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When I was searching for a subject for a story, I had got a basic outline and mentioned it to a fellow litster. I needed names for my characters, he supplied them and Mark the paramedic was born. My thanks goes to Mark197205 for his ideas, his patience, his character and his abiding friendship. From a basic idea, a monster was born. This one is as much his as it is mine. Cheers Bippy xx


Sue woke up the following morning and looked at the sleeping man next to her, peaceful, graceful, a splash of sunlight falling diagonally across him as he lay on his back, one hand on his stomach, the other behind his head. She smiled and quietly got up, first going to the bathroom and then looking back into the bedroom as she walked past. Checking that he was still asleep, she made her way to the kitchen.

Closing the door behind her, Sue started to clear up the debris of the night before, clearing the table and filling the dishwasher. She came out of the kitchen, shutting the door behind her to muffle the noise and looked around the bedroom door again. Mark was still asleep, curled on his side peacefully. Making her way to the living room, she looked around, wandering about she tidied up, picking up Marks t-shirt and putting it on, she continued. Finally satisfied she decided to carry on with her original reason for coming here, decorating.

Picking up a paint brush and pot, she started to paint the wall blue, evening out the previous days work. Finishing one alcove, she walked across the room to look at it from a distance. Glancing at the clock, she saw that an hour had passed. The dishwasher should almost be finished, she thought, and picking up the paint once more, she moved to the other alcove, continuing from where Mark had left off the night before. Thanks to his long arms, a large amount had already been done and Sue found that she had finished in half the time. Putting the paint and the brush down, she moved back again and nodded her head, satisfied.

Sue put the lid on the paint and left the paintbrushes on the dustsheet next to it. Opening the living room door she went through into the kitchen. As she was emptying the dishwasher a voice rumbled, “Good Morning.” She swung around to find Mark standing in all his glory, his dark hair pointing in all directions.

Sue smiled “Good Morning bed head,” she said.

He walked across the kitchen and bent to kiss her, sending shivers through her.

“It looks good on you,” he said tugging at his t-shirt.

“Ummmmmmm yes, sorry, I didn’t want to wake you.” Sue replied.

“Oh, how long have you been awake? You look as though you have been busy.” He said and picked some blue paint from her hair.

“I think about three hours, but not certain.” Sue replied.

“Have you had anything to eat yet?” Mark asked.

“No not yet, I got caught up in things. Do you want me to cook something?” came the reply.

“No, its my turn, you sit down.” Mark looked at Sue as he said it and she sat on the seat at the dinner table, yelping as her backside hit the cold chair.

“Where did the cushions go?” asked Mark

“Oh, I put them back in the living room.” She replied.

Mark wandered through to the living room and walked to the couch, he picked up two cushions and as he turned around, the alcoves caught his eye. “Suuuuue,” he called.

Sue put her head around the door, “yes?” she said.

“Just how long HAVE you been up?” Mark said.

“Oh a few hours.” She said grinning.

“You have been busy,” Mark replied “Got tired of looking at it did you?”

“Something like that yes,” Sue replied. “Anyway I came over to decorate, so I thought I would do it.”

Mark laughed, “Well you certainly did that.” Sue smiled.

“You’ve got paint in your hair,” Mark said and walked over to her. He flicked some stray hair back over her shoulder and picked some paint out of her fringe. “My t-shirt suits you by the way.” He slid his arms around her waist, bending forward to kiss her. “Thank you,” he whispered before their lips met. Sue sighed as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Mark slipped his hands down her back and grabbed Sues’ backside, she squeaked and Mark broke away laughing.

“Come on, breakfast, I’m starving.” He said.

“Ok, but I’ll get a shower while you are doing it ok?” said Sue.

“Ok,” Mark answered and disappeared into the kitchen while Sue went into the bedroom and grabbed her bag. Making her way into the bathroom she found everything she needed and turned the shower on. Making sure she had towels she took off Marks’ t-shirt, unclipped her hair and stepped into the shower.

When she got out she wrapped herself in a towel and started to get dressed.

Red panties, jeans, matching bra. Sue stood and combed her hair. Diving into her bag again she searched around amongst the clutter for her t-shirt, unable to find it anywhere. She swore, remembering where she had last seen it, on her bed, ready to go into her bag. She opened the door and walked straight into Mark almanbahis giriş who was about to knock and tell her that breakfast was ready. Letting out a yelp she jumped backwards and Mark let out a laugh.

“Bloody hell fire!” she said thumping him. Mark feigned pain in the arm where she had made contact with him. Sue giggled. “Have you got a t-shirt I can borrow? I seem to have left mine at home.”

Mark looked her up and down, “What’s it worth?” he said mischievously.

Sue crossed her arms and looked up at him. “YOU not getting another thump,” and she stuck her tongue out at him.

Mark drew himself up to his full height and looked down at her. “Oh is that right?” he said. “I think you had better think very carefully about what you are saying.” Sue looked up at Mark, his entire demeanour had changed. The softness in his face had gone, replaced by a hardness and a look that would brook no argument.

Sue immediately looked down at her hands. “I’m sorry,” she said, “Do you have a t-shirt I can borrow? Please?” she added as a sudden afterthought.

Mark nodded. “Yes I have, you may go and get one out of the drawer. Second one down in the middle.” Mark watched Sue as she disappeared down the hallway. He smiled to himself, she had reacted well to his change in temperament, his plans for the rest of the day were working out well. Sue appeared in the doorway with one of Marks black t-shirts on. Mark nodded and looked at her. “Good. Now come and get something to eat.” Mark stood to the side as Sue walked past, watching her as she went. She walked into the kitchen and made her way to the table, taking a seat.

Mark sat opposite her, he had prepared a substantial breakfast with bacon, eggs, toast and orange juice, Sue realised she was famished. She ate well, then watched while Mark did the same, he did not give the impression that he wanted to talk much so Sue stayed quiet.

When Mark had finished he stood up and started to clear the table. He looked at Sue. “Get ready to go out, I need to go to station.” Sue nodded and stood up. “Oh and don’t worry about taking your bag with you, we will be coming back.”

She acknowledged him and went to put her shoes on, small flat black ones, slipping her bare feet into them comfortably. She looked out of the bedroom window and decided that it was nice enough to go out as she was, it was not that far away. She went back into the kitchen and Mark looked up from the newspaper he was reading.

“Good, now stay here, I will be back in a moment.” He said as he stood up.

Walking out of the door and down the hallway he went into the bedroom, shutting the door behind him. Sue blew out a long breath and sat down at the table, looking at the newspaper. She got something of a thrill from being subservient, but was still unsure as how to react and behave. She sat quietly and waited for Mark to return, not taking any notice of the newspaper, just sitting and waiting. Eventually Mark walked back into the kitchen carrying a sports bag.

“Are you ready?” he said.

Sue stood up, “Yes I’m ready.” she answered.

Mark turned around and walked out of the door. Sue followed.

They got to station to find it deserted. Looking around, Mark saw that there were no cars in the car park. He walked towards the station doors and took his keys from his pocket, letting them both in. Walking into the office, he looked at the duty rota board. Both crew names had been crossed out. Mark raised and eyebrow but said nothing, he was off duty and not really interested, truth be told.

Turning around, he saw that Sue was standing at the office door in silence. “Are you ready?” he said looking directly at her.

“Yes.” Sue answered nervously. Mark walked past her and down the length of the station. Sue followed him into the bays, he went through the first two and opened the door into the end bay. Sue followed him through and he locked the door behind them. In the bay was an ambulance, liveried, ready to be ‘kitted out’ for a crew to take charge of.

“OK, we are going to kit this vehicle for my next shift in a while. Come with me,” he said looking down at Sue.

He noticed that she did look nervous but not frightened, and walking to the rear of the vehicle, he opened the doors. The vehicle was completely bare except for the trolley cot stretcher and two attendant seats. All the cupboards were empty and everything was covered in plastic and smelt new. Mark flipped the back step down with practiced ease.

“Get in,” he commanded. Sue climbed the two steps into the back of the vehicle. She moved down as he climbed in behind her, flipping the back steps up again with his foot, a natural movement born of years of automatically doing it. Shutting the doors, he turned around.

Dropping the bag onto the floor he moved to Sue and kissed her roughly, his hands moving to his t-shirt, sliding underneath it and roughly groping both her breasts. He had an idea and broke away from her. “Don’t move,” he growled, almanbahis walking to his bag. He reached into the end pocket and took his kit pouch out, removed the scissors and walked back towards her. He looked at Sue and never loosing eye contact, he cut straight up the front of his t-shirt.

Sue stood not saying a word, eyes widening as she watched Mark cut his t-shirt off her, hoping that he missed her bra, his practiced hand moved up until she stood, t-shirt hanging, bra on show.

He pulled the t-shirt from her and dropped it on the floor. As it dropped, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in towards him, his lips finding hers once more, kissing her deep and hard, her breasts against the roughness of his jacket zip, able to feel it through her bra, pushing into her nipples. Sue put her arms up and around Marks neck tentatively. When Mark did not pull away, she wound her arms even tighter, her fingers in his short hair, her kisses melting into his.

Marks hands moved to her bra, unclipping it with ease, he pulled them over the top of her breasts, his fingers moving to her nipples, rolling and pulling them, making Sue moan, starting to tremble as her tense muscles protested, her calves tight as she stood on tiptoe to reach him. He broke the kiss and reached behind his neck to grasp Sues hands. Ducking down underneath them, he held her wrists as he brought her hands over his head. Reaching into his pocket with his spare hand, he withdrew a length of silk rope. Sue breathed in deeply and looked straight ahead.

“Wrists together.” Mark said, and Sue obediently held out her arms.

He took her bra from her shoulders and slid it down her arms and over her hands. Dropping it onto the floor he looped the rope over Sues wrists and bound them together carefully, taking his time, concentrating on his work. He then reached up and slid it over the bar set into the ceiling. Bringing it down, Mark pulled Sue up to her full height and continued to raise her until her toes were only just making contact with the floor. Binding her wrists once more he stood back and surveyed his work.

Sue stood, stretched, head up, looking at Mark defiantly, her eyes blazing, boring into his, her mouth ready with a stream of expletives and abuse, feeling humiliated, hanging like a side of beef swinging, whilst he watched, amused.

“DON’T.” Mark said sharply before Sue could get more than a breath into her.

He walked towards her. “Now then, I DO hope you are ready for this because now, you are mine.”

Sue suddenly looked alarmed and pulled on her restraints, her pride not letting her plead. Mark walked around her and stood behind her, his face close to her ear.

“You will do as you are told. It’s not a request, its an order and you WILL obey.” Sue nodded. “You have a get out clause, a safe word. I have chosen it, would you like to know it?” Sue nodded once more. “I cannot hear you, you will answer when spoken to, is that clear? Now, do you understand me?”

Sue took a deep breath, “Yes, yes I understand.” She answered defiantly.

“I really don’t like your tone you know, I think it calls for a reminder of what happens if you continue with it.” Mark told her, his hands moved around Sues waist and undid her jeans, sliding them over her hips onto the floor.

“Lift your legs,” he commanded. Sue lifted them, pulling herself up using the strength of her arms and Mark removed them. She stood, still defiant, self willed in her panties, stretched and on her toes. He was aware of how stunning she was and he felt his cock twitch in response. Putting his fingers in the waistband of her red satin panties he pulled them over her hips, his nails scraping her skin as he did. Her round backside quivered as he felt the anger coursing through her making her whole body tremble, making him more and more aroused. He stood straight and leaned forward once more whispering one single word in her ear. That done, he walked around to the front of her and looked down.

“Anything to say? Think carefully.” He asked.

Sue blazed. “NO, NOTHING,” she said, with a little too much emotion in her voice. Mark looked at her and cocked an eyebrow, turning to the bag, he unzipped it and put his hand in. As he withdrew it again, Sues’ eyes widened as she saw what he had. With a flick of his wrist he swished the cane, her eyes getting wider as he came towards her, she tried to follow him as he moved behind her, swinging around on her toes.

“You stand still.” Mark demanded and swung her back around so that she was back the way she had been facing, her back to him. As he did, she heard the swish and felt the sudden sting of contact on her backside. She yelped as she registered it, tears welling in her eyes.

“Fuck,” she said sharply, Marks’ hand swished once again and the cane made contact with the softness of her skin once more.

Mark swished the cane once, twice more until finally, Sue had six straight, long, red welts across her backside.

He walked almanbahis giriş around and looked at her, tears ran down her face as he stood, arms crossed, no trace of sympathy, as she looked at him from under her fringe. Anger mixed with fear as she watched surreptitiously, wondering what he would do next. He bent and took one breast into his mouth, biting her nipple. Sues’ head went back and she moaned as the thrill of the pain coursed through her, his teeth playing with her, while his tongue flicked, his hands running over the welts on her ass, making her his with a mixture of pleasure and pain. Standing straight once more he looked her in the eyes, a hardness showing as he slid his hand between her thighs and into her lips. Taking them one by one between his fingers, pulling them and pinching, stretching them roughly, while his other hand trailed nails across her skin, across her hips, teasing her backside.

Marks’ pinches made Sue moan loudly, as she offered her hips towards him. He drew his hand back and slapped her backside with the flat of his hand. Sue yelled, a mixture of pain and a moan escaping her, the sting making her eyes tear, the pleasure of the sudden pain making her cunt wetter. His fingers glided between her lips, sliding over her clit, down into her hole briefly and back up again to her clit, fingers working fast, rubbing hard and deep, making Sue convulse and jerk under his attention.

Pulling on her nipples with both his fingers and teeth, he brought her quickly to orgasm. Unable to contain herself Sue shuddered deeply as her orgasm spread from her stomach up to her fingers and down to her toes, her entire body swinging with the force of it, Mark pulling back from her breasts as she came, his fingers working hard and fast, continuing his assault on her clit, never stopping, while she moaned his name repeatedly, opening her thighs as much as her position would allow.

Knowing that her orgasm had been so fast, Mark also knew that Sue had a lot to release and he continued to rub her, endlessly, wantonly, needing to hear her cum again, to fulfil his want. He watched her, her head hanging forward, her muscles tense and quivering, eyes shut, nipples hard and her body taught. Every muscle defined as she hung there, standing on her toes, lost in the mixture of pain and ecstasy that was an orgasm, already feeling the next one move in, threatening to overtake her once more.

She raised her head and looked at him, “Please, oh fuck, please,” she pleaded.

Mark looked at her, “You know your options,” he said, his hand never stopping, “You want to, you can use it.”

A spark of defiance lit in Sues’ eyes and she surrendered herself to his hands, letting wave after wave overtake her, unable to breathe as the convulsions ran through her, her mouth open in a noiseless scream. The vehicle shook with the force of her orgasm and Mark stood with his legs braced against the roll of the suspension. As her orgasm waned she hung limply, panting as her legs buckled under her.

Mark slid his fingers out of her cunt and moved them back up her body to her face, running them over her lips, her tongue winding around his finger, sucking it into her mouth, greedily tasting her own juices, sucking deeply as Mark swapped his fingers over, watching them disappear into her mouth, feeling his cock twitch as he watched her, knowing he had to replace his fingers and soon.

He reached up and untied her wrists, They dropped down to her sides and she flexed them to get the blood circulating once more.

“Hold your wrists out again.” Mark commanded.

Sue held out her wrists in front of her and Mark rebound them leaving a gap between her hands. Holding the rope, he looped it behind her and pushed her into the attendants seat. She sat down with a thud and shivered as her bare backside hit the cold leather of the seat. Mark looped the rope over the rear of the chair, pulling her arms backwards and forcing her shoulders forward so that she leant towards him. Mark stood back and surveyed her, still not satisfied.

Reaching into his bag he withdrew two lengths of wide scarlet ribbon, something that had been left over from a previous escapade. Normally he would have disposed of something so trite, but they held some appeal for him so he had kept them. Now he stood looking at Sue, he knew why. Bending down he lifted her legs and sat down on the trolley, her feet on his knees, watching quietly as Mark bound her ankles in scarlet ribbon. Satisfied, he put her feet back down on the floor and then proceeded to do the same with her knees. Finally he stood back, satisfied. In a moment of pride he removed his mobile phone from his pocket and took a photograph of her, knees and ankles bound but otherwise naked, shoulders forward, arms back, head down, her hair curtaining across her face.

She sat helpless, unable to move and Mark felt his cock stir in response to his thoughts of the sight he was looking at. She looked erotic, sensual and vulnerable all at the same time and he sighed deeply with pleasure. Unable to resist any longer, he undid his jeans and removed his fast hardening shaft, watching her as it suddenly sprung to life in his hand, twitching, almost seeking its prey. He took one step forward and stood directly in front of her.

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