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Big Dick

I heard the door open but the sound of foot steps was muted by the thick carpet covering the floor. I was hogtied and blindfolded on the floor of our apartment. It was a game Julie and I had played numerous times. She was my Domme and I was her slave, her pet and her filthy little piggy.

Julie was my beautiful 30 year old bride and I was her 38 husband. She was a foot shorter than me at 5’3″ with gorgeous curves and a pretty face. Despite the difference in our heights our bodies fit together perfectly. Her natural 36dd tits made her look thicker in clothes than the splendor of her beautiful naked form revealed. She was blessed with a narrow waist, full wide hips and a delicious round ass that made my mouth water. Her pretty face was highlighted by bright green eyes that sparkled like emeralds and a warm inviting smile which gave no indication of her dominant aggressive sexuality.

Julie was openly bisexual and blessed with an incredible open mind and a creative imagination. We were both sexual freaks and we were perfect together. She was both the whore and the virgin mother wrapped up in one beautiful package and I loved her more than life itself.

I had fallen in love with Julie the moment I laid eyes on her. We were both married when we met but we both knew that had to change. Within months we were both separated and we had begun a torrid love affair. Our relationship was more intense than anything I had ever experienced. We both felt comfortable sharing our deepest secrets and our wildest fantasies. The sexual chemistry we shared and the passion we felt was like a drug and make no mistake, I was an addict.

We were married on a quiet beach in Aruba a month after my divorce was final. Marriage did nothing to diminish our sexual desires nor did it lessen our appetite for sexual adventure. We both enjoyed the BDSM lifestyle, at least recreationally. We also joined a swingers club so we could satisfy Julie’s desire to fuck other women and on more than one occasion I joined in and fucked the other women with my beautiful wife.

When we were not experimenting with swingers we often role played our BDSM fantasies. Julie took to the Domme role instantly and I was a natural sexual submissive despite my type a personality.

I had been on the floor much longer than usual when the door opened. Julie giggled when she saw me in the same place and position she had left me over an hour before. She stepped in front of me and I could smell the sweet scent of her arousal.

“Open wide Piggy,” she giggled as she rubbed the head of her strapon across my lips.

“Mmmm,” I moaned as I parted my lips and accepted her girl cock into my mouth. That too was part of the game. I reveled in the humiliation of sucking her strapon and she loved to dominate and humiliate me. Her pussy would literally drip with excitement when ever we played our D/s games.

Julie eased her girl cock deep into my mouth and I opened my throat allowing her to sink all the way inside me. I had sucked on her girl cock often and I was well trained in the art of deep throating her eight inch jellcock.

“You love my cock in your mouth don’t you piggy,” she teased as she ran her fingers through my short dark hair.

I moaned around the thick jellcock as tears streamed down antalya escort my cheeks. She was right, I did love her cock in my mouth and despite the fact that I was straight and not attracted to men at all I sometimes wondered what it would be like to suck a real cock.

“You dick is hard Piggy. It excites you to suck my girl cock doesn’t it?” She teased. She knew it excited me.

I moaned again as my cock twitched from the humiliation of her words.

“Do you wish I had a real dick for you to suck on,” she teased. As usual it was like she could read my mind. I had never admitted to her that I sometimes fantasized about sucking a real cock because as open and honest as we were I was afraid of her reaction.

“Yes mistress,” I answered as she pulled the strapon out of my mouth. It was the first time I had admitted my desire to her and it was a frightening yet liberating feeling.

“I knew it,” she said excitedly. “I knew you wanted a real cock. You have fantasized about sucking a dick for a while haven’t you Piggy?”

“Yes mistress, ever since I first felt your girl cock slide between my lips.”

“What kind of dick do you fantasize about sucking on Piggy?”

“A big hard one mistress,” I answered honestly. In my mind the guys was a well built faceless man with a hairless body and a long thick cock.

“Would you like to lick his balls Piggy?” Julie asked softly. Her voice was thick with lust and it was clear that the topic excited her as much as it did me.

“Mmmm, yes mistress. I would lick them and suck them ever so gently,” I replied. My cock was so hard it hurt as the words spilled from my mouth.

“Would you swallow his cum my pet?” Julie asked.

“Yes mistress. I would love to drink his cum. Does that excite you mistress?” I asked. I had tasted my own cum many times. I had licked it from Julie’s delicious pussy. I had cleaned it from her tits and I had licked it from my hand after masturbating. I often wondered what another man’s seed would taste and feel like in my mouth. I imagined it would be warm, thick and salty just like mine.

“Yes it does Piggy and now I have a surprise for you.”

I could sense Julie stepping aside but for the first time I realized we were not alone. I could smell a fresh yet musky scent as the stranger stepped closer.

The warm head of a drooling cock rubbed softly across my lips coating them with salty precum as Julie moaned her approval beside us. Instinctively my lips parted and a thick throbbing cock entered my mouth for the first time. His hands held my head as he slowly fucked my mouth.

I could feel the soft ridges of his cock head and the pulsating veins as his smooth cock glided along my tongue. The briny taste of his precum tickled my taste buds as I lost myself in the erotic sensation of his hard throbbing meat filling my mouth.

He held my head tight and pressed his hips forward forcing his big cock down my throat. I opened my throat and fought my gag reflex as I deep throated his manhood.

“You like it don’t you Piggy,” Julie asked as she untied my hands and positioned me doggy style.

I moaned around the thick hunk of flesh in my throat as Julie poured lube over my puckered asshole. I knew what was coming antalya escort bayan and I wanted it. I was no stranger to my beautiful wife fucking my ass with her strapon.

Julie rubbed the slick head of her girl cock over my asshole as the stranger continued to fuck my mouth with long languid strokes. I relaxed my sphincter as she pressed her sexy hips forward and the head of her strapon penetrated my ass. A combination of pain and pleasure filled my body as Julie slowly fed her entire girl cock into my ass. She slowly withdrew until just the head remained and I groaned around the strangers cock.

Julie fell into a steady rhythm. She fucked my ass with increasing ferocity as the stranger matched her tempo in my mouth.

His breathing became ragged and I knew he was close. I sucked hard on his throbbing meat until he buried it balls deep in my mouth and came. His legs quivered and I wrapped my arms around his muscular thighs as his seed slid down my throat in huge gobs of tasty goo.

I swallowed every drop of the strangers delicious cum as my beautiful girlfriend mercilessly pounded eight inches of jellcock up my ass.

The stranger slithered under me as Julie continued to fuck my ass. He positioned himself in a tight 69 position. I groaned as his warm wet mouth engulfed my turgid cock. Instinctively I buried my face in his smooth shaved crotch and I started to lick his flaccid cock. I took his silky balls into my mouth as my climax approached like a freight train.

Julie fucked my ass hard and fast as the stranger expertly sucked my hard dick until I spilled buckets of thick creamy cum into his mouth. He played with my balls as he swallowed my big load of cum.

Julie continued to fuck my ass until my climax subsided. My face was still buried in the stranger’s crotch and I felt a tremendous thrill when his cock began to get hard again.

Julie pulled her strapon from my ass and removed my blindfold from my eyes. I licked and sucked his smooth balls as I ran my hands over his tight muscular body.

“Look at you go Piggy. You can’t get enough of that cock can you?” Julie teased and she was right. I wanted more. I wanted to lick it and smell it. I wanted to taste it and feel it grow in my mouth. I wanted to please it and make it spit delicious warm cum in my mouth. I wanted to hold the creamy cum in my mouth and savor its flavor before I swallowed it all. I wanted all that and I wanted more. I wanted two cocks to please.

“I should have brought more cock for you to suck Piggy. Would you like more Piggy?” She asked.

“Yes mistress, please may I have more cock,” I begged.

“You have become quite a cock whore piggy. Oh and don’t you worry, you will get more my pet and next time it will be a real cock in your ass too. You would love that wouldn’t you piggy?”

“Yes mistress,” I hissed as I knelt between the strangers legs and took his big beautiful semi-erect cock into my mouth as it continued to grow. I noisily sucked and slurped on his beautiful hard dick as my fingers raked up and down his chiseled abs. I looked up into his eyes and saw pure lust as my head bobbed over his thick cock. My hands caressed his muscular thighs as I slurped noisily on his manhood.

Julie escort antalya lay beside my and furiously rubbed her pussy as she watched me lovingly fellate the stranger.

I caressed his balls with my left hand as I wrapped my right hand around his granite shaft and pumped it with smooth steady strokes.

Julie cried out beside me as she brought herself to a thunderous climax. I longed to bury my face in her delicious pussy but I was consumed with the act of sucking the strangers cock. I sucked his head hard as I furiously pumped his shaft until my arm was exhausted. My head bobbed over his turgid manhood sending it deeper and deeper into my throat until my nose pressed against the neatly trimmed fur on his pelvis. I sucked, slurped and stroked his magnificent cock for over ten minutes and loved every second but I wanted more. I reluctantly tore my mouth away from the hard throbbing flesh of his manhood and rolled onto my back. I pulled Julie on top of me in a 69 position and waited as the stranger took his place behind her.

I had always been a jealous person when it came to Julie but in the heat of the moment I wanted to see the stranger fuck my beautiful wife. I watched as his hard cock spit her thick meaty pussy lips. I pressed my tongue against his shaft and licked it as it disappeared inside Julie’s succulent pussy.

The stranger fucked Julie hard and fast as I licked and sucked her swollen pussy lips and her hard clit until her body exploded in the most powerful climax I had ever witnessed. Julie cried out in pleasure as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her sexy body.

The stranger continued to fuck her until he was ready to cum then he pulled his magnificent cock from Julie’s cunt and pushed it into my mouth. His dick started to spit inside my mouth and I held his thick cream in my mouth as I savored its delicious salty flavor. I gulped it down and then crawled up beside Julie. Our lips met in a deep passionate kiss and our tongues entwined as we shared the flavor of the strangers cream.

“I love you Julie,” I said breathlessly.

“I love you to baby,” she replied tenderly as her tiny fingers wrapped around my rejuvenated cock. “Oh baby,” she giggled when she realized I was already hard again, “fuck me.”

I climbed on top of her incredible body and slid my hard cock into the wet silky embrace of her pussy. Our bodies moved together as one with smooth fluid gyrations as my cock pistoned in and out of her liquid core.

The stranger watched as I made hot passionate love to my beautiful wife.

My mouth pressed against her soft lips and our tongues entwined as we thrust and ground together. We fucked hard, fast and seemingly forever. Sweat covered our bodies. I thrust my cock into her dripping wet pussy as her fingernails raked hard down my back leaving bright red welts in their wake.

“I love you Julie,” I panted as I looked deep into her gorgeous green eyes.

“I love you baby,” she moaned as she started to climax.

I thrust my cock into her harder and faster. The sound of slapping flesh echoed through the room.

“Baby,” Julie panted. “Baby, I’m cumming. Oh baby, I love you,” she moaned loudly as her body shook with a tremendous climax.

“I love you Julie,” I groaned as I released my seed deep inside her womb. I pressed my lips to hers and kissed her deeply as I collapsed on top of her.

“I love you too baby,” she replied with a bright smile. “Next time I will bring more men,” she teased.

“Promise,” I said with a smile as my cock went soft inside her womb.

-To be continued-

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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