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My hole hurt but I knew I wanted more, I needed more of this mans cum injected inside me, I got down in between his legs and pulled his sweats down, his cock flopped out hitting me in the face. I held it I kissed it, I swallowed all I could I still wanted to be able to take this mans cock in both my holes to the base.

Brad fucked my face my head between a counter and his hard place, his cock a piston ramming inside me and back out. I would learn to control my gag one day, Brad’s balls pulled in his cock ready to explode. Brad shot me full of his seed once more, I would have some in me like I wanted. I pulled his sweats up got up wiped my lips, kissed him and helped get dinner started.

He and I enjoyed our dinner, we would sit back and watch a movie we had rented that we both really wanted to see. He and I snuggled in together, we made popcorn, and lots of other snacks. It was a really good movie, it was quite controversial at the time, Al Pacino in a gay leather movie.

Once the movie was over Brad and I made out, I sat on his cock while I showered him with kisses, I ground my ass on his cock, I wanted it back in me. He and I made our way to the bedroom, I was clean and ready. Brad had me lay on the edge of the bed, my ass hanging over, I pulled my legs up, he got on his knees and ravaged my hole.

The feeling of a tongue on and in ones ass is incredible, he got me wet, then grabbed the lube, he and I would have to go find a better lube, this jelly was not working out so well. He slicked up my hole and placed his cock on it, with gentle pressure and me pushing out, to get him in, his cock slowly went back inside me.

Once in he held it there, he leaned in and kissed me, a smile and his cock slowly came back out, then right back in. His strokes longer, he would pull out almanbahis till only his knob was in me, then right to the base. Brad’s strokes got faster and harder, his cock in me with passion, he and I were not only having sex we were making love.

Brad was close I wanted this to last, I wanted to keep him inside me all night if I could. He pumped faster, harder, the man was a machine, he reached down and grabbed my cock, I was semi erect but with his hand I was rock hard instantly. Brad squeezed my cock in his hand, my hole tightened, his cock shot, my cock shot me in the face.

He and I blasted at the same time, the feeling of his cock in me shooting and my cock shooting at the same time was magical. Brad collapsed on top of me, I held him close to me as our orgasms subsided, Brad stood and pulled out, he picked me up and placed me on the middle of the bed, he got back on top of me his head on my chest, my heart still pounding.

He and I laid there for some time, he pulled up and kissed me.

“I really do Love you Billy.”

“I really do Love you too Brad.”

He and I got in the shower and cleaned up, I wanted to suck his cock in the shower but he was done, worn out, he did not have anymore fuel in his engine. I got on my knees and took his cock in my hands. I licked it, it jumped, I peeled back his foreskin and took his cock into my mouth. Brad held my head as his cock went in and right back out.

I sucked him till he filled me with his precious seed, I swallowed it all every last delicious drop. Brad pulled me to my feet, he and I kissed under the water of the shower. He sank to his knees and took my engorged cock in his talented mouth. He did different things each time he sucked me, his technique a little different each time.

I was on the edge in no time, I held almanbahis giriş his head and fucked his pretty mouth good, his mouth was my toy now. I fucked him hard, I filled his mouth with my seed, he would take it he would swallow it and he would love it. Brad got up, I did not realize he had not swallowed but had saved it to share with me.

He pressed his mouth to mine, his tongue covered in cum, my cum filled my mouth he and I would savor it, we would snowball it as he told me they called it. He and I were both extremely exhausted, I was beyond tired. We snuggled up in bed, he and I spooning each other.

“I Love you Brad.”

“I love you too Billy, more than you know.”

“So glad I got to come stay with you.”

“Billy this is your home, you don’t stay here you live here with me.”

I could not hold back the tears flowed, Brad turned me around and held me as I cried, I snuggled in to his chest, he held me as we both dozed off. He and I woke to the phone ringing, it would be Mom calling for her usual Sunday morning call. Brad picked up the phone half asleep, Mom asked if he and I were still in bed it was eight o’clock, we should be getting ready to go to mass.

Brad tried to sound like he was awake but it was mostly funny, Mom asked if I was awake, Brad said he was pretty sure I was and would go get me. I waited to answer picking up the phone in the other room.

“Hi Mom yes of course I’m up, getting ready for church at nine, Yes Brad is coming too, No Mom we were not still in bed I am dressed and having breakfast.”

Brad came in the sitting room naked his cock swinging back and forth as he walked towards me.

“Yes Mom I will call you this afternoon, Yes we will be at mass stop worrying. Bye Mom say Hi to Dad.”

Brad was running his cock on my cheek almanbahis yeni giriş as I talked to my Mom, I could have shot him, my own cock rock hard and ready. As I hung up he pulled me to my feet, kissed me and dragged me back to our bedroom. Brad laid me down he got on top of me and kissed me, looked me in the eyes, but said nothing.

“Everything okay Brad?”

“You called me Brad when you were on the phone with your Mom.”

“That is your name Honey.”

“Pretty sure she will expect you to call me Uncle, now say it call me Uncle.”

Brad tickled me till I submitted and called him Uncle, but I said Uncle, a short pause, then Uncle Honey. He and I stayed in bed for hours just making out and eventually a sixty nine then up for a shower and breakfast. He and I would stay at home, clean the house, read our perspective books we were both into.

He and I were snuggled on the couch when the phone rang, I knew it was Mom again, it was just after lunch so I should have rang her by now.

“Hi Mom, How are you?”

“How did you know it was me Dear?”

“Mom come on I know your ring from others.”

Mom and I both laughed, like a person could tell who was calling, she asked how it was going, I told her Uncle and I were getting along just fine, like brothers actually. She talked about home, and Dad, and local gossip, I had put her mind at ease calling Brad Uncle, and not by his first name.

She and I talked about mass and what had the preacher talked about.

“Come on Mom he told us we were all sinners and we should all pray.”

Even Mom had to laugh at that, she said to say Hi to Uncle Brad. I hung up and walked over to where he was sitting engrossed in his book.

“Mom said to say Hi and send you a kiss.”

Brad gave me an odd look, I pushed his book out of the way and sat on his cock, grabbed his head and kissed him full on the lips.

“That was from Mom.”

I turned him and kissed his cheek.

“That was from me.”

He looked at me and we both laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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