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Six hours in a bus. It was going to be a long trip. Luckily they would stop every two hours for a toilet and smoke break. There were very few people in the bus, so I made sure I was sitting alone.

Even though there were plenty of seats available for some privacy, a gorgeous young woman asked if the seat across from me was taken. I told her the seat was free, so she put her suitcase away and sat down.

She was stunning. Long dark hair, a short, white summer dress and white pump heels.

She looked at me for a second with piercing dark eyes, before starting to read a book.

It was going to be hard not to admire her beauty for six hours straight, but occasionally I couldn’t resist.

Before the bus went on its way, we were given the oppertunity to buy some drinks and snacks in the little shop by the station, since there wouldn’t be another chance for the next two hours. So I made sure I had a soda and some cookies to snack on.

The young woman across from me seemed more thirsty than anything. She had a small grosery bag filled with cans of soda and a bag of chocolate candy.

After about half an hour on the road, the young woman asked me if I wanted to read something. It took me a moment to answer. I still wasn’t over the fact of such a beauty sitting so close to me. “What do you have?” I asked. She searched through her bag and pulled out some entertainment magazines. “I have these here. I don’t think

you’d care for romance novels.” she responded with a smile. I reached for the magazines and gave a friendly thank you.

As the first hour passed, I couldn’t help but notice four empty cans of soda on the small table between us. Appearently she was so absorbed in her book, that she drank can after can.

While I was going through one of the magazines, I found a torn out newspaper add of a young man looking for a woman with a pee fetish. And it so happened, this bus was on its way to the city where this man lived.

I looked up and saw her shifting her eyes from me, back to her book and gently, while reading, grabbing another soda from her bag.

By the time the bus stopped for a break, the young woman was moving around on her seat

occasionally. My guess was that, with all the soda she had been drinking, she had to go to the toilet.

While everyone was getting off, I let her know that we could take a break and stretch our legs, but she declined the oppertunity and went back to her book.

I got out and stretched myself while looking over at the people waiting infront of the bathrooms. Luckily I didn’t had to go and lit a cigarette.

Walking around a bit while enjoying the smoke, I noticed her staring out the window of the bus, looking around. As she found me, she opened the window and asked me if I could get some more drinks. She told me she would give me back the money, so I agreed.

I walked over to the store, threw away the bud and bought another four cans of soda.

Once back in the bus, I handed her the cans and told her the soda was on me. She smiled and gave me one back.

After about half an hour, everyone was back in the bus and we were off.

“You didn’t want to take a break?” I asked. “I’m used to these kind of trips.” she said. Then she leaned over a bit and softly added: “And I enjoy the thrill of a desperate bladder.” I suddenly remembered the add felt a twitch in my pants as she gave me a wink before turning back to her book.

About half an hour later, I was pretty much done with the magazines and gave them back with a thank you. I opened my first can of soda and took a sip. As I put the can on the table, she reached out and gently stroked my hand before taking the can and drank the rest in one go. She put the empty can with the rest of the empty ones and gave me a sly smile.

It didn’t take long before she just couldn’t sit still. She moved her foot back and forth, repositioned herself and moved her foot some more.

“You really ataşehir escort have to go, huh?” I asked. She moved towards me again and replied: “Yes I do, but occasionally I let a bit go, to get the preasure off.”

My face turned red and felt my cock harden. “Is there a wet spot where you’re sitting?”

She gave me that sly smile again and stood up, pretending to get something from her suitcase. I looked over and saw a small stain on her seat.

When she sat back down, she was still smiling. I moved toward her and softly said: “You’re not afraid anyone will notice?” “I told you, I’ve done this before. The only difference is that this is the first time someone talks about it.”

My heart was racing with excitement. “I must say, I find the thought very exciting.” “I noticed.” She responded as she looked at the bulk in my pants.

“Come sit next to me and lay your hand open on the wet spot.” She said after a small pause. I was confused with her request, but complied anyway.

I moved over to sit next to her and while she stood up, I positioned my open hand on her pee stained seat. My heart was racing and my cock throbbing. What did she want me to do next, I thought.

She sat back down on my hand and I could feel the warmth and wetness of her panties.

She looked at me and whispered: “Now hold your hand still.” I did as she said and wondered what was going on. Suddenly I felt a warm sensation on

my hand. She was peeing. I looked at her extatic gaze with wide eyes and a throbbing cock. She was peeing on my hand, in her seat, on a bus, with people around her, who didn’t had a clue.

She moved her butt up to let me retrieve my wet hand. I sat back in my seat and looked at my hand. The pee was still dripping from my fingers. “You want to taste it?” she asked. I looked up and didn’t know how to respond. Taste her pee, I thought, isn’t that discusting? “Trust me.” she said.

I raised my hand to my face and sniffed it lightly. The odour of pee was very faint, so I licked a little off my finger. I expected it to be a strong pee taste, but the taste was more a sweet one than anything.

Happy with my findings, I licked the rest of my fingers while watching her squirming with a smile on her seat, seemingly enjoying my actions.

“Why are you on this bus?” She suddenly asked. “I’m going to look for a job in the city.” “You have an appointment there?” “No” I replied, “I’ll look for a cheap place to stay and then look for a job.” She smiled and asked, “Would you mind to get off the bus with me at the next stop and join me for the night?” “Don’t you have an appointment with someone? I saw the add in one of those magazines.” She looked out the window and said, “I do. But I was going to see him for a little sexual pee adventure, but it seems I have found it already.” She looked back at me with a sensual look.

I was blushing and with a beating heart I accepted her exciting invitation.

During the last hour before the next stop, we chatted some more and getting to know each other. We shared the cookies I brought with me and the rest of the soda together.

My bladder was also filling up and, with the thought of her peeing in my hand, it aroused me to think if I could pee on her.

The bus got to a halt and we both took all our bags and belongings. As we stood outside, she was dancing on her feet and could hardly stand up straight.

“You want to go to the bathroom?” I asked. “I will wait here with your bags.” She shook her head “No… I can hold it up a little longer. Let’s go to the motel over there.”

I insisted that I would carry as much that I could, so she wouldn’t have that burden while in desperate need of peeing. She gave me a great thank you as she kissed my cheek and quickly went on her way towards the motel.

When I walked through the door with all the bags, she was already at the desk checking us in. I dropped all the luggage avcılar escort and as I walked towards her, I noticed a shimmer on her legs. With an unnoticable second check I realized it was pee dripping down her legs. I couldn’t find a wet spot on the floor, so I figured it must have ended up in her pump heels.

As soon as we were in the motelroom and I dropped all our bags, she took a suitcase and retrieved a pair of white, lace panties. “Hold these.” She said as she held them in front of me. I took the panties and she raised her short white dress. She wore white cotton panties and I could see that they were as good as wet all the way from her pee.

“You like the view?” she asked in a naughty way as she saw me staring at her wet panties. “I find it exhilarating.” I said as I kept looking.

Then she took them off and threw them next to the bed. She moved a finger between her pussy lips and put it in my mouth. I started sucking on it and tasted a combination of her pee and her juice. Then she took the lace panties from me and put them on.

“You want to taste more of my pee?” she asked while she was dancing on her feet. I nodded my head in excitement. “Then lay on the bed.” “Won’t the bed get wet?” I asked. “Don’t worry” she replied, “I’ll let them know that the bed needs a change when we’re done.”

I lay on the bed and made myself ready. She positioned herself over me and draped her white dress over me. I made sure that I was looking straight at her pussy and could already see a wet stain on her fresh pair of panties. “Are you ready?” She asked. “Definately.”

“I’ll try to let it out slowly.” she said. Before I could respond, the first squirt of pee flowed out her pee hole, through her white, lace panties and across my face. I opened my mouth and licked her panties as another squirt of pee came out. Her pee was filling my mouth and gushed through the sides of my mouth. She was moaning with


As I licked her panties, she pressed her pussy on my tongue, while the flow of pee kept coming in small squirts. Then she reached under her dress and moved her soaking panties aside. I could see her sopping pussy lips and her clit, so I covered my mouth over her pee hole and sucked it while another gush of pee came out. I swallowed most of the pee and tasted more of her sweet juices than anything else.

She squirmed her pussy on my mouth as she moaned in extasy. It felt like an eternity in bliss when she pushed out the last drops of pee into my mouth. I kept sucking her until I couldn’t draw anymore pee from her. Then she got up and off the pee soaked bed.

She looked at me with horny eyes and asked, “Did you enjoy me as much as I enjoyed your mouth?” “I doubt that you have enjoyed it more than me.” I said with a grin.

She bend down and licked my mouth. “You want to pee on me now?” she asked. With all that was going on, I totally forgot that I had to go as well. But with my cock as hard as a rock, I wondered if any pee would come out. “I’d love to,” I said, “but I don’t know if I can pee with a hard on.” “I might know something.” She said as she reached for her bag and retrieved a can of soda.

She popped it open and took a few sips. Then she handed it to me to drink. Meanwhile she started talking a bit about her first experience with pee.

It seemed she had been a bed wetter for a long time. It wasn’t until she was 14 that she stopped wearing diapers. She did enjoy them, because she was able to pee where ever she was, but she had a difficult time hiding it from the kids at school. So she stopped with diapers and learned not to pee in bed.

When she was 26, she had a pee accident at a movie theater. She was there with an ex-boyfriend and she didn’t want to leave in the middle of the movie to pee, so she held it in. By the time the movie was over and she stood up, her bladder gave in and peed herself. Luckely for her, she wore a long dress so her ex never avrupa yakası escort had a clue.

After her ex walked her home and she was in her bedroom, she looked back on what had happened and got very turned on. From that moment on, she looked for any oppertunitiy to wet herself.

After I finished the can of soda and she finished her story, I was calm enough that my bladder indicated that I desperately had to pee. I got off the bed and told her I was ready to pee. She sat on the edge of the bed and told me to pee all over her.

As she started to unbuckle my pants, I had to think as hard as I could about something

boring like math, to keep my cock from hardening again. Luckely I was successful and my need to pee kept growing.

I pulled down my underwear and, as soon as she was ready, started peeing.

The flow of pee started gentle and I tried to keep it that way, so it would last as long as possible. As the pee hit her face, she moaned in pleasure and I moved the stream down and swayed it across her dress, which absorbed most of it. I went down further and, as she held her legs shut tight, I peed in her lap. Soon there was a small

puddle of pee. She stuck her hand in it and rubbed it over her pussy area. She moaned loudly and I saw her body shaking from coming.

By the time I squirted the last drops of pee in her face, she sat up and sucked my cock, to retrieve the last drops of pee. Then she kept sucking until I came in her mouth.

After swallowing the last bit of come, she sat back and watched me with her horny look.

Her short, white dress was soaked from my pee and I could see her lace bra through the dress. She stood up and took off the dress, her bra and her panties. As she stood infront of me, with nothing on but her white pump heels on, she started to undress me.

After she got me all naked, she asked me to finger her. I moved my hand over her wet breast, brushed over her hard nipple and found my way down her wet belly to her soaking pussy. As I moved my finger inside of her, she clamped my hand with her thighs. I moved my finger around inside her and felt her juice running down my hand. But with her juice flowing, she also started peeing again. She moaned and cried as I was playing with her pussy while using my other hand to play with her breasts and nipples.

I could see the stream of pee running down her clamp thighs, moving down her legs and filling her pumps. She had to hold me as she was shaking from coming.

As she kept my hand locked with her thighs, I kept fingering while she kept peeing and coming. I could see her pumps overflowing with her pee and a wet spot growing on the floor.

After she couldn’t pee anymore, she let go of my hand and reached over to my cock, which was as hard as a rock again. She was jacking me off while I kept fingering her.

Then we came at the same time. We were both twitching as her juice ran down her legs and my come was hitting her belly and dripping down.

As we stood there, my cock in her hand and my finger in her dripping pussy, we held each other tight as we panted in bliss. “Let’s take a shower.” she said after a while. “Sounds like a plan.” I responded.

I walked over to the bathroom, while she called roomservice to ask for some clean sheet. After the shower, the bed was cleaned. The only thing still there was the stain infront of the bed.

As we lay in bed, she asked, “Do you have to the city?” “Why do you ask?” She paused a bit and said, “It’s been a long time since I felt so comfortable with someone. And my fetish has never been appriciated by past boyfriends.” I sat up a bit and looked at her. “I have never experienced anything close to what happened today. And I’m more than happy to experience more in the future, but I gave up my house and planned to search

for something in the city.” She looked at me with her beautiful dark eyes and said, “I know it seems hasty but, if you’re okay with it, you can move in with me. I have an extra room you can sleep in.” She laid a hand on my cheek and said, “Please come with me. I’d hate to think of this as a one night stand.” I laid my hand on hers. “I would love to come with you.” Then she moved towards me and gently pressed her lushes lips on mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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