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Sorry for mistakes I write these on my iPad. Also more of a back story will be coming at later point. Please enjoy and I hope I can do more in the future.

It’s 7:30, when I wake up. I head downstairs and walk into a room full of people. I see Katie, sitting on the couch next to her mom and dad. “hello” they say, smiling. I wave, to nervous to speak. A thousand thoughts go though my head. “jake did you have a good rest.  Katie said you weren’t feeling to good. I called your parents. They said you could stay the night if you want. Foods in the microwave staying warm help yourself.” 

 “uhh thanks. I’m feeling better, really. I can go home.” 

“no, no stay. You need the rest. And plus remember katie goes to the same school so I can drive you. You can wear her brothers clothes. He’s at a friends house tonight.

“ha. Thanks, mom. I will stay tonight then. I like it here better anyway.” I look at Katie when I say that and she smiles. 

It’s 9:30 at night. “jake, my parents usually fall asleep around 10:30. We can, you know, Maybe talk alone for a little.” katie said quietly as she closed the door to my ‘new’ room. It’s dark, almost like midnight in the desert. It keeps me awake thinking. This is happening to all fast.. She was never like this what changed. Why me, she never talked about me always about other guys. It’s already 10:25. I better go to Katie’s room maybe she will clear this all up.

I walk in and see her on her bed. Shes going though an old photo book. Most of the photos are of us, as kids, growing up. Things I never saw, never knew she had. She was crying tears coming down. I walked over and held her. Let her cry on my shoulder.  She laughs quietly “you’re early. bursa escort Guess you couldn’t wait could you.” I smile, knowing she always makes her self laugh before she goes on with sad things. “I was confused. Lost. I just wanted someone. I called every guy. You were the only one who came. You were always the only guy who came. I always knew you liked me. Never knew how much till tonight. I used you.. I wanted to please myself so I called you knowing you would help. I love you. I love you and I feel bad.” 

“Katie don’t say that. You’re just confused. I was once in your spot. But you had a bf I moved on. Why, now I know your lying. You do love me just admit it. Give it a shot. Give me a shot.” 

“I don’t know jake. Jake… Jake.. We will talk more tomorrow. I love you” she says quietly as she falls asleep. I sit on her bed with her in my arms. I flip though all the photos. Tears come to my eyes. I remember earlier was it fake. She seemed so good but she always told me she would wait. Wait… Wait.. For what. I doze off.  

6:30 alarm. Shower, change, get in car, and droved to school. All done without saying a word. We got to the school in a few minutes. I got out of the car and open the door for Katie. Her mom smiles, knowing something’s up. A few hours later, it’s only 4th hour. All my friends keep asking asking me about Katie. They all saw what happened this morning. Me grabbing her hand and opening the door, the awkward smiles. I shrug them off, “I’m just being a good friend” I say but of course they don’t believe me. The day drags on and on. It’s 6th hour finally. Only one more hour before schools out and I can see Katie again. Well, I hope…

Ding. Ding ding. The end school bells go off. “finally!!” I shout to no one but myself. I hurry görükle escort to my locker gathering my things. I hardly remember today. I start to close my locker when someone grabs me crying. Katie I think to myself. I turn around and hold her. She buries her head into me. I hug her tightly and kiss her neck. “Everything will be okay. I’m here now.” I whisper.  Not caring who was around I grabbed her hand we walked out of the school heading to her house. The only place I know that’s the safest for us.

It only took a few minutes but felt like forever. Her holding on to me, her head on my shoulder crying. Her arms tightly squeezing mine. We went to her room and I laid her onto her bed. She was breathing heavily. “jake, jake I kissed him. I kissed him again. I was thinking about you but kissed him. I don’t know what to do” she begun. 

“stop, it’s fine. I know he was your first true love. I know the way you look at him.” I already knew what happen, she kissed her ex. I hated him. he always treated her bad. Lied, ran away with other girls. There was no one worse for her then him. But he had me beat. I realized that this morning, why she was so good.  “I love you and I’m not mad. He can be your relationship guy and me the to go to guy when you need help” I tried to say it in a nice way but it didn’t happen like that. 

“jake I don’t want to pick. I can’t pick. You were always there. Whenever he wasn’t. And when you had her, I had him to go.” great she brought my ex up just what I need I think to myself. “it’s just you, you know this feeling. I love two guys but can’t pick.” 

I lay down next to her and hug her. I wipe,the tears from her eyes and run my hand down her face. Just like I use to do when we were kids and she got hurt. “look,” I say “just escort bayan forget about this and let me help you think. You need to relax and I’ll help you” she smiles and laughs a little. I kiss her neck. Feeling how soft she is. The way she smells, a sweet cotton-candy smell. I get on top of her and pull her shirt off. Still kissing her neck, the tears in her eyes now stop and her eyes sparkle. “you are so pretty and I have thought of you all day. Nothing can change the way I feel for you” I whisper into her ear. She grabs my shirt and pulls it off. Pulling me back down to kiss me. She taste of strawberries, all of my favorite foods. I know she had this planed out but it didn’t go like she hoped. 

“jake you are my exception and my ex is a nobody. I just don’t want you to give.” I laugh ” it was you that gave up after so many years. I have been waiting the whole time.” I pull her hands and hold them behind her and kiss her with passion. She lets my tongue enter her mouth and I know she wants more. I kiss down her neck to her soft breasts. She has on a black bra that makes her look like she wanted this even more. She looked like a model ready for the perfect photo-shot. I kiss the tops and then undo her bra. She sits up and kisses me. Pulls me close and I can feel her soft breasts mash against me. We stand up being careful not to hit the lights above us. I unzip her pants and then push her down. She laughs, smiling, her hazel eyes sparkling. “I love you” I hear. I take her pants off. But before I could move, she jumps on me and warps her legs around me. Hugging me tightly, she puts her head into my shoulder. I feel a teardrop hit my back and I kiss her neck.”she has had enough already” I think to myself. I pick her up and lay her onto the bed covering her up. I get my clothes on and walk out letting her be. “Her parents will be home soon, I hope they don’t think something’s going on.”
      “to be continued”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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