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Katie steps back into her titty top and pulls on her skirt. I grab her shoes and walk her back to my truck letting the hotel door close behind me, making sure the do not disturb sign will hang on until morning. I don’t want the maids beating me back to this scene. Once I have her back in the truck I can see she’s a little too far gone to get a play-by-play out of her. I’m simmering with jealousy and trying to keep a lid on my gut reaction of anger towards her disloyalty.

“So how was it?” trying to sound friendly and merely inquisitive.

Without lifting her head or opening her eyes, “good” is all she can muster.

“Did he use a rubber?” trying to probe a little hoping the alcohol would play as a truth serum.

“What?” she drawls.

“Did you make him wear a rubber?” I repeat.

“Uh huh” is all I can get out of her.

Once home I help her inside where she collapses on our bed. I’ve lived this many times before where getting laid seemed like a sure thing only to watch my window close as fast as she downed each drink past her puny limit.

I pull off her skirt and wrestle her out of her top to make her comfortable, then retrieve my promised souvenir panties, gently pulling them off of her hips and pausing a moment to process just how soaked and slimy they are. The channel of her pussy is sealed with milky translucence. I still can’t tell if it’s all her or not, but I can’t help staring at the repulsively magnificent site of it. I continue to gently slide the panties down and off of her ankles making sure not to waste any of the precious fluids until I can investigate further. I pass my nose across the moist crotch smelling a rainbow of sex and ass, dabbing my tongue into the glob in the center for further analysis.

I want to fuck her so bad right now in her comatose state and reclaim her but have no idea where the key to my chastity cage is, plus I want to stay in the game fairly and honor her rules. Honestly, I’m a little squeamish when it comes to fluids of any kind but I’m so horny and starving for any sort of action that I stick my tongue out and slurp up the glob impulsively while pressing the wet silk to my face for a slow and deep inhale of her essence. My greed is getting the better of me so I take my chances and reach down with cupped fingers to dredge the crevice of her sweet pussy straight up to my mouth, shivering as I lick the goo from between my fingers and wondering exactly what I’m swallowing.

“What are you doing?” she complains, stirring and twisting in semiconscious protest.

“Nothing, just trying to get you undressed and cleaned up so you can go to sleep,” I say innocently.

If I thought I could get away with it I would spread her legs and suck every last drop up, but instead, return with toilet paper to wipe and dry her crotch and thighs. I pull the top sheet over her and settle over to my side of the bed clutching my damp black silky keepsake close enough to my face to anesthetize myself to sleep in its aroma.


I wake up eager to hear details and devein clues from the telling. Will she feel guilty and have some regret, or stay in her brash and cocky character continuing to order me around? Looking over at her I can tell she’s not going to be an early riser today. I have to get back to the hotel room to clean and pack everything back up before check out time.

Once back in the room I scan to see what toys and equipment were used to get a sense of what went on last night and begin to sort and organize the gear for repacking. I’ve done this many times before but today it has an unreal quality, my mind doesn’t want to believe it really happened without me.

Ding, her distinctive text tone startles me out of my fog, “Where are you?”

“Cleaning up the hotel room as instructed, Mistress.”

“How bad is it?”

“Not too bad actually, just packing up.”

“Want a replay?”

“Yes Mistress, as soon as I get back.”

“I mean rent the room again”, “for us,” comes the double message.

“Oh” I text back pausing to digest this offer, “sorry Mistress, yes Mistress.”

She’s obviously recovered enough and is willing to keep playing the boss. Somehow it makes it all easier to accept and gins up my excitement.

“Do you still have my panties?”

“Yes Mistress”

“Put them on while you work and send me a picture. Set the room back up and get back here, you’ve got chores.”

I pull the dry crusty panties from my pocket, inhale the remaining scent deeply, then strip down to my cock cage and step into them. They obviously aren’t meant to stretch over a male chastity cage. My tortured balls bulge from both sides of the narrow crotch and the band doesn’t quite make it over the top of the cage. It’s not a pretty picture but I take the selfie anyway and send it to her as ordered.

“Cute” she texts back.

Once I have everything reset like last night, I put the rest of my clothes back on and walk to the lobby to extend our stay.

When I get back home it’s business as usual. She’s aydınlı escort not giving anything away except another honey-do list. No explanations, no remorse, not even the crack of a guilty smile is slipping through her poker face. Tonight I’ll be back in my rightful place, my turn at bat, and hopefully hear all the dirty details so I can picture what I let a strange man do to her.

“Did you keep your panties on?” she asks.

“Yes Mistress”

“Let me see”

I unzip my jeans to give her a peek and she instantly spurts out a laugh, “aw, you make such a cute sissy boy.”

After a thoughtful pause,

“You know what? I think you should do all your chores like that. Strip and go put in your biggest butt plug, and since I’m such a sweet Mistress, put on a pair of pantyhose as a special treat” she instructs with humiliating sarcasm. We only get to play like this when the kids are staying with their grandparents, and today she’s totally taking advantage.

“I wish you had some nipple rings that I could yank on” she throws in while I get into my “uniform” for the afternoon.

“Here’s my list.” She hands me a Post-it note of bulleted items.

“I really should make you meet me in the driveway and unload the car one day dressed like this.”

I get busy, mostly inside work, thank God. The only risky task on the list where someone could possibly see me is scrubbing the rust off of a chrome tea cart which I’ll have to do on the back stoop so I can use the hose. I’m pretty upbeat knowing tonight’s the last night of captivity and happily work away with a sense of efficiency and urgency which is not my usual M.O.

As late afternoon rolls around Katie starts to shower and prepare herself for our evening together.

“Is there anything I can get for you, Mistress?”

“Go process that last load of clothes in the dryer and you can get in here after me,” she orders from the other side of the clear shower curtain. I pause to admire her glistening soaped up perfect body and feel a stirring in my loins.

When I return she’s out of the shower and back in her purple robe with her hair twisted up in a towel turban. She pulls the lucky rabbit’s foot keychain out of her robe pocket signaling permission to remove my plastic cage. I gently pull and slide the tube off of my poor little dick. It’s pale and shriveled and pocked marked from trying to escape through the air holes. I dismantle the plastic cock ring pieces and my balls feel freedom for the first time in a while.

I jump in the shower and quickly lather up a face rag to caress my battered and tortured loin. I lean forward to coax out the butt plug and clean myself from head to toe, shave my balls, and manscape the rest of the area. I thoroughly wash out my man cage parts and place them on a hand towel to drip dry while finishing up. The moment I step out of the shower, Katie’s holding out her hand to take the key back. My time in the sun is already over, she’s tough. It’s almost impossible to slide a moist dick back into a cage after a shower. It’s too puffed up and doesn’t want to go back in its kennel. I squeeze a few drops of silicone lube on the oversized head of my penis and cram in forcefully back inside while promising it that this will be the last time.

“Go pick out a fresh pair of panties for yourself,” she requests, “and pantyhose too. Even though I’m letting you take me out tonight, it’ll be a good reminder who’s really in charge.”

I’m beyond even a hint of protest at this point or any consideration that I should feel humiliated in this getup. I put the rest of my clothes on over my secret sissy outfit and leave her to finish getting dolled up.

A bit later she summons me back to the bedroom.

“What do you think of this outfit?”

“WOW!” is all I can say.

She’s wearing a white mesh crop top and a black high-waisted pencil skirt that’s hugging her hips down to her mid-thighs. My gaze scans down her bare legs to laced up short black boots, not much higher than her ankles, with 4 or 5-inch pencil-spiked heels. She looks badass. A black rhinestone choker, extra large silver hoop earrings, and her flat-ironed jet black hair with sadistic bangs complete the look. Fuck, no wonder I kiss this woman’s ass. She’s worth it.

We head out and she directs me to the same restaurant her and Jake went to last night. I’m wondering if any of the restaurant staff remembers her? She orders her Blueberry Lemon Drop Martini and I have a Moscow Mule. We have a nice steak dinner with all the bells and whistles and a second round of drinks. Then it’s off for the short ride back to the hotel room.

Once safely tucked inside the room, “You want a few puffs on the one-hitter?” she asks.

“Drinking and smoking tonight?” I try to ask without seeming judgmental.

“Just trying to give you an accurate replay,” she posits.

“Ok,” I add.

We close ourselves in the bathroom and just like the college days, put a towel across the bottom of the door. Luckily pot doesn’t bağdat caddesi escort seem to linger like tobacco, I don’t want to pay the $300 cleaning fee if they smell smoke the next day.

“Take off your jeans so I can see your pretty panties,” she teases, “and your shirt too.”

I’m thinking “really?” but dare not say a word. I’m more than ready to amp back into my masculine and get into a performance mindset to fuck her good. I can feel the cold porcelain of the tub through the hose as I sit on the edge of the tub and get higher. I can see why women must like pantyhose, there’s something about them that does feel good. I can’t say they look good covering my hairy legs though. If the grow out period wasn’t so long, I’d shave my legs and really experience what they feel like.

“I’m good,” she says after a couple of bowls.

“Me too,” and we slip back out to the bedroom and stuff the towel along the door crack from the outside.

“Put these on,” she hands me fur-lined wrist cuffs to wear.

“Yes Mistress, but I was hoping at some point I’ll get to hear what you and your boyfriend did.”

She buckles me in and clips them together with a double bolt snap.

“Even better than that…I’m going to show you,” she says raising her eyebrow with a precocious grin.

“Get on your knees,” she commands.

She reaches back to unzip her skirt halfway from the bottom and hikes it up to reveal a harness where her panties should be. She grabs a Feeldoe from the coffee table that I had dragged into the bedroom and expertly laid out a mosaic of various sex toys and bondage gear like an oversized surgical instrument stand.

She pulls the triangle crotch of the harness to the side poking the shaft through the hole, then works the bulbous end of the Feeldoe into her already moistening pussy. Without a word she steps in front of my face and feeds me her new dick, gyrating her hips to fuck my mouth, quietly grunting as if she can feel it.

“I see you like sucking dick,” she says as if pleased to discover that fact.

“Give me your best blow job,” she challenges.

I raise my cuffed hands to take the base of the shaft and go for it, rhythmically bobbing my head to take her in and out and mixing it up with sliding my lips up and down the sides and bottom of the shaft. Her moans and noises are so convincing the dick starts to come alive. She grabs the back of my head with both hands and holds me still while giving me a gentle but enthusiastic face pounding. My imaginary pussy is wet, and my real cock is busting at the seams of its restriction. I feel like a whore, and I like it.

As the novelty of the scene starts to wane I’m becoming fatigued being upright for so long on my knees and scuffing around on the abrasive carpet.

“OK, we can move to the bed,” she suggests with a hint of empathy. I guess she knows what it’s like.

As I change locations she’s having fun wagging her dick around.

“I can see having a dick would be fun.”

I sit on the bed and she places a sex wedge behind my back to lean on. She grabs another double bolt snap off the table, unclips my wrist cuffs from each other and fastens them separately to a spreader bar sticking out from under each side of the sex cushion now being held down by my own weight. She buckles a rubber bit gag behind my neck letting it rest on my upper chest, then tests to make sure she can pull it up over my chin into my mouth and back off with a modicum of force. She climbs up onto the bed kneeling between my legs and leans forward to take turns biting my nipples. She interprets my nonverbal noises as complaining and pulls the bit up firmly between my jaws.

“That’s enough out of you.”

She climbs off the bed, grabs her phone, stands back and snaps a photo. I remember this shot. Standing on the side of the bed she reaches down for her crotch and swipes her fingers under the harness to collect some wetness and holds them under my nose. She returns for another pass, pulling the bit gag down with the other hand and plunges her sticky fingers deep into my mouth. She picks up her phone and snaps the next deja vu image. I eagerly vacuum her coated fingers and lick the in-between.

She replaces the bit gag once again and holds up a long slender latex anal probe with a built-in handle.

“Ready for this?” she asks with a dastardly smile and devilish eyes, then places a blindfold on me.

“Bend your knees” she instructs.

I can feel her wrapping vinyl bondage tape around and around my stocking covered shin and thigh, fusing the upper and lower parts of my left leg together, then the right. She climbs back onto the bed and pushes my bound leg bundles apart nestling in between with her body. I can sense her hovering over me. She slides her hands around the band of my pantyhose and peels them down a few inches to meet the bondage tape just enough to expose my ass. Without my pantyhose casing holding it all together, the mini padlock under my pink panties starts to rattle bahçelievler escort again against the plastic tube of the cock cage.

My sense of hearing becomes heightened as I try to picture what she’s doing. I hear the flatulent sound of anal lube being squeezed from a tube and feel the crotch of my panties being pulled aside lifting my imprisoned package. Immediately I feel a cold wet probing of my rosebud as she pokes around for the hole and proper angle. I slide my back down the sex wedge and attempt to curl my pelvis to help in any way that I can. Bloop, she gets the tip in and begins gently pushing and pulling the probe in and out establishing a steady rhythm.

“Oh baby fuck my man pussy” is what I’m thinking as I slide down and crunch to meet each thrust. She leans on my chest again and starts biting my nipples, even harder, but now I’m offering them up to her.

“Have as much as you want” is my new attitude, “I’m your toy, use me” is coursing through my mind.

“You liking this Pussy Boy?” she grits and her thrusting becomes more vigorous.

“Uh huh” I nod my head and utter past the rubber horse bit, groaning and moaning from the mix of pleasure and discomfort.

She continues to thrust and I suddenly feel the ecstasy of her warm mouth around my tender sack which now feels stretched to the limit like a liquid filled stress ball firmly in someone’s grip. My dick is so hard it aches and feels like it must have a 90-degree bend in it trying to Houdini itself back out of the hard plastic tube. After a week of build up and entrapment combined with this milking of my prostate, I feel renegade dollops of cum oozing up from the contorted well pipe with each pump.

She pauses for a moment leaving the probe stuffed deep in my ass. I feel her shifting position on the bed as she pulls the bit out of my mouth. She presses my head down to the side and pries my lips apart with the end of her dick, quickly shoving it in and out of my open mouth.

“Suck it.”

I obey, eager to make her come in my mouth. The thrusts resume in my man pussy. I’m channeling my inner whore now. Use me, fuck me, hurt me, it all feels good except my ass is starting to feel dry. I go as long as I can until it becomes a complete distraction.

“More lube,” I plead, mumbling through the mouthful of silicone.

She hits the pause button thankfully, yanks the gag back up into my mouth, and steps off the bed. She fiddles around while I welcome and enjoy the break. Coming back she unclips one wrist from the spreader bar.

“Flip over,” she orders.

I use my bound leg as leverage to twist and throw myself over and onto my knees facing downward. My knees are pointing into the bed like table legs with the flats of my feet straight up and push up arms are holding me afloat on all fours. Katie repositions and slides the sex wedge under this bridge with the higher part of the wedge near my thighs. I lay my chest down the slope with my ass pointing in the air. I can’t really breathe with my face buried in the mattress so she graciously stuffs an extra pillow between my chest and cushion. She quickly snaps my loose wrist cuff back to the spreader bar once again slipped under the sex cushion and kept in place with my own weight. I hear the sound of more lube immediately followed by more probing of my opening. I gasp at what feels like a cucumber trying to stretch the rings of my sphincter. With one hand on my ass, the pressure builds from the force of the strap-on against my unwilling man cave. She pulls back, squeezes even more lube, and plunges past the resistance before I can react.

“Arrrgh”, It’s obvious I haven’t done this often enough or trained as much as I should have. The anal probe felt like string bean compared to this.

She starts slow and picks up speed as the fullness transmits through my bottom half. Once over the initial hurdle, I offer myself up to her completely. Pantyhose pulled down around my upper thighs, pink panties pulled to the side, ass being pounded like a slut as I meet each stroke and open myself to take it deeper. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I want to satisfy my woman and milk her big synthetic dick until she comes inside my tight tramp hole.

The only thing about this role reversal is that there’s no definitive end to it. She reaches around to pull and tug on my dangling cock bundle, batting it around. It’s impossible to ejaculate in this thing. Being jacked off would feel like a dream right now if only I was loose and free.

“Had enough?” she eventually asks.

“Uh huh,” and a head shake is the best I can answer.

She unclips my wrist cuffs from both sides of the spreader bar and lets me roll off and collapse onto my back completely. She slides the bar back under me and clips my wrists again, but at least this feels like rest. She pulls the bit gag out and lets it fall against my neck. I feel her squat over my face and feed me her pussy, no harness, no strap-on, just pure warm pussy being planted on my face. My tongue stretches out longer than it is from sheer motivation to fuck her with the only tool at my disposal. She smashes and smears herself reverse cowboy style against the boniness of my chin as I furiously lick, suck, probe, and prod. Even my nose is desperately seeking to fuck her ass on the down strokes. My lower face becomes fused and buried deep into her entire bottom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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