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I have completely revised this story from the original that had been submitted.


Angela was trying to think how she ended up in this place. She had been walking down the street to her next appointment. Paris gave her greater freedom to sell her body to men and women to inflict pain. Angela sought her own sexual release through pain; the reason her family had disowned her. Well, and the fact that they found out she had lied about Master Michael.

Her mind reflected back remembering that it was nearing dusk and soon the city would be awash with lights. It was a quiet time when she felt a sting on her arm much like a bee and then nothing until she woke up here with Master Michael and now a new Master; Master Samuel. ‘I must be in Paris yet; probably the basement of some old house’.

Angela squirmed on the blanket in her cage and every time she shifted position, her sore skin flamed like fire. She smiled enjoying and relishing in the pain; the sexual release it gave her and was determined to outlast the both of these stupid men; then she felt guilt at her thought. Even as Master Michael had peeled the wax strips off her pussy she had almost succeeded to orgasm. ‘Yes’ she thought ‘I am still a pain slut’. Then a new thought imbedded itself in her mind; just maybe the both of them would be what she needed.

Why had Master Michael never mentioned his brother? She had found no evidence in his house that he had any family. They seemed to be close; hell; she couldn’t tell them apart and that excited her too. What if she begged forgiveness? Would they be willing to grant it and give her another chance? Too many questions and she shook her head trying to clear her mind so she could concentrate on the pain once again.

Angela was thirsty and looked at the bowl of water he had left her. She laughed to herself as she looked at the bowl of water ‘Urine; I’ve drunk it straight from men and women. He’s a fool’ she thought, but then felt a pang of guilt at her thought once again. She swiveled over, lifted the bowl, drank it all and sat the bowl back in place. Her fingertip touched the bowl and she once again smiled thinking he had touched it too and it was ‘his’ urine that she drank and it pleased her. She stretched out her legs and laid her back against the cage. She felt the welts along her skin; he had not broken the skin and she actually laughed out loud before she realized what she had done. ‘No care; they’re not here’; she had not seen the camera.

The more Angela touched her sore skin and muscles, the greater her need became and the more she wanted to orgasm, but wished it was him making her do so; his touch, his pain and even the feel of his cock within her. She finally drew her legs up, spread them wide and started to slap her sore wet pussy lips as hard as she could feeling her clit respond to the pain she inflicted; then she started to masturbate roughly thinking of his fingers and hands; striving to seek the release that burned within her all the while thinking of his face, his hands and also those of Master Samuel.

Angela tilted her head back against the bars of her cage and smiled again. She laughed out loud remembering that she had almost cum when he caned her, but Master Michael kept stopping intermittently and she had almost begged for him to let her cum. She remembered their time together and his abilities to bring her to the best orgasms she had ever known. She wanted to have him use her, to feel his body against hers once again and to be owned and possessed by him; them.

Master Michael had awakened in her the hunger that she had denied, but craved for so many years. Then she had become afraid of what her family might do if they found out about her. That was why she had called the police; why she had lied. They found out anyway; she couldn’t hide her own desires for long and then they had disowned her anyway.

Now she regretted her actions that her fears had brought about. Angela should have told her Master as a good sub would have; she should have come clean and told everyone the truth on the witness stand. Now wished she had as he had always been able to provide her the best release she had ever known. She had searched since his incarceration to find someone else to give her that release, but failed. They could inflict pain, but it wasn’t the same; her heart ached for it to be him.

Mike and Sam were in the monitor room observing her; both with identical angry scowls on their face. Mike was the first to speak, “She’s played me like a fool again,” he said as he pounded his fist down on the desk.

Sam stood up and placed his hand on Mike’s shoulder, “Easy. We didn’t know she was a ‘pure’ pain slut in the truest sense and now we do. She craves it like a drug. We can use this to our advantage Mike.”

Mike sighed and let the anger flood from his body. “You’re right. We can use pain as punishment and never let her reach orgasm. Her need for an orgasm will be what we need to control her. Let’s get back there and restrain her hands and legs to prevent her from having what she craves,” and he turned mersin escort to exit the room; Sam followed.

Angela’s self inflicted pain was building her orgasm, but she was no where near to release when she heard them enter the room. She gazed into their angry faces and then stopped laying her hands down along the sides of her body. She knew what she had to do and without thinking about herself for a change; she tucked into a kneeling position and hung her head.

“Please Masters, may this unworthy slut speak?” she requested.

Sam and Mike were a bit startled by her words, but Mike was the one to speak, “What do you have to say that would be of interest to us?”

“I would like to beg forgiveness and tell you that I will accept all punishment I have coming for what I did to you. If you can’t forgive me …,” and she let a sob escape past her lips, “… can you help me? I should have told you of my fears; my indecision and let you help me. I was afraid, of my family and my building desires for more and more pain. Confusion led me to the actions I had taken. With all my heart, I wish it had never happened!” and she started to cry in earnest.

Sam looked into his brother’s eyes and knew that Mike still cared for this little bitch. He placed a firm hand on Mike’s shoulder again before he spoke. “Why should we listen to more of your lies slut?”

His question strengthened Mike’s resolve, “Forgiveness? It would take a long time before I can give you forgiveness for what I’ve been through and suffered. Why should I bother?”

Angela bent over hugging herself and cried at his harsh words. “I’ll do anything … anything Masters to be given another chance. I will stay with you always, even in this cage if that is your wish and to die here if that is your wish also. Please Masters, please!” and Angela started to cry in earnest. “Will you kill me then if you can’t help me? I don’t know what to do? I’m so lost and alone.”

Sam motioned for Mike to step out of the room so they could talk without Angela hearing their words. He looked at Mike questioningly and waited for him to gather his thoughts and reply.

Mike looked pensive and then sighed heavily. “I don’t know whether to believe or not. She could just be saying that because we caught her. Maybe some kind of test?” and he looked at Sam.

“Hmm, maybe a test would be in order; if she passes then we can proceed from there, but if she fails then we’ll talk about what to do with her,” said Sam sternly. “Right now, let’s secure her arms and legs.” Mike nodded his head in agreement and they stepped back into the room. Angela had not moved and was still crying bent over in her cage.

Angela barely heard them as they re-entered the room. One of them opened her cage, but she didn’t know which one it was. “Spread your legs,” he commanded. She eased back again on her ass and spread her legs apart.

Mike grabbed her leg by the ankle restraint while his brother handed him a clip. Soon her ankles were restrained against each side of the cage. He backed out, stared at her a moment and felt his cock begin to get hard, closed the door and relocked it.

Sam flipped back the top of her cage and they restrained her hands against the sides of the cage as well. The top was flipped back into place with a loud clank. Angela looked hesitantly up into their faces.

“You will not cum slut until we let you. You have just added to your punishment tomorrow,” said Mike.

Angela hung her head, “Yes Masters. Thank you Masters.”

Sam and Mike exited, resealed the room and went back upstairs. “How about a drink Mike?” said Sam knowing his brother was in a quandary about Angela and the feelings he obviously still had for her.

“I’d like that,” said Mike. He followed Sam up the stairs and into the living room.

Ellen and Cindy were dusting the room when they entered. They both stopped and immediately came over and knelt down.

Sam smiled, “Ellen, fix my usual,” he said and crossed over and sat in his lounger.

Ellen immediately got up and went to the bar.

“Cindy,” said Mike, “My usual is bourbon neat.” He crossed over and sat on the couch.

Cindy immediately got up and went to the bar.

Ellen crossed swiftly, carrying the drink, handed it to Master Samuel and knelt by his chair. “Would you like us to finish dusting Master Samuel?”

“No. Stay where you are,” commanded Sam.

Cindy came swiftly with Mike’s drink, handed it to him and also knelt by his leg.

Mike smiled down at her head and then laid his hand on it, “Release my cock and show me how much you worship it.”

Cindy smiled and crawled in between Master Michael’s legs. She eased off his shoes, undid his pants and lowered them off his body. She laid soft sensual kisses up and down the length of his hard cock; placed the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around while gently applying suction.

She removed her mouth and licked up and down the length of his shaft concentrating on its sensitive underneath. Mike spread his legs wider kocaeli escort and moaned softly as her tongue and mouth caressed his scrotum. Cindy placed one of his balls in her mouth and gently swirled her tongue massaging and warming it before doing the same to the other. She tongued her way back to the head and greedily took it into her mouth enjoying the hard hot fullness of it. With expert ease, Cindy slowly sucked Master Michael’s cock into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat before sucking it further into it.

Mike grabbed her head and started to slowly thrust into her hot mouth. Cindy moaned sending small vibrations along his shaft building his desires further. He grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth faster and faster as her mouth clamped down tighter around his shaft. He closed his eyes feeling his balls finally tighten signaling his climax. He thrust one final time and released his load of cum into Cindy’s waiting mouth.

Cindy kept Master Michael’s cock in her mouth until he was finished and then softly removed it smiling broadly. She gently redressed him and then leaned her head against the inside of his thigh sighing contentedly. Cindy had known Master Michael for only a day, but loved him as much as Master Samuel. She would do everything in her power to please him.

Mike opened his eyes and took another swallow of his drink then looked down at Cindy. “You please me greatly my little slut,” he said as he reached down and caressed her hair and gently brought her face up to look into her eyes. He could see her love and willingness to obey in them. “As a reward for pleasing me, I will let you choose how you will cum tonight.”

Cindy’s face lit up with his praise. “Master Michael I only seek to please you; would you let me cum with pain this evening Sir?”

Mike smiled at her request and Sam actually laughed across the room. Cindy blushed and once again laid her head against the inside of Master Michael’s thigh. ‘It’s so good to be here’ thought Mike as he closed his eyes and laid his head back; soon he was in a light sleep. Master Samuel stood and quietly whispered, “Leave him.” They all left the room to let Mike nap.

Mike’s sleep was disturbed by images of his captivity. His mind replayed his first week in prison when he had been grabbed in the shower by five men. He had fought the best he could, but they were all stronger and outweighed him by at least seventy-five to a hundred pounds.

He had been made to suck each one of their cocks to hardness, then each had raped his ass and he was left on the shower room floor in pain and humiliation. Mike remembered his relief at being found by one of the prison guards, but then had been brutally taken by him also. Afterwards, the guard had laughed at him and left; Mike had struggled to get to his knees and then his feet. Mike had said nothing through the ordeal or afterwards knowing it would go worse for him if he did.

Mike woke up with a strangled scream and in a cold sweat; Sam was sitting next to him and gathered him into his arms. Mike got himself under control and looked into his brother’s caring eyes. He then related to Sam the ordeal that had brought about his dream.

“I wish I’d had the money sooner to help Mike,” he said. “It took time and investments before I had enough to bribe the warden to keep you safe.”

“I know Sam; I know. I’m just glad I had you or I would still be in there,” said Mike.

“It took your lousy excuse for a lawyer eight months to track me down in the Bahamas. I was so angry for what you had been through that I wanted to hunt down the whore and kill her. Once I finally visited you and could see the anguish in your eyes, I knew that would be too good for her,” confessed Sam.

“You could tell?” questioned Mike.

Sam smiled, “You might appear to be calm and collected to everyone else, but, to me, your eyes always tell me what I need to know. I knew you were suffering, but couldn’t say anything; I knew they were listening on the phone.”

Mike finished the bourbon he had left on the side table. “I’m a bit hungry; how long have I’ve been out?”

“Only a couple of hours; Ellen and Cindy almost have dinner ready. Shall we go select a wine?” asked Sam.

“I think I just want some more bourbon with mine if you don’t mind Sam,” and he stood up. Sam nodded and they left the room.

The dining room table was already set when they entered and sat down. “Sam; tell me about this house?”

Sam smiled, “It use to be a ranch, but was foreclosed. I bought it and a hundred and fifty aches surrounding it. Eventually we’ll developed it I think; as a further investment. The locals basically know that I’m a wealthy recluse who values my privacy.”

“That works, but wouldn’t it be better to hire some bodyguards at least to ensure that?” asked Mike.

“Already in the works; I’m just waiting for the contractor to build a barracks and guard station. The contractor starts in two days. I hired a company whose office is two states away. Told them that I didn’t want samsun escort local help; that if they hired anyone local then the contract was off; they prefer my money,” explained Sam.

“The guards are hand selected mercenaries and we can count on their cooperation in all matters. They already requested a perimeter fence to encircle the property. How do you feel about that?” asked Sam.

Mike looked thoughtful for a moment. “It’s not like it was at prison Sam. I’m free now and if it secures the property and adds to our safety, then I’m for it.”

“Cindy!” called Mike.

Cindy came swiftly and knelt down by both Masters.

“Get me my usual,” said Mike and then noted her hesitation. “It’s Master Michael Cindy.”

Cindy smiled, “Thank you Master Michael, right away,” and she stood up.

“Get me mine too Cindy,” said Sam.

“Yes, Master Samuel,” and she left quickly for the living room and bar.

Cindy returned shortly with both drinks and set them down and then knelt at their feet. “Shall I go back into the kitchen Masters?”

“Yes Cindy, finish helping Ellen,” Mike said.

Cindy rose swiftly and left the room.

“She’s very well trained Sam; thanks,” said Mike.

Sam nodded his head and took a swallow of his drink, “I didn’t train her initially.”

Mike looked at his brother, “Who?”

“I found an international organization that deals in submissive exclusively. They do all the initial training and then they are released to a Master, we just basically imprint our desires and needs,” said Sam.

Sam looked intently at his brother, “After what happened, I just felt it was now the safest route to take.”

Mike smiled and then his face grew serious, but he couldn’t voice what he was thinking. Sam knew the time was right to say it. “They can take her if you want. It was an option I was going to bring up.”

Mike nodded still dealing with his thoughts and emotions. “Let’s see how she does with the test before I decide anything.”

“What did you have in mind?” questioned Sam.

“Loyalty, let’s see if she truly meant what she said,” said Mike. “We’ll discuss it after dinner and work out the details. Even if she passes the test, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to punish her further for each of the days I was confined. This just means we’ll get more creative in how we punish her for what I went through,” anger still infused his words. “She’ll suffer like she never could even imagine. For three years, all she is going to know is that cage, room and punishment.”

“Okay. I assume you already have some idea what you want to try so I’ll listen. I don’t trust her myself,” said Sam.

Ellen came out of the kitchen, “Do my Masters wish to eat now?”

“Yes, bring it out,” said Sam.

Mike studied the liquor and then took another swallow. “This is a large house. Have you considered on getting a couple of more subs?”

Sam smiled and then laughed lightly, “Getting two more slaves is a good thought. Variety is always a good thing; maybe later. Anyway, we should consider on how we can develop this land; any ideas?”

Mike laughed and shook his head, “Not a clue. Hey, how about a resort that caters exclusively to our lifestyle?” and he laughed again.

Sam didn’t laugh and said in all seriousness, “Why not? It would give Masters the freedom and relaxation they are seeking.”

At first Mike thought his brother was kidding, but noted his serious expression. “It’s worth looking into indeed. I’m sure they would like somewhere to go at a modest cost.”


Cindy and Ellen were ordered to stay in their rooms. Sam and Mike proceeded to set up the test for Angela. Mike went down alone into the cellar and then into the room. He left the door open as he crossed over to the cage. “Wake up slut,” he yelled and kicked her cage.

Angela lifted her drowsy head and looked into his eyes. She was sure that it was Master Michael. “Yes Master Michael,” she responded. He smiled.

Mike unlocked the door to her cage and undid the clips that held her ankle restraints in place and then backed out. He lifted the top and removed the clips restraining her hands. “Crawl out,” he said.

Angela bent her sore body and crawled over to him.

Mike reached down and helped her to stand and walked her over to a toilet. She used it and he handed her some toilet paper. “Today we will start on your punishment for last night’s transgression of touching yourself and seeking an orgasm.”

Angela stood and prepared to kneel in order to crawl over to him. She heard a sound and lifted her head immediately. He clutched a counter and then fell forward to the floor.

“NO!!!” she screamed and rushed to his body. She ran her hands along his face calling his name, “Master Michael, please no … Master Michael, don’t leave me please!!!!”

Panic filled her and she looked around and shot straight through the door yelling for help. She found herself in the kitchen and still screaming for help.

Angela came to the entryway and found the door ajar, but passed it. The next room she entered was a living room and she was still screaming for anyone to help her. She ran for the stairs and Master Samuel was at the top. “Please Master Samuel,” she cried with tears running down her face, “Please help, it’s Master Michael, something’s wrong. Oh God! Please help him!” and she turned to run back to the cellar.

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