had to get away from the thoughts. Clear my head, my mind. I focused my attention on Stacy and Friday night we spent time together and fondled and kissed, a step in the right direction for sure. I felt as if I was gaining control, bringing myself back to reality. A week had gone by and things with Stacy and I were progressing well.

We had become a couple and the sex was very good as well. I was cured, smiling to myself I decided it was time to check on David, I stopped by the session room we had been using knowing it was our usual time. When I walked in David not only had his cock out but his pants were down around his knees and he was jerking off. I was mesmerized, the size of his cock, the weight it must be. He stopped suddenly not expecting me and started apologizing. I wasn’t sure what to say, in all truth I couldn’t take my eyes away from it. I was in awe of it’s size, it’s girth, how proudly it stood out. Somehow I stuttered something like no don’t apologize I barged in on you, he started to put it back in his pants. To this day I have no idea what came over me but I simply looked at him, back to his cock and said “no please don’t”.

It was as if I were in a daze, completely overcome with the sight before me. I had been thinking about this cock before me, I had jerked off to it, I had pushed it completely from my mind and now all of sudden there it was in full view. zeytinburnu escort I looked at him and asked may i touch it, in shock he replied are you sure you want to? I simply nodded my head and took it in my hand. The weight, the size, the heat, it consumed me as soon as I felt it in my hand. That is when I realized how hard my own cock was, straining against my pants. I went to my knees, not taking my hand or my eyes off of the magnificent cock before me.

Instinctively I opened my mouth, I wanted to feel it in my mouth, to experience the feeling, I still remember the scent. I recall being completely overwhelmed with desire to taste it, lick it, kiss it, make love to it. As I did so I found myself moaning, my own cock leaking pre-cum as it throbbed in my pants. I was stroking him kissing him, sucking with an enthusiasm I had never felt before, nothing else in the world mattered to me in those moments. Then it happened, I felt his large cock become even harder, he grabbed the back of my head and started emptying his load into my mouth. I gagged but tried desperately to swallow as much as I could, I was moaning, he was moaning and I felt myself explode still in my pants.

I remember looking up at him, both of us shocked and surprised by what had just happened. Neither knowing what to say to the other, I finally broke the silence by saying “I have no idea what just came over me”. He said “neither do I but my god it was amazing”. We decided to spend some time, gather our thoughts and discuss it at a later date. I had a more pressing issue to deal with, the fact that my jeans and underwear were covered in cum.

I skipped my classes for the day and went home to clean up, get myself and my thoughts together. I had just committed the unthinkable, at least in my way of thinking. What came over, why did it happen, how did it happen? Replaying the events in my mind I could still smell the aroma, the lingering taste in my mouth, I could see it all unfolding as I struggled with the reality of what I had done. In doing so I had a raging hard on, I found myself questioning everything about myself. What had I done, how do I live it down, my lord he can’t share what happened with anyone, EVER. I would be devastated, ridiculed, never have another date. It struck me at that moment, Stacy what about Stacy or if she ever found out. I had to do two things and as quickly as possible. First I had to talk to David, to make sure he understood that we were sworn to secrecy, and secondly I had to be with Stacy, to make sure she didn’t know anything about it, didn’t sense anything was wrong and to reassure myself of my manliness.

I spent the rest of my day going through the morning events in my mind, planning how to proceed. It would never happen again, I knew that, it was a one time moment not to be repeated. I knew what I had to do, I was in the dorm parking lot waiting on David. While he was walking to his car I spotted him and asked him to talk with me. I explained to him that it was our secret sultangazi escort and no one must every know what had happened. David agreed with me and assured me he would keep our secret, he did thank me and shared with me how much he truly enjoyed it. He also asked if we could continue our tutoring, that it had helped him greatly. Reluctantly I agreed under the condition that he refrains from jerking off no matter how late I may be. He agreed, as he was getting out of my car he squeezed his obvious bulge in his jeans, smiled and said “it was wonderful, you were very, very good”. I pulled away from David with the vision of him squeezing his cock in my head. Now I needed to go and talk with Stacy, for my own peace of mind that she was not in any way aware of anything amiss.

I drove to her house, as she was fortunate enough to live with her parents while attending college, nervous but resolute to put it all behind me and move on. Just getting home from class herself Stacy had changed and was sitting on the front porch, as she walked toward me I couldn’t help but notice her ample breasts moving seductively under her tank top, her long tanned legs and beautiful blonde hair. The world is right I thought to myself. I have a beautiful girlfriend and I am in a very good place, one little bump in the road is nothing at all to overcome.

Stacy and I talked for over an hour with some playful fondling during our conversation. I felt better, relieved, much better, calm, composed everything would be fine. It was Saturday and Stacy and I were going to the football game and I’m sure pizza after. I had something fun to look forward to to finish a difficult week. I went home, collapsed on my bed and promptly fell asleep, luckily waking up in time to pick up Stacy for the game.

We had a good time at the game, laughing with friends and enjoying each other’s company and we won the game. We decided to go to the local pizza hangout and grab some pizza to finish off the evening. On the way back to Stacy’s she was playfully teasing me and I was getting very turned on. We pulled into her driveway, it was obvious her parents were asleep and she said keep a watch out and make sure my parents aren’t around. She promptly undid my pants removed my cock and started giving me a blowjob, I leaned back in the seat and was feeling very content, the week started out very weird and ending like this I was feeling very powerful. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensations and it hit me.

I know exactly what she is feeling right now, I had a cock in my mouth this week, it was so intense, felt so good, so filling, knowing he was experiencing these same feelings, I was providing this intense pleasure. With that thought I exploded into Stacy’s mouth, such a strong, intense orgasm. It took her by surprise my cumming so quickly, there was no way she could swallow fast enough. She raised up and said boy someone was very horny as she giggled. I noticed some of my semen on her cheek and started to let her know, instead I kissed her patiently tasting the last remnants in her mouth. I placed my hand on her cheek wiping off the cum, holding her closely I put it in my mouth savoring the taste. We said our good nights and I drove home totally spent and completely confused.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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