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Ashley sat in the back of the cab, the events of the failed date fresh in her mind. Did he really think she was that easy? That she would give it up after a cheap dinner and bad movie? As the anger built up again, her cell phone rang.

“Hey Ashley, just got your message.” Kevin sounded apologetic for missing her call

“It’s fine, can I stay at your place tonight?” She couldn’t hide the emotions she felt.

“Yeah, sure, what’s wrong sis?”

“I will tell you about it later. I am such a fool.”

“Calm down, I won’t be in until late. You know where the hidden key is. Just make yourself at home and try to relax.”

“Thank you so much, I appreciate it.”

Flipping her phone closed, Ashley felt a little better. Her older brother was the only one she could turn to. His large apartment was her sanctuary at times like this. From the background noise when he called, she knew he was out on a date himself.

Once on Kevin’s doorstep, she found the hidden key and let herself in. Tossing her jacket and purse in the recliner, she headed for Kevin’s room to slip into one of his large dress shirts. The form fitting red dress was just too constricting when she was this upset.

Stepping out of the dress, she left it laying in a pile on the floor. Looking at her body in Kevin’s mirror, she smiled slightly, knowing she could have any man she wanted. Before finding a shirt, she removed the black strapless bra and dropped it by her dress. Admiring her D cup breasts in the mirror as well. Pulling on Kevin’s white oxford, she buttoned it and made her way to the kitchen, coffee was her comfort drink.

Kevin felt the strain of another failed date as he approached his front door. It was good that Ashley was spending the night again, talking to her was so easy. Since Ashley turned 18, they had spent more time together, mainly sharing their dating battle scars. How could they both have such bad luck. Opening the door, he was greeted with the familiar smile.

“So, how was your date?”

“It was horrible, the woman was cute, but she had the social skills of a rock.” Ashley’s laugh eased his mind. “Now tell me why you are so upset?”

“To make a long story short, another jerk who thought with the wrong head.”

Kevin couldn’t help but chuckle, her short descriptions of bad dates was priceless. Excusing himself, Kevin headed for his room to change. As he hung up his blazer, he noticed something on the floor. Ashley’s dress and bra, Kevin’s heart skipped a beat. He lifted it off the floor, she may have been his sister, but he knew if he saw her in that dress, he would be thinking with the wrong head too.

Collecting his thoughts and fighting off the growing hard on, Kevin changed into sweats and a t-shirt and set off to get a cup of coffee and ataşehir escort bayan try to make Ashley forget about her poor date.

Ashley was waiting for him in the kitchen, holding a fresh cup of coffee out for him. He couldn’t help but notice how hot she was in his shirt. Her long brunette hair pulled into a ponytail, the way the shirt fit over her D cup breasts, her tan legs. The whole package packed into a 5 foot 2 inch frame. A foot shorter than him. Kevin had to shake his head to collect his thoughts.

“What was that for?” Ashley asked

“Oh, just tired I guess.” The first excuse he came up with seemed to work.

Kevin followed Ashley back to the living room, watching the way her hips moved as she walked. Desires that formed years before flooded back to him. How she grew and developed under the same roof. How he watched her grow from the annoying little girl into the high school cheerleading captain, to now the knockout college freshman cheerleader and woman.

Taking a seat on the couch, Ashley looked across at her older brother. The secret first crush she ever had. How she was jealous of all the girls he had dated all those years. Even now, she felt jealousy at all the woman he dated. He may have seen her as an annoying little sister, but all she ever felt was love for him.

“So, why do you keep dating these low life losers who just want to get in your pants?” Kevin asked.

“They don’t act like that until they get me out on a date and alone.”

“You’re in college, all the guys are the same.”

“Oh, thanks for the encouragement. 4 years of dating hell.”

“It doesn’t have to be, just look outside of college.”

“Well maybe I will. So why do you date just pretty, superficial model type girls with no brains?” Following her question with a sip of her coffee.

“I wonder that myself, maybe I just haven’t found the right woman. I’m tired of coming through that door to an empty place.”

His response made her think how she would love it if she was the one he came home to every night. But it was crazy, he would never want his little sister as more than just someone to talk to. Seeing the sadness in his eyes, coupled with her desire for him made her feel a wetness build in her panties. She wanted so bad to be close to him, to reach out to him, it was tearing her apart inside. Without realizing it, a tear had escaped and was streaming down her cheek.

“Oh sis, did I say something wrong.” Setting his coffee down and scooting closer, pulling her into an embrace.

The smell of his cologne, the strength that he held her with. That, along with the emotions of the night and her desire to be truly loved was overpowering. Without realizing it, she softly kissed his neck.

Kevin couldn’t escort kadıöy believe what he had just felt. His sister had just kissed his neck. A shockwave had shot through him and caused him to instantly get hard. Did she feel the same things for him? Did she want him as bad as he wanted her. Pulling back, he saw more tears, but beyond that, a new look in her eyes.

Cupping the back of her head, he pulled her to him, their lips meeting softly. He had always dreamed of kissing Ashley, now it was happening and she was open to it. Her soft, painted lips parted, inviting his tongue to meet hers. Kevin held his little sister closer, only the longer the kiss, the less he thought of her as his sister.

Ashley’s head swam with emotions, Kevin’s kiss was so strong. She never wanted the kiss to end, she wanted to go as far as he would take her. She had never allowed a man to get this intimate with her, it felt so free. Ashley straddled Kevin’s lap, facing him now. Then she felt the hardness against her crotch, oh God how she wanted him.

“Is this wrong?” Ashley asked as Kevin kissed her neck tenderly.

“If it’s wrong, it’s never felt so right.”

“Kevin, I want you so bad, I’ve wanted you for so long.” She moaned out as she felt the oxford being unbuttoned

“I’ve wanted you too Ashley, but was scared to tell you.”

“Hurry up and make love to your sister.” Ashley burned for her brother as she laid down on the couch, using her ankles top pull him onto her.

Kevin yanked the oxford, popping the last few buttons free. Seeing his gorgeous sisters large breasts before him made him want her more. Ashley pulled the t shirt over Kevin’s head and tossed it across the room. Animal instinct took over as she pushed his sweats and underwear off with her feet.

As Kevin pulled Ashley’s black lace panties off, he looked at the most gorgeous shaven pussy he had ever seen. The tan line of her bikini bottoms was well pronounced. Her pussy glistened with its natural juices. Her next words confirmed what he had hoped.

“I’m a virgin Kevin.”

her words had him ready to explode. He would be her first. An honor he had always fantasized about and now was about to become a reality. Hungrily, he took her hard nipple between his lips, his hands caressing her soft skin.

The smell of her body wash filled his senses as he kissed down her flat stomach to the virgin pussy that was all his tonight.

“Oh Kevin, make love to me, I can’t wait anymore.” Her small hands reached down and pulled him up to her waiting mouth.

Teasing her pussy lips with his cock, Kevin didn’t want to rush right in, he wanted her ready. When her soft hand guided him to her wet opening, he couldn’t believe what was about to happen.

Ashley’s tightness maltepe escort made it tough for Kevin. Being gentle to make his little sisters first time gentle. At the same time wanting to ravage her petite, perfect body. He could feel the pressure of her hymen now. The point of no return, the gateway to heaven. The smile on her face showed the approval for him to keep going. With a thrust, Ashley was now a woman. He paused as she cried out in pain. Allowing her to adjust to his size.

“Want me to stop?”

“No baby, not until you cum inside of me.”

“Are you taking anything?”

“No, but I don’t care.”

“What about pregnancy and college?”

“I’m dropping out, now shut up and make love to me.” Ashley demanded.

That was all Kevin needed to hear. Sliding deeper, he finally reached her depths. His gentle rhythm picked up, the tightness, wetness, her moans and cries made him want to explode right there. Suddenly, Ashley’s phone rang. Kevin froze, who was calling at one in the morning. Ashley picked it up, took a deep breath and flipped it open.

“Yeah mom.” She was able to cover up the emotions she was feeling.

Kevin freaked, their mom was calling. What would she think if she knew Her sons cock was in her baby girl

“I’m sleeping at Kevin’s, long story. If they call again, tell them I am fine. Okay, goodnight” Flipping the phone shut

“That was mom?”

“Yeah, sorority house called, now let’s continue.”

Kevin was more ready than ever to explode, pumping faster and faster into his sister. If mom only knew what was happening.

“Oh God Kevin, I love how you make love to me. Oh baby, fuck your sister. Make a baby in me.”

“Ashley, your pussy is so good, oh I love fucking it.”

“Kevin, I’m gonna cum, hurry, cum with me.”

Ashley’s body began to tremble, her moans and cries getting louder. He could feel her pussy contract and tighten around his thick shaft. Her back arched as she let loose with a powerful climax.

That feelings was all it took. Kevin felt his balls tighten and with a final thrust pumped load after load of cum into his gorgeous little sister. Collapsing on top of her, their lips and tongues met in a passionate kiss.

“Oh Kevin, I love you so much. I never want to be apart.” Ashley proclaimed happily

“Ashley, you are the only one I have ever wanted. I love you too.”

When Kevin softened, he pulled out of Ashley. Rolling to his side, he held her close. Their sweaty, naked bodies as one. Could they really make it as a couple? Or was this just a one night stand that she would put out of her mind? How would they keep it a secret from mom and dad? He wanted to ask all these questions, but the sound of Ashley’s deep breathing meant she had fallen asleep.

Standing, Kevin lifted his sister and carried her to his king size bed. After locking up and turning out lights, Kevin joined her in bed, holding her close as he drifted to sleep. Would she wake up with regrets? Would this go on after the sun rose? There was only one way to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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