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It has been six weeks since Bonnie was ringed. For her it was a long six weeks.

She was not allowed to wear anything but the rings and every morning he would pour peroxide over her 38 double D tits and shaved pussy. He would use the peroxide on a cloth for her nose.

Beside her other duties of serving Him, shaving and reciting the “Standing Rules” while in position daily, at noontime, she was required to do it again and when He got home, He did it again. He didn’t want any chance of infection as He was playing almost daily with the rings. He didn’t put any weight on them, or tug very hard, wanting them to heal but still able to have at least some fun.

At the beginning, to his pleasure, the peroxide burned. Bonnie was having difficulty following his instruction of being silent while he was cleaning her. She would close her eyes tight and clench her teeth, while trying not to press blood into her head, as it would make the nose ring throb.

After a time the pain receded and the more it did, although he did it slowly, the harder he would play. She did notice that he was not being extremely rough, but it was noticeable.

Today was Saturday and he had parked the car in the garage last night. This is something he didn’t usually do, as he liked to parade her from the house to the car.

Today though, he had a plan.

After Bonnie ate her breakfast out of her doggie bowl with her ass up as usual, he clipped D-rings to her tit rings. The D-rings were connected to a chain with a somewhat larger link in the middle, to which he connected a leash.

He put leather cuffs on her wrists and connected them together behind her back.

Still bare-assed, he led her with the leash out to the car. As the leash was on a fixed ring in the middle, he was able to steer her with tugs to the left or right.

He loaded her, on her back, into the trunk of the car. With a little play in the chain, he connected the leash to the metal just under the rear window. He told her to spread her elbows and legs as wide as she could. The trunk was not as wide as she was tall, so to spread her legs, she had to raise her knees – exposing the glistening clit ring. If Bonnie tipped or rolled the chain would tug on a tit. He closed the trunk.

As Bonnie was lying sideways in the trunk, going around curves was not so bad. Her weight shifted from ass to shoulders. When He accelerated or braked however, the chain tugged on her tits. She tried to move her elbows and legs around in anticipation, but the tugs were inevitable.

She had lost all sense of time in the dark of the trunk. What seemed like a very long time of fighting to keep the chain from tugging, He opened the trunk and had her get out.

All she saw all around her were trees before He tugged on the chain, moving her forward.

Bare-assed, cuffed and being led up a trail on a tit leash, she was embarrassed but she was also determined to please Him. If He wanted to lead her around bare-assed in public, she would not argue. She knew her Standing Rules well and she had not forgotten her earlier resolve to be even more submissive.

They occasionally passed a few people coming the other way. They stood and stared, sometime with their mouth open, cackled with laughter or made lewd comments. She heard things like “Nice piece of ass!” or “That’s the best way to keep them!”

They walked for about a half hour and stopped in a small clearing. There, he had her get in position.

Placing her feet shoulder length apart. She bent at the waist until her upper body was parallel to the ground, keeping her legs straight. She reached as well as she could while cuffed behind her, pulling her ass cheeks and pussy as wide apart as she could. The chain hanging in a “Y” from her new tit rings to the ground.

She felt something pushing against her asshole, so she dutifully pushed out to ease the entry. As soon as she felt it slightly enter, she relaxed her muscles and the butt plug slipped in.

“You are getting more,” he said, “do not let them slip out. Do you understand, slut?”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied.

She felt a dildoe slip in. The toy had a tickler on it and it rubbed her clit ring seductively.

“Stand and spread your’ legs wider,” he ordered.

Without saying anything, she straightened up and spread her legs. With this, her pussy lips spread slightly pressing the feelers on the dildoe closer to her clit. The cuffs hindered her from putting her hands behind her head.

He locked a chastity belt around her waist and pulled it up snugly to her stuffed holes. It pushed the tickler of the dildoe even closer to her clit, the small feelers pushing her clit ring up. The ring pulled her clit hood back, exposing her clit fully to the other feelers.

Following the chastity belt, he slipped a ring gag behind her teeth and buckled the strap behind her head.

He led her with the leash to a nearby bench, having her kneel in front and facing it.

He passed the leash under the seat, mersin escort looped it through the space of the last board and pulled it tight enough so her tit rings lifted and locked it with a small padlock trough the links and blindfolded her.

He taped a sign to the backrest. “This slave is tit chained to the bench. She is forbidden to speak. Please don’t speak to her. Just have a seat and enjoy a nice blowjob. Rubbers are on the bench for your’ health and that of the slave. Without one, the slave is instructed to spit it back out”

“You are forbidden to speak,” he commanded. A second command of “Any cock in your’ mouth with a Rubber gets sucked off and without one – spit it out,” was necessary since she would do absolutely nothing having to do with sex, as per her Standing Rules, unless he deemed so.

She nodded.

He walked into the woods where he could see her but none on the bench could see him. He knew there were crazies in the world and didn’t want her in harms’ way. In the clubs, he knew most of the people and the ones he didn’t, he knew they respected the general BDSM rules. Anything really extreme is agreed upon beforehand. In an “open situation”, one never knew.

In clubs or around other lifestyle friends, she was actually proud to show off being a slave. In any other situation, she was embarrassed to show off even a little bit “too much” cleavage.

He had spent a lot of time conditioning her to be hypersensitive, making it very difficult for her not to cum quickly when touched – making orgasm denial a torture.

He had spent just as much time working on having her proud of her body in any situation. Having her proud, he knew, meant better sex. The embarrassment was a turn off while being humiliated was a turn on for her.

She was five foot ten, with dark sea blue eyes, 38 DD – 24 -36. Her face could easily be used for a make-up model. Dark caramel colored nipples and globes that invited to be sucked. Shaved from the neck down her body glowed when creamed or oiled. A fantastically hot apple shaped ass with a “Y” ending in dimples just above her ass crack. Her shiny, straight strawberry blonde hair came to the bottom of her ass. Along with super shapely legs that never seemed to end because of her un-broken sunbank tan. The new rings in her nose, nipples and clit hood were not only eye catchers; they also provided more ways he could play with them. She would have no problem being the centerfold of any sex magazine. Many were jealous that he had such a hot looking slave.

He brought her out in public – at times a staged public, like the time he brought her to the bar, often. Each time he dressed her even closer to nothing, attempting to eliminate her embarrassment through showing off her body.

Slowly, he was having success. She was building confidence. She seemed more comfortable being bare-assed in a non-BDSM environment each time he brought her out.

He took her out bare-assed today as the barely there clothing was now so skimpy that anything less would be bare-assed anyway.

His goal today was to finally get her over her embarrassment. By walking her bare-assed where people could see her to make her realize that being that way does not mean having sex. She had actually smiled once or twice while being stared at or a comment was made during their walk. Add in some BDSM humiliation in a non-BDSM environment, having her service a cock or two while bound and blindfolded so she could hear and feel the pleasing reactions to help her burry her embarrassment. He was gambling that her intensified feeling of being seen while blindfolded would work as a positive. Through these stimulations, he wanted to impress on her that she had no reason for embarrassment.

Bonnie could not imagine being anything else than being a slave. She discovered her submissive feelings when she was young. She felt like she was born to be a slave. She called herself a slave and not a submissive intentionally. To her, submissives had limits – she had almost none. Her hard limits were: No Brutality because her body and her health were her assets to continue to serve, No Kids because they really did not understand what was going on and No Animals because of health reasons. That was it.

She was constantly working on her looks. She watched what she ate to keep an hourglass figure and exercised to keep her legs shapely. Her parents would not allow her so when she was eighteen she had tit augmentation to bring her 36C to a 38DD, yet she still felt embarrassed bare-assed.

She met Him when she was twenty and it clicked almost right away. She didn’t really know much about the lifestyle other than the wide spread stereotype crap, so she hadn’t realized He was a Dominant. She had taken Him like a different kind of jock.

Slowly He had introduced her to BDSM. They had done role-plays that reminded her of her childhood “slave acting” and he was less reluctant to give her an “order”. As time passed, his kocaeli escort “orders” came more often, harder and his discipline more strict. She loved every minute of it.

He slowly introduced her to anal. Somehow, it did not hurt so much with Him. Bondage eventually became commonplace. When “real” discipline, punishment and pain came, she was in heaven. Everything came slow. She lost barriers and limits. Her initiation into BDSM was so gradual that she rather slipped into the role of being His slave, now allowing Him to do anything.

He somehow had a “special magic” with building her self-confidence. He helped her overcome her nudity fixation. She was comfortable now in most situations with just a wince here and there. He made it easy for her to be proud of her body.

This was not the first time she had been put in a position like this. He had had her like this, with a neck collar, in clubs before where she felt comfortable since everybody was in one state or another of nudity and all there for pretty much the same reason – sex.

This was new. He knew she had thoughts about being bare-assed when not around others doing the same things. He was very patient in getting her over it and was going just as slow as when He had made her His slave.

He had brought her out almost bare-assed many times and sporadically with nothing on in non-BDSM situations. Each time it was a little easier.

Feeling the sun warming her naked body during their walk here, the stares, and hearing the mostly positive comments from the men, made her feel good.

Although many of the comments from the women were negative, it did not matter what they thought, since vanilla woman had no idea what totally devout was. Vanilla women often said things like “I stand behind my man heart, body and soul.” Heart and soul maybe. Body? No. Their men also did not have the total control of them. And they call that “devout”? Ha! They had no idea!

Hearing the negative comments of the women had flicked a switch. Her thoughts about devotedness made her realize how devout she was.

She was happy to follow His instructions, commands and orders – dressed, bare-assed or compromised. She was proud to be able to present her body in any form, shape, or fashion He wanted from her.

Being bare-assed, tit chained, bound, blindfolded, ring gagged and with toys belted up into her pussy and ass was certainly humiliating. Nevertheless, this is the way He wanted her right now.

So why be embarrassed when she is the only one bare-assed, or in any other condition, alone? He was proud to show off His slave, wanting all eyes staring at her bare tits and ass. Yes, it was humiliating. But embarrassing? No, there was no reason. She wanted Him to be proud of her. This made her proud of herself. She was proud to be His slave – period.

The feeling of the warm breeze between her legs and under her tits was pleasant. The chastity belt and plugs were there to keep strange cocks or fingers out of those holes so that He did not have to intervene unless absolutely necessary. She did not know from where but she knew He was watching from somewhere, making her feel safe. She did wish, however, that it was not needed – the air would feel wonderful swirling around her shaved pussy.

Interrupting her thoughts, she felt somebody sit in front of her. She heard him un-zip his fly and after a short time, a stiff cock with a Rubber was pushed through the rig gag into her mouth.

Since she could not close her mouth around this cock, she pressed up with her tongue to rub the underside of it. She began to bob her head, slowly working him down her throat.

She kept a little secret from Him – she never voluntarily deep throated anyone as deep as she did for Him. This guy would get just past her tonsils since she was ordered to suck it off – but not how. Without the gag, he would not even get to the back of her mouth.

Each time she pulled her head back with just the cock head at the tip of her tongue, her chained tits lifted. The chain pulling her nipples taught.

Every time she had this guy’s cock to the back of her mouth, her tits rocked back down. Her tits were big enough that the swing of them rocked her body.

The waistband of the chastity belt was riveted to the part covering her dildoed pussy. The ticklers on it had free reign over her clit – part of the feelers had pushed her new clit ring up, pulling the hood back, when He had put the belt on her.

She started to build up to cumming very fast and began to moan.

The guy on the bench misinterpreted her moans so that he thought she was really enjoying sucking his cock. The result was that he started moaning louder himself and he grabbed her head to speed up her bobbing head. The sped up rocking swung her tits harder, thus, getting he clit massaged faster.

Her moaning got louder the closer she got to cumming. She was fighting not to since she had not been told that she may. samsun escort This coincidence had turned into a torture.

“Oh God, Dude, hurry-up and cum!” she thought.

Right now, she was happy she had the ring gag. Without it, she feared she would have bit his cock off from trying to grind her teeth.

Through all the loud moaning, the guy’s cock head swelled. His breathing was getting harder and the grip on her head was getting tighter. Then the pressure on her head got so hard that it almost hurt. He stopped moving and belted out a yell as if he had just been shot.

In Bonnies’ mouth, the Rubber filled like the guy had not cum for a year. When his explosion was over, she could only feel a squishy mush.

She was out of breath and her head hurt from the fight, but she had not cum. A few seconds longer and she would have lost the battle. While she was catching her breath, the guy’s cock went soft and fell out of her mouth – she did not try to stop it.

The guy got up and moved away from her. She heard a slurping noise and a short time later a zipper. Then nothing.

After another short time, she heard footsteps and started getting ready to suck the next cock.

She felt hands on her ring gag buckle. The gag was taken out of her mouth.

His voice in her blindfolded darkness, “What the fuck was that? Were you trying to wake the dead?”

Bonnie worked her jaw before trying to speak. “No, Sir. The tickler was masturbating me. It feels a lot stronger somehow. I was not told that I could cum and I had to fight not to. I’m sorry, Sir.”

He removed the small padlock from the leash, releasing her from the bench.

“Stand and spread your’ legs wide,” he ordered in an irritated tone. “I was going to have you suck off one more, but with all the noise, you’ve probably scared everybody off!”

“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir,” she mumbled through another half groan, due to her still sensitive clit being stimulated again while she was getting up and spread.

She had never lied to him, regardless of the circumstances and he believed her now. He didn’t like mysteries though, so he squatted down and began to inspect the chastity belt, looking under it from the both sides and through the jagged middle slot. He released the lock and let it drop to the ground. He began to slowly pull out the dildoe out.

As soon as the feelers started to move, the clit ring dropped down on to the next row of them. Each time the ring dropped, Bonnie shuddered. When the feelers freed from the ring, it dropped the rest of the way.

Once the dildoe was out, he spread her pussy lips with his fingers and with the other hand swung the clit ring up. He tugged on it a little – making her jump as if she had just gotten an electric shock.

Her clit was red. He smiled while letting air out of his nose in a quiet laugh.

While still squatting, he pulled out the butt plug. Once he stood up, he took off the cuffs and blindfold, leaving her only with her new rings and the tit leash. Bonnie blinked several times to get used to the light.

He does not want a talkative slave. She had been punished and humiliated for talking. She was allowed to say two things on her own when not directly spoken to with something that required an answer. Her answers were to be as short as possible. She was allowed to ask for permission to cum as He wanted total control of her orgasms and she was allowed to say, “Mayday!” – her safeword. When gagged, she was to hum, “Mary’s’ Little Lamb”, as a replacement for the safeword.

In their entire relationship, she had used her safeword once. He had crossed two ropes over a nerve and her left arm went dead. Frightened, since this was a kind of numbness she had never felt before, she called.

He stopped instantly and asked what the problem is – already untying her. To her disbelief, He was actually glad she had called. She had thought He would be angry – regardless how many times it was explained to her that when she called – Everything Stops Instantly. The situation you are in will be un-done as fast as He could move. No anger, no punishments, no hard feelings. Do Not Regret Calling.

It took a Doctors visit and two days to get feeling back. Even though he had had brass balls enough to tell the Doc flat out what happened so the Doc didn’t have to pussyfoot with a false diagnoses. She was glad, after the fact that she called.

She raised her hand like a schoolgirl and waited permission to speak.

“Speak,” he said.

She cleared her throat, “Sir, You told me that I should tell You about my feelings. I should tell You if they ever change.”

“When You got me out of the trunk, I was embarrassed that somebody would see me naked,” she continued.

“During the time that You were walking me, in the beginning, I just wanted to be invisible,” she said, “I heard people saying things as we walked by. A lot of the things the men said made me feel good. The women said things that made me mad. Then I thought, ‘What do they know? They aren’t slaves. They might respect their men but they don’t worship them like I do You. They won’t do absolutely anything their men say.'”

“‘I’m glad that I can make You proud of me. It does not matter anymore where you show me off – I am proud to be Your’ slave, Sir,'” finishing her explanation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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