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As part of his cooperation in bartering sex for payment of their wedding expenses, Ashley demanded that Michael have sex with his sister-in-law, her sister, Julie, first before she has sex with the men they owe money.

Continued from Chapter 04:

Then, when he saw her dildo on the shelf in the shower, perfect timing on his part, after hearing her moaning, he figured she had just finished masturbating before he walked in her bathroom. Not a huge presumption to make, he figured she was just as horny as he was sexually excited. In the way that she looked at his naked body, the same way that he stared at her naked body, he figured that she sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her.

As if she was his naked wife instead of his naked wife’s mother, he continued feeling her big tits while fingering erect nipples with one hand and while reaching down to continue to feel and squeeze her shapely ass with his other hand. Then, touching her where no son-in-law should ever dare touch his mother-in-law, he cupped her pussy in the way that she was cupping his testicles. When he slowly albeit purposefully slid his finger along her pussy slit and parted the swollen lips of her vagina, not surprised, she was already wet.

With her already wet and ready for sex, he inserted his stiff, long finger in the pussy of Ashley’s mother. Slowly but forcefully rubbing her clit with his index finger, he finger fucked her with his other finger. He was masturbating his mother-in-law. He couldn’t believe he was masturbating his wife’s mother. He couldn’t believe he had his fingers in the cunt of Ashely’s mother.

With all three women as beautiful as they were sexy and shapely, the gene pool in both families was phenomenal. As soon as she was as wet as he was hard, in the way he did in his sexual visualization, he turned her around and bent her forward. Obviously knowing what he wanted and was about to do, she assumed the position. Instead of making love to her, he fucked her. He fucked Ashley and Julie’s mother in the same way that he fucked his mother, Katherine, his sister, Christine, and hoped to fuck his sister-in-law, Julie next.

He inserted his cock in his mother-in-law’s already warm, wet pussy. Not stopping him, she not only allowed him to fuck her but also, she enthusiastically welcomed his cock by returning his hard humps with her hard humps. Slowly humping her before humping her faster, he made love to her while fucking her from behind. Humping her slow and sweet before humping her hard and fast, he alternated the two styles of sexual intercourse. Then, forget about making love to her, he fucked her. As if she was his whore instead of his mother-in-law, he fucked her hard and he fucked her fast. He fucked Ashley’s mother while he held onto her big tits and fingered her erect nipples.

As soon as she had her orgasm from him giving her sexual intercourse from behind, she turned and kissed him. Parting his lips with her tongue, she kissed her son-in-law as if he was her boyfriend, her lover, or her date instead of her daughter’s husband. She made out with Michael in the way he had fantasized her making out with him whenever he masturbated over the thoughts of her naked and having sex with her.

Not wanting to cum in her pussy, he wanted to save his cum for his mother-in-law’s beautiful mouth. As if he was her husband instead of her son-in-law, she cupped his balls while fondling his prick. Then, stroking his erection, and just how he had already envisioned, she moved to her knees in the shower and took Michael in her mouth. Teasing him with her tongue, Anne was blowing her son-in-law while staring up at him with her big, blue eyes. In the way that his wife, Ashley, his mother, Katherine, and his sister, Christine, all sucked him, his mother-in-law, Anne, was sucking him too.

With her a very talented cocksucker and perhaps, because she hadn’t had a cock in her mouth in a very, long time, it didn’t take him long to cum. He put a gentle hand behind her blonde, pretty head and humped her mouth and fucked her face. She stroked him faster while sucking him deeper as he humped her harder and faster. He couldn’t believe his wife’s mother was blowing him. He couldn’t believe he was on the verge of ejaculating his cum in her mouth.

Then, when she tightened her lips around his big prick, she obviously wanted him to cum in her mouth as much as he wanted to cum in her mouth. When she didn’t spit out his load, while still staring up at him and smiling, she obviously wanted to swallow his cum as much as he wanted her to swallow his cum. She obviously wanted to blow him as much as he wanted her to suck him.

After he ejaculated his cum in her mouth and she swallowed, he helped his mother-in-law dry her wet, naked body before she helped him dry his wet, naked body. Then, not ending their love making there in the shower, in the way that he took his mother and carried his sister, Anne took him by his hand to her bedroom and to her bed. Being more aggressive bursa escort bayan than his mother and sister, she pushed him on her bed and mounted him. Then, she reached behind her to stuff his big, erect prick in her warm, wet pussy.

Bouncing her naked body up and down on his naked cock, she made love to her son-in-law before he rolled her over and fucked his mother-in-law with great sexual passion again. Literally pounding her pussy, Michael fucked his mother-in-law in the way that he fucked his wife, his mother, and his sister. Fucking her faster, he fucked her harder. Not stopping or slowing his fucking of Ashley’s mother, he continued fucking her until she screamed her sexual orgasm.

Then, not allowing her to have all the fun and do all the work, he rolled her over. He was fucking his mother-in-law in the way that she was fucking him. Fucking her harder, he fucked her faster. As if he was a piledriving machine, he pounded her pussy hard and deep. As if he was taking her on an amusement ride, she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She returned his hard, fast humps with her hard and fast humps.

“Michael! Michael. Oh, my God, Michael. That feels so good. Fuck me faster. Fuck me harder. Fuck me deeper. Fuck me, Michael, fuck me. Fuck your mother-in-law,” she said returning his hard and fast humps with her hard and fast humps. “Fuck me, Michael. Fuck me. Fuck me as if I’m your wife. Fuck me as if I’m your lover. Fuck me as if I’m your mother. Fuck me, Michael. Fuck me.”

Harder and faster, deeper and with more passion, he continued pounding Ashley’s mother’s pussy. He continued fucking her cunt. As if he was in a fucking contest, as sexually excited fucking his mother-in-law as he was fucking his mother and sister, if there was a trophy for fucking, he surely would have won.

“Cum, Anne, cum. I want to hear you cum. I want to watch your face when you’re cumming. Cum, Anne, cum. Cum, mother, cum,” he said.

As soon as he called her mother instead of Anne, she exploded with sexual passion.

“Michael. Michael. I’m cumming. I’m almost there. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Fuck me, Michael. Fuck me. Fuck me faster. Fuck me harder. Fuck me deeper. Fuck me, Michael. Fuck me,” said Anne.

Michael fucked Ashley’s mother faster. He fucked his mother-in-law harder. He fucked Anne deeper. Determine to give her a sexual orgasm with his cock, he buried his stiff prick deep inside of her warm, wet pussy over and again. Unlike his screaming mother and his screaming sister, Anne had a quiet orgasm. As soon as she relaxed herself, he moved beside her to hold her, hug her, and spoon her while she enjoyed the afterglow of sex.

Chapter 05:

After having sexually seduced his mother, Katherine, his sister, Christine, and Ashley’s mother, his mother-in-law, Anne, last, but not least to sexually seduce was Ashley’s sister, his sister-in-law, Julie. While Anne was at work, Ashley told Michael to use the key to her mother’s house to unlock the front door again. With mother and daughter on different work schedules, Julie didn’t have to be at work until later in the day.

Their different work schedules gave Michael the privacy that he needed to have sex with Ashley’s sister without his mother-in-law knowing that he had sex with her daughter. Not that it mattered, it didn’t. No doubt, just as his mother and his sister discussed him having sex with them, his mother-in-law and sister-in-law would, no doubt, discuss him having sex with them too.

Unlike other families where the son didn’t get along with his mother or the brother didn’t get along with his sister, Michael loved them both. Unlike other families where the groom didn’t get along with his mother-in-law and/or his sister-in-law, Michael loved them both. As convoluted as it may be, perhaps, connected by physical, emotional, and sexual intimacy, the families that have incestuous, inappropriate, and forbidden sex together, albeit consensual sex, remain together.

A bizarre turn of events, the night of his wedding, Valentine’s Day night, supposedly his honeymoon night, he was having incestuous sex with his MILF of a mother, Katherine. The night after his wedding night, and the night after Valentine’s Day night, he was having sex with his sexy sister, Christine. Two nights after his wedding night, and two nights after Valentine’s Day night, he was having sex with his MILF of a mother-in-law, Anne. Now, tonight, three nights after his wedding night, and three nights after Valentine’s Day night, he was about to have sex with his sexy sister-in-law, Julie.

‘This is unbelievable. I can’t make up this stuff. If I read this in a story, I’d never believe it. If it wasn’t enough that I got sexually lucky with my mother, I got sexually lucky with my sister. Then, if it wasn’t enough that I got sexually lucky with my mother-in-law, I’m hoping to get sexually lucky with my sister-in-law, too,’ thought Michael.

* * * * *

Ashley told her husband that her sister’s routine every morning was to use the sauna. She was always nilüfer escort trying to lose weight, not that she was overweight but she wasn’t as shapely thin as her baby sister. Once in the sauna, usually taking a 15-minute powernap, with her a heavy sleeper, if a bomb went off in the house, she wouldn’t hear it. Just as she wouldn’t hear a bomb, she hopefully wouldn’t hear Michael unlock her front door and quietly climb the stairs to her sauna.

Once in the house, as he did with Anne, he did with Julie. He waited and silently listened. Hearing nothing, no footsteps and no movement, he figured that Julie was already in the sauna, perhaps, even napping. He imagined his wife’s big sister naked in the sauna. As if he was a voyeuristic peeper, and he was, he imagined seeing his naked sister-in-law through the little door window of the sauna. With his heart racing and his pulse beating faster, he couldn’t wait to see Ashley’s sexy sister naked.

‘I don’t believe I’m doing this,’ he thought.

As if he was an intruder, a burglar, or a rapist, in the way that he did with her mother, Anne, Michael quietly walked upstairs for Julie. Then, peeking through the small, sauna window while ducking so that she wouldn’t see him peeping, he saw the dim light in the sauna and saw that Julie was lying on her back and on her towel naked. Julie was naked. His sister-in-law was naked while napping. He stayed motionlessly and quietly while staring at her naked body.

He stared at what he could see of her big breasts and her erect nipples through the dim light of the sauna. He stared at the side of her exposed hip, the side of her shapely thigh, and the side of her long leg. He stared at what he could see of her blonde, trimmed, tuft of pubic hair that peeked out over the side of her thigh. Naked, his wife’s big sister was naked.

‘This is it,’ he thought. ‘In the way that I walked in on my mother-in-law while she was in her shower, not chickening out now that I’ve come this far, I must walk in on my sister-in-law while she’s in her sauna,’ he thought.

As sexually excited as he was when seeing his mother, his sister, and his mother-in-law naked, he was sexually excited when seeing his sister-in-law naked too. Ready to expose his naked body to her, he couldn’t wait to show his wife’s sister his cock in the way that he showed his wife’s mother his cock. He quickly stripped off his clothes and grabbed a clean towel from the linen closet, wrapped it around his waist, and, taking a breath for courage, he opened the sauna door. As if he lived there and it was permissible for him to be there, as if he was her husband, her boyfriend, or her lover, he walked in on Julie’s in her sauna.

No longer nervous as he was with his mother, his sister, and his mother-in-law, especially after all that his wife told him about her sister being a whore, he figured that his sister-in-law would welcome his sexual advances. He figured his sister-in-law would want to have sex with him in the way that his mother, his sister, and her mother all wanted to have sex with him. Perhaps, she was dreaming of a naked man while she was napping. From all that his wife told him about her sister, perhaps, she was dreaming of him naked.

‘Well, here I am, Julie,’ he thought opening the sauna door and ready to remove his towel.

Taking another breath for courage, he opened the sauna door, walked inside, and as soon as she opened her eyes, he removed his towel. With her not surprised, perhaps her mother or his wife told her that he’d be coming for her too. He watched Julie look from his face to look down to his cock. She stared at his erect prick in the same way that his mother, his sister, and her mother did. Not embarrassed, ashamed, or frightened, she removed her stare from his erect prick to give him a welcoming smile.

“Michael. It’s so nice to see you, all of you,” she said with a dirty laugh and a sexy smile while giving him a naughty look before staring down at his cock again.

He returned her sexy smile and naughty look with his sexy smile and naughty look.

‘Wow,’ he thought. ‘A good sign, instead of screaming for me to leave, she welcomed my surprise, naked appearance.’

He stared at her naked body in the way that he stared at her mother’s naked body and in the way that she stared at his naked body.

“You don’t mind if I take a sauna with you, do you?”

Startling her awake as soon as he opened the sauna door, obviously thinking that she was home alone, she looked at him with unblinking eyes. Clearly, not expecting to see anyone, especially her brother-in-law, Christine looked at him with shock. First, she seemed mad that he was there until she realized that not only was Michael naked but also, he was seeing her naked too. She was naked in front of her brother-in-law and he was naked in front of her. Now, with her looking at him as if he was suddenly willingly and consensually sexually available, her apparent sexual excitement consumed her.

“Michael, although I’m glad that you’re here,” she said glancing down türbanlı escort at his erect prick again, “but why are you here?” Perhaps feeling uncomfortably embarrassed, she stood to cover her nakedness with her towel. “What are you doing here? Why are you in my sauna? Even more importantly than that,” she said with a laugh, “how did you get in my house?”

Staring at her until she foolishly covered herself with her towel, in the way that he had stared at his mother’s nakedness, his sister’s nakedness, and his mother-in-law’s nakedness, he stared at his sister-in-law’s nakedness too. Feigning her morality and her modesty, there was nothing moral and modest about his wife’s sister. He gave Julie a smile over all that he had already seen of her naked body and all that he was continuing to see of her now. In the sexually excited way that she continued staring at him, he continued staring at her with lustful desire.

* * * * *

“For being your sister’s Maid of Honor and for helping her so much with the wedding, Ashley told me to tell you that I’m your gift. She told me that you take a sauna every morning and that you wouldn’t mind if I shared your sauna naked with you. She said that in the way that you wouldn’t mind seeing me naked, you wouldn’t mind me seeing you naked too,” he said with a nervous, little laugh. “She gave me her house key to unlock your front door.”

Clearly, not believing him, she looked at him as if he was lying. She looked at him with as much curiosity as she looked at him with sexual excitement. With him having just married her sister, she looked at him as if he was trying to deceive her by playing her just so that he could have sex with her. Perceptibly, unless it was nothing more than a formula for a sexual affair, why would her sister want her newly, wedded husband to see her sister naked and to share her sauna with her husband while he was naked, too?

“What? I’m sorry but I don’t understand. Lemme get this straight. My sister said that you could take a sauna with me while knowing that I’d be in the sauna naked?”

Julie looked at him as if he was nuts.

“Yes,” said Michael timidly while wondering if she was going to reject him and ask him to leave.

Unlike her mother who didn’t question him as her naked surprise while she was in her shower naked, Julie gave him the third degree while she was wrapped in her towel and he was naked.

“Are you serious?” She looked at him as if she thought that he was lying. “Did my sister really say that?” She looked at him disbelievingly. “Why would she say that? I don’t get it,” said Julie sitting down on the bench while wrapped in her towel. “I don’t understand,” she said staring down at his erect prick again. In the way that his mother, his sister, and his mother-in-law all were, Julie seemed enamored with his naked cock. “Tell me, honestly, Michael, why are you really here?”

Michael smiled at his sister-in-law again.

“I’m telling the truth,” said Michael remaining standing while still naked. He raised his right hand as if swearing on a Bible. “She said you wouldn’t mind being naked in the sauna with me, as long as I was naked too,” he said placing his towel beside her on the bench. “May I sit?”

She nodded her head.

“Please. Sit,” she said.

In the way that he had stared at her naked body before she wrapped her towel around herself, she stared at his naked body now. In the way that his mother, his sister, his mother-in-law, and now his sister-in-law all stared at his naked cock, Julie stared at his naked cock, too. In a long moment of silence, as if she was thinking what to do next, she seemed preoccupied while staring at her brother-in-law’s naked prick.

Evidentially, being that they were all such whores, all the women in his family loved cock. Evidentially, being that they all had sex with him in the way that Julie was about to have sex with him now, all the women in his family loved his cock. Evidentially, in the way that they all stared and salivated over his naked prick, all the women in his family were just as sexually attracted to him as he was to them.

As if inviting her to do so by his confession and by his erection, as if she was doing a slow, striptease, she stared in his eyes while she unhurriedly removed her towel. She purposely, deliberately, and sexually excitedly exposed her naked breasts to him. In the way that he was naked, his sister-in-law was naked again, now too. In the way he had stared at his naked mother, his naked sister, and his naked mother-in-law, he stared at his naked sister-in-law, too. Once again, as if it was the first time she had seen a naked man and the first time he had seen a naked woman, they remained silently staring at one another, until Julie spoke again.

“Well, I guess if my sister doesn’t mind us being naked together, I don’t mind us being naked together,” she said with a shrug. Julie moved her naked body closer to her naked brother-in-law to seductively rest her hand on his naked, right thigh while staring up at him with her big, blue eyes. As soon as Michael felt the warmth of his sister-in-law’s hand on his thigh, as if waving at her, his cock throbbed and grew harder. She gave him another sexy look and a naughty smile. “Tell me. I’m curious to know. What else did my sister say that she wouldn’t mind us doing?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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