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I’ve told you how I met Anthony [First Time With A Man]. At a porno video store visiting in his town on business. About half drunk. Sucked his big, black cock through a glory hole. He sucked me off. Invited himself to my hotel room. We sucked some more. He fucked me.

After that I visited his town as often as possible for him to use me. Eventually he used me with others – members of his family, his friends [Anthony and Friends]. I keep going back to his town. Can’t get enough of him, or his friends for that matter. He makes me feels so good.

I am a married, white man, a company executive, travel on business servicing clients at first, then Anthony, sometimes Anthony and his friends. I service my clients’ businesses; Anthony’s cock, balls, his whole massive black body, all his most perverse desires for man to man sex.

I worship Anthony’s cock, his kinky-haired, big, muscular, workingman’s body with big nipples on his hairy chest, taut belly accented by a deep navel, and firm thighs, prominent butt cheeks. He makes me feel so good.

Anthony is 6’4” about 240#. I am 6’ 175#. My dick measures 7.5×5” when hard and is cut. I have big, lowhanging balls in a softly haired sack. Anthony’s cock is a full, thickly-veined 9×6” uncut, a generous foreskin covering his racquetball-sized knob until I peel it back to reveal his helmet-shaped head, and the big pee slit usually oozing a steady flow of sweet, musky pre-cum by that time.

To say I am white and Anthony is black does not really describe us exactly. I am usually well tanned since I live in the south, get lots of exposure to the sun, some times at a nudist beach. Anthony though is more of a deep chocolate color, most of his naked body anyway. His cock, balls, the crack of his ass is indeed black, much darker than the rest of his coloring. We both have black hair and black eyes, but his lips true to Negroid features are much thicker than mine as is his nose. My nose is very Roman in appearance, aquiline, thin and sharp, not thick and flared like Anthony’s.

The contrast in our skin coloring is part of what excites me about being with him. The other things that excite me the most are his domineering ways, his gentleness – another contrast, and of course his big, black cock.

When I meet Anthony at the hotel where I have rented a room for my stays in his town, always extended beyond the time needed to take care of my business clients there, we usually turn some heads. I meet Anthony in the hotel bar most of the time. Either I am waiting for him to show up, or he is there waiting for me when I get to the hotel from work. Anthony always makes a point of hugging me when we meet. He pulls me close, chest to chest, crotch to crotch with him, cups my butt cheeks in his hands and kisses me on the neck, or right on my mouth when I offer it to him. Sometimes I do offer my mouth to him, just to see the reaction of the good old boys at the sight of a big, black, workingman kissing an averaged size white business man in a suit and tie right on the lips while we are in a close embrace.

We have a few drinks together. Me most often more than Anthony because I know I need to be well relaxed since I am about to get my ass plowed by Anthony’s big, hard cock, and I suppose because Anthony knows he needs to drink in moderation so he can do just that, get hard, stay hard and fuck me for a long time. Anthony knows I adore his cock. He knows once is never enough for me. I want to suck him and him fuck me most of the night if not all night.

After a few drinks we head for my room. That turns the heads of the good old boys some more. They watch Anthony and me leaving the bar for my room. Often Anthony has his arm draped over my shoulders, or his hand caressing my butt. Some times I have my hand cupping his crotch. It just depends on how much attention the good old boys have been paying to us, and how much we want to mess with them. (Later all that fucking around in front of the good old boys led to a real exciting and scary night for Anthony and me, but that is another story.)

Out of the bar, across the lobby, into the elevator, some times even in the elevator and down the hall to my room, it is obvious to any onlookers Anthony and I are going to my room for more than just a business meeting. The only thing I can think of that would make it even more obvious that we were going to my room to fuck is if I was a woman or dressed as a woman – a white woman with a big, black man in a southern town. Anthony and I are close, touching, feeling each other intimately. In the elevator he kisses me, feels me up more, and I fondle his cock and balls, feeling his cock swell in his pants.

In my room this night – a night when we put bayburt escort on quite a show for the good old boys in the bar, the desk clerk, and other guests in the lobby and on the elevator, Anthony pulled me to him and kissed me hard on the mouth, snaking his tongue between my lips, pressing it deep over my tongue, his thick, red lips pressed hard against my thinner, pink lips. He stripped off my clothes roughly. Yanked off my necktie. Ripped my shirt open, popping the buttons. Pulled my undershirt up over my head and left it there. Whipped off my belt and jerked my pants and underwear down past my knees with one move.

I stood there naked except for my socks and shoes, hobbled by my pants and underwear on my lower legs. Anthony forced my hands behind my back and tied my wrists together with my necktie. He put his calloused hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees in front of him.

“Unzip my pants, take out my cock and suck it,” he hissed at me, anger in his voice, the roughness of his handling of me this night shocking me, even though I knew he was domineering, and I did like that dominance, being used.

“Anthony, you asshole, how can I do that?” I asked him, “you’ve tied my hands behind my back.”

Leering down at me with a lascivious grin, his pearly white teeth showing behind his full lips, he answered, quietly and calmly, “With your teeth you stupid slut. Unzip my pants with your teeth. Take out my cock with your tongue and suck it. Use your teeth only on the zipper dummy. You bite my cock, I’ll beat you to a pulp.”

I shivered with excitement at the way he was dominating me. We were going to have a good night. I was sure of it. I was his slut, whore for his cock, a dummy for letting him use me this way, expose me in the hotel bar, lobby, on the elevator. There was going to be a price to pay for this, not doubt. Even though I did not know what it was to be. The good old boys have watched us closely. But right now what I wanted was Anthony’s big cock in my mouth, up my ass. I wanted to be his black cock slut, whore now.

I pressed my face to his crotch. I fumbled with my lips and tongue to open the flap of his pants, to capture the zipper between my teeth. I caught it and pulled it down. All the way. Immediately I smelled the musk of his working day, the sweat, a hint of his manly odor, pre-cum?

I snaked my tongue inside his pants. Wriggled it into the cloth of his underwear. Felt his wiry pubic hairs, the base of his thick cock.

Damn, I thought, it’s half hard and getting harder. How am I ever going to get it out, into my mouth?

I worked my tongue down. He got harder.

Shit, this is not going to work, my mind raced. What do I do now?

I pressed my face harder into Anthony’s crotch, smelling his musk. I tried to wrap my tongue around his cock and extract it from his underwear, tasting his musk. It was so thick. My tongue would not go all the way around it. I moved down lower, sliding my tongue on his shaft, struggling to find the head. His cock got harder and longer as my tongue wet him.

“Shit, you hopeless, cheap cock slut,” he hissed at me. “Pull that cock out of there with your mouf and suck it.”

He put a hand on the back of my head and pressed me harder against him. I pressed my face lower, reached my tongue out further. Suddenly his long, thick shaft lurched out of his underwear. It arched up, smearing pre-cum over the side of my face, bobbed up and down against my cheek, wetting my face more with his slime.

“Now baby, there you got it. Suck it,” Anthony said.

I licked the base near his scrotum. Ran my tongue up the veiny shaft. Along the thick vein on the bottom. Down one side, back up over the top. It lurched. I tongued the other side. I took the head, covered by his foreskin between my lips. I closed my lips over the knob and stuck my tongue in the opening of his skin covering it, tasting and feeling his copious flow of slimy juice, the bulbous head with its big pee slit. I tongue fucked his foreskin for a while, then I closed my lips tight over the flap of meat and pushed it back over his fat helmet locking his foreskin behind the big knob.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck that cock,” Anthony moaned.

I sucked it. His rough trousers, the zipper punishing my lips, his cock going a bit deeper in my mouth with each stroke.

“You did it, honey,” Anthony finally said sweetly, his demeanor changing from mean to loving. “You took out my cock with your mouf and you are sucking it so good. I want to fuck you. You want me to fuck your ass?

“Mmmmnh, unh, huh,” I mouthed around his cock, nodding my head up and down still tonguing and sucking his cock.

“Mm, escort bayburt n, uh,” he mocked me. “Tell me, slut. You want me to fuck you?”

To answer him the best way I could think of with my mouth full of his cock, my hands tied behind my back, on my knees, I arched my hips back, trying to show him my bottom. I drove my face forward taking more of his cock in my mouth, the zipper really punishing my nose and lips now. “Ummmmn, muck me,” I moaned.

Anthony laughed. His cock jiggled in my mouth. More pre-cum flowed coating my tongue. “You do want it, don’t you baby?” he said. “You want this big, black cock in your tight white ass, don’t you?

“Mmmmfh, mmmfh, mmmfh,” I mumbled, moving my head up and down and sucking on his throbbing cock.

“Okay, honey,” he said. “I was just playing wif you. Just having some fun. I’m gonna fuck you good now.”

“Mmmfh, slurp,” I mouthed as he pushed my head back forcing my mouth off his cock with a juicy plop. His pre-cum mixed with my saliva ran down my chin onto my chest.

Anthony looked down at me, past his muscular chest, his big nipples, over his stomach, arched up, slimy cock, dangling balls wet also with our juices. “You just a damn mess,” he said. “Your mouth and chin, chest all wet.”

He knelt with me. Kissed me on the mouth. Laved our juices off my lips, from the inside of my mouth. He bent over further. Licked my neck, chest, nipples. Sucked them. Cleaned all the slime off me. Went further down. Tongued my navel. Took my cock in his mouth. Sucked it. Licked my balls while sucking me. Went further down and mouthed each of my balls, one, the other. Bent me back onto the floor. Opened and lifted my legs. Slid his tongue up and down the crack of my ass. Rimmed my anal ring. Put his mouth over my cock. Engulfed it and sucked it. Sucked me until I came a load of creamy cum into his mouth.

Although overwhelmed by pleasure my bound hands behind my back were making my arms hurt as he sucked me off. I grimaced in pain after the pleasure of his sucking me to a hard cum subsided.

“You hurtin, baby?” Anthony asked me.

“Yes, damn it,” I answered him. “My arms are killing me.”

“I don’t want to be hurtin my honey,” he said. “I want you to feel good. You want me to go get them white boys from the bar? Make you feel good?”

“Anthony, are you crazy?” I yelled at him. “They will kill me. You have any idea what it is like for a white to be fucked by a black man in the south?

“Yes I do,” Anthony said. “Must be kinda like slavery. Like being lynched. Like separate water fountains. Bathrooms. The back of the bus.”

“Anthony no,” I pleaded. “Don’t do that to me. I have no doubt I will have to be careful in this town after this. They will be looking for me.”

“Don’t you worry, sweetheart,” Anthony assured me. “I’ll take care of you. Me and my friends,” he grinned at me again lasciviously, showing his pearly white teeth. “Let’s go get more comfortable in the bed. I want to fuck you,” he concluded.

“Umnh,” I agreed, thinking he might finally untie me, but oh no. He just helped me to my feet, with my arms still bound behind me. He guided me to the bed. Laid me on my back, hurting my arms again. Despite the pain since it was slight and I was sure now he was going to fuck me with his big cock, give me the best of our pleasure, I relaxed. Opened my legs wide and lifted them up.

Anthony got between my open legs. His whole body. He bent his head. Grasped my cock. Guided it to his mouth and engulfed it. He sucked me for a few minutes. He licked my balls, mouthed them. He bent me up higher. He kissed my cheeks. Licked my crack. Rimmed me.

He had brought the lube, our favorite – Astroglide. He oiled me with it. He pushed it into my crenolated ring. Shoved it up my ass with his fingers. Lubed his cock generously.

This is how Anthony makes me feel so good.

He props up my head with a pillow so I can watch him. He knows I like to watch. He put another pillow underneath me, lifting my hips. He leaned over and kissed me. Nuzzled my neck. Kissed my nipples. Sucked them. Moved down my body, kissing, licking, sucking, tonguing. Took my cock in his mouth. Sucked it. Licked my balls. Mouthed them.

I was raging hard, my cock leaking pre-cum. My whole body tingling.

Anthony raises up. Rocks back on his heels. He puts the head of his cock in my crack. Slides it up and down. Using his hands, he works the head all around my hole, strokes my cock. Pushes forward. “Unnnnngh,” I grunt. The thick head of his cock forces my sphincter open. “Unnnnngh,” I grunt again.

I look down. Love to see his cock enter me as I feel it bayburt escort bayan slide into me. His dark black erection enters my hole. I feel the veins in my channel. The fat head plowing into me, opening me for him. The thick shaft sliding deeper.

“Ummmmnhhhh, oh yeah, fuck.” I watch his big black cock go even deeper. His wiry pubic hairs press against my crack. His big balls rest against me. His 9” cock, all 6” of his thickness have splayed me open.

He pulls back slow. “Ooooooooooh,” I moan. “Ummmnnnggggh,” he pushes back into me. Slides back, pushes in, slides back. “Oh yeah, fuck me,” I plead with him. He fucks me slow at first. He has this special way. How would I know since he was the first man to ever fuck me, unless and until he had his friends use me? He has this special way. When he is buried to the hilt, he hunches, humps. I don’t know how to describe it. His cock is all the way in me, and he is still thrusting. He is touching some special places. He wriggles his hips around worming the big head of his cock and the shaft around in my hole, opening me wider.

I am just moaning and groaning. He starts long dicking me. Sliding it in deep. Pulling it way back. Slow. All the way in me. Almost all the way out. Pauses. Hunches. Wriggles. Long dicks me for several strokes. Pauses. Hunches. Wriggles.

I start cumming. Shoot my load all over my belly. He fucks me right through my orgasm. Long dicking me steady now as I cum for him. Then I feel his cock throbbing in my asshole. So deep. I am stretched so wide. His cum spurts, shoots into my ass. It is so warm, slick, slimy. It slithers into my crack as he keeps fucking me and keeps on shooting in me.

His cock sliding back and forth in my ass is now making a gushy sound. He leans over me and kisses me. I can’t see his cock in my ass anymore, but I can sure feel it. Still moving, still fucking me. He stays hard and just keeps on fucking me until I cum little dribbles again, and he just keeps on until he cums again, filling me with another load.

He turns me onto my knees, ass up high. Keeps on fucking me. Wraps his hand around my now shriveled but still slimy cock. Keeps working his cock in my asshole. Fucks me and fucks me and fucks me.

He is bent over me. Fucking me. He kisses, licks, tongues my ear. Fucks me. Fucks me, and fucks me. He cums again. I feel him throbbing, shooting his jism into my rectum. It is running down over my balls, over his. He just keeps on fucking.

He raises up. Sits me down on his still stiff rod in my asshole. Reaches around and strokes my cock more as he is still fucking me. He throbs again. Another load of his cum shoots into my bowels as I cum for him one more time.

I collapse onto his cock. His cum oozes out of me around his thick shaft, over his balls.

“Unnngh,” I moan as he lifts me off of his thick meat. I feel so empty. My hole is gaping. He pushes me forward and slurps the cum out of my ass. Rolls me over and licks me clean. I twist around on him and take his cock in my mouth. Suck, lick, clean him as he is me.

The whole room reeks of cum. Man musk. Sweat. I am sweating. Anthony is sweating. We clean each other with our mouths.

I collapse on the bed. Wasted. Thoroughly fucked. Fall asleep.

In the morning I wake up. Groggy. My mouth is full of Anthony’s cock. I am sucking him. Kissing, licking, tonguing his cock and balls. Taking his cock as deep as I can in my mouth. He gets up on top of me. Sits on my chest. Fucks my mouth until he cums.

I like big, chunky wads of cum in my mouth. That is just what Anthony gives me. Not any of the thin, watery stuff some of his friends spray into me. But thick wads of his first load of the day. When I suck him off the second time. He fucks my mouth until he fills it again with his cum. His jism is a little lighter, not so chunky, but still thick, slimy gobs. The third time it is a bit thinner. Stays at that same consistency each time after that. He has never gone past filling my mouth with five loads. So I don’t know how the sixth one might be.

This time after feeding me three loads of cum, my jaw starts aching. He must realize it. He slides down my body. Lifts my legs. Tongues my ass. Wets it with his saliva. Lubes it and himself with the Astroglide. Eases his cock into me and fucks me up the ass.

When we finish this time we go shower together. We soap each other. Stroke each others hard cocks. He turns me around. Fucks my ass one more time. I kneel and suck him in the shower, cleaning his cock with my mouth. He sucks me off.

We rinse. Get out of the shower. Towel dry. Dress for work. I will meet him again that evening. His cock will be hard. His cum thick again. He will make me feel so good again. Throughout the day I will be thinking of him. Thinking of his big cock using me. Fucking my mouth. Fucking my asshole.

Feedback, comments are appreciated. Let me hear from you – good, bad or indifferent. What do you think of these stories? They are based in some truth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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