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She was the typical elderly neighbour, quiet but always pleasant and she had a very warm and welcoming smile. Pat had lived with her elderly mother in the house at No. 66 for many years before John and his family moved into the house next door. He only learned that her mother had died some years before when he and the rest of the family attended Pat’s 60th birthday party.

When they moved there John had been 16. Now 19 and studying at university he spent much of his time away from home. His father had passed away days after his 18th birthday leaving him and his mother in the house. Only during the summer break did he spend any prolonged periods at home. Since his father’s death, Pat and his mother had become quite friendly, even to the extent of spending a couple of weekends away together. On odd evenings Pat would join them for dinner and as soon as it was over, John would beat a hasty retreat to his room where he would spend time online gaming with friends.

On one such evening at dinner, the conversation turned to family and how it was difficult to stay in touch. John was surprised to learn that Pat had embraced social media and had acquired a laptop some time back, talking regularly with her extended family in Canada and New Zealand. She joked that sometimes she was up half the night because of the time differences. She complained that the laptop had become very slow over time and sometimes it wouldn’t either start properly or close down as it should. John offered to have a look at it for her and the following day she dropped it off with his mum.

That evening John spoke with Pat before looking at the problem laptop. He wanted to find out if there was anything she needed to save, in case it needed to be reset. Fortunately, she didn’t have anything stored on it so resetting it, as a last resort, wouldn’t be an issue. So, with the easy option of restoring the laptop to factory settings, he decided to look for issues and try to discover the root of the problem. A couple of scans with some specialist software threw up the usual suspects – adware, the ubiquitous key-logger and an unknown but suspicious process running in the background. He also found that her hard-drive was almost full of junk and temporary files.

He was about to delete the entire collection of temporary files when he noticed that they contained a huge amount of picture and video files. On clicking on some he found holiday accommodation, properties at home and abroad, various cosmetic bostancı escort and diet products and fashion. But he almost dropped the laptop when he stumbled across some extremely erotic pictures of elderly women in very intimate situations with young men. Shocked but intrigued by the possibility that his elderly neighbour was a secret connoisseur of pornography, he selected random picture and video files – all had the same theme, and he found himself getting turned on at the thought of Pat consuming this erotica by night but portraying herself as the prim elderly spinster next door by day.

He didn’t quite know how to deal the situation he now found himself in. He could just wipe the laptop and hand it back, good as new, but a tiny voice inside his head urged him to seize the opportunity to fulfil one of his many sexual fantasies, to become lovers with a much older woman. But how could he manipulate the situation to his advantage? As it transpired, he needn’t have worried as the situation evolved quite naturally, but before wiping and resetting the laptop, John downloaded copies of some of the image and video files to a memory stick, some that excited him with the common theme than obviously appealed to Pat.

The following day he saw Pat in her garden, talking with another neighbour and took the opportunity to let her know that the laptop was reset and ready to go. Since she was going out soon, she asked if he could bring it around later. His mind began to race.

John’s mother went out with friends every Saturday evening. It had become a bit of a girls ritual, so he knew he had the evening to himself. He waited until she had left and nervously picked up the laptop and headed next door. His finger was shaking as he hesitantly pressed the doorbell and he stepped back as she opened the door. She smiled warmly as he held out the laptop, and asked him to come inside to relate what he had done to resolve the issues.

The house was warm, uncomfortably so. As she led him through the short hallway to the dining room, they passes the open bathroom door. Glancing inside he could see candles around the bath, many of them, flickering temptingly, casting a warm glow in the small room. “I was just about to take a bath,” she said softly, and that was the first he noticed that she was actually wearing a robe. She sat him down at the table and he opened the laptop, showing her that it had been completely reset and büyükçekmece escort that he had added some essential security software to prevent this from happening again. “I just don’t know why this happened. It was working fine then it just got slower and slower until it was impossible to use.”

He looked at her and still found it hard to believe that this elderly lady had been looking at the type of material he had copied to the memory stick he held in his pocket. “You have to be very careful on the internet,” he said. “Some sites are quite dangerous and can really mess with your computer, not to mention stealing your details and identity.” For the first time, he felt the sensual connection as their eyes met and he added “Porn sites are particularly dangerous.” He could tell that she knew. She had known he would find out her secret passion, and it was clear that this was part of her own plan to lure him into her lair. “Yes,” she purred, “I know, but the benefits way outweigh the costs! Did you find anything appealing, john? Anything that excited you, made your cock stiffen, perhaps even made you take it out and stroke it?”

Her hand reached across the table and her fingers intertwined with his. He looked up nervously, saw her smile again, and pulled the memory stick from his pocket. Her eyes fell on the memory stick and he told her that he had downloaded an few files which turned him on. She immediately wanted to see what he had selected and grabbed the memory stick and plugged it in. The video player kicked in automatically and the screen was suddenly filled with a poor quality movie of a large, elderly, voluptuous lady, lips ruby red and glistening, sucking on the throbbing cock of a young man. Listening to the sounds of the wetness and their excitement, he looked at her and he could see that her robe had fallen open slightly and that her hand had strayed inside. She was gently caressing her succulent breasts, her gaze alternating between him and the image on screen. The file was only a minute or so long and within a few minutes, a second short film auto-played.

The image was that of an older lady, still pretty and with a lovely curvaceous body. She was slipping out of her robe and stepping into the bath, which was surrounded by candles. She looked fabulous. Pat smiled… “That could be me,” and then, as a young man came into shot, she added “and you, John. Lets watch together.”

They gazed çekmeköy escort at the screen as the woman stepped into the bathtub, slowly lowering herself into a kneeling/squatting position. The young man stepped forward and her hands went to his waist, deftly undoing his belt, unzipping him and freeing his young cock. It seemed to fall into her hands and she immediately lowered her lips to its swollen purple head. Pat looked at him and gently pulled him up from the table and led him back through the small hallway to the bathroom. As they entered, the heat was almost overwhelming as was the pungent aroma of the scented candles. She turned to him and drew him to her, her hand behind his head, fingers in his hair, pulling his head towards her, Her lips parted and their eyes met as her open mouth found his, her tongue gliding sinuously between his lips into his mouth. The warm wetness surprised him, excited him, encouraged him, and he pulled her to him, their bodies melting into one an they stood in the dancing shadows.

Placing her hands on his chest, she gently pushed him backwards, simultaneously slipping the robe from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Naked, she looked incredible for her age, Her breasts were large and soft but not sagging, and her nipples were already erect. She smiled again. “You like, John?” It needed no answer as she stepped forward and began to slowly undress him, her fingers teasing and probing as his jeans and T-shirt fell to the floor. Soon the stood together naked, an old woman and her young lover, poised and ready to enjoy the pleasures of each other.

She made him step into the bath and had him lay down in the 5 inches or so of warm scented water. Only as she stepped in did he notice how large the bath was and as she lowered herself down over him, he could smell the aroma of her delicious sex as it opened up like a flower. His cock was throbbing an she edged closer to him, and then she fed his swollen member into the chasm of her wet pussy. They both gasped as the thick purple head slipped easily inside the silky slit, and groaned as she swallowed the whole of his cock deep inside.

They knew this would be quick, urgent, passionate, but the intensity of their passion surprised even them as she urged him deeper inside with words he never thought he would hear her say, He wondered at her breasts as they bounced and swayed as she rode his young cock, milking him with her inner muscles, sucking every drop of his young seed as he spurted deep inside her. She felt the warm gush of his cum as it splattered the walls of her womb and that was enough to trigger her own shattering orgasm. Her whole body shuddered as wave after wave of intense pleasure rippled through her. Collapsing on top of his body, gasping for air she knew they would be lovers for a long time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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