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For the first time in months, Scott was excited to go to work. Four days after his previous shift in which he sold his virginity to an older customer, Scott drove to work with his confidence soaring. If what he said was true, William would be at staying at Scott’s motel workplace for another three days. That was potentially three nights of money, great sex and, most importantly, something to stave off the boredom of working the graveyard shift.

Scott’s mind continued to race as he drove through the dark, mostly empty streets. Would he even see William tonight? If so, how soon into his shift? What would William have him do? How much would Scott be paid? His last shift, he received more money in less than an hour than his job gives him in his bi-weekly paycheck. Would he be getting more? William had given him twenty extra dollars on top of the agreed-upon four hundred. Could he earn more if he did more for William?

“Guess I better do a good job if I want to get a bigger tip,” Scott thought as he pulled into the motel’s parking lot, already getting turned on.

His good mood waned as he walked through the front door and saw who was impatiently waiting for him at the front desk. Mark, the thirty-six-year-old general manager of the motel and Scott’s direct boss was standing behind the desk with an annoyed look on his face. Mark was a full head taller than Scott with a build to match. With his shaved head and trimmed beard, he looked very intimidating as he glowered at Scott.

“About time,” he spat, cutting off Scott’s attempt at a greeting, “I have shit to do before I go. Hurry and clock in.”

As Scott walked through the door into the front desk area, he wondered why Mark was there instead of one of the other employees. Normally, Mark only worked weekday mornings, and never when Scott was there, resulting in Scott rarely seeing him in person. He guessed Mark was covering for an employee who had either been fired or quit, considering Mark never tolerated days off for part-time positions. The already high turnover rate that had left the motel consistently understaffed for most of Scott’s employment was proof of that.

Scott heard Mark stomp his way through the laundry room to his office and slam the door behind him. Realizing he hadn’t managed to say a single word, Scott sighed and made his way to the panel on the wall to clock in.

Scott considered any day he didn’t speak to Mark a good one. Mark’s gruff personality left much to be desired, and it was a far cry from the kind, laid back persona Mark had been faking when they first chatted online. In the months that followed, Mark slowly wore down Scott’s defenses with flattery before finally convincing him to meet at the motel Scott now worked at. One awkward and rough blowjob later, Scott had a face covered in cum and a very enticing job offer.

“Christ, what an asshole. William paid me way more than you do and still has the decency to not be a dick,” muttered Scott, wishing he had the courage to say it to Mark’s face.

Scott sat in the uncomfortable desk chair and continued to sulk. He wondered why he bothered to do a good job compared to every other employee if he is going to make a little over minimum wage and get treated like shit by entitled, junkie guests, lazy coworkers and a sleazy, rude boss.

“Fuck this,” Scott thought, his anger and confidence returning, “If someone is willing to give me over four hundred dollars for sex, then Mark can give me a few extra bucks for doing a good fucking job.”

Scott stood up and marched into the laundry room and straight up to Mark’s office door. He confidently pounded on the door ready to give his boss a piece of his mind.


“I think the negotiations are going well,” Scott thought sarcastically as he choked on his boss’s thick cock.

Mark released Scott’s head and sat back in his chair with a smug smile on his face. Once Scott had finished coughing and had caught his breath, he internally sighed and went back to pleasuring Mark with his mouth.

The negotiations had indeed been going well, all things considered, with Scott barging into Mark’s office and letting loose the rant he had been building up for the last half hour. He delivered a passionate speech explaining all the extra effort he had put in compared to everyone else and how much money his customer service skills had the motel had likely acquired. He also brought up how he had stuck with the motel despite its high turnover and how he doubted Mark could afford to lose another employee.

He continued for a solid two minutes until he finally saw Mark’s expression wasn’t surprise and awe at Scott’s newfound confidence, but rather a mixture of boredom and mild annoyance. Scott stumbled his way through the last few sentences before he, rather pathetically compared to a few moments earlier, asked for a raise.

“Give me one reason I shouldn’t fire you for barging in here and raising your voice at me like you own the place,” Mark bahis siteleri asked flatly, effortlessly gaining control of the conversation.

Scott spluttered in surprise at how quickly it had turned from asking for a raise to his job being on the line.

“Do you seriously think I care about your performance?” Mark said smugly,” Have you seen the garbage that tends to stay here? People don’t come here because they want their asses kissed. People come here because it’s the cheapest place for miles. As long as everything looks clean and you don’t go out of your way to piss anyone off, I’ll always have customers.”

“B-but what about how understaffed we are? Most people are already doing double shifts,” Scott exclaimed, becoming increasingly desperate.

“Oh please, I can have you replaced by next Friday with for less than you make now. It’s not exactly a high skill job. Now if you’re done with this little tantrum, I need to call Sandra to come and cover for you. You can leave your keys on the desk”, finished Mark while disinterestedly waving Scott off.

It finally dawned on Scott that he wasn’t nearly as valuable as he thought. Realizing this, Scott thought for a moment, swallowed his short-lived pride and reluctantly played his trump card.

“Twelve dollars an hour and I’ll blow you right now,” he said glumly, lowering his head in defeat.

“Eleven and you’ll blow me anytime I want,” Mark replied with a sick grin appearing on his face.

Scott winced at the new condition. He pondered for a brief moment before concluding this was the best he was going to get. All in all, keeping his job and a two-dollar raise after yelling at his dickhead boss was a pretty decent outcome, his new “duties” aside.

With a grimace, Scott silently sank to his knees. Taking that as an affirmation of a struck deal, Mark’s smile broadened before spreading his legs to give Scott access. As he unbuckled Mark’s jeans, Scott was reminded of the last time he was in this position with Mark. A blowjob in that very office after a period of talking online, Scott was offered his current position as he wiped the cum off his chin. Scott lamented how good things only happened at this job when it involved someone cumming on or inside him.

With Mark’s pants now open, Scott pulled down Mark’s briefs to just under his ballsack, exposing his half-erect cock. It was obvious from the musk coming from his groin that Mark had been pretty active that day and while Scott didn’t consider it unclean, it was still a rather strong aroma. As Scott stroked the cock, it slowly grew to the full seven inches of thick, circumcised man meat.

As humiliating as his current position was, Scott could feel his pants become noticeable tighter around the groin area. As much as he hated to admit it, Mark had a great cock. On any other man, Scott would have loved to be in his current position. But with the added shame involved, Scott only loved it subconsciously.

Resolving himself to finish quickly, Scott put the warm cockhead in his mouth and began sucking. To speed the process along, he attempted something he had seen in porn a few times and used one hand to fondle Mark’s sack, while the other stroked the shafted directly in front of Scott’s mouth. A spark of pride entered Scott’s mind as Mark let out a satisfied groan.

“Good boy, you sure know how to suck a cock don’t you?” Mark moaned as he began stroking Scott’s short hair.

Hoping to earn some brownie points, Scott pulled the cock from his mouth and began licking the head while looking up into Mark’s eyes in an attempt to look cute. This plan worked a bit too well as Mark’s face twisted into one of pure lust.

“God you’re fucking adorable,” Mark exclaimed as he grabbed the sides of Scott’s head and shoved his cock deep into the teen’s mouth.

After making the aforementioned sarcastic comment in his head, Scott attempted to keep his tongue moving as Mark fucked his throat. His efforts paid off when Mark let out a loud moan and bottomed out into Scott’s mouth.

“Make sure to swallow it all,” Mark jeered as cum sprayed down Scott’s throat, “You wouldn’t want to get any cum on that black shirt of yours.”

Scott dutifully continued sucking as he swallowed the last of his manager’s seed. He didn’t mind the bitter taste as the semen went down his throat, leaving a salty after taste. When finished, he kept a vacuum seal on the large cock and slowly pulled off with a pop, cleaning off any leftover cum.

“How was that?” Scott asked with his best attempt at a sultry tone while giving Mark his best puppy eyes.

“Even better than the first time,” Mark said as he began putting his cock away. “You’re a natural little cocksucker.”

Scott couldn’t help but feel flattered. Mark hadn’t given him a genuine compliment since he was hired. He flashed Mark a half-genuine smile and stood up to leave.

“If you come by on Wednesday morning to pick up your check, I’ll even add your new pay to last week’s shifts.” canlı bahis siteleri

Scott realized he would probably be back on his knees as soon as he walked into Mark’s office, but the lure of money was too strong and he gave a half-hearted “ok”.

“I’m going back to the front desk. Let me know if there’s anything else you need”, Scott said before putting his foot in his mouth.

“Alright, I’ll be done in around fifteen minutes. Don’t bother me anymore tonight,” Mark replied gruffly, returning to his previous personality.

Thankful Mark didn’t seem to be in the mood for another blowjob, Scott left the office and spent the remaining time before Mark clocked out checking in a few guests and setting up his laptop for the night.

“See you on Wednesday,” Scott said with fake cheerfulness as Mark walked towards the front door.

“Uh-huh,” replied Mark without a second glance.


With Mark gone, Scott decided to get all his time-sensitive chores done. He spent the next two and a half hours setting breakfast up, washing and folding all the laundry Mark didn’t do and even knocked out most of the schoolwork he had planned to do that weekend. All this while checking in whatever guests happened to arrive after midnight. Eventually, with everything done and the computer indicating all reservations were checked in, Scott settled into his literal pain in the ass chair.

Another hour went by and Scott became restless. It was twenty minutes after three AM and there was still no sign of William. Scott quickly checked the list of guest names and was relieved to see William’s name, still checked into room 117.

He tried to get back to browsing the internet but his mind continued to race. The thoughts of what he and William had done last week, what they could do this week and even servicing Mark went through his head. It wasn’t long before Scott’s penis began poking at his jeans.

“Damn it,” Scott thought, “I can’t let anyone see this.”

Scott stood up and awkwardly shuffled into the laundry room, found the blindspot none of the cameras could see and readjusted his rod so that it pointed up into a more comfortable and less noticeable position. He then decided to go for a quick “bathroom break” to relieve the tension in his pants.

Scott grabbed the desk phone, made his way to the small employee restroom and, ever cautious, locked the door behind him. After putting the toilet seat down and unbuckling his jeans, Scott caught his own eyes in the mirror. He once again wondered what William and Mark saw in him. Short, skinny and a bit nerdy-looking, Scott was the polar opposite of what he looked for in a man.

Pulling down his pants and underwear, Scott examined his erect penis. While also on the smaller side, Scott admitted it did look like it was the perfect size for his small build. He then pulled his shirt over his head and set it down next to the sink, examining his chest. While he wasn’t muscular in any sense of the word with his flat, hairless chest and slim shoulders, he was at least pleased to see he didn’t look skinny to an unhealthy degree.

Moving his eyes up and down his body, also noting his long smooth legs, round bubble butt and small nipples, Scott decided that while he definitely wasn’t his type, he could at least admit he wasn’t unattractive. The word “cute” even ran through Scott’s mind briefly.

Just as Scott was about to sit down and take care of his stiffy, the phone began to ring.

“Fucking, goddammit,” Scott spat angrily, replacing his cock in his hand with the phone before answering it.

“Front desk speaking, how can I help you,” Scott repeated for what felt like the millionth time, trying not to let his frustration be heard.

“Aw Scott, good, you really are working tonight,” a familiar deep voice responded.

“OH,” Scott exclaimed, his surprise washing away his annoyance,” hello, nice to hear from you again.”

“Likewise. So, if you aren’t too busy, I could use a bit of… room service,” William said suggestively.

“O-of course, I-I’ll be right over,” Scott stuttered nervously.

“Great, see you soon,” replied William before abruptly hanging up.

Stunned for a moment at how quickly his night had changed, Scott rapidly threw his clothes back on, once again repositioning his rigid cock, before rushing out of the bathroom. He soon found himself in front of room 117, shaking with anticipation.

Scott took a few deep breaths to calm himself, and before he had a chance to second guess himself, inserted his universal keycard and opened the door. A loud high-pitched moan escaped from inside the room causing Scott to quickly rush inside and shut the door, hoping no one was in the hallway to hear it. From the entrance, he scanned the room and realized the moaning was coming from the TV sitting on the dresser, although he couldn’t yet see what was on the screen.

“Scott,” Wiliam said casually, “good to see you. How’s about canlı bahis you get those clothes off and join me. My hand is getting tired.”

Scott noticed the hand in question was currently wrapped around William’s rock-hard cock as he slowly jacked himself off. Scott also noticed William wore nothing but a t-shirt and a relaxed smile on his face. Once again caught off guard by William’s boldness, it took Scott a moment to react before once more stripping off all his clothes, save his glasses.

Making his way over to the foot of William’s bed, he stole a quick glance at the TV and was surprised to see William on-screen, balls deep in the ass of a boy around Scott’s age. William was roughly fucking the teenager doggy style on a bed in an unfamiliar location. Scott stood mesmerized for a moment, a thousand questions going through his head, before noticing the camera move to get a better angle. Scott realized someone was in the room with them holding the camera. Before Scott could ask any of his many questions, William interrupted his train of thought.

“Are you comin’ or what? Like I said my hand’s getting tired and it’s getting to the best part.”

“O-oh right,” Scott stuttered, still flustered

Eager to please, Scott gave one last glance at the screen before he hopped onto the foot of the bed and crawled in between William’s legs. William spread his legs a little further and moved his hands behind his head in a relaxed position. Wasted no more time, Scott popped the cockhead into his mouth. He started to quickly bob up and down before William stopped him.

“Hey now, no need for that. You got somewhere to be?”

Without taking his mouth off the cock, Scott looked up at William and shook his head.

“Good. Then let’s take our time with it,” William continued, “I want you to use that mouth of yours to help me enjoy this movie to the fullest.”

Scott nodded eagerly and continued sucking, albeit slower with more tongue. Scott could still hear the wet slapping sounds and moaning coming from the TV behind him, which William watched intently. He occasionally looked down at Scott and offered some encouragement.

“That’s it. Nice and slow,” William cooed soothingly, “You’re doin’ great kid. Don’t forget the balls.”

As Scott dutifully began sucking on William’s large sack, Scott could hear the heavy contrast in the tone of William’s TV counterpart.

“Yeah you like my cock up your ass you little slut,” hissed TV William harshly, accompanied by a loud smack to what Scott guessed was the boy’s ass, “You ready for me to fill that little asshole up?”

Through gasp and moans as TV William pounded away, the boy replied, “Oh god yes! Fill me up daddy.”

“Pick up the pace. The climax is coming,” William ordered before giving a small chuckle to his bad puns.

Scott licked his way from the bottom of the warm ballsack to the top of William’s eight-and-a-half-inch cock, before plunging it as far into his mouth and throat as he could. He then began rapidly bobbing his head up and down, pausing every couple of seconds to lick the bulbous head and stoke the shaft rigorously.

“Here it comes,” TV William moaned as the sound of sex ceased with one final clap of going balls deep into the young lad.

Moments later, the William currently in Scott’s mouth pushed down hard on the back of Scott’s head, driving the cock deep into his throat and his nose into William’s thick bush. Scott felt the hard member fire cum into the back of his throat, but due to the angle, it wasn’t able to go down, causing Scott to choke and sputter on the massive load, spilling sperm out his mouth and onto William’s crotch.

Coming down from the post-orgasm high, William released Scott’s head, allowing him to take a few ragged gasps of air, before gently pulling him back down towards his slick nether regions.

“Looks like you made a bit of a mess,” William snarked as he pressed a button on the nearby remote, silencing the TV, “Clean that up for me, will you?”

Happy to oblige, Scott began licking the shaft and balls free of cum, mindful of William’s no doubt sensitive cockhead. Unlike with Mark, Scott wanted to take his time cleaning this cock, giving small licks and sucking kisses to the softening rod. While still salty and bitter, William’s semen had a distinctive and unexpected sweetness to it, making Scott even more happy to lap it up.

“Damn you’re a great little cocksucker, aren’t you,” William asked, although Scott’s mouth was too busy to give anything other than a cock filled smile.

“Hey Scott, I got a couple questions for ya but I want you to keep suckin’. I’ll be ready to go again in a few minutes so just nod yes or no. Understand?”

Scott nodded eagerly while sucking on the head like a popsicle.

“Good boy. First off, how many other cocks have you sucked? You do it so well, you gotta have experience. Nod when I get to the number. One-”

Scott immediately cut off William with a nod.

“Only one besides me? I guess you’re a natural then. What about that tight little ass of yours. Anyone besides me been up there?”

This time Scott, shook his head, before bobbing up and down the quickly re-hardening penis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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