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David was getting more and more uncomfortable the longer he waited. He had done everything that Cady had asked for, now all he could do was wait for her to arrive. David had arranged everything with her and followed her instructions to the letter. He had even mailed her a key to his condo. She had told him when to be ready and what to do, but not when she would be there. David had been waiting for more than an hour.

It was David’s first time using the various items he had been instructed to buy. He was kneeling in front of the condos’s door, naked with a ball gag in his mouth, hands handcuffed behind his back and the key on the counter beside him. The thing causing David the most discomfort however was the buttplug lodged in his asshole, vibrating away. His cock was rock hard and leaking precum, twitching in response to the buzzing against his prostate.

Finally the lock turned and the door opened. David’s heart started beating faster and his cock began twitching even more energetically. The door opened and Cady walked through. She was twenty years younger than David with short light brown hair and a tight runners body. She was then followed through the door by another woman. She could have been an Asian version of Cady, with a nearly identical body and wearing similar workout gear.

David did not know what was going on. He had izmit sansürsüz escort set this up with Cady, paid her and neither of them had every mentioned another girl. David tried to say something, but with the ball gag in his mouth it just came out as a drooling grunt. The girls ignored him as they walked past, and David could tell they had just come from the gym and had had quite a hard work out judging from the sweaty smell. David was about to turn around to see what was happening when a hand grabbed his hair and pushed him forward.

David tipped and fell to the floor where he lay facedown, his body weight resting painfully on his cock. David started to roll but the hand in his hair kept him in place.

“Why don’t you stay there for a little while, hmm?” Cady leaned down and told David. Then she reached back between his legs and found his balls with one hand. She gently fondled them for a few second, then gave them a viscous squeeze. David moaned and shook with the pain, but stayed where he was.

David could hear the two girls chatting as they moved into his kitchen and opened his fridge to find the bottle of wine he had been instructed to buy. He was left on the tile floor, gagged and plugged with his hardon pressed into the tile floor for what felt like eternity and must izmit escort bayan have been at least a quarter of an hour.

Eventually Cady came back. She was holding a glass of wine and stripped from the waist down, revealing long toned legs and a plump, hairless pussy. She bent down and grabbed the hair on the back of David’s head and began roughly pulling him. “Come along faggot,” she said.

David did his best to wiggle along and get his knees underneath him as he was dragged into his den. There he saw the other woman, also naked from the waist down, but with a thick, wiry black bush on her pussy. Cady pulled David until he was laying across an ottoman in front on the couch with his plugged ass in the air, cock pushed away from his body by the cushion. The other woman’s feet were near David’s face, and he could smell them. The stink of sweat and gym socks was almost overwhelming, and as the woman moved her feet closer to his nose, David tried to turn his face away.

WHACK! One of David’s leather belts cracked against his ass, swung hard by Cady. “If she wants you to smell her feet, you smell her stinky feet, faggot,” Cady told him, before giving him another slap with the belt. David did his best to hold still as the Asian girl rubbed her feet all over his face while Cady kept up otele gelen escort the whipping of his ass.

After a few minutes the girl pulled her feet from David’s face and looked over at Cady. “Do you mind if I take out his gag?” She asked.

“Go for it,” Cady said, and reached down to grab David’s balls. She gave them a painful twist and told David, “No talking now.”

The Asian girl reached behind David’s head and unbuckled the ball gag, pulling the drool covered piece of rubber from his mouth. She them immediately moved her hairy pussy to replace it, pulling David’s face into her so his nose was buried in her coarse pubic hair. The smell was almost overpowering. The girl obviously had just come from a hard work out without showering, and stale sweat mixed with her pussy juices. She ground her pussy onto David’s face, bruising his nose and scratching him with her pubes.

“He’s not licking me. I thought you said he’d eat me,” David heard the Asian girl say. In response Cady took the belt and cracked it between David’s legs, directly onto his balls. David felt for a second that he would pass out from the pain, and started licking the rank pussy in front of him. He ran his tongue up and down, dipping inside her, circling her clit.

The Asian girl sighed and leaned back on the couch as she enjoyed David’s attention. Cady moved back to leisurely whipping his back and ass with his belt. The plug still vibrated away in David’s ass, and even through the pain in his balls and ass, David’s cock was rock hard and throbbing. He knew he was in for a long night, he just hopped that the girls would let him cum sometime soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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