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It had been a frustrating Saturday at lab. None of Brian’s experiments seemed to be yielding any interesting, or even consistent, results. He shucked off his lab coat and decided to head back to his apartment. But when he got there the thought of staying indoors on this great, unseasonably warm, September day dejected him. Only one thing to do on a day like this.

Within minutes he was on his T-shirt, shorts and riding his bike away from the city. His favorite road led him past Hamden and Petersburg to the coast. He was pedaling harder than usual, sweat pouring down from his dark face when he saw another cyclist up ahead. He could only see her blonde ponytail fluttering in the wind at first, but he slowed down when he was close enough to see more. His eyes locked on her firm ass in her tight, pink biker shorts. On either side of the mid-seam, muscular, round butt cheeks flexed and relaxed as she pedaled hard. Her calf muscles told him she was a regular.

He would have stayed behind her longer, but he could sense rain approaching. This was not because Brian had any special powers; simply the sky had done a quick metamorphosis while he had been staring at the girl’s spandex ass.

He overtook her, turning to see smile at her. Her face was concentrating on the effort of pedaling so she barely acknowledged Brian’s smile and wave.

“Not the friendly sort,” he thought. Her face was mostly red with the exertion, and perspiration was dripping down her neck as well.

The sky was getting darker and the temperatures had noticeably dropped. Brian loved this part of the rain – just before the downpour when the sky is threatening and the earth raises a perfume of desire. Musk, like the aroma of a woman before he wets her with his tongue. The thought of a woman, the blonde cyclist, lying beneath him waiting to be wet had him getting hard in his shorts. He was glad he never wore biker shorts. They looked great on the blondes’ ass, but they would need to have great stretch potential to allow for moments when his cock began to rise to its full height.

His erotic thoughts of licking women were interrupted by a flash of lightning and a loud, almost immediate, roll of thunder. Within seconds the rain was down hard upon him. He rode on for a while, but the water was now running down his forehead and falling into his eyes. His long eyelashes caught the rain like a water web, making it hard for him to see. His clothes were soaked through by the time he reached the deserted one-room hut where he sometimes took a pit stop.

He stripped off his drenched T-shirt and considered removing his shorts also, but he found that he liked the wet feel on his groin. Suddenly the door opened and he saw the blonde biker walk in – completely soaked to the skin.

‘Fuckin’ rain ..shit, , my one day off and it friggin’ rains on me,” she cursed before beşiktaş escort bayan she noticed Brian there. She stopped and looked at him. By then, he had been looking at her for what seemed an eternity. Her hair was pasted against her scalp and face, and more noticeably, white T-shirt was totally transparent with her nipples forming bullets as they chilled.

“Hey, did not see you there. Mind if I get dry here?” Brian just nodded, still staring at her firm breasts on which he could now see the outline of the dark skin around her nipples.

“You don’t say much, which is fine with me. I hate men who chatter. Damn I am soaked!” She grabbed the bottom hem of her T-shirt and removed it and placed it next to Brian’s T-shirt by the closed window. He was arrested by the simple observation that her sports bra, while covering her boobs well, was also white, and was now also semi-transparent. Her nipples, a deeper shade of pink, were large and straining against the material. They were the perfect topping for her incredibly well supported tits. She followed his obvious gaze to her chest and noticed the failure of her clothing to reveal anything.

“Well, this is pretty useless, isn’t it?” she laughed, “hey! If you promise not to stare, I am going to strip this as well.” And she removed it in a one firm action which caused her breasts to jiggle just a bit as Brian got his first clear view of her pink breasts and nipples. Her breasts were like rockets facing him, full and firm as water balloons. He would not call her busty, but their shape, their youthful exuberance left him in a continued state of speechlessness. He was usually a dedicated card-carrying legs-and-ass man, but the seeming weightlessness of her tits made him question his leanings.

She walked toward him so that her pointy nipples were millimeters from his chest. He could feel the steam rise off them as the rainwater evaporated from her skin.

“Maybe there is something you can do with these that will help us pass the time better,” she said, taking his hands and placing them on the side of her boobs. Brian squeezed, gently first, but in response to her first moan, harder. She grabbed his face and kissed his juicy lips. As her tongue flicked against his, she let her hand drop to his crotch. She brushed against his obvious hardening.

“Hmmm, already so big and we haven’t even done anything? I wonder how huge it will be when we really get started.” Brian focused on her words long enough to wonder what else she had in mind. He dropped his head and took her candy-hard nipples in his mouth. They were still damp from the rain and he could taste the freshness of the September storm on her breasts.

“Oh boy! Yes, baby, suck them!” she ordered, but Brian began by simply wetting them with his tongue and lips, and continuing caressing them with his big hands. She started squirming beşiktaş escort as his tongue action became faster and faster. He was hoping he would get a chance to make her squirm more by repeating this on her pussy. She moaned and removed his head from her tits.

“I think we need to removed our shorts as well. They are wet too… mine more on the inside after that action!” She dropped onto her knees and ran her fingers under the waistband of his shorts. Her lips touched the outline of his massive cock. She moaned in anticipation of what she was about to get from him. His shorts were around his feet in a second and she had the tip of his cock inside her lips. The sight of her pale face in with her lips wrapped around his dark cock made his throb. She licked his rod from the tip to the base and his balls. She took one of his weighty spheres in her mouth.

He groaned. She said, “That was just a preview.”

She stepped away and pulled off her pink shorts. Her pussy-soaked white cotton panties and stained panty shield came off in the same move. She now ran her hands down her sides until they reached the tiny triangle of light pubic hair she had left above her cunt. Like an arrow, it pointed to Brian’s next destination.

He pushed her against a large table, the one piece of furniture in this deserted haven. Her legs opened wide as he dropped between them. He breathed in her aroma of sweat and arousal between her well-muscled thighs. He licked the inside of her thighs, slowly working his way to her labia.

“Please don’t make me wait, put that delicious tongue inside me… my ooh” she yelped as he blew on the wet flesh around her slit. He licked under her pussy and she raised her hips to give him access to her rear. He licked around her asshole and came back to her twat. By now, she had grabbed his head and was aiming her steaming pussy to his lips. He stuck his tongue out and jabbed it inside her.

“Oh yes, inside me, lick me,” she muttered, as he licked her deep inside her. Her cunt tasted young and ripe. “I have been wetting myself since you rode past me. You have a great ass, lover, and I was thinking about how I could… you could… we would… oh fuck.” She became more incoherent as he kept up his licking.

Brian had been squeezing her miracle tits, but now ran his finger over her pubes to her clit. It was already unhooded and his smooth fingertip sent a jolt of power through her body. She thrust upwards with unbridled sexual energy, dislodging his tongue from her deep honey pot. His tongue switched places with his finger and he was soon lapping at her clit as he fucked her with his fingers.

“Oh god, I wanted to be sucked and fucked, but I did not know you would do it at one time.”

He kept up his rhythm and her moans became louder and shallower. Finally, he hooked his finger against her G-spot and she exploded with an orgasm that sent tiny cramps through her muscles. His continued ministrations on her swollen nub sent further vibrations through her that resulted in the total relaxation of all her tired muscles.

Brian stood up as she continued to shake. The aroma her leaking pussy juices and the sight of her stretched out on the table, thighs wide apart, arms raised above her head lost in her blonde mane that was splayed against the wood had Brian as aroused as he would ever be. He rubbed his pink cock head, the size of a golf ball, against her throbbing clitty.

“Ooooh! That was so good, ooo, keep doing that and I think I will explode again. Oh let me suck you off like that, let me put you in my warm mouth and coat your cock with my spit, let me swallow… Oh my God!”

Her blowjob offer was interrupted when Brian shoved his thick cock inside her pussy lips without any warning.

“Oh yes… so big… like a fuck torpedo!” she said nonsensically, as he pushed himself in her to the very hilt. She could feel his pubic area push against her exposed clit. He then grabbed her ass and started moving in and out of her in deep strokes. Each stroke began with him pushing against her clitty and pulling slowly out nearly all the way so that when she looked between her legs she could see his pink head almost pop out of her pussy. He would then shove it in with urgency forcing her wide open. She thought he would penetrate her cervix if kept it up. He moved his hands from her firm ass and started rubbing her tits that stood upright on her chest. He dropped his head to her rock-hard nipples. He felt her respond inside her pussy as he sucked her tits again. She was getting juicier and juicier and Brian knew that if he did not cum soon, she would be too wet for him to get any friction.

He started fucking her harder. She noticed his growing urgency and started moving her hips with him. Their combined motions, the feel of her nipples in his sucking mouth, her hands pressing his muscular ass, the contrast in their skin colors, the wetness squelching inside her that was leaking all around his thick, lust-engorged member and the smell of sex that surrounded them made them both shake with pleasure. Within minutes of this, he felt ready to cum. His balls tightened and he pushed against her one last time and held his dick still inside her. She kept moving her hips until she felt him release ribbons of hot cream deep inside her.

“You are beautiful!” he yelled out. His first words to her. She felt her pussy walls contract in a mini orgasm, which had the effect of squeezing another jet of jizz out of him. He looked into her green eyes as she drained him.

He collapsed next to her on the table. They wrapped their limbs around each other and heard the storm continue outside.

“If our clothes don’t dry, we could give this a second go today,” she suggested.

“Even if they do, could we give it a third and fourth try in my apartment.”

“Hmmmmm… only if you promise to speak to me before that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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