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We arrive in the hotel room and you go into the bathroom to change out of your wedding dress. You come walking into the room looking amazing in your white lingerie; your white bra making your generous breasts look even bigger and you big butt looking very sexy in your small white underwear.

“What do you think?” you ask me while looking slightly nervous.

“I think you look like the most beautiful woman in the world,” I respond to you. You crawl into bed and pull the covers up to your neck looking very shy and nervous. I take off my clothes showing you how you have already aroused me, and then I walk over and turn off the lights so you will feel more comfortable. I walk over to the bed and crawl under the covers next to you pulling you close to me and kissing you.

“How are you feeling?” I ask you.

“Nervous,” you respond to me as you look up at me with your big beautiful eyes.

“Its okay,” I say “I’ll do everything I can to make it feel as good as possible.” I then lean over and kiss you on the lips again before I begin kissing your neck. You really seem to enjoy me kissing your neck and I continue kissing my way down toward your chest. I kiss the tops of your breasts and look back up at you asking permission if it’s okay for me to take off your bra.

You simply say, “Keep going.” I reach behind you to unclasp your bra and I slowly remove it from your body. Your breasts are released in all their spectacular glory.

I look back up at you and say, “You are amazing.” I then begin kissing the edges of your full breasts making Bostancı Escort a circle, slowly getting closer to your nipples. As I reach your nipple I stick my tongue out and flick your nipple. You lurch in pleasure and I can tell you are enjoying yourself. I continue licking one of your nipples while you start moaning. After a while I switch to pay attention to your other breast while I grab your first breast with my hand to continue paying attention to it with my fingers. Your moaning starts to get louder as I continue teasing your large breasts. After a while it seems to be enough for you and I begin kissing my way down your stomach.

As I reach the edge of your underwear I look up at you and ask, “Are you okay?”

You reply, “Yes I’m ready.” I then slowly slide your panties down your long, smooth, beautiful legs exposing you to me completely for the first time. I then begin kissing my way up your leg stopping just before I reach your vagina. I then move over and kiss my way up your other leg slowly dragging my hand along your other leg.

I continue this for a while until you say, “please I want more.” I then bring one of my hands up and slowing brush my finger against your slit. I repeat this for a while and I can feel your wetness leaking out. I then bring my head back up to you and kiss you as I push one finger inside of you. I can feel you moan into my kiss as my finger slides inside of you. I continue moving my finger inside of you as you begin to moan even more. I start kissing my way down your body again making Ümraniye Escort sure to kiss both of your nipples as I continue fingering you the entire time. Once I have kissed my way down to your vagina I begin kissing it while I continue fingering you. I then stick my tongue out to lick your clit while your moans get louder and more frequent. I can feel that you are getting closer and so I continue my efforts to bring you to a good, strong orgasm. Eventually I can feel your vagina grip down on my fingers as you experience a very powerful orgasm. I continue pleasuring you until I can feel that your orgasm is relaxing. I pull my fingers out of you as you continue to breathe hard after so much pleasure. I make my way over to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth and wash my hands before I come back and crawl into the bed next to you. I lean over to kiss you and ask how you are feeling.

“I feel amazing,” you reply.

“Are you ready to continue,” I ask you.

“Oh yes,” you respond as you lean over to kiss me while you reach one hand down to stroke my hard erection. I start kissing you back while I reach one hand up to cup your fantastic breast while I genteelly rub my thumb across your hard nipple. I reach my other hand down to cup your firm round butt.

You reach your other hand to cup my face and pull apart our kiss as you look at me you simply say, “I’m ready now.” I position myself in between your legs and I look down at you one last time. You nod your head to tell me that it is okay to begin. I start pushing inside Ataşehir Escort of you. I can feel it as your tight vagina begins to grip my hard penis as I push into you. I eventually feel your barrier so I pull out slightly before I push back in harder and take your cherry. You gasp in pain and your arms grip me very tight. I pause for a moment to let the pain go away. After a while a resume my thrusting and you start to moan again. I feel you wrap your legs around me as I continue to thrust into you.

“Oh Jack, it feels so good,” you moan into my ear. I continue thrusting into you and I can feel your vagina grabbing my penis.

“Oh Hailey you feel so good. I love you,” I moan to you. I continue penetrating you while I kiss your neck and occasionally bring one hand up to feel your generous breasts. I can feel your vagina starting to grip me more and I can tell that you are about to have another orgasm. I can also feel myself getting closer to an orgasm as well.

I lean down and tell you, “I’m about to cum.”

“Keep going,” you reply to me. I continue humping you as I feel my orgasm approaching. All the sudden I feel your vagina tighten around me, and your legs wrap tighter around my body pulling me deeper into you as you experience another orgasm. Your orgasm triggers my orgasm and I begin ejaculating deep inside of you. We both continue holding tightly to each other as we each experience very strong orgasms. Eventually both of our orgasms lessen and I pull out of you. We lie next to each other still breathing hard.

I lean over and kiss you on the cheek and say, “I love you babe this was amazing.”

You reach over and grab my face to give me a long, deep kiss and then you tell me, “I love you too, you are the best.” You lie against me and eventually we both drift off to a nice peaceful sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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