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Oscar got Daphne, and Peter settled in at his house rather quickly. It was very late by the time they got there, so Oscar wasn’t surprised. He showed Peter to his nephew Tom’s old room, and the kid crashed almost immediately. Daphne came to bed with Oscar, but Oscar did offer to take the couch just in case. He didn’t want to presume she wanted to share a bed with him. She insisted he joined her in the bed and held him close all night.

The cops tripled their patrols of both areas around the two houses just incase more trouble happened. Before falling asleep himself, Oscar checked the revolver in his nightstand, once Daphne fell asleep. He didn’t want to scare her, but it was good to have a backup plan.

Come morning, Oscar was well up before either Daphne or Peter. Having now shopped before them being there, he made breakfast and made some calls to find out what was going on.

Gary had been the first call as he made pancakes. According to Gary, the description the neighbor gave of the vandal matched Danny, the orderly. The problem was that he had an alibi for the whole night. Gary still got a restraining order for Oscar and Peter through, just in case.

“Morning,” Oscar told Peter as the half asleep young man entered the kitchen. “Coffee?”

“Juice?” Peter asked as he rubbed at his eyes.

“In the fridge,” Oscar directed as he cooked away. “Glasses are in the cupboard next to the fridge.”

“Thanks,” the boy replied.

“You like scrambled eggs?” Oscar asked as he poured the egg mixture into a hot frying pan.

“Sure,” he said then took a seat at the small kitchen table. “Mom, still asleep?”

“Yeah,” Oscar explained. “She was pretty upset last night. I just let her sleep.”

“It’s fucked up,” Said Peter as he drank his juice. “I mean, why break the window.”

“Some people are just messed up,” Oscar said as he juggled eggs, pancakes, and sausage. “You can’t always fix stupid, and sometimes people are too stupid for their own good.”

“I guess so,” the boy replied.

“You off today?” Oscar asked.

“Yeah,” Peter said. “I called my boss last night and told him what was going on. He moved some people around to give me a few days off.”

“Excellent,” Oscar said with a nod. Then he placed a full plate of food in front of him with a smile. “Eat up. Once your mother is up and ready, we have some stuff to do.”

“Like whhatt,” he asked with a mouth full of pancakes.

“We got to board up that window,” Oscar said as he made a plate for himself. “I called a guy I know to get it replaced for you, but he can’t get to it until next week. I think it is best if you and your mother stay here for a while until we get this whole mess figured out.”

“Makes sense,” Peter told Oscar with a smile.

“Good,” Oscar said as he dug into his food too.

“What smells so good?” Asked Daphne as she joined the two men in the kitchen.

“Pancakes, eggs and sausage, Mom,” Peter told his mother as he became visible in the doorway. “Oscar can cook!”

“I try,” Oscar said with modesty. He looked at Daphne with a silly grin. She wore a pair of his PJ bottoms that Oscar gave her last night and an oversized t-shirt that was scrounged up too. He couldn’t help but think she could make anything look hot.

“Coffee?” She asked Oscar.

“Fresh pot,” he said with a nod to the almost full pot.

“I need to call work,” Daphne explained as she poured a cup of black sludge.

“No need,” Oscar told her. “Gary called the hospital last night. He told them that someone vandalized the house, and you needed a few days to get things sorted. They agreed completely and like us, and the cops suspected Danny was behind it.”

“Wow,” Daphne said. “You don’t waste time, do you.”

“Nope,” Oscar said between bites. “I was up at five making calls.”

“Seriously,” she said as she picked up the premade plate, Oscar had out for her.

“Yeah,” he said. “I wanted to sort out what I could for you. I have done this sort of thing before as a cop. Gary told me this morning that Danny has an alibi for last night, but the cops don’t buy it. I am waiting on a call for some other info.”

“We know he had something to do with it,” Daphne told him as she sat down.

“Sink?” Asked Peter as he lifted an empty plate.

Oscar nodded to him. “Do you think you could check for the paper on the porch?” He asked the younger man.

“No, prob,” Peter told him with a smile. The kid left to do as Oscar asked.

“So, what’s next?” Daphne asked, concerned.

Oscar informed her of everything he had told Peter a few moments ago. They needed to board up the window, get more of their stuff, and that he wanted them to stay here while everything was sorted out.

Daphne gave him a warm smile and squeezed his hand from across the table when he finished. “I am ok with that plan,” she said.

Oscar got up and scraped his plate when Peter returned. He had the newspaper in his hand and a weird look on his face.

“Everything, okay,” Asked Daphne with a worried look.

“I Ankara bayan escort don’t know,” Peter said, then tossed the paper lightly on the table. “The dude across the street was staring at me. He was kinda weird.”

“Short bald guy?” Asked Oscar.

“Yeah,” Peter said.

“That’s Evan Porter,” Oscar explained. “Ignore him. He is an asshole.”

“Wait,” Daphne said to Oscar. “Isn’t he the guy you assaulted that landed you in the hospital?”

“One and only,” he said, retaking his seat.

“You hit your neighbor?” Peter asked as he went to the fridge and poured more juice.

“Ehhh,” Oscar muttered. “He had it coming.”

“There seems to be more than that,” Daphne commented as she added sugar to her coffee.

“It’s a long story,” Oscar told them.

“I ain’t going anywhere,” Peter said after a sip of juice. Daphne nodded in agreement with her son.

“Okay, Okay,” Oscar said, holding both his hands up. “Twist my arms, why don’t you.”

He paused a moment and drank some of his coffee. After a second, he began, “So I have lived in this neighborhood for a very long time. My late wife and I bought this place after we got married, and I raised my sister’s two kids here after she passed away. I have a lot of memories here.”

Both Daphne and her son nodded politely as Oscar drank a bit more coffee.

“Everyone in the neighborhood has been here as long or longer than me. Old Mrs. Porter used to live across the street until that twerp nephew of hers put her in a nursing home. He moved in right after. No one likes him. He didn’t take care of the house and his dog shit in everyone’s lawn. The guy has been a nightmare since he moved in. I bit my tongue about all of it against my better judgment.

Then about a year ago, a developer reached out to the whole neighborhood. They want to buy us all out and build a bunch of condos here. No one was interested except Evan. The fucker started going after the older folks and tried to bully them into signing the paperwork to sell.

The coward never even approached me. I only lost my cool when he went after Mrs. Chaplin next door. She is a sweet old lady in her late eighties who has literally lived in that house since it was built. The dick had gone down to City Hall, pulled all the blueprints and permits on her home. He found out she had several things done two or three decades ago by her late husband that he didn’t get permits. The city fined her several thousand bucks that she didn’t have.

She came to me, crying and upset about all of it. I worked it out for her with the city, and they reduced everything to a more reasonable fine. I couldn’t let it stand, though, and walked over to his house to give him a piece of my mind. I should have known better. He egged me on and made a few comments about Wanda, my late wife. I was so pissed I hit him on his front porch. He got the whole thing on his camera doorbell.”

“Wow,” Peter said.

“Asshole,” Daphne agreed.

“Yup,” Oscar said. “It backfired on him actually. Now everyone is against him. People wouldn’t sell for any reason after the shit he pulled.”

“Hahahaha,” both Daphne and Peter laughed.

“He still has a restraining order against me,” Oscar told them. “As long as I stay on my side of the street, he can’t do anything to me.”

The ring of Oscar’s phone interrupted the conversation. He picked it up and answered.

“Sammy!” He exclaimed to the person on the other line. “Give me the good news. Ok… Really? That bastard… Sure… No, we are even now. Yeah, dinner is on me next week. Thanks”

“What?” Daphne and Peter both asked in unison.

“So speaking of the devil,” Oscar began. “That was a friend of mine at the courthouse. I called in a favor because Danny should have never been able to afford his bail. I wanted to know who paid it for him. It was fucking Evan Porter.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Daphne asked. She was trying to hide the concern in her voice.

“It means they are both trying to fuck with us,” Oscar said with a renewed vigor. “I would bet money that I know who Danny’s alibi last night was now. Fucking ridiculous.”

“So what do we do,” Peter asked.

“We play it cool,” Oscar told them. “Let’s go get that window boarded up for now.”

The rest of their day was spent cleaning up the mess in the house, boarding up the broken window, and getting stuff done. Oscar insisted that if either Daphne or Peter left the house, he would go with them or they found someone else to go. In situations like this, they were best not to be alone.

The mother and son packed up more of their essentials to take back to Oscar’s. Peter wasn’t crazy about finding stuff to do at Oscar’s, but that all changed when he showed the boy the garage.

Back when his nephew Tom had been a teenager, Tom had loved video games and other games. Oscar bought a few pinball tables from a police auction. Both Oscar and Tom had taught themselves to repair and maintain the machines while Tom had been in college. They were in pristine condition since Escort bayan Ankara Oscar still went out there to play them regularly.

Peter spent almost the next few days out in the garage. Oscar and Daphne used the alone time to get to know each other better outside the bedroom. Daphne insisted that she cook for him since Oscar had done so much. While the situation sucked that someone vandalized her house, Oscar was happy to not be in his big house alone anymore.

“Hey,” Peter told his mother and Oscar as he practically licked his plate clean. “I am going to go back to the garage. I almost got the highest score on that Black Knight machine.”

“Ok,” Daphne said as she took his plate along with hers to the sink. “Don’t be out there too late. You’re back to work tomorrow.”

“So are you,” Peter reminded his mother.

“Remember,” Oscar began as he interrupted both of them. “I am driving both of you. Can’t be too careful. We are not out of the clear yet. Those two idiots are up to something.”

Both of them nodded to him, then Peter smiled as he slipped out the kitchen door that led down to the garage. Oscar got up to help Daphne clean up dinner, but she shoved him back into his chair.

“No,” she told him emphatically. “You have done enough for us. Let me at least do a little bit to pay you back.”

“Ok, ok,” Oscar said. The past week with Daphne staying with him had taught him not to push her about her helping.

A text message ding of Oscar’s phone brought his attention to the table. He picked it up, read the message, and laughed.

As he began typing a response, Daphne stopped midway through putting her dishes in the dishwasher. “Everything ok?” She asked.

“Oh yes,” he told her. “I have a little surprise for Peter.”

Daphne raised an eyebrow questioning him without a word.

“Relax,” Oscar said as he pawed at the red head’s denim jean pocket. He caught it with one finger as she stood at the sink. A light pull made her take two steps back and land in the older man’s lap.

“Hey,” she told him playfully as his arms wrapped around her. Her butt wiggled in against him as he planted small pecks on her neck from behind. “I got to finish cleaning,” she said with her face blushing almost as red as her hair.

“Oh, just a little taste,” He told her. One of his hands turned her face towards him. They kissed once her eyes met his. Oscar had not been this smitten with anyone in a great many years. Soon she would be leaving, and he was going to enjoy Daphne around as long as he could.

The buxom redhead pulled her lips away after Oscar’s hand found its way up her t-shirt. He wasn’t coping a feel yet but his roaming hand was going in that direction.

“Dirty old man,” Daphne called him with a wink. She hopped from him before his hand got to its destination. “You can fondle me all you want later. In fact, I was planning on it.”

“Oh really,” He retorted with a laugh. “Why later?”

“Because I need to clean up the kitchen,” she explained and made a sweeping gesture at Oscar. “Now you shoo and be a good boy. If you’re good, maybe you’ll get a treat.”

“I like the sound of that,” Oscar told her as he stood up. “I got to go take care of something myself. You will be surprised.”

“Will I?”

“You will,” he added as he left for the living room.

Using the end of his cane, Oscar pulled back some of his front curtains and looked down the street for the coming visitor. He was leaning on a nearby accent chair for balance. There had been no disturbances since Daphne’s window had busted a few days ago, but Oscar wasn’t going to let his guard down quite yet.

His gaze moved to the battered house across the street. It looked worse every day since that dick head never took care of anything. The grass was a foot tall, and it drove Oscar crazy. What was he planning, it was apparent that this was not the last he would have to deal with Evan or Danny. He just didn’t know what their game was yet.

The sound as shoes clicks on the front steps. Oscar didn’t need to look to know who was coming. He took a few steps towards the door from the window and opened the door before the guest could ring the bell.

“Hey, Shrimp,” Oscar told Renee as she took the last step towards his front door. She wore a pair of cutoff shorts and a T-shirt with some slogan or pop-culture reference Oscar didn’t know. Her blonde loches were pulled into pigtails that bounced with her every step.

“Hey, Grumpy,” Renee said as she stepped inside the house. “What is this about someone topping my high scores?”

“Peter has been in the garage for the last few days,” he explained as they both made their way towards the kitchen. “He was bragging over dinner that he almost had the top score. I thought you should know.”

“He won’t have it for long, Oscar,” the tiny girl said as she cracked her knuckles. “I see a beat down in that boy’s future.”

“Renee?” Daphne said as she finished wiping down the counter and looked up.

“Hi,” Renee chirped. “I hope you don’t mind, but Peter Bayan escort Ankara might be crying himself to sleep tonight.”

“Oh yeah,” the older woman remarked.

“Yeah,” Renee said happily. “I have the high score on all Oscar pinball machines. This means war.”

“Go kill and destroy, Squirt,” Oscar said to her with a salute. “I didn’t warn him that he had a rival.”

“Hahahaha!” She cackled, opening the back door. “Sneak attack!”

“Have fun,” Daphne said, turning to Oscar. “You just made Peter’s day. You know that, right?”

Oscar took a small bow and tipped his cane. “I think I just made our night free.”

“Yeah,” Daphne agreed, tossing the last of her cleaning wipe in the trash bin. “Oh, what will we do now,” Her voice ran with mock sarcasm.

“I can think of a few things,” Oscar joked.

“Me too!” She exclaimed. “Why don’t you make your way to that big bed of yours and I will be along shortly.”

“Oh yeah,” he said with a grin from ear to ear.

“Yeah!” She said with a matching grin. “Now, go!”

Oscar was not going to tempt fate. He knew better than to do that. The bedroom was upstairs and down the other end of the house. Peter’s room was just under them on the first floor, and it had delayed any late-night action between him and Daphne. In fact, they hadn’t done more than cuddle or kiss since their date. She had been upset, and Oscar didn’t want her to feel like he was taking advantage of her. It didn’t mean he wasn’t going to flirt with Daphne just not push for sex. This morning she had implied she was horny like a toad. Timing had been bad until now. Renee would keep Peter occupied for a few hours.

Once he got to his room, Oscar took off his shorts and shirt to put on his PJ shorts and a tank top. Being naked for her would presume too much. He also thought that might be a bit tacky. Laying on the bed now more comfortable, Oscar grabbed the remote to turn on the air conditioning to the room. A light hum followed by a gentle cool breeze hit the place.

It took a few minutes until Oscar heard steps coming towards his room. If he wasn’t mistaken, they sounded like heels click on the hall towards him. After a brief pause at the door, it quickly opened, and Daphne entered the room. She wore a red silk robe which she was holding shut with one hand.

“Well, don’t you look comfortable,” her voice echoed jokingly. Her face said a different tone than her mouth.

“I live in comfort,” Oscar said, watching his hot little firecracker. A lightning-fast movement of her hands sent the robe drop to the floor. Beneath it, Daphne wore the sexy lace choker outfit he had bought her on their date. From the shoes to the gloves, it was all on her. Oscar wouldn’t need one of those blue pills tonight.

“Oh, I have a place nice and comfortable for you, lover,* Daphne said as she strode towards the bed. Her movements were slow and deliberate, so that he had time to watch her.

“Call me intrigued,” replied Oscar. His hand patted the empty spot on the bed beside him.

“Mmmmmmmm,” the skimpy woman purred as she climbed into the bed. “You know this splits in the crotch,” She explained as her hand reached out for his.

“Really?” Oscar said, having not noticed from the dressing room.

“Yes,” she whispered as her hand pulled his towards her slit. “Feel.”

She wasn’t lying, but Oscar never doubted her to begin with either. His middle finger lightly ran against her labia and then felt her tightly trimmed bush. Slick wetness was already present without much action.

“Fuck,” he muttered as his big fat dick twitched in his shorts.

“I have been like this all day,” Daphne blushed. “I think you ought to do something about it. I mean, it is your fault.”

“My fault,” Oscar told her with mock shock. His finger was still rubbing her “Whatever did I do?”

“Well, something was sticking me in the butt this morning,” her sexy voice explained.

“I can’t help it when waking up next to a dream girl like you gives me dirty dreams,” he told her as his finger worked its way inside her.

“Ahhhhhh,” she moaned and then kissed him. He was now pinned to the bed as Daphne mauled him. Oscar could only barely finger her warm wet cunt. The taste of wine was still fragrant on both their lips. Her oral muscle slipped into his mouth, looking for his own. Daphne was acting like a sex-starved beast.

In a few seconds of making out, Oscar found himself naked. Daphne wasn’t messing around with him. She had put him in a position that his finger was withdrawn and then ripped his shirt while simultaneously peeling his pants off. His robust manhood swung in the breeze of the air conditioner. This was the most aggressive he had seen her in the bedroom. Oscar wasn’t going to lie either, it was a wicked turn on.

“Wow,” he mumbled in a moment of trying to catch his breath.

“Dick now!” Daphne demanded as she pinned him to the bed and climbed on top of him. She still wore her sexy red nightie, but her hands moved the fabric coming from her neck over her tits to the side. Now those inch pieces of lace squished her exposed breasts together.

“Jesus,” said Oscar as Daphne held his hands down by his head. She ran her pussy up and down against his shaft. “You’re just going to take what you want tonight. Aren’t you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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