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Hello Everyone!

So this is my first attempt at writing erotica. I am NOT an English/Writing guy. However, I truly do enjoy the wedgie/transparent clothing/humiliation/spanking fetishes and wished I saw more of that on Literotica! So with my girlfriend’s blessing, I have started and completed the first part of my first story series. I would appreciate any feedback, tips, general comments, reactions you all have. 🙂 This first part is light on the aforementioned fetishes, but the pace will pick up A LOT in the second part.

I also have 4 other ideas for stories I’m also currently working on that have similar fetishes involved, but have Sci-Fi and Incest main categories. So if you’d like more, please leave a comment!


The colorful sounds of Isabella’s alarm clock rung out. A morning alarm clock functioning as it should: peacefully awakening Isabella from her sleep. Without looking, she blindly extended her arm out from under the covers, attempting to find the source of the noise to snooze it. The phone should have been on her nightstand

“Hey Google, stop the alarm.”

The time was 10:25, February 27th, 2021. Isabella was looking forward to the day’s classes. Today was Monday, which meant today was the day she hung out with Fatima all day. The duo’s agenda was lunch together at 1:00, her Eastern European History class at 3:00 and yoga at 7:00.

She took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly as she stretched her arms over her head and extended her feet as far away from her body as she could. She enjoyed waking up to mornings like this, peacefully and comfortably. She had gotten well over eight hours of rest and the small crack in her window let in the refreshing smell of the morning dew. Though something had distracted her from her peaceful morning routine. She felt some fabric that had already worked it’s way up her bum and had nearly reached her lower back, well above the waistband of her sleeping shorts.

This was a sensation she was all too familiar with, both waking up and navigating through life with her panties wedged between her ass, she always found it mildly irritating, but she was accustomed to having to adjust her panties several times throughout the day. They just always moved too much. Having to repeatedly face this issue throughout life wasn’t particularly surprising, growing up she had seen her mother suffering through the same issue. Walking around the house in the morning with her panties wedged up her ass, going to the store and seeing her mom’s panties when she bent down for something on the lower shelves, or even worse, see no panties at all, and instead be treated to her mother’s hungry ass begin to eat up her loose shorts like a black hole. A butt black hole! A butt hole? Is that where the phrase came from?

Isabella just attributed it to her genetics, it was a curse, passed down from her mother to her daughter. Fortunately, she had managed to be more discreet than her estranged maternal figure.

Isabella never identified with her mother. Her mother, Roselia, seemed to have the exclusive intent of pleasing Isabella’s father sexually. She did this as if her mind had little to nothing to offer. Since getting married to her step-father, the behaviour had suddenly been proverbially “dialed up to 11”. Right on time with my now step-father’s proposal, Roselia had transitioned to wearing lower cut tops, shorter dresses, and racier underwear forever on display, and that’s not to mention any of the body parts. This is probably what attributed to much of Isabella’s conservative nature and attire. Moving out to the dorms was

Why she was thinking about all of while still in bed this early in the morning was completely beyond her- especially when she needed to take a shower and begin the process of getting ready.

She finally rolled out of bed, used an index finger to pull her pink high leg panties out of her buttocks, and walked over to the bathroom to shower. She went to the bathroom directly across the hallway from her room to shower before Fatima would come over.

Both girls had been friends for several years now. Fatima was three years older than Isabella, but despite the age difference they had grown to be great friends. The two had met in P.E. when they were in high school, Fatima had been a junior at the time and Isabella was a freshman. Fatima had regularly admired Isabella’s ability to maintain her physique throughout their friendship. While Isabella was certainly an attractive woman, Fatima was more akin to Wonder Woman than an ordinary woman. Tall and athletic, while still maintaining her womanly figure. Fatima’s breasts were large on her powerful frame, a 34DDD with a 26 waist.

Fatima’s father was a Petroleum Engineer for Mobil and consequently the argument could be made that she had a genetic disposition towards STEM. Consequently she had regularly helped Isabella with her math and science homework. While Isabella, a natural Spanish beşiktaş escort speaker had helped Fatima with the endless list of conjugations and reading comprehension tests for her Spanish classes. It was in this time that Fatima and Isabella began to know one another more. Late night sleepovers studying for the various tests and projects required throughout high school.

Fast forward several years to college, and once again, Fatima was a junior and Isabella was a freshman. They both went to the same high school in Lake Elsinore about an hour away, and now they were both enrolled at the University of California, Riverside. Fatima still regularly chided her friend for not showing her body off more. Now 21, she had developed into an alluring woman tucked beneath the veneer of an ordinary college girl. In reality, she had in many ways grown into a slightly smaller and more conservatively dressed version of her mother.

She poured some soap onto her washcloth and began to lather it over her body. She wasn’t quite as well endowed in her chest as her mother, but bounced between a 32D and 32C depending on the bra. Her thighs were slender and toned from the years of doing yoga, while her large latina ass had been similarly refined and imbued with seemingly gravity-defying powers. At least that’s how Fatima described it. Fatima had grown into the habit of giving Isabella’s butt a gentle squeeze on the days they would be alone studying or hanging out. Much to Isabella’s dismay, as she did not enjoy having her butt touched, the sensation made her feel vulnerable.

Speaking of her vulnerable butt, her shower was going to get cut short. She could feel the pressure to take “a longer” trip to the bathroom was intensifying as the seconds progressed. Though she would never admit it, having to relieve herself was a private joy.

It was nearly 12 and she had to be ready to go to lunch with Fatima before then.

Isabella heard the loud rapping of knuckles against a door that signaled Fatima had arrived at her apartment. “Was it already 11:30?”

Despite Fatima having Isabella’s spare key, she always knocked before entering.

“Hey, Bella! I’m here! Are you ready?”

“Not quite! Uhh give me a second Fati!” she shouted from her room.

While her backpack had been packed and was ready to go, she, on the other hand, was still in her bra and panties frantically looking for anything to wear. Was there a single pair of jeans, a dress, or-

“AHA!” Isabella exclaimed as she had found a pair of leggings and a shirt, probably the last clean clothes she had.

“Dang girl, look at that ass! Not even those granny panties could mask how good that ass looks!” Fatima shouted as she walked into Isabella’s room.

Isabella nearly melted. Despite Fatima being her friend for years now, the thought of anyone seeing her in her bra and panties left her mortified. In the frantic rush to find something to put on, she had forgotten to simply close the door for some privacy, and now Fatima was being treated to a nearly complete strip show. She felt incredibly exposed despite it being only her closest friend seeing her. If it would have a random guy, she may have just fallen to the floor and began crying from embarrassment.

“GET OUT! GET OUT!” Isabella shouted, pushing her friend out the door. Coyly Fatima entreated “Hey, I was just trying to compliment you on those panties! Your ass looks great!”

And that it surely did, Isabella found herself garnering more sexual attention from men than she desired, with the desired amount being a big fat cero. She dressed plainly to not attract attention to herself, jeans, yoga pants, and long loose fitting shirts. However, her large latin ass, toned “childbearing” hips, and pert breasts were frequently the subject of adoration, even playfully by Fatima.

I didn’t know you had such a wild side, black elastic, and a thong? Have you been holding out on me all these years?”

Continuing to try and push Isabella out of the room Isabella asked, “What? What are you talking about Fati? This isn’t a thong, they are full bottom panties. You just said so-“

“Ahhh, my tense was messed up, perdon amiga.” Fatima took the moment of confusion as an opportunity. Quickly twisting around to face her friend, she embraced her in what appeared to be a hug, further adding to Isabella’s confusion.

“Fati, no my hair is wet, what are youuOOOH!!!!”

In a moment, yet what seemed like an eternity, she felt Fatima’s fingers, pressing around at the small of her back avariciously looking for something. She only felt confused as she felt Fatima’s fingers groping just above the waistband of her panties below the small of her back.

The sound of a human mouth acting as a vacuum filled the room as Isabella sucked in air from the surprise attack on her ass. She felt the waistband of her panties slowly begin to enter her ass to begin the process of division by two. The feeling of the fabric splitting, beşyol escort burning between her ass was awful, not necessarily pain, but complete and absolute discomfort. Perhaps she had spoken too soon about pain. She could feel the fabric of her cotton panties moving up the seam of her ass, grinding against her sphincter, digging against her lips, grinding over her most sensitive regions decreasing both the space and comfort of her panties in an everlasting instant. Her panties had gone from being something full bottom and comfortable, to something much more akin to an incredibly thick, uncomfortable, and painful thong. The pain was only secondary to the humiliation and embarrassment of receiving a wedgie from her closest and possibly only real friend, having her full ass on display in the mirror behind her. How long could this have been? Seconds? It felt like an eternity to her. Not only had her friend barged in to find her nearly naked, clad in nothing but her black panties and a lacy bra, but the situation had been exacerbated by this wedgie. Surely this had been one of the most painful, embarrassing five seconds of her life.

Intensifying her grip, smiling Fatima exclaimed “WEDGIE WEDNESDAY!” Fatima yanked and tugged on Isabella’s panties, causing Fatima’s still wet ass to comically bounce in the mirror.

“Ai! Ai, that hurts Fati! Ai! Stop!!!”

With one last bounce Fatima smiled and let go of her friends panties.

Frazzled, worried she had somehow slept through both Monday and Tuesday, Isabella turned to the calendar on the wall immediately behind. Every day had been marked off with a large X in red sharpie up to Monday.

Pointing at the calendar, panties still in her ass Isabella exclaimed: “FATI, TODAY IS MONDAY! IT’S NOT EVEN!”

“Oh… Is it?” Fatima took a step closer to the calendar while standing directly behind the fully exposed rear of her friend. “My bad… But see! It’s definitely a thong you’ve got on!” Fatima cupped both of her hands low, fingertips towards the ground, palms perfectly parallel to her friend’s two now fully exposed cheeks. With a loud clap, both hands violently connected with Isabella’s pale cheeks.

All that could be heard was a loud ‘SMACK” followed by two another “SMACKS” the short, but incredibly loud wail of a girl in sudden, genuine agony. Her ass felt like it was on FIRE.

“SPANKIN MONDAY!” Fatima exclaimed as she spanked her friends ass

“GET OOUUUUUUUTTT” Isabella roared in a cold fury. Laughing about the whole escapade, Fatima left the room to let her friend get ready.

Isabella could not believe what had happened. She was still standing, panties wedged between her ass, asshole burning, her ass itself burning. Taking the moment to look at her leggings that had fallen to the floor, she reached down to get them and was treated to a renewed burning sensation caused by her panties rubbing against her labia and ass. She pulled out the fabric that had wedged between her ass cheeks. For a split second, it felt like the fabric wouldn’t budge. But after a quick tug, she felt the damp fabric leave her ass to be replaced with cool air, soothing her fiery ass-seam.

As she lowered her panties down to her thighs with the intent of letting them shape back out, two things caught her attention and brought her dismay.

Firstly, starting just below the waistband of her panties and ending just above the gusset, a long tear connecting the two regions of her panties had formed.

The second thing she noticed was she definitely should have done a better job cleaning up in the bathroom this morning, as a brown smear had spread throughout the gusset of her panties. Disgusted, she cast the panties aside.

“Fatima! You ripped my panties!”

How did this even happen? The panties surely weren’t that cheap, were they supposed to rip that way?

Fatima shouted back, “Oh really!? Dang! Well just get another pair ghabi! You need new panties anyways.”

Ghabi was a word from Fatima’s native language of Farsi, it meant stupid. The two friends had constantly thrown it back at one another since Fatima told Isabella what it meant.

“Ghabi, that was my last clean pair, I was going to do laundry tonight after I got back from class!”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I have an extra clean pair right here in my gym bag.”

Fatima ordinarily brought a change of clothes from home with her to school, there were lockers in the main gym and she liked showering and changing after yoga to not feel nasty on the drive home. Her parents had recently moved to Lake Elsinore, a town about forty minutes away from UCR and Isabella’s apartment. To save money on the egregious costs parking at a public university, Fatima would drive to Isabella’s apartment, then the two would use their student ID’s to take the bus for free the rest of the way to campus.

She dug through her bag and found two pairs of clean panties, one was a pair of leopard print cheeksters she wore regularly beykent escort while the other was a seamless polyamide bikini she seldom wore.

Fatima thought to herself, “Isabella always has such plain underwear. Let’s spice up her wardrobe a little bit.”

Fatima gently knocked on the door to Isabella’s room.

“Hey, these are the only spare pair I have right now. But they’re clean and I’ve only worn them once or twice.”

Isabella looked at the panties and noticed the pink Victoria’s Secret tag, red leopard print?!? “After seeing these kinds of panties peek out of my moms low-rise jeans or one of her all too short dresses, I figured I would never wear any panties this outlandish.”

“Beggars can’t be choosers, and I believe the proper term is ‘thank you Fatima for letting me borrow some panties!’

“Thanks, Fati, even if it’s your fault I needed these in the first place…” Was all she said

She began to bend over and to start sliding the panties up her legs. As the panties came over her ass, she felt the stinging sensation from Fatima’s earlier hard double-handed spankings. The lace was irritating her delicate skin. Adding to the discomfort, the panties tucked themselves unpleasantly between her ass cheeks, reinforcing the “cheekini” label she had seen earlier on the label. She took a chance to look at herself in her borrowed panties in the mirror. Her ordinarily white and creamy ass had turned an irritated red. She reached into the panties to feel if her lips were irritated as well.

She was shocked at what she found.

“Were these panties wet when Fatima gave them to me? No, I’m sure they weren’t, is this coming from me? She disregarded the thought and slipped on her shirt. I see why this was the last shirt in my wardrobe. This thing is short!”

The “shirt” was something more akin to a mid-drift shirt, a significant departure from her regular somewhat loose and baggy shirts. It would barely cover her stomach and back. “Oh well.” She said as slipped on the leggings and headed out the door to meet with Fatima in the living room area of her apartment.

“You ready to go?” The friend asked.

“Yeah, thanks for letting me borrow your panties.”

Watching Fatima’s ass in her leggings, she could see the leggings were more transparent than Isabella realized. Had she simply worn the black panties she originally had on, it would not have been an issue. The transparency was complemented by how short her shirt was. There was no shirt to hide the sight of either Isabella’s panties that had already worked themselves into a nice wedgie or the large ass they were wedged between. Her large ass stretched the leggings even thinner, Fatima could see every single detail of the leopard print panties she had let her friend borrow juxtaposed against her large ass and the sight was making Fatima pretty fucking horny.

“The pleasure is all mine.” The friend said behind a smile that belied how much she truly had found pleasure in having a hand in changing her friend’s attire.

She had a possessive crush on her younger friend since they had met in high school. Regularly going out of her way to interrupt guys trying to speak to her. She was just being a good friend she told herself, as Isabella had made it clear she wasn’t interested in dating guys for the foreseeable future at a very early age and had consistently said so up to this day. Several times guys had approached Fatima, asking her to forward their numbers to Isabella. It was no issue if Fatima didn’t forward them, she was doing her friend a favour, “selective screening” she thought of it.

She had never been able to resist how innocent Isabella was, and how sexy that had always been to her. A virgin. She always wondered what kinks her friend would have, but had never been bold enough to attempt to find out beyond asking. (Excluding her obligatory ass-grabs, but who could resist that ass?) Well, that was at least until today. Starting out with a spanking was as good a first guess as any. She didn’t get quite the reaction she wanted, but that was all right, Fatima had waited 6 years to try anything on Isabella, she could play the long game.

“That’s a very cute shirt by the way.”

“Thanks, it was the only one I had left, along with these leggings.”

“You should wear those together more frequently, that outfit is really working for you.” Taking in a final long look at her friend’s body. She got up from her couch and moved to the door.

“Thanks… Hey, is everything alright?” Isabella asked,

“Yeah, I’m good. Why?”

“You kind of roughed me up a little bit back there. What was that about giving me a wedgie and hitting me earlier?”

Light-heartedly Fatima responded “Oh, that? Firstly, I didn’t hit you, I SPANKED you. Secondly, you know, it was just a joke! Monday, Wedgie Wednesday, Spankin’ Saturday. It’s all over Snapchat and Instagram lately.”

So that was it, she had picked one out of the dozens of lewd trends that kept popping up on social media recently.

“Hey, well no more of that please? My butt is still sore and tingling from that.”

Fatima let out a sigh of deceitful conciliation, “All right…” She gave her friend a one-armed embrace, with the other arm reaching out to the ceiling of the apartment.

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