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Business was good for John’s photography business. He did mostly portraits, school, prom pictures, some weddings and an occasional glamor shoot. He was well established, had a good reputation around town. Several years ago while doing some high school senior pictures he met Emily. Emily was a senior at the time and there was an immediate attraction even though she was 10 years younger. At first they took things real slow, given the big age difference. John had his business reputation to worry about. Emily was worried her parents might object. Plus Emily was very shy.

She graduated from high school, started taking classes at the local community college. They were now full blown into their relationship. Emily started to help out John with his business whenever she could.

One day after fooling around Emily asked if he ever did any erotic photography. No he hadn’t, he kept his business “clean.” The next time they fooled around John brought his camera and afterward took some seductive pictures of her. She was shy, she didn’t show anything, covered up with a sheet, a leg sticking out in a couple of shots, certainly nothing obscene. They were surprised by the result, how photogenic Emily appeared to be.

A few days later John asked if she would be interested in doing a lingerie shoot. Just for their own personal use. She was hesitant at first, but he kept after her, saying it would be fun and exciting. Finally she agreed, but insisted the pictures remain private. Of course he agreed.

Emily was a very attractive 20 year old. Dirty blonde hair down to her shoulder blades, blue eyes, a very nice body. They met at his studio one night after he closed down. She brought her collection of lingerie. They started out with the more conservative stuff, but it didn’t take long for Emily to be donning the more skimpier stuff. And shortly after that they had a wild fuck session. They realized afterward that she had a lot more lingerie.

They repeated the photo shoot and fuck sessions for several more nights. They had quite the collection of photographs. One slow day at his office he was going through their pictures, deleting some, organizing them. When his friend Craig came in. John and Craig had been friends since elementary school. Craig was there to pick up some photos for the local little league that John took. While john was retrieving the little league photos Craig noticed the lingerie shots on the computer.

“Wow'” he said, “That girl is hot.”

John raced over and closed the window on his computer. “Those aren’t for public viewing.”

“Why not, she is hot.”

“She’s my girlfriend and she doesn’t want anyone but myself to see them.”

“That’s Emily? I didn’t recognize her. Wow sorry about that. But she’s frickin hot. I bet you could make a lot of money off of those pictures.”

And that got John thinking. Business was alright, but with the economy the way it was business was certainly slower than it had been in a very long time. Emily was going to school, had a part time job that didn’t pay her much. They both drove older cars. They both could use the money.

The next day he contacted some a guy he knew, Vinny and asked questions about this. He was surprised at the potential payoff these pictures could have. So he took this information back to Emily. She was dead set against this idea. He brought it up several more times, but she wasn’t going for it and they always got into a fight afterward.

Her car developed transmission problems. She needed it fixed but didn’t have the money. The local garage was kind enough to work out a payment plan with her. Even with the payment plan she didn’t have enough money to cover her monthly expenses. She looked for another job, but nothing came of that. Always in the back of her mind were the pictures and potential payoff. After she missed a couple of payments to the garage they took her car.

She was desperate, so she brought up the idea of selling the pictures. John was surprised as he had written off that idea long ago. The two of them called Vinny who was interested in publishing these pictures. Turns out they could make a lot of money if the pictures are well received. So John and Emily selected a few pictures and sent them out. Vinny was immediately interested, offered a lot of money for a complete set. John and Emily were excited about the offer and immediately went through their collection of pictures, came up with the best and sent them away. Within a week they had a nice check. Emily took the money, paid off the shop and got her car back. However there wasn’t anything left after that.

Several months later Vinny called back, he said Emily’s pictures were well received and he wanted more. He provided a list of wants for this next shoot, type of lingerie, settings, things like that. Emily and John quickly acquired the necessary items and did a shoot. Vinny was very impressed with the latest set of pictures and sent them another nice check. It wasn’t long before Vinny called again, this time eryaman bayan escort asking if they had any naked shots of Emily available. No they had never done that as Emily wasn’t comfortable with that. Vinny offered a lot of money if she did. John was eager to do this, as it was a lot of money. Emily wasn’t so sure. But they thought about it, discussed it for several days. Finally Emily agreed to do a nude photo shoot but only as a test, these photos were not to be shown to anyone.

This photo shoot started out like the others, Emily in lingerie. It progressed slowly, Emily was still hesitant about showing off her goods. No one but John had ever seen her naked and now she was considering letting the whole world see everything. Soon enough she was naked and John took a bunch of tasteful pictures. And shortly after that they were fucking like mad.

The next day they reviewed the pictures, happy with the results she allowed them to be sent to Vinny. Soon enough another check was in the mail. Vinny asked for some more, this time a bit more risque. Open legs, bent over, touching herself. And they fulfilled the request. More money came in. Life was good.

After a couple more photo sessions that Vinny paid for, he asked if she wouldn’t mind posing with another person. A male, doing some soft porn shots. This was a major decision, especially for Emily. She had never been naked in front of anyone besides John They thought about for a while, discussed who might be the male model. John didn’t have the body for plus he was operating the cameras. But his friend Craig was in good shape, plus Emily already knew Craig and was pretty comfortable around him. At least with clothes on.

John talked to Craig, who was agreeable to the idea. The three of them got together and discussed the idea. Emily finally agreed, but with her usual demand that the photos were not to be shown to anyone unless she approved.

John came up with an idea for the shoot. Two people pass in the street, their eyes meet, they go for coffee then back to his place and fuck. They all liked the idea. The next day they shot the street photos. Emily was dressed in a short skirt, white blouse, Craig in a gray suit and tie. John made arrangements at the local coffee shop to take some pictures there. John was happy with the shoot. Then back to John’s place where he had everything set up in the living room and bed room.

He had the two of them come in the door and start kissing. After first they were hesitant and awkward. The shots didn’t have a natural feel to them. Both of them kept sneaking a peak at John whenever their lips met. But John encouraged them to act natural. After a couple of attempts and a lot of shots they started to relax. It started to look like they were really enjoying each other. Emily was enjoying herself as Craig was a good kisser. John was happy with what he was seeing.

John then had them move to the couch. Sitting side by side, continuing the kissing. Then he asked Craig to place his hand on Emily’s breast. Emily froze for a second, as no one besides John had ever touched her like that, even through clothes. John noticed, told her it was alright, just let it happen. So she did, went back to kissing Craig, very aware there was a foreign hand rubbing her breast. Very aware of a tingling in her panties.

After a few pictures like this John instructed Craig to unbutton Emily’s blouse. This time Emily did not freeze. Craig slowly unbuttoned her blouse while John took lots of pictures. When the blouse was totally unbuttoned Craig pushed it open to expose Emily’s bra. A white lacy bra with a front closure. He then felt up both of her bra enclosed breasts. He was certainly enjoying himself, Emily was a very sexy lady and here he was making out with her, feeling her up and about to undress her.

Without further instruction from John he undid the bra and it popped open. Emily’s nervousness grew with that move but she didn’t protest. The tingling in her panties grew. At the same time Craig felt a slight twinge in his pants

“Very nice, keeping do that, keeping doing what you would naturally do.” John shouted out some encouragement while nonstop snapping pictures.

Craig’s hands where upon Emily’s breasts. She jumped a little as no one but John had ever touched her. She also enjoyed the feeling a another man’s touch. Craig knew what he was doing, he just rubbed her breasts while continuing to kiss her. He pushed her back slowly, so she was leaning slightly backwards against the couch. He leaned over and licked her nipple. This sent waves of excitement through her body. He licked the other nipple. He went back and forth a few time before sucking the whole nipple in his mouth. Emily arched her back, moaned with pleasure. Craig moved to the other nipple and repeated. John moved from side to side, looking to get different angles of the action.

While this was going on Craig’s hand was on Emily’s thigh. While kissing and sucking her nipples he slowly moved his hand up and escort sincan under her skirt. John saw this and got some shots of that. As Craig’s hand slowly moved closer to her crotch Emily opened her legs wider. Craig’s reach her panties, his finger now rubbed her pussy through the panties. Craig wasn’t sure if he should be touching her since this was supposed to be soft porn, but until someone stopped him he was going to touch her pussy. And he slipped a finger under her panties, found her freshly shaven pussy hot and moist. At this point Emily didn’t care, Craig’s touches were wonderful and she was fully enjoying them.

Craig slipped his finger into her pussy. Emily stiffened slightly but then relaxed and enjoyed his work. John saw what was happening and managed to catch Emily expression of pleasure as Craig was fingering her.

“Awesome stuff guys.” John said. “Now pull off her skirt and panties, then pretend to go down on her.”

Craig quickly followed his orders, maybe a little too quick but John got some pictures and didn’t want to interrupt what appeared to be a natural flow of things. Craig knelt on the floor in front of Emily, now naked from the waist down, her blouse and bra open, pushed to the side. Craig ran his hands over her thighs while he kissed them. Starting close to the knee, working his way up her inner thigh.

He started to kiss around her pussy, John continuously snapping pictures.

“Hey stop right there.” John said sternly. Craig stopped, pulled back a little, he thought now he went to far and this shoot was over. Emily looked up, disappointed. It was just getting to the good part.

“Let me adjust the lighting a little.” John said as he moved to a light and repositioned it. As he did this Craig looked up at Emily, she looked down at him, he stuck out his tongue and licked her wet slit. Emily giggled with pleasure. John was still fiddling with the lights so Craig licked her again. With that Emily pulled up her knees, reached down with both hands, grabbed onto his hair and pulled his face into her eager pussy. Craig ran his tongue over her clit again and again. Emily moaned.

John finally got the lights the way he wants, looked over at the two.

“Oh shit.” He said as he hurriedly started taking pictures again.

“I thought I told you guys to stop, but this great, keep going.”

Craig got his finger up there, started finger fucking her while working her clit with his tongue. Emily was really enjoying this as John hardly ever went down on her. The tingling in her pussy was growing, it wouldn’t be long now.

“Alright stop.” John demanded. “I got enough pictures of this, switch positions, Craig get on the couch, Emily kneel on the floor between his legs.” John put a hand on Craig’s shoulder and pulled back. Emily looked disappointed but she followed her orders.

“Ok now start undoing his pants, get his cock out, pretend to give him a hand job and then a blow job.”

Emily ran her hands up his leg, rubbed his cocked though his pants before undoing his belt, then his pants. She pulled them open to find he was not wearing any underwear. She quickly reached in, found his cock and pulled it out. It was semi hard. Emily was excited to see another cock up close. It was the same as John’s but at the same time different. She stroked it a few times.

“Now pull off his pants.”

She pulled his pants off, then immediately went back to his cock. She grabbed it, stroked it. It didn’t take long for Craig’s cock to get rock hard. She reached for his balls with her feel hand, gently massaging them. Craig moaned. Emily pulled his cock to her face, rubbing it on her cheek.

“Oh shit, alright just stop right there, I need to change the battery, be right back.” John said while leaving the room. Emily looked up at Craig, smiled while licking the tip of his cock. Craig smiled back. She placed the tip of his cock on her lips and kissed it. Craig thrust a little, forcing his cock into her mouth. Emily eagerly opened up her mouth and took in his cock. She sucked it, moved up and down on it while running her tongue along it. Craig moaned as she sucked his cock. John came back in the room and she pulled out his cock, much to both of their displeasure.

John got a few more pics before moving them to the bedroom. They were both completely naked now. John had Emily lay on the bed.

“Ok Craig I want to get a few shots of you pretending to go down on her again.”

Craig climbed on the bed, crawled between Emily’s legs. She spread them as he approached her pussy. John was already taking pictures. Craig lowered his face but he never intended to pretend. His tongue darted out, licking her clit. By this time she was very moist and eager. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into her wet pussy. His nose was pushed up against her slit, his tongue rapidly whipping her clit. Emily tensed up.

“Oh my God I’m coming” Emily’s body exploded in a huge orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure roared through elvankent escort bayan her body. Craig kept licking, John kept snapping. Her back arched, her head back, Emily moaned while pulling Craig’s head tighter into her pussy. Craig could hardly breath but he kept on licking.

“Oh that was great. OK Emily I want you to lay back on the bed, knees up, spread so Craig can get in there. Craig get on your knees between her legs like you are about to fuck her. Emily I want you to reach up, grab his cock, point it towards your pussy, like you are guiding it towards you.”

Craig got free of Emily, her juices all over his face. Emily out of breath from her orgasm, laid there for several seconds before getting into the requested position. As Craig moved between her legs she smiled at him. He returned the smile, wondering how he could actually slip his cock into Emily. Emily had same thoughts, she wanted Craig’s cock in her pussy.

“Ok lets get going.” shouted John, himself with a huge hardon. Seeing his girl getting touched by another man was surprisingly turning him on. As they were getting into position John snapped some more shots.

When Craig was in position Emily eagerly grabbed his rock hard cock, stroked it while pointing it towards her pussy. She didn’t wait for any instructions, she pulled his cock right to her pussy, rubbing it on herself all around her sex box, all while smiling at Craig. Craig was smiled back, watching the action. Emily rubbed his cock on her slit, rubbed the head back and forth, covering it with her juices, rubbing her clit.

“Alright Craig lean over her supporting yourself with your arms like you are fucking her. Just push your cock between her legs down towards her butt so it looks like you are fucking her.”

Craig did as he was told. His cock pushed down against her anus. Emily looked disappointed as she badly wanted his cock in her. Craig was also disappointed but didn’t want to push it too far with John right there. John snapped more pictures.

“Move up and down like you are fucking her.” Craig did as requested. His cock rubbing on Emily was not helping. It just caused his cock to tingle more. After john got a few shots he asked Craig to lay down on Emily in the missionary position. Craig did but his cock was still between Emily’s legs, which was a bit uncomfortable. He lifted his hips, adjusted his cock so it lay between their bodies, right on top of her pussy. They were now face to face, holding each other. She smiled as she moved her hips, causing his cock to slip into her wet slit, rubbing on her clit. She rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing her clit on his cock. He started moving also, pushing down hard on her clit. She was tingling again. His tingling never stopped.

Instinctively he kissed her, she kissed back with no hesitation. Both were lost in the moment, neither concerned about who they were with or who was in the room with them. She could taste some of her juices still on his face from earlier. Their tongues darting in and out of each other mouths. Their crotches rubbing together, feelings of ecstasy building in each of their bodies.

“Ok I want you guys to switch positions, I want Emily on top now.” They were brought back to reality by John’s instructions. It took both of them a few seconds to react but they did, untangling from each other. Craig laid down on his back. Emily was about to mount him when John stopped her.

“Now I want you to get on one knee beside him, your other leg over him so your pussy is over his cock. Grab his cock like you are going to place inside you again.”

Emily did as instructed. Stroking his cock as it was aimed towards her pussy. As John snapped she moved it closer and closer, until it was touching her. At this point she didn’t care, she rubbed his head against her swollen clit, her hips moving back and forth.

“Ok stop.” John ordered. “Let his cock go, just get on top of him like you two are fucking. But just let his cock lay there.”

She did as ordered. With his cock trapped between their bodies she rocked back and forth a few times before his cock pushed its way into her wet slit again. Both bodies were tingling from all the sexual frustration that had been building up during this whole photo session, which was now longer than an hour. She leaned down onto him, her tits pushed into his chest. She kissed him, again not caring who and what was going on. She needed some relief, he needed relief and it wasn’t coming. Their hips rocked back and forth, his rock hard cock rubbing her swollen clit. Both bodies on the brink but unable to get there.

“Now lets move into doggie position. Emily I want you on all fours, Craig get behind her, pretend to be fucking her. Emily, just act like you do when we are doing it doggie style.”

With that John leaned over and kissed her.

“You are doing great, you are making me so hot. I love you.” He whispered to her.

“I love you too John.” she said looking him in the eyes, then getting into position. Craig got behind her, his cock laying in her crack against her anus.

“Ok Emily look at me.” she did and he snapped some pictures. Craig move his hips back and forth, Emily pushed back on him. His cock rubbing on Emily, stimulating both of them even further.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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