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Yvette stood up and looked at me lovingly, “Ron, for the life of me I would never have guessed that you and I will end up in bed together… God really plays weird games in some people’s life!…

Now be a good boy and please listen to me. A woman never tells her age, but you already know that I am slightly older than… 40… My body is no longer what it used to be… I’d rather we enjoy ourselves in the dark, where you can imagine that everything you touch is more attractive… Please!…”

I was facing her with my zipper open, the briefs tucked below my sac and my engorged cock proudly looking skyward.

“Yvette dear, I cannot think of any reason why you’d want to hide such a hot body… As you can see for yourself,” pointing to my erect cock, “this naughty organ feels the same way about you… But if it makes you more comfortable, I am willing to accept it…”

Yvette gazed lustily at my ready to action tool, “Thank you… So I’ll go first and and you’ll join me in bed in 15 minutes…”

Yvette disappeared in her bedroom. I heard the water running in her bathroom. She was trying to feel as clean as possible, even though I was sure that she already took a shower before I showed up…

I went to the other bathroom and soaped my genitals. Making sure that everything there was freshly washed was one of the reasons, but the other one was to use cold water to soften my too horny dick…

Time was up and I walked slowly toward the bedroom. I stood by the door and looked inside.

It was pitch black! I could see absolutely nothing at all…

I began slowly undressing by the door, hoping that when I was finished, my eyes would be well adjusted to the darkness.

“Ron, your striptease is very nice… I thought that by now your pervert organ will return to it’s normal soft size… I see that it’s still fully loaded!… Ah, being young and virile… Come baby, I am right here…”

I could barely see the contour of the bed. Yvette’s voice told me what side her head was.

I moved forward cautiously, scared of stepping on, or hitting an unrecognized obstacle on the way.

As my hips touched the bed, a small palm grabbed my shaft gently and moist lips kissed the head.

“Ron, this is to show you the way and welcome you to my bed… Here, join me under the blanket!”

My feet were cold and I tried to keep them away from Yvette until they got warmer.

She leaned in my direction and whispered, “Please kiss me…”

I couldn’t see her very well. I touched her face with my hand and caressed her hair. Then I kissed her soft lips.

Her mouth opened for me and my tongue slipped freely into her accepting throat.

Yvette sucked on my tongue. Initially very gently, but then hungrily.

My hand moved from the side of her face to her smooth neck. I must have touched a sensitive area, because her body closed the gap between us and I heard her moan.

I touched her ear lobe and her breathing quickened. Her soft breast was crushing against the side of my chest.

I turned sideways, so I could face her.

By now our tongues were alternating between swirling and dancing in each other throat.

I placed my palm on her large tit. It was soft, partially flattened and the rubbery nipple was hardening under almanbahis my touch.

“My nipples are very touchy,” she whispered.

“Good,” I said, “I’d love to play with them, kiss them and suck on them…”

Now, that my eyes got more adjusted to the dark, I saw her smiling, “So you wish to be my baby? You want me to nurse you?… Is this the reason why to joined me in my bed?!…”

“Lady, I recall the times that I was still in high school. I was ogling your ample breasts and thinking how lucky your husband was… Now I want to get it out of my system! I am going to devour your tits FIRST!…”

“And what am I supposed to do?… I don’t think that it’s fair… You get to play with my body…”

“What’s right is right…” I grabbed her hand and placed it on my throbbing cock.

She smiled again, “It feels nice in my hand, but it’s so big… Are you sure that when it enters my body it won’t tear me apart?…”

“Yvette dear, I’ll make sure that when time comes, you’ll have a smooth ride to heaven…”

I began rolling her nipples between my fingers, occasionally pinching them mildly.

“Ron… What are you doing to me?… I told you that they are very sensitive…” Her hand squeezed my cock.

“That’s OK girl… Now that I know how your sexy tits feel in my hands, I am going to suck on them until… you give me some milk!”

Yvette laugh was sounded ‘different’… She was too aroused now… “Please baby, I promise to let you play with my boobs later… I want to feel your body on top of me!”

“Girl, not yet! I cannot see well in the dark, so I have to touch all of you with my hands and… mouth. I am going to check every nooks and crannies in you body, just to be sure that I know your outside before going inside…”

Whining, “You have no pity on me… I am too horny now! Let me orgasm! I haven’t had sex in years and torturing me is so cruel…”

“Yvette, I really like you, so let’s compromise – I am going to let you cum, but… with my mouth! If you are interested, you can use my cock as your pacifier… Yes dear, I intend to 69 you…”

“Ron, the last 69 I was involved in was at least 30 years ago… I am afraid that you are not going to like my smell or taste… Please, let’s start with normal sex…”

“No! I want all of you! I can assure you that all your worries are pure nonsense!…”

I reversed my position, lied on my side with my groin in front of her face and my mouth slightly below her cunt.

Her juices were already flowing and her smell was overpowering… But not bad!

I began licking the outside of her pussy. It felt freshly shaven…

Yvette’s body hardly moved. She was terrified that I’d find her cunt unattractive…

I inserted my tongue inside her snatch, swirled it around and vibrated my lips.

As she felt it, her body started shivering.

Her pouty mouth that initially seemed to barely accommodate my tool, was now bobbing up and down on my erect pole.

Frequent whimpering disclosed her horny state.

She pulled my head deeper into her wet pussy, trying to force me inside of her…

Her sucking ability was much better than I expected…

And frankly, I was also surprised that at her age her pussy was literally soaked!

I almanbahis giriş always thought that by 60, dryness would prevent women from enjoying sex!…

Both of us were very aroused by now.

For our first time it was very satisfying and I thought that making her cum now would be a nice present…

Of course, my own orgasm between her soft lips was another important factor…

I inserted two fingers into her hungry cunt and gently rubbed her G spot, while kneading her clit with my thumb.

Yvette’s muffled sounds became less controlled and her body convulsed several times from side to side.

All this time my cock was nestled deep inside her throat.

With my other hand I held her head in place and… within second I exploded inside her mouth.

She wasn’t ready when the first jet hit her palate and gagged, but I kept her head in place.

After her initial shock, and still during her continuing climax, she managed to swallow much of my seed.

When I was finished, I rested on my back to regain my breath.

Yvette’s body was still slightly shaking every now and then. She seemed to be in a daze… I let her rest.

After 10 minutes she turned to me and looked astonished, “What happened?!… Was it an earthquake?… I remember very little… I was so horny, that at one point you just needed to touch me and I’d climax. I was cumming so hard that nothing else mattered… At one point I felt that I was choking. I reflexively began to swallow. Only after you were done it dawned on me that you were orgasming too and you were pouring your hot semen down my pharynx… It was so powerful, that I think it will take me a week to be myself again!… Thank you.”

She stared at my deflating cock and commented, “You are so messy… Here, mama is going to clean you up…”

She licked my hairy sac, then moved to my slippery shaft, ending with the head, “Tasty…”

I caressed her hair and face, “Yvette, I was fantasizing about you years ago, but this was better than my wildest expectations…”

Yvette smiled devilishly, “Ron there is a secret that have kept for too many years. But I am not sure what your reaction is going to be…”

“Tell me. I am curious…”

“Not now dear Ron. Let the satisfying first time sink in. I promise to tell you everything soon…”

Five days later I visited Yvette again.

She was waiting for me wearing a transparent gown, but her attractive parts were covered with high waist panties and a large unpadded bra.

“You look delicious my dear, can I eat you now?…”

“Ron, I think you did a very good job eating me last time… Can we try something more conventional today?…”

Just like the first time, she insisted on dark room with no light whatsoever.

But she seemed more relaxed when we were touching each other.

Since that morning I was thinking about wanting to fuck her senseless.

I was so aroused when I joined her in bed…

She touched lightly my engorged dick, “Gee, you are ready! Were you hoping to have sex with Marylin Monroe?”

“Not at all. Since the morning I was thinking about YOUR amazing body and how I’d love to fu… I mean, have sex with you…”

Chuckling, “Don’t be shy, every night since our first evening almanbahis yeni giriş I was dreaming, and probably hoping, to have you ravage my body and take me again to paradise… Yes, I want you to F U C K me now! Please!…”

I didn’t need to touch her cunt this time to know that Yvette was soaked…

I knelt between her legs, shoved my cock all the way inside and waited a couple of seconds for her pussy to stretch enough and adjust to my girth. She gasped and held me tight.

I began pounding her vagina, gradually increasing both the force and the rate.

It took Yvette 3 minutes to start shivering, moaning and then making a series of loud cries…

Watching her losing control took me over the edge and I spewed everything I had inside her tunnel.

After short recovery time, Yvette led me to the kitchen. She offered me a poppy seed cake and and a drink.

As I was enjoying the taste of her cake, I notice that she was glancing at me with a ‘different’ smile.

“What is it?” I asked her.

“Ron I promised to tell you a secret. Do you want to hear it now?”

“Yes, of course!”

“OK. Here it comes…

Your father was my doctor until close to his death. He was always nice to me and somewhat flirtatious, but never rude or inappropriate, so I liked his company. One time I had a serious case of pneumonia and ended up in the hospital for a week. After my discharge your father examined me every day, to make sure that I was recovering well. After several days I noticed that he was always coming to see me and examining my chest when my husband was not home. He was listening to my lungs from the backside and then check the same thing from the front. His body was very close to me when he put the stethoscope on my breast, holding his breath and listening. One time I moved slightly and inadvertently touched his body. It was obvious to me that he was having an erection… And it was clear to him that I was aware of it… I thought that all this time he was very nice to me never charging a dime, that I owed him… So I asked him point blank, ‘I think that by now I have recovered completely… thanks to you! I also see that you find me attractive… Can I return the favor?’

He mumbled something. I didn’t hear what he was saying, but he looked… interested.

That evening your father and I had sex.

We never had sex again. Your father was too embarrassed & ashamed and I never offered it.

BTW, as far as I know, your mother never found out about that evening…”

Yvette stared at me to see my reaction.

Initially I was confused…

Finding out that my father betrayed my mother was hurtful…

But then it kicked in that I was doing the same to MY wife…

And both I and my father found Yvette attractive…

I smiled at her, “Like father like son… We both think that you are gorgeous!”

For several months we had sex at least once a week.

In subsequent encounters I had with Yvette, one rule did not change.

Never was I allowed to see her naked body in the light.

On the plus side, we enjoyed sex in multiple poses – Missionary, doggy-style, cowgirl. She realized that I liked it when she sucked and was doing it on a regular basis, all the way to happy endings…

Occasionally she would laugh and remind me that I was ‘kinky’…

According to her, there were 2 main reasons I wanted to fuck her.

It was because she was much older than me and because I got special satisfaction knowing that I was screwing of my father’s mistress…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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