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I tried to dismiss the patter on the rooftop as typical house noises, but the calamity in the living room was unavoidable. My first instincts pointed to a robber. There had to be some pretty sick individuals in the world to want to break into a house on Christmas Eve, but in today’s world you had to expect everything, right? I grabbed my bat and discreetly descended the stairs.

The rumblings got louder as I neared. The footsteps made it seem like this dick was heading back in forth between two places. It made me wonder why no one else in the house (my parents and my little sister) had heard anything. Oh well, I was a big guy, I’d take care of this myself and be the Christmas hero.

I took refuge behind a wall and tried to think of something. I really should have planned out better how I was going to do this, but all I could picture was the accolades I’d be getting from my parents and the cops while they took the asshole away. But alas, I did peer over the side of the wall to see what I was up against. Boy, was I shocked to see what I did!

There wasn’t a tough guy in all black and in a ski mask. No, there was a broad! She was bent over while taking something out of a sack. She then moved to put it out somewhere that was out of my line of vision. The peculiar thing was that she wore what resembled a Santa outfit, only skimpier. It was short red strapless dress with a frilly looking skirt that was outlined with white. As accessories, she had thin red gloves that reached her elbows, knee length black boots that complimented her nice white thighs superbly, and a Santa hat (big ball and all) atop her blonde head.

“Stop right there!” I asserted.

She turned around swiftly. Seeing my bat, her blue eyes widened and her arms flew into the air. With her full profile in my vision now, I noted that her breasts were huge!

“Woah!” she exclaimed. “Oh, it’s only you Danny.”

That was not something I expected to hear. I quizzed how the hell she knew that piece of information. “Ok, who the hell are you and how do you know my name?”

“I know all Danny. After all, I am Santa Claus,” she proclaimed while posing for me. “For example, I know that you’ve been a naughty boy. That’s quite the porn collection in your bottom drawer. Miss March is your go-to gal, isn’t she?”

I was floored with how she knew that, but I didn’t want to give it to her. “First, it’s Daniel. No one’s called me Danny since escort ataşehir elementary school. Second, you can’t be Santa. Santa’s old and fat and a real slob in my books. Third, he ain’t real!”

“It figures you would say that. You….hey! Look up here please.” I was staring at her fun bags. How could I not? They were humongous! She continued. “As I was saying, you stopped believing in me before all the other kids did.”

“What did you expect ‘Santa’? I wanted Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nintendo and I didn’t get it while all the other kids did. That’s enough to traumatize any 7 year old.”

“You had that game already. You broke it. You just can’t ask for stuff every time you mess up.”

She had me there. I was pretty careless with my possessions back in the day. Maybe her knowing that did prove she was the guy from the North Pole. Well, actually, it didn’t explain why Santa was a hot model instead of an old crinkly dude…not that I was complaining or anything. I’d take her over him any day. My dick pointed to the same sentiments.

“So why are you hot?” That didn’t come out right. “Why are you, you?” That wasn’t much better. Oi…

She laughed at my fumbling. “Ol’ Nick retired a few years ago. As his replacement, they wanted someone more youthful, agile, feminine, and oh yeah, downright hot! So they chose me: Bambi!” She spread at her arms as if to present herself to the world.

I could only snicker at that. “Bambi? Santa’s replacement is a chick named Bambi? Bambi as in the deer whose mother gets shot?”

Bambi was unimpressed by my jokes. She dropped her arms. “Hey! We do not talk about deer being shot!” She leaned in closer and whispered. “The reindeer are super sensitive to that kind of talk.” She closed with a sexy wink and smile.

“What you doing here anyways? Like you said, I stopped believing in Santa a long time ago. And I’m old for presents now anyways.”

“You may have stopped believed, but Michelle hasn’t. You’re staring at my tits again by the way.” Michelle was my little sister. And yes, I was fixated on her festive breasts. She was just too hot!

“Hmm, true.” I said while switching my focus to her face.

“Now, would you help me unload the rest of these gifts so I can get out of here?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Thus, for the next five minutes I helped her unpack her sack. Of course, while I chit chatted with her, I snuck more than kadıköy escort bayan a few glances at her. Her dress hung down slightly at her chest, exposing more of her delightful cleavage. Her breasts looked like they were going to slip, nay, EXPLODE, out of that top. I titled my head back to look at her ass. Her dress rode up so it sat just below her ass cheeks. Her well rounded buttocks wiggled as she positioned the wrapped gifts perfectly under the Christmas tree. My skin swelled and my cock tingled at the sight of her hot body.

“Well there’s one last thing to do…”

“What’s that?”

“Drink my milk and cookies.” Bambi looked over to the plate where the treats formerly were. “Where are they?”

I blushed. “Oh, um, I ate them.” Santa crossed her arms across her cleavage and looked unimpressed. I thought she looked extremely hot while angry. “Like I said, I thought you weren’t real and I got hungry! Sorry, we don’t have any more.”

She uncrossed her arms and lightened the expression on her face. “That’s OK, I have my own.”

And with that, she folded down her dress and freed her Christmas melons. I popped at the sight of her creamy white knockers. They were so large, round and to die for. Her areolas were small and pink, and her nipples were at full attention. So was my cock.

Then Bambi took one of her huge mounds in her hands and lifted it to her. With her pearly blue orbs looking at me, she licked her nipple. That set me off completely. I had to have some!

“Would you like to try some of my milk, Danny boy?” Bambi said.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” I responded while rushing to her.

I attached my lips to a teat and just sucked. I didn’t know how such a young woman could be lactating. Then again, I had just been convinced that Santa was real and was really a model so I suppose I could let this one go. For now, her milk was the sweetest thing.

“You like that, huh?”

“Mmm, yeah…I want it all…” I said between drinks.

“And so you shall have it all.”

So there we stood in the middle of my living room. I emptied out her milky white breasts and she, well, was more than obliged to allow me. The suction was hard. A thick and potent stream hit my tongue and invaded my senses. I felt the liquid go down my inner pipes and settle in my belly. My cock itched with the physical and mental feeling of tasting a beautiful woman’s milk.

I was bent on escort bostancı sucking this mound dry, but Bambi gently clutched the sides of my head and raised my vision towards her face. Then without warning, her smiling face neared close to mine and kissed me on my milk coated lips.

Again, without saying a word, she released me and directed me to the other unattended nipple. The white river flowed just as freely into my bay. My stomach was filling and I could feel it. I couldn’t control myself. I just wanted more, more, and even then some more. I was surely making her nipples sore but, with no complaints from her, I figured her to be enjoying it as much as I was.

She lifted me off her breasts. I stood there in near inebriation as I awaited what more she had for me.

“Did my milk hit the spot for you?”

“Uh huh,” I dazedly nodded.

“Well, then,” She said emphatically. She flirted with her fuzzy red skirt. “You should try my cookies as well…”

She placed her hand on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. I knelt there, facing her lower private regions. Bambi slowly hiked up her skirt, revealing her beautiful pussy lips. Then she forced me by the hair into her cunt. I just loved how controlling she was. Yet, I still had the freedom to go where I wanted. Like her sweet vagina for example: wherever my tongue may roam, it did. I tickled her clit. I brushed her outer regions. Her scent and taste overtook my senses.

“How do my cookies taste, Danny?”

“Mmmm,” I moaned between slurps. “Like heaven…”

Boy did I love her cookies! Munch, munch, munch…slurp, slurp, slurp…I was a kid again! All thanks to Bambi Claus. This went on for minutes. I fed my appetitive desires with her sweet dessert. Just when I thought this was going to go on forever, she halted the festivities.

“Stop, Danny,” She directed while forcing my attention off her pussy. “As much as I’d like to feed you my cookies and milk all night, I have more deliveries.”

She bent down and handed me the most tantalizing lip lock. Then she pushed me back onto the hardwood floor. I lifted my head to see her fixing her dress. She covered her dripping tits and lowered the skirt on her wet pussy. She was going to be really hot and bothered for the rest of her night. I was sure of that.

“Goodbye, Danny boy,” She waved while standing in front of the fireplace. “See you next Christmas Eve. Hopefully you’ll provide the milk and cookies though.”

She winked and then, as if by magic, she was sucked up the chimney. As I stared up at the ceiling with my cock still at attention, I could hear the patter of multiple sets of legs and a sweet voice urging on her team.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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