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Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Do not take it too seriously. All sexual acts involve persons aged 18+. Cruise ship details may be inaccurate — sorry. Send me money so I can take a cruise, and the next chapter will be better. My thanks to Hypoxia for editing, but any blame for this story belongs to me alone. Your thoughtful feedback is appreciated.


I felt hands pushing on my chest, tasted salty water in my mouth, and a bitterness of bile. My head was gently forced sideways. I gagged. GAAAAHH! Foul liquid spewed from me. I coughed, and then felt a warm mouth against my cold lips, blowing air into my soggy lungs. The comforting lips moved away. I coughed again.

I shook myself and tried to open my eyes. Bright sunlight blinded me. I was aware of salty humid air, and squawks and wheeling silhouettes of sea gulls flying by, and human shapes hovering around me. I squeezed my eyes shut, then blinked and opened them as best I could.

I was lying flat on a hard surface that moved gently. Was I on a ship’s deck? I heard a masculine voice near my ear ask, “Are you all right?”

I turned to the voice. My eyes slowly focused on a man kneeling beside me on the outside deck, a stocky man with concerned blue eyes and short brown hair, dressed in a white uniform and a gold-braided service cap.

I coughed again and drew myself together. I’m okay, I think,” I said, and coughed some more. When my voice steadied, I asked, “Where am I? How did I get here?

I realized my slender body was wet. I saw my blue skirt torn to right below my numb buttocks, and a wet white shirt, and a towel wrapped to block views of my full breasts. The pale skin of my long legs was fully exposed. My long blonde hair hung dishevelled at the side of my head.

The man replied, “You’re on board a luxury cruise ship bound for Australia, miss. The ship’s lookout saw you adrift on a piece of wood flotsam. You are very lucky to be alive. Now, let’s make sure you remain among the living, okay?”

He gestured to two husky crewmen in spotless dungarees who helped me onto a padded stretcher. They lifted the stretcher and carried me into the ship’s interior, down a passageway, and stopped at a wide doorway marked SICK BAY. A briskly efficient little Filipina nurse oversaw my unloading onto a medical bed.

The ship’s doctor, a lean dark Bengali, asked how I felt while he examined me. He poked little devices into my ears and nostrils and mouth, and shone a bright light into my green eyes. He tested my muscle tone and reflexes. He felt all around my chest, checking for broken bones and torn muscles. He handled my breasts — was he copping a feel? I started to feel aroused. I was alive!

The doctor turned to the gold-capped man standing nearby.

“I think she’ll live, Captain. She’s a bit malnourished and dehydrated but not seriously enough to warrant an IV. Nurse, give her a litre of Gatorade to drink slowly. Then, miss, you should eat a light meal. Get plenty of rest and you should be right as rain in a very few days. Try to sleep now.”

The nurse poured liquid from a green bottle into a glass and handed it to me. I was really exhausted. I sipped a bit of the rehydrating drink through a straw, and then lay back. Unconsciousness claimed me again.

When I awoke, the nurse checked me, then lifted a telephone and spoke. I noticed my shirt and skirt had been dried, by the nurse I presumed. The captain arrived at my side a few minutes later.

“Welcome back to the world, miss. Do you have a name? I am Michael. The crew call me Captain Lewis.”

I was captivated by his presence and his smile. “My name is Sasha,” I said. “How long must I stay in here?”

I lay on the bed staring at the captain’s blue eyes, waiting for his response.

“If you’re up to it, you can leave now. Why don’t you rest in my quarters till the purser can arrange a cabin for you?” He held out his hand. I gladly took it.

Michael led me slowly down another passageway to a door marked CABIN A. He escorted me inside the good-sized well-appointed room, very neat and masculine. I looked around and tried to absorb the visual details.

“Yes, it’s good to be captain!” Michael wryly exclaimed. “Please take my bunk and rest some more, Sasha. I’ll arrange for a change of clothes for you. You should have a shower, too. Towels are in that locker.” He pointed to a wooden cabinet in the corner of the room.

I stared at the hatch after Michael shut it. Yes, I remembered that a door on a ship is called a hatch. I heard his footsteps fade away into the distance. I took stock of my surroundings.

I looked around the tidy room. In one corner, a soft comfy bed neatly covered with a white bed sheet. In another corner, two sofa chairs of brown hex pattern, and the tall smooth-finished wooden cabinet Michael called a locker. In the room’s centre, a square table with two sturdy chairs at opposite ends.

I stepped to the cabinet and opened it. The captain’s uniforms hung on the left section. A shelf to the right tesettürlü escort held folded casual clothes. I squatted to see the below shelves, which held bath linens and incidentals. I picked up a towel and headed to the only hatch in the room other than the exit.

I opened the hatch and viewed the bathroom’s interior. A wash basin stood in the end in front of me; my reflection stared back at me from the mirror above it. A western-style toilet was beside the washbasin. A bathtub was a bit to the right from me as I entered.

As much as I love tubs, I didn’t feel like going into one just now. Opposite the tub, a shower enclosed in glass panels was set in the corner beside the toilet. I closed the hatch behind me and moved closer to the shower. I found a hanger hook fixed on the wall outside the shower. I hung the towel and started undressing.

I slid out of my blue skirt and saw how torn it was. “This is definitely not usable anymore,” I thought. I threw it to the side and eased my lacy panties off. I sniffed them; they reeked with a mixture of strong organic scents. “This really needs to be washed,” I chided myself, and hung the stained frilly. I unbuttoned and pulled off my white blouse. I saw faint stains it had caught in the sea; I hung it also.

I opened the glass door and staggered into the shower. I turned the valve letting clean steaming water flow all over my body. After getting completely soaked I turned off the flow and took a plastic bottle of bath gel from its rack. I filled my palms and rubbed gel across my neck, then further down, spreading the soap above my breasts and over my shoulders.

I massaged my breasts thoroughly with more gel. My hands squeezed my tits in circles till my wide pink nipples hardened. I pulled my nipples, moaning slightly, and then proceeded to clean my belly. I rubbed and covered my belly in the foam with a few strokes.

I started applying fresh gel to my thighs, inside and out. I carefully rubbed my inner thighs to try to get off all the stench of the sea. The massage to my breasts and thighs had me turned on enough to rub my pussy, for both pleasing myself and cleaning. I rubbed the soft shaven labia up and down, pressing them gently.

I reached up higher, rubbing my mons, and gasped, feeling myself become very wet inside. Two of my fingers gained access and rubbed in circles, working up to my clit. I moaned gently, rocking my hips back and forth while pressing my love button. My juices flowed, filling my pussy to overflowing.

I gently slid a finger inside, moaning “Ohhh!” and bit my lower lip.

My finger slid in and out; I huffed and panted with each thrust. I leaned back against a wall for support and slipped another finger inside my pussy. I humped my pussy back and forth, moaning rhythmically and building the pace. I slid in a third finger and finger-fucked myself at a fast pace, moaning louder. My climax approached; I inserted my fourth finger, pumping my pussy vigorously, while my other hand moved to rub my clit hard.

A bolt of erotic lightning shot through my body as I came hard on my fingers and filled the bathroom with a loud moan. “Oh yeahhhhh! I’m cummingggggg!”

After recovering slightly, I pulled out my fingers, shining with my cum. The rest of my palm was still covered in foam. My joy juices flowed thickly from my pussy and trickled down my taut thighs. Around my pussy, I saw a mixture of soapy foam and my girlcum.

I added a squirt of gel to my scooped-up handful of pussy cream and rubbed the prurient mixture onto my round ass after getting my back off the wall. I looked down and back, gave my ass a smack, and watched the bums wiggle prettily. My hands spread gel over the rest of my body, then turned on the shower and got tidily clean. I shampooed my hair thoroughly, getting the smell of the salty waters out of it.

I walked out of the shower and toweled myself dry. I thought, “That felt good! I’m feeling

better. I wonder — why I was aroused around the captain, and the doctor too?”

I got my hair dried — well, dry enough, anyway — and smoothly combed at the mirror by the basin. I regarded my reflection from different distances and angles: my face, my naked body. Yes, I was still a sexy woman! I wrapped myself in the towel and left the bathroom.

I noticed fresh clothes lying on the bed: a set of lacy black bra and panties along with a yellow low cut halter dress. I took off my towel, sat on the bed, and put on the panties, sliding them up my legs, and then moved to put on the bra.

Just as I finished clasping my bra I heard the

hatch open with a click. I quickly turned my head to the sound. I saw Michael stand at the hatch staring with interest at my exposed cleavage. I again felt aroused; my pussy almost dripped. I tried to cover my chest with my hands. This worsened matters as my hands pressed my tits together.

Michael’s eyes captured me, surveyed me, almost arrogantly. I saw he was more than the kindly man I had encountered. türbanlı escort He was indeed powerful, and superior, and determined, and stimulated. All this was revealed in his penetrating perusal.

As I lowered my gaze from his eyes, I could see a bulge in his pants. Seeing the bulge made me wetter and I kept my legs closed to not make him notice. I heard the hatch close and lock with a click sound. I saw his feet approach me. I looked up to him.

“Michael?” I said, looking at him wide-eyed.

He smiled at me and sat beside me.

Michael said, “Sorry! I thought you would have finished changing your clothes long ago. It’s already an hour and half since I left you to shower. Is everything alright?” And put his hand on my knee.

I felt shivers through my body as he touched my bare knee. I replied, “I lost myself in the luxury of the shower. But yes, I’m alright,” with a shaky voice.

He slid his hand further up my leg delivering another shiver through my body. He caught my chin with his fingers, pulled my face closer to his, and touched my forehead with his forehead. I felt my temperature rise suddenly.

He said, “You seem feverish.”

I felt his warm breath on my face and stared him in the eyes. Just as he closed his eyes and moved in to kiss me I pushed him away reflexively and pulled his hand away from between my legs.

I said with a quivery voice, “I’m sorry, I am not ready for this”.

He asked, with a gentle and kind demeanour again, “Why not?”

My stomach grumbled loudly and I said, “First, I’m too hungry right now, and secondly, I have some circumstances. Why don’t we discuss it over dinner?”

He laughed a bit and said, “Sure, I can’t deny dinner with such a pretty lady”.

I relaxed with a big sigh and stood up. I pulled the dress over my head and body as the captain watched — the opposite of a strip-tease. We sat across each other on the centre table and I ordered a simple dinner from the menu card he brought.

He said, “Allow me to tell you about myself as we wait for the food. I am 29 years old, from Chicago. I was promoted to captain this year and thought I found a girlfriend at my promotion celebration. She broke up with me a few days before I was given command of this ship, telling me I don’t give her enough time, and that she needed ‘space’. I drown myself in my duties to forget her.”

I patiently waited for dinner. His story tugged at my heart.

We heard a knock on the cabin hatch. Michael called out, “Enter!” A smiling white-uniformed steward rolled a linen-covered food-service cart inside, set the captain’s table, and unloaded small platters. Steaming fish and vegetables and rice and rolls, condiments, a bottle of Chilean white wine, all smelled heavenly!

I hungrily gobbled up the food, soothing my starving appetite. I took little heed of the delicate flavours. Soon my stomach was full and the table empty. Michael looked amazed, seeing the cleared dishware.

I smiled and told him, “Thanks for the food,” cleaning my hands with moistened tissues.

“You’re quite welcome, Sasha. Care to tell me your story?”

I started explaining, “I am 27 years old, originally from Seattle. I used to work as a chef before coming to the sea. My boyfriend Alex and I were vacationing on a remote island off Borneo, a lovely volcanic atoll we had sailed to in Alex’s sloop. On our way back to Djakarta we were captured by pirates who stripped us of all our possessions and tied us up, naked.

“Alex managed to slip the knots that tied us together. He risked his life during the night when the guards weren’t alert, and freed us, and regained our clothes. We managed to disable the rudder of their ship, making them unable to pursue us. We stole their ship’s dinghy and made our escape.

“We were moving away from the pirate ship in the cover of night but the pirate leader noticed us. He started shooting at us and one of the bullets hit Alex and some other bullets left holes on the boat. I managed to plug the leaks with bits of caulking I found in the boat, but I could do nothing for Alex. He remained unconscious, and died soon after. I cried and cried. I almost lost my will to live.

“Some days after our escape, a storm ripped the boat to pieces and washed away Alex’s body. I was totally alone! I remember crying myself to sleep with loneliness and exhaustion. The next I knew, I was here, on your ship’s deck, your lips blowing life back into me.

“So, I hope you can understand it’s not like I don’t like you. I am so grateful to still be alive. You’ve been so nice to me the entire time here, and you are quite handsome, too. But I’m not over Alex’s death yet. We must go slowly. Please? Please?”

Michael’s face expressed his concern. “Okay. I can understand you are still depressed over your loss,” he said with a sympathetic tone. He then cheered up and said, “So you say you’re a chef? What do you think about working here? The pay is good and you’ll feel better being occupied tüyap escort with something.”

“That sounds good to me!” I exclaimed

Michael said, “Good, then! I’ll introduce you to the head of food services and arrange for you to start work tomorrow. You can rest now. I must perform my ‘captain’s duties’ for awhile. I’ll be back later.”

I said “Okay,” and he left the room.

I was too tired to pull my dress off. I crawled into bed and slept. After some time I heard the hatch open again but I stayed mostly asleep, drowsily expecting him to lie beside me. I waited and waited but he didn’t come. I woke to find him on the floor beside the bed, sleeping on the deck.

I got up and woke him, saying, “Come, sleep on the bed. It’s your room; I’ll sleep on the floor”.

He said, “No, you shouldn’t sleep on the deck. I’m fine to sleep there”.

I insisted, “Okay, I’ll sleep on the bed if you sleep beside me; you’re too kind to me”.

He gave up, and came to sleep beside me on the bed.

I soon fell asleep and fell into a dream. In the dream I was fucked by many pirates all at once. My mouth was stuffed with a dick, my nose deep in his pubic hair. Someone was fucking me from the behind, and two others were deeply sucking my breasts. I was rubbing the dicks of two others with my hands — and others who were masturbating behind me released their cum onto my back. I was moaning on the bed, and getting wet.

Suddenly the pirates disappeared from my dream. I opened my eyes a bit, still dizzy, and I saw a face: Alex!

I said, “I’m sorry Alex; these pirates had sex with me. Can you please fuck me? Remove the feeling of their filthy dicks from every part of me. Please!” I rolled and rubbed my ass against his dick.

My dream Alex replied, “I’m sorry, I cannot do that.”

I was unaware that I was actually talking to Michael on the bed. I brought his hand between my thighs to touch my wet panties.

I said, “Do you hate me now that I have been fucked by these pirates?” and kissed Michael, my dream Alex.

I felt his tongue enter my mouth and swirl around, reaching for my tonsils.

He said, “No, I love you; I’ll clean your pussy for you.”

He slid a finger inside my wet pussy, and moved it through the sticky corridor of my tunnel as his finger were covered in my juices. In the dream, I could feel Alex enter my pussy all the way with his dick. As Michael’s finger moved in and out of my pussy, I could feel Alex’s dick moving in me, and I moaned.

Michael slid in another finger, and started fingering my pussy faster. More and more juices flowed from my core and leaked outside. In the dream, I felt Alex’s dick growing bigger inside, and I was moaning with intense pleasure, I felt my pussy being cleaned well.

Suddenly, Michael put in four fingers and pushed them deeper and faster. I felt my dream Alex grow even bigger within me, and fuck me roughly as I moaned, “Oh yeah Alex! Pound me hard with your dick, make my pussy yours!”

I moaned loudly, and woke from my dream, seeing Michael.

Michael said,” Okay Sasha,” and moved his fingers as fast as he could.

I felt him hump my pussy with his fingers *SO* hard. A bolt of electricity shot through my body as I came on his hand, drenching him with my juices. I thrashed and moaned, “I’m cumminggggg!”

Michael slowly pulled out his hand. Licking it, he said, “You’re so tasty. Oh, you’re awake now? Sorry, you were just so sexy when you kissed me, I couldn’t resist you.”

My horny desperation took control of me. I blushed and said, “That’s okay, I mistook you for my Alex. But I really need a dick in my pussy right now. So, can we continue? Please?”

He said, “Okay then, ONWARD!” and removed my dress as I stood.

Michael unfastened my bra and eased it off me. I unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it from his shoulders. I rubbed my hands over his taut abs, and grabbed his pants, pulling them down his legs till they puddled at his feet. He slid my panties down and I stepped out of them. He held them to his face and sniffed deeply.

I dropped on my knees and rubbed my hand over his bulge on the boxers. I pulled down his boxers, and his shaft sprung to my face, slapping my cheek gently. I was too aroused to laugh. I stared at his long shaft with no pubic hair and held it in my hand. I dreamily slid my hand over his shaft.

Michael held my shoulders and guided me to stand. He held my breasts, pressing them gently but firmly, and pinched my already hard nipples.

“I’ve wanted to feel your breasts from the time I first saw you,” he said.

He pushed me gently to the bed so I was on my back, and lay next to me. He massaged my breasts, and then kissed those baby pillows, one after the other. I moaned with ecstasy. He sucked softly on my nipples; I held his head as he worshipped me.

He started biting my nipples too, making me groan, “Ahhh, don’t be so rough”.

Michael spread my legs apart. He moved in between my thighs, and pulled me closer by my hips, touching my pussy with his dick. He rubbed his glorious gland over my pussy lips, and poked his dickhead at my clitoris, teasing me. I moved my hips, rubbing my labia over his cock, inviting him to penetrate my portal. He held my knees, lifting them up, and pulling me closer yet. He gently slid his dick into my velvety vagina as its walls spread apart. He bottomed-out and hit my cervix.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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